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Whether you like to play Trek, display Trek, or even lay out on the beach with Trek, the good people at CBS are always finding new ways to bring Trek into your life. Continue below for all the latest Star Trek stuff, fresh from 3D printers, the mirror universe, shipyards, and the office of Doctor Sheldon Cooper.

Star Trek Merchandise Update –  July 2014

Cubify Yourself Mini-figs

First up, the most personal touch comes from 3D printing company Cubify. Last year they launched two ranges of 3D printed figurines (see TrekMovie review), allowing you to add your head (by uploading a couple of photos) to TOS or TNG uniformed crewperson. With those figurines you are able to choose your gender, build, pose, department, and even if you want to hold a prop. Now Cubify have launched a third line, of smaller figurines. The new two-inch tall Star Trek minis are based on either Spock or Uhura, allowing you to put your face on their bodies. Here’s a video showing how it works:

Each mini-figure will set you back $24.99, while the larger more customisable versions are $69.99 a piece.

Bradford – Personalized Sculpture

Bradford Exchange’s latest release also allows customization. For $98.99 you can be declared a captain, on their 9" tall "To Boldly Go" sculpture on a marbalized base.

ThinkGeek Retro TOS Beach Towel

If you don’t fancy such an officious declaration of your Trekdom, then ThinkGeek’s new towel might be more for you. This is the latest application of Juan Ortiz’ TOS retro poster artwork (which has previously found its way to posters, T-shirts, glasses, coasters, trading cards, a diary, and a book). ThinkGeek have selected his boxing-match style piece based on Mirror Mirror, which is available now for $19.99.

Funko Mirror Spock Vinyl Fig

Mirror-Spock is also the subject of Funko’s new addition to their Pop! vinyl range. Due in September as a Previews exclusive, this new mirror universe character joins the six TOS figures released at the start of the year. He’s available to pre-order from Entertainment Earth for $11.99.

Wonderland Sheldon Spock Figure

Finally in the figures department, a new licensee, The Wonderland Toy Company, are planning a seventeen inch rendition of The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper, dressed up as Spock. The big Sheldon-Spock figure will be part of their Big Talkers range, which means it will have sound features too. Things From Another World have this listed for $44.95, but are taking pre-orders at a discounted price ahead of the November release.

QMx Desktop Enterprise Refit Model

Now onto ships, and there have been quite a few announced recently. QMx have previously suggested they have plans for a more affordable range of display starships (than their luxury artisan replica line), and seem set to deliver on that starting with the refit USS Enterprise. The metal model will be on display at Comic Con, but they have also previewed it online. No pricing yet, but expect it to be available early next year.

DST Star Trek VI Enterprise-A

Diamond Select Toys are also working on the refit Constitution class, a reissue of the model originally put out by Art Asylum over a decade ago. That’s already a really good model, but DST are taking the time to make some improvements, promising a new paint job, lighting and sound effects. The USS Enterprise-A version of the model has been solicited for release early next year. You can pre-order the new ship at Entertainment Earth for $59.99.

Latest Eaglemoss ships

At a smaller scale, Eaglemoss are putting out a new model ship every couple of weeks in The Official Starships Collection. Two more issues have been freshly solicited, the Romulan Warbird Valdore, and the Danube class runabout, specifically the USS Orinoco. They’ve not released an image of the runabout model yet. These will be $19.99 each when they get to US shores in December, after the initial UK release in October. You can pre-order the Valdore at Entertainment Earth for $19.99 and the Danube is also available for pre-order at EE for $19.99.

Attack Wing Warbird and more

Finally, and smaller still, Wizkids are also do very regular ship releases, for their Attack Wing miniatures game. The latest wave of three are the Kazon Ogla’s Razik, Romulan warbird IRW Haakona, and a Tholian ship, which are due in February. No pre-order is available yet.

+SDCC Exclusives Coming Up

But wait, there’s more. Check back soon for TrekMovie’s guide to exclusive Star Trek merchandise available at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con…some of which will also be available online after the show.

James Edward, otherwise known as 8of5, maintains The Trek Collective, a site dedicated to Star Trek merchandise, with release schedules, guides, and news of novels, comics, toys, games, collectables, apparel, and more.

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Where would Star Trek be without all it’s merchandise?

Still no Reliant or other TOS era ships.

Oh well, I only hope DST provides a more sturdy base for the 1701-A; the Art Asylum version was so flimsy and fragile that it would snap with the slightest of pressure.

It would be Water World…

Tony: This year there have already been two Reliants, a model kit from Round 2 Models, and an the Eaglemoss version (which is an especially great model in the series. My review: ). QMx are also meant to be previewing an artisan replica (high end expensive) Reliant at Comic Con this week.

#4 – 8of5 – Thanks for the info; I’ll definitely look into the Eaglemoss version (the Hot Wheels version wasn’t bad either, btw). I just wish someone would release a larger electronic version with some lights and sound effects.

Last I can recall DST have ruled out Reliant for the next couple of new ships. But it’s got to be a candidate for them at some point; it’s too significant a ship, and they’re quickly running out of Enterprise’s and other hero ships.

Hmmmm… might be able to swing that DST Enterprise-A… pretty sweet =)

Sheldon-Spock figure is kinda creepy lookin’… =O

Looks like the shading on the E-A has been adjusted to make it look as though we’re viewing at a distance. In the actual tones, most of the time with these models the blue is too dark for a miniature. It steps on the illusion. Better to lighten it.

Nice. Decent price range, too!!!

The Enterprise A re-fit and Enterprise A are my favorite, with the classic Enterprise a close second. I have some of the many ships, they are all very nice. As people have commented, the stands are the worst part. On my original Enterprise the ship will flow over if a fly buzzes the ship. Up in Alberta the prices for these ships is $80 or more, which is a bit on the expensive side. Considering when they first started coming out they were $35 to $45 each.

I’d love to see a Reliant from DST!

I would like to see the Enterprise C. And finally a replica of the CV 6 or CVN 65 Aircraft carrier, once they have all of them out, they could sell a wall mount to display all the Enterprises. Outside of the Enterprises, The K’Tinga is a must. I would like to see a Nebula Class Starship for something different. I have enjoyed the Art Asylum ships very much.

The Eaglemoss ships are outrageously expensive for their size. And despite the hype, they are NOT as accurate as they would have us believe and the “magazines” are more like glorified brochures. Definitely NOT worth it to me. Now, if they were to knock about $8 off of that, I MIGHT could see it.

TonyD you are very correct about that base for the Art Asylum Enterprise, mine just broke a couple of weeks ago. Of course I’ve had mine for about a decade so I guess it lasted longer then it should have (the ship is still in great shape). Looking forward to adding the updated Enterprise A from DST.

I have run out of room to display all of my ships. And I STILL have DOZENS yet to build.

Yet again diamond select disapoints with yet another rehashed and repainted ship I already have. Come on! I want the voyager or the JJ enterprise or the kelven, give us something new.

I had the same stand problems with my refit Enterprise toy. The stand snapped. I wrote and got a replacement (DST admitted it was a problem) but the next couple of ships I purchased from them had the same issue. DST ignored me when I wrote them again (I even offered to pay for a stand), so I stopped buying their products.

I’m agreed that re-hashing the same ships (albeit updated) is old and tired. How about an Ent-C or K’Tinga? Or a Kelvin or one/any/all of the other ship classes from the ST reboot? Heck they could do ST shuttles even. There are more than enough topics

But your products are only as good as your customer service though and until DST improves that I won’t buy from them.