New Star Trek: TNG Season 1 Blu-ray images

CBS has provided TrekMovie with new images from their upcoming season one release of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, due July 24th. See below for a gallery of the new HD shots that include a variety of pictures from “The Naked Now” through “Coming of Age” in Season One.


24090_ST_TNG_S1_Still_1_small 24082_STTNG_S1_Still_5_small










Full details on the Season 1 release can found in this article from yesterday.

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They should show THAT in theaters! New episode every week or so! :D

I would pay money for that.

This looks great!!1


Not a bad idea. I would definitely pay to see Yesterday’s Enterprise and Best of Both Worlds on the big screen.

Best of Both Worlds was everything First Contact should have been: great story, personal connection and cliff-hanger with Picard transforming and then fighting himself, charactors in character: no machine-gun firing Picard or drunk Troi, etc.

Best of Both Worlds = best TNG ‘film’.

Here here! Or is it hear hear?

Anyway, I think so too!


Wow, those look great!

(Though I never understood how the “D” made it through those space dock doors that were just as wide as the “A.”)

I am more looking forward to TNG on blu ray than the new movie.

I’m so ready for these! Im willing to pay $100 for these, not that I want to but I will!

#9 I’m sure in 70 some odd years they gave the space docks a refit to accommodate the larger starships.


They just built bigger doors. :-)

Also, the shot of the Enterprise in the nebulae-laden space field is just beautiful.

#9 I’d heard at one point that they simply reused the film footage of the doors and superimposed the Enterprise-D on the top of it. haha

All of the matte paintings now look like…. well…. paintings. They seemed more real in SD.

Maybe if were lucky they can replace some of the crappier matte paintings. Unfortunately based on the screenshots i’m already seeing some i hoped to replace. The angel one painting isn’t bad, but its reused too often. Lets replace it in the other episodes rather than recycling it.

take that 2nd pic for example that looks like crap. I’m sure they could do better than that and come up with something true to the original.

Those phasers aren’t shooting straight.

Wow, comparing that shot of the E entering the spacedoc with the original, the difference is like night and day.×16/oneone008.jpg

@16: I was just about to comment on that. I showed it to my wife and she called me a nerd. I was like…well, yeah.

I’ve gotten so used to the 16×9 ratio that I find it distracting to watch the old 4×3. But I’d love to see ST TNG HD in any case!

Love watching TNG in HD in its original 4×3 aspect ratio :)

Those phasers have a “corner shot” feature that is available, but rarely used.

“shudders” Oh my… I can’t wait! :D

Notice the edges of the spacedock doors have been darkened to obscure how ludicrously thick they are in scale to the ship. Nice work! I suppose this required pulling out the original film effects elements of The Search for Spock. The corresponding shot from TSFS doesn’t look as nice as the new TNG version by the way.

I must say Wesley’s orange sweater has increased from ugly to horrifying now that the detail is revealed.

I assume the double composite of the two takes of Brent Spiner as Lore and Data was redone digitally. Ironically with this technology it would have been affordable to put Spiner beside himself and not a body double in even more shots and without the camera being locked down.

You can really see the color correction vs. the standard def original×14/datalore103.jpg

Lonely Among Us may not have been a great episode, but I wish that the Anticans and Selay had set a new standard for Trek aliens. When it first aired it was exciting to see two species who didn’t look like humans with forehead putty. Ah well.

Glorious! A big thank you to the CBS digital team and always the Okudas!

I can’t wait for season 3 onwards. Yesterdays enterprise……. The best of both worlds.. countless others. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Amazing how well the alien makeup holds up on HD. We may snark about Trek’s rubber forehead aliens, but really the makeup crew did a fantastic job with what they had to work with!

I like the Ferengi control room. They really got some mileage out of the reactor room where Spock died, didn’t they? :)

Scale of other ships still waaaaaaaaaaay off. Is that Oberith twice the size of a regular Oberith?

Clarity is pretty though

Wow. They’re beautiful. Love the episode “The Big Goodbye.” Existential film noir on Star Trek. The song featured in that episode “Out of Nowhere” is perfect metaphor for the Holodeck. And it’s supposed to be the same harmonic progression as the original Star Trek (TOS) theme.

it’s obvious we’re all happy about this! =)

I must say that despite my lack of enthusiasm for Next Gen, these pics are looking great!

My fav…

comment image


Here are some desktop backgrounds from “11001001” I created the other day in Photoshop using the extra image seen in STIII for those interested:

xD in the screenshot of the Enterprise going through the Base Doors the Registry number is backwards xD

A lot of these shots remind me of just how great models look compared to CG. They’ll never be able to do the kind of action shots with models that they can do with CG, but CG will never capture that feel of true realism either.

It all looks the same to me. Is it just me?

#32 Amazing! Thank you very much indeed for posting and sharing.

Hmmm, guess I WILL have to go & get a blu ray player finally.

Interesting how the starbase from COMING OF AGE looks a lot like spacedock from STAR TREK 2009 – but on the ground (if you understand what I mean). Almost certainly a coincidence, but interesting nonetheless….

33 GREAT catch. I wonder why the digital artists that did the remake didn’t notice this…

#32 That looks fantastic..!

Hope you’ll have a look at my ST work (not TNG blu ray related, and a bit grotesque perhaps…), but I think it makes a very cool piece of Star Trek 2 (2013) artwork:

The first couple of seasons of TNG were pretty poor.

Not sure why people are so excited about this. Just because they’re in HD doesn’t mean they’re going to be any more enjoyable to watch, the stories and acting are still going to suck big ones.

While I’m looking forward to the image quality, I’m really not going to be psyched about this until S3 hits the shelves.

Really hope they release BEST OF sets, because the series is not worth getting again, unlike the original.


Speak for yourself, I am a huge Next Gen fan and I am actually counting down the days for this release.

Also the new features are cool sounding and although 1 and 2 weaker than the rest there are still great episodes in there.

I totally agree with NCC-73515. After all, they did that with the original series remastered.

Seeing these pictures and others (Thanks #32) reminds me how much I am going to be hanging out for the Blu-Ray releases.

Unlike others I do not have a problem cropping the image to get a widescreen picture, I have seen each episode so many times it doesn’t matter. I just like seeing the vista a widescreen picture creates and having watched the teaser Blu-Ray on my 3 metre home screen in widescreen, Next Gen just looks spectacular in the wider format. It would be so great if they could have commissioned a WS version as well.

Looking at the number of 90s TV shows like Seinfeld and others getting the widescreen treatment I’m sure there will be a 16:9 Next Gen at some stage for TV or web streaming.

….A shame they couldn’t have digitally updated the starbase so it had doors that were truly in scale with Enterprise-D LOL

You can almost see that the little ship in the spacedock next to the docked Enterprise has disposable razors for Nacelles. (I saw that on that Reading Rainbow special from the late 80s)

#47. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I still remember that special. I think you can find it on youtube now. LOL

48, 49 – Just got that special on DVD, great document of the filming of TNG!