Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Poster Has Arrived + Trailer Online Next Tuesday

Earlier this week TrekMovie reported that the final domestic Star Trek Into Darkness poster was coming soon – and soon turns out to be today. You can check out the new USA poster below. It has also been announced that the new domestic trailer will be online on Tuesday.   



Star Trek Into Darkness Domestic Poster Is Here + Trailer on Tuesday

Today Apple was given the exclusive first look at the final domestic ‘one sheet’ poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Check it out.

Final domestic one-sheet poster for Star Trek Into Darkness (click to enlarge)

Apple also announced that they will posting the the new domestic trailer (which TrekMovie reported on earlier this week) on Tuesday of next week.

Regarding the new poster, as expected it is quite different from the international posters. The domestic poster is also noteworthy as it has no tagline – unlike the international poster which prominently features the tagline "Earth Will Fall."

International one-sheet "Into Darkness" poster is very different than the domestic one-sheet

In 2009 the domestic Star Trek poster did feature a tagline ("The Future Begins") – which was also used in TV spots and other promotions. As for the design, the 2009 domestic poster was also different than the 2009 international posters.

2009 domestic poster for "Star Trek"

The new domestic Into Darkness poster could possibly be seen as a continuation of the domestic 2009 Star Trek poster which featured the USS Enterprise at warp (in a stylized fashion). That poster showed the ship "boldly going" out on a mission with the new poster showing the ship in peril.

In fact it’s not really a Star Trek movie poster if it doesn’t have the USS Enterprise on it. Of the 10 ‘prime universe’ Star Trek movie posters, only two didn’t include a USS Enterprise somewhere on the poster. The Star Trek IV poster featured a Klingon Bird of Prey but only because Kirk and crew used the Klingon ship in the movie because the Enterprise had been destroyed in Star Trek III (and they didn’t get a new Enterprise until the end of the movie). Nemesis was the only poster to not feature any ship at all – and that film almost killed the franchise so apparently Paramount knows to put a ship on the poster.

All 10 pre-JJ Abrams era Star Trek posters – only Nemesis had no ship on it

More stuff coming this weekend and next week

TrekMovie has also learned there are additional ‘character’ posters coming shortly. Also tune into the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday to see a new domestic TV promo. The TOS "Arena" Gorn Captain (featured in the recent Shatner promo) will also be on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards – promoting Star Trek: The Video Game


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I really hope that poster of the Enterprise crashing doesn’t get picked up as a metaphor if the film doesn’t do well at the box office . . . .

Very nice!

It is clearly a Star Trek poster unlike the international one, which just looks like a generic action flick.

Looks fake.

Bombs away!


Much better than the floating heads/bodies posters recently.

Yeah, the Big E

W O W ! ! !

A bad day for the good ship Enterprise. Somehow I doubt this will be the last ship to carry the name Enterprise….


Pilot to co-pilot, we’re goin’ down…

Now that’s more like it…

I like it! Simple, effective, more natural-looking than the international ones.

What I find striking about it is the vague unsettled feeling the black area gives me, which I had to think about for a minute. It is this: there’s a starship present, and our view is from in or above the Earth’s atmosphere, so one would expect that a black ‘sky’ area would naturally have stars, since Star Trek + ships + black usually = space — but it doesn’t. No stars. A dead blank darkness, not a living one.


I like that there’s a lot of empty space in the poster. It’s eye-catching and beautiful. Though I feel bad for the Enterprise.

Haha, looks like I wasn’t far off when I made this…

The new poster is awesome! I was hoping that they would do something to play on the dark vs. light idea suggested by the title. Loving it!

#11 Actually we should never see any stars in space if something as bright as the Earth is in view. Sci-Fi has got it wrong. We only see the stars in Scifi because it would look weird without them.

Oh and the domestic trailer on tuesday!? That’s my birthday!

I have a feeling I’ll be glued to the internet in anticipation all day.

Wow!. That look’s totally Awesome!!!.
Come on May 15th.

Hey look, they didn’t copy and past the smoke this time. Nice!

It looks fan-made. But not in a “it-is-fake” way but more of a “it-is-great” way.

(Fan-made posters are really good usually. Like the awesome poster of the Enterprise rising from the ocean by MadMan’s Shipyard.)

Just noticed something curious: look at the engineering section where the registry number should be. It says “NCC” but there’s no “-1701”. Obviously this is the big E but I have no idea why they took the numbers out. Anyone else?

@ 1 no chance. The film crashed the IMAX website with pre-orders.

It’s going to be massive.

Awesome I love that new poster!!!!

Damn, i cannot wait any longer!

Bring it on!

ah good an excuse to refit the ship to fix the nacelles and the engineering section and get her looking more like Matt Jefferies version

kinda always thought you know it’d be nice if this version had been like the tos one as he wasnt happy with the redesign of his ship in TMP, all those years ago. you know maybe to honor the original design yet bring it up to date in a way he would have liked.

no go sadly, instead we got one that looks like the TMP one turned into a hotrod just to make it look like it might turn into the TMP one in the end.

@20. Yeah, it’s not Enterprise, but another ship in her class….

I have to admit, my heart sank when I saw it. I don’t want her to get hurt! Please let them pull out of it before its too late.

No doubt that I will be seeing this multiple times.

Looks good so far.

@20 It looks like the model is missing some textures. Not only the “-1701”, but I believe the entire texture of the center of the saucer is missing. Notice how it’s unusually white when compared to the rest of the saucer. I believe this is also the case for the neck.

there’s no markings on the underbelly at all actually.

Here’s a new Tag line for you though

the new USS Enteprise, crashing into a theater near you on may the 17th

this ship crashing into earth brought to you by the pinto starfleet technology first pioneered in the Enterprise D, Voyager and the NX 01.

as when you want to bring a ship down with a staff infection via cheeze in the gell packs or rig up a warp core ejection system that never works with no backups whatsoever except no substitute in Crappy construction and technology

buy pinto starfleet technology today, we have a sale on crappy inertial dampeners going on right now fresh off of the new enterprise from the ’13 movie!

Sorry being an sfdebris fan I just had to do that lol looking forward to the film my nitpicks and disliking on the new enterprise aside

putting the ship on the cover makes a huge dif in sales. I used to write for CINEFEX, and the movies where they had the ship on the cover (TMP & TVH, along with their TNG series coverage) sold out, while there SFS, TFF, TUC, GEN, FC, INS & NEM issues are still widely available (especially INSURRECTION, which has this horrible MY FAVORITE MARTIAN cover.)

To me it seems like they’re pushing the “Enterprise is crashing!” thing a little harder than they need to… that’s the main reason I think she’s probably going to be fine by the end of the movie. At this point her getting destroyed would just be too expected.

Finally a cool poster. This will hang on my wall, framed, someday soon

Benedict Cumberbatch what are you doing to the Enterprise? Just because Sherlock jumped off a building, and faked his death, doesn’t mean that you get to destroy the Enterprise.

I’m sorry, but I still don’t see why Star Trek has to be only about destruction. That’s all we’ve gotten from JJ.

And by the way, the “crashing Enterprise” to make way for a newer version has been done too many times.

Sorry. I am really just not impressed with the new direction.

Tired of Star Trek crashing the ship. It’s been done and done over. Enough.

Still “not really”… anyway it´s better than the intl poster!

@33. Name one Trek movie that didn’t involve something getting blown up…

IGN dropped a bit of a spoiler on their report about this poster…regarding the ship crashing to be Enterprise, but is it Kirks Enterprise?

Leading more and more to the April connection.

The wait us killing me!
I don’t care if John Harrison is Khan, April, Mitchell, Garth or the Easter Bunny!
But I NEED to know about the Federation starship that crashes into Alcatraz!!! Is it the Enterprise or another ship??? Is it Khan’s Reliant, April’s Enterprise, the Excelsior or what???
And if it’s a new ship design I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

N I C E !!!!

Finally a poster that reminds people this is supposed to be a STAR TREK MOVIE, not just ‘generic future action flick’. I doubt the trailer on Tuesday will be anything special. Just a rehash of what we’ve already seen from the other ones around the world.


The Voyage Home. The only act of violence is against a doorknob.

Plot twist! This movie is just an Ent-D holodeck simulation – this time it’s for Troi, and she’s struggling with driving lessons!

i think this new movie is going to make our eyes bleed

that was a compliment

41. Well, the Whalers shot a harpoon at poor George and Gracie…that counts too!

Too bad Fringe is not on the air. The last time Trek was released we had Clint Howard on Fringe essentially spill the guts on the plot of the film 3 days before the film was released (he talked about protecting us from time traveling Romulans who are trying to alter the past/future) and that he was Spock. Haha!

I like the poster because it is a metaphor for my sentiments on that design of the Enterprise. May it go down in flames.

Hey… the poster in the apple page is different!

I do wish that folks would understand that movies and TV are different beasts. You can’t have the exploration style Trek adventures on the big screen because they are not profitable and the few that have tried have been disastrous for the franchise. Action based flicks with fist fights and space battles work best on the big screen where you need to reach an audience beyond a Trek fan.

Not rocket science.

@41. Not – the whale probe was laying waste to the planet, and completely draining the power supply of any ship that came close. Recall the communications intercept that life support was failing. The probe was indiscriminate in it’s work.

Okay, technically it didn’t blow anything up, but a dead crew is a dead crew..

You asked.