Urban Literally Gagged By JJ Abrams For Star Trek Sequel Talk + Watch New Red-band Dredd Clip

On his publicity tour for Dredd, Karl Uban has been making news about the new Star Trek sequel. Now the new Doctor McCoy is making light of possibly releasing spoilers – showing reporters that he has literally been gagged by JJ Abrams, however he continues to talk about something for Star Trek on YouTube. Details below, plus check out the brand new red band trailer for Dredd.

NOTE: Article discusses potential spoilers


JJ gags Karl – but he’s still talking Trek footage

Karl Urban is doing press for his upcoming film Dredd and he continues to get peppered with follow-up questions to his comment that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell in the Star Trek sequel. He is now telling the press (via to AICN):

JJ Abrams sent me something for Comic-Con this week and told me that anytime I was asked a question about Star Trek I had to this…(see photo below)

Karl literally gagged from Talking Star Trek at Comic Con (via AICN)

However, Karl did also again repeat to AICN (and other media outlets) that there was going to be something released on YouTube for the Star Trek sequel this weekend.

TrekMovie continues to not be able to confirm anything related to either Urban’s Mitchell comment, nor his assertion there is something coming to YouTube. Some sources have said that it is possible Urban is confusing the recently released teaser for the upcoming Star Trek KRE-O stop-motion short film, which actually debuted a week ahead of Comic Con.

New Dredd Red Band Clip

Speaking of Dredd, here is Karl in a brand new clip. Note this is a red band preview showing content not meant for the kids.

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