Urban Literally Gagged By JJ Abrams For Star Trek Sequel Talk + Watch New Red-band Dredd Clip

On his publicity tour for Dredd, Karl Uban has been making news about the new Star Trek sequel. Now the new Doctor McCoy is making light of possibly releasing spoilers – showing reporters that he has literally been gagged by JJ Abrams, however he continues to talk about something for Star Trek on YouTube. Details below, plus check out the brand new red band trailer for Dredd.

NOTE: Article discusses potential spoilers


JJ gags Karl – but he’s still talking Trek footage

Karl Urban is doing press for his upcoming film Dredd and he continues to get peppered with follow-up questions to his comment that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell in the Star Trek sequel. He is now telling the press (via to AICN):

JJ Abrams sent me something for Comic-Con this week and told me that anytime I was asked a question about Star Trek I had to this…(see photo below)

Karl literally gagged from Talking Star Trek at Comic Con (via AICN)

However, Karl did also again repeat to AICN (and other media outlets) that there was going to be something released on YouTube for the Star Trek sequel this weekend.

TrekMovie continues to not be able to confirm anything related to either Urban’s Mitchell comment, nor his assertion there is something coming to YouTube. Some sources have said that it is possible Urban is confusing the recently released teaser for the upcoming Star Trek KRE-O stop-motion short film, which actually debuted a week ahead of Comic Con.

New Dredd Red Band Clip

Speaking of Dredd, here is Karl in a brand new clip. Note this is a red band preview showing content not meant for the kids.

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Cant say i agree with the slow motion tactic!

In space, no one can hear you scream spoilers!

First? Cut Bones some slack. He’s an actor, not a marketing rep.

What if its Mitchell but he is just a rouge Starfleet Officer and doesn’t get GOD like powers? Maybe his character wants to incite a war with the Federation and the Klingons? Or just Starfleet and the Klingons?

I said… Karl is promoting Dredd 3D, definitely…

…………………………Hey BONES!!!… LOL

;-) :-)

Is the rumor dead, Jim?

Does the gagging put some weight behind the Mitchell rumor then?

JJ Abrams is the master… This is blatantly a ploy to get people talking about Star Trek and, oh look! It’s working!!!! :D

I think it’s safe to say, Urban wouldn’t know who Gary Mitchell was, if it wasn’t in the script for the film.
And I have no doubt, JJ Abrams told him to shut-up!!


Urban is very familiar with The Original Series though, I think he knows who Gary Mitchell is.

#9. Karl Urban knows a LOT… about TOS!!!

;-) :-)


I like that idea. Seeing as were in a new timeline, and the circumstances have changed, it would make perfect sense. In fact, the original episode had the Enterprise “leaving our galaxy”, whereas most other episodes, the Enterprise remained firmly within the Milky Way. Even Voyager remained within our galaxy.

Would certainly be interesting if Mitchell was in command of the same class of ship as the Enterprise. Two Captains, both with equal firepower. Then it comes down to who has the best tactics.

Gary Mitchell.

And if you look close enough at the Dredd video you will see…………..


I’m good at this sort of thing.


Urban is actually a big fan of the Original Series, he’d def know who Mitchell was.

The slow motion effects in Dread is because the drug they are taking is called slow mo.

Don’t forget, this all has to tie into the Star Trek comic some how…

One of the first things I found out about Karl Urban was that he watched on TV re-runs of TOS in the late 80’s/early 90’s on a Saturday morning, 11.00 am in Wellington, NZ at the same time I was getting my TOS fix in Auckland, NZ. When he got the part of Dr McCoy, apparently he already had the entire TOS series and part of his “homework” was to sit down, with his older son, and watch the entire series. If only my homework was ever as cool as that!

Violence-p*rn… and boring at that.

Think I’ll miss this flick.

Great PR for Dredd? Smart guy!

It would be nice to have a Gary Lockwood cameo. :-)

I met Mr. Lockwood a few years ago at the Vegas convention. He looks different after a few decades, but who doesn’t?

They could even throw in an inside joke about HAL or something.

I’m digging this new Judge Dredd. I liked the original to (I know thats bad lol). But this looks a bit more gritty to me.

If it is Mitchell, I hope they throw in a line where he flubs Kirk’s name…

Mitchell: James R. Kirk, as I live and breath…

Kirk: It’s T, you joker. How many times do I have to tell you?

(They get paid more, so theirs will work better, but you get the idea. I would laugh so loud, they’d throw me out of the theatre.)

Oh how I miss the first class behavior of DeForest Kelly…….

23. Come, on.

Dredd – actually looks quite cool. Sounds like they’ve stayed true to the character.

Mitchell – seems strange Mitchell would be dealt with (from what I understand) in the IDW comics, which are supposed to tie in at least on a superficial level with the Abramsverse.

He’s doing a perfect Clint Eastwood impersonation as Dredd. Even better than Hugh Jackman’s!

First, I think Karl is not trying to pull anyones leg, when you look at it, in tandem with Simon Peggs comment, and the blank unaffected look with no reaction cumberbatch gave durring the MTV interview where the reporter shouted KHANNNNN!!! in his face. I am pretty sure it all adds up to it not being Khan, when its all said and done, pretty sure Khan will turn out to be the red hearing in the whole mystery.

Ive said it before I have no problem with Khan poping up in the JJ verse in a future installment, I just think having him be the villian in the second of the JJ trek moviesm, when Khan was the villian in the second TOS movies, is asking for trouble. even though it wouldnt be a remake of twok, the fact that the villian for both trek series number 2 films having Khan as the villian right off the bat invites comparisons more than having a different villian would.

Then compound that with some weak explanation that this khan is not the same khan from spaceseed would just be an insult,
The Botany Bay launched before the time line changed, so any Khan that pops up in JJ Trek would be the same Khan that Kirk encountered.

though i am sure certain people on here, will not post why he could be different.

As for Dredd, unless they changed huge sections of it since that Burbank screening at the AMC Burbank 18 that I attended last month, Dredd is unfortunately not very good :(

Looks like they are correcting the errors of the Stallone version and leaving the helmet in place where it belongs.
The Stallone version was clueless.
We also now have no doubt about the hard R rating, do we?

29 I hate to say, this but the stallone version is actually better than the new version. And trust me thats not saying much.

30. danielcraigismywookiebitch – When did you see it? And what did you think about the production values? Did it at least look good?

The Stallone version is even excellent if you catch the fan edit that removes as much as possible of that cretin Schneider from it. Without the “comedy relief” it’s much better.

@22 Maybe more like, Gary Mitchell has a nickname for Kirk that the latter isn’t fond of…like “rookie” or something. Makes more sense for a guy with ESP to make the mistake on the tombstone intentionally than not.

32. Daoud – Schneider is the main reason I never saw the Stallone version. I just can’t stand that guy, and I hate it when they feel like they have to put in comic relief. Is that even appropriate for Judge Dredd? For the Avengers, sure, it worked great. But some movies just shouldn’t even try. Nolan’s Batman films, for instance. The few laughs in those were not for relief, like when the Joker made the pencil “disappear.” Extremely funny, but not in an embarrassing comic relief sort of way.

31, I saw it at the screening held on June 20th at the AMC burbank
I wasn’t all that impressed with the production values, nothing that hasnt been seen or done before, bettter.
Oh and Motion Blur and 3D are not a good combination

Another interview with Karl Urban: http://www.moviefanatic.com/2012/07/star-trek-2-karl-urban-updates-on-sequel/

“When pressed to discover how much trouble he was in for letting something slip from the super-secret set, he gave us a glimpse. “There might have been a call or two.””

Interesting. Does that mean he wasn’t joking? Or is he joking about the calls as well?

“Karl did also again repeat to AICN (and other media outlets) that there was going to be something released on YouTube for the Star Trek sequel this weekend. ”

My bet is that we’ll see just a lens fare… followed by… the title! :)

“lens flare”… sorry. :)

Let’s look at this logically. If it’s NOT Mitchell, then this is all an elaborate hoax, leading us down the garden path, so to speak. Perhaps payback for our unflattering opinions of the early Rick Moranis-like pictures of Dredd.
I don’t think an actor would be at liberty to pull a stunt like that. And also it would suggest that Urban is such a Star Trek geek, that he lurks around these sites, just to see our tortured reactions to his little prank. Not a very flattering picture. So let’s discard it.
That leaves the opposite conclusion, that Gary Mitchell IS the villain.
Gee, Gary Mitchell. That makes sense. The character in Star Trek: TOS who sometimes got short shrift in terms of backstory was Kirk. We got some tantalizing snippets, but it was Spock who got all the attention.
So in this universe what does it mean to be Gary Mitchell. Well, you’re Kirk’s close friend. Really close friend. You have some love interests in common, possibly Alice Eve as Elizabeth Dehner. But why go to the trouble of recreating the second pilot? Because you want an entirely different outcome.
*SPOILER ALERT* (If you haven’t seen TOS)
In this universe perhaps Mitchell is NOT killed. After becoming the biggest badass in the galaxy perhaps he dies heroically, saving the Enterprise or maybe he even lives and becomes a recurring character. Perhaps forever changed (molecularly) by his encounter with whatever made him a god.
If that is the case, then a fistfight with Spock would be in the early part of the film, when it would seem he could be defeated by normal means. By the end of the film, nothing short of the Genesis bomb would stop him. But maybe in one of those flicking moments of return to his former self he realizes what he has become and destroys himself. To save the ship.
Nahhhhhhhhh…Too pat.

It is not Gary Mitchell. The comic IDW is producing has Orci as a supervisor/writer and is designed to tie in eventually to the new film.
Gary Mitchell was dealt with in the first 2 comics they produced.

# 40 The IDW Comic could be a dodge .
I just find it interesting that a lot of people talk about a misinformation campagn, but, they dont consider that the IDW Comic could be part of that campaign .
It is at least POSSIBLE .
We shall see .

Well, if we want to play with a possible plot about Gary Mitchell…

Mitchell died in the second comic… but they eventually sent his body in space…

someone could have found him… someone could have cloned him… who knows… :)


The writers explicitly said no villains from the comics would appear in the movie.

Bob said so himself a couple of weeks ago on the call-in show that was reported on by this site.

If Mitchell is the villain, not only is it misdirection, but what the writers have previously said would end up being a blatant, bald-faced lie.

….I mean come ON!

Look at him. Take a close look at his eyes.
Does Karl Urban look like a man who got into trouble with his boss, to you ?!

I personally don’t believe so….

Well, Damon Lindelof has just said that if there’s anything coming out this weekend, he hasn’t heard about it – but also that sometimes he doesn’t find out about things until everyone else does. Karl wouldn’t just make something like that up…from JJ’s mouth to Karl’s ears, perhaps?

8. Kirk, James T. – July 13, 2012
“JJ Abrams is the master… This is blatantly a ploy to get people talking about Star Trek and, oh look! It’s working!!!! :D”


I concur.

#8 & #46

I think I agree also. Between the talk of Khan and Gary Mitchell (and whether those two rumors are correct or not), people are indeed talking about Trek in a big way.

The marketing game has begun, and the beauty of tossing out the occasional rumor like this is that it doesn’t cost a cent. Well done, guys!

Instead of an ARG, they’re going with a D4A:
“Desperate for Anything”, as in “we’re desperate for any little tidbit of information”.
I think AP’s sources can’t be wrong. He’s Khan.
This means that both Pegg and Urban are playing a game of misdirection. Which I wouldn’t put past either of them.
@34, Shilliam, glad to see you felt the same way about Schneider. Comic relief was already in their script with Stallone’s often unintentionally funny line readings. Comic relief should be built in… for example how Sandra Bullock’s character is with Stallone in Demolition Man. Love that film. Time to go to Taco Bell….

Gunshot exit wounds in three dee. Not feeling it at this time…..

I’d like to see Gary Mitchell in the movie but not be pivitol to the plot; just Kirk’s friend, with some foreshadowing of what’s to come off screen. Or maybe he is pivitol but doesn’t become the Mitchell we knew. …So not played by Cumberpatch.