First Game of Thrones Footage of Alexander Siddig Drops


Tonight marked the long awaited return to television of the fantasy juggernaut Game of Thrones on HBO. For Trek fans, this season is particularly remarkable because it will feature DS9 alum Alexander Siddig.

While the Alpha Quadrant’s favorite annoying doctor did not appear in tonight’s episode, footage of him led the preview for next week’s episode:

His character, Doran Martell, has only one line, “You don’t have to remind me,” when reminded that his brother, Oberyn Martell, is dead. It’s not a lot – but we’ll take it for now.

In the Song of Ice and Fire books, Doran Martell is a scheming lord of his own domain (Dorne) – his brother and sister have been killed because of the Lannisters and he plots his revenge. Unlike Dr. Bashir, Doran won’t have to settle for being second place.


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No comments yet – be the second?

Alexander is one cool actor.

This is a bit premature, as he was not in Episode 1 tonight.

Glad to see my personal favorite Trek doctor back in action. I am really looking forward to Doran’s storyline.

@3: You probably missed this bit from the article:

“While the Alpha Quadrant’s favorite annoying doctor did not appear in tonight’s episode, footage of him led the preview for next week’s episode:”


If a Trek show could be made with anything close to the quality of the writing, depth and production values of GOT, we’d all be in for a treat. But I’m not holding my breath.

That was a pretty boring episode of GoT, by the way. I hope this doesn’t bode ill for the season.

My favorite Star Trek doctor after Bones, nice to see him in GOT


Yes, I agree. Episode 1 was too much “where is everyone?” and too little plot movement. I had re-watched episode 10 of season 4 beforehand, which was a real barn-burner, and it made the premier seem even more subdued. It’s got to pick up, for sure.

Will Siddig be a Johnny-one-season character like Oberyn Martell? I haven’t read the books, and they aren’t so relevant anymore, so who knows?

#4 – you ever heard of TNG or DS9?

As you know my single, my single is dropping, is dropping.

Never heard “dropping” used for some tv clip before…

TNG isn’t anywhere near the quality of ‘Game Of Thrones”. DS9 is probably the closest in terms of depth of characters, political intrigue, and epic battles, albeit featuring starship battles. There were some pretty dark episodes on DS9 that dealt with war, casualties of war, assassinations, torture, etc.

Not to mention the muliple story arcs.

I love story arcs in mini-series or soap opera style shows like Walking Dead and 24, but it’s a one-trick pony. When its done, it’s done. It’s always a fun ride and always look forward to the next new episode…but I NEVER want to revisit it.
Because I love to watch favorite episodes of Trek over and over, I hope we never see 13 hour-long story arcs. After the initial high or an amazing long ride, it would be goodbye…because, selfishly, I like one-offs that can be watched in any order, regardless of whether or not I’ve seen the other episodes needed to connect the dots.

I liked the ep. It was a lull between storms. Too much action = Michael Bay. Pacing is a good thing. Plus — dragons. Wonder where Drogon got to.

Best of all possible worlds for Trek would be four to six feature-length movies per year. Self-contained stories but with strong continuity. Maybe a good series arc, not unlike Voyager, but with MUCH stronger writing.

This is the second time I’ve seen him shoot scene for a show is Seville, Spain. The first time was on a show called Falcon. I advice people to check it out. He was great in that as well.

He’s a very nice dude.

If you haven’t seen him in “A Dangerous Man- Lawrence After Arabia”, a PBS movie from the late 80’s or early 90’s, it’s excellent. He plays King Feisel. If you can’t find it anywhere else, here is the link….

Anyone here watch The 100? It started as a YA CW show, but it’s quickly become quite interesting. It’s been only 13 or 14 episodes a season, and I think there’s really interesting story possibilities in a season that’s not required to produce 22 episodes.

I think fewer is better. Even GOT seems a little padded occasionally. I personally think this might suit a full reboot of TOS after/if the current movie series ends.


TNG nowhere near Game of Thrones in terms of production quality, depth and writing? Game of Thrones is just some fantasy garbage with enough sex, nudity and violence to hold its twentysomething male audience. Granted it has some good actors like Stephen Dillane – one of the greatest Hamlets of our generation and Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage etc but its universe isn’t deep or exciting.

#20 I take it you’ve never seen the show only heard about it?

haha must’ve seen a couple episodes and stopped watching. Yes there’s sex and violence but story quality is some of the best on television. That’s how it holds its audience and is the most watched show on HBO.

20. Brunt – April 15, 2015

Sorry, Buddy. You’re waaaay off base, there. You’re welcome to your opinion, of course…

Even as a hard-core Trek fan, to me, using TNG and GOT in the same sentence is simply ridiculous. Hamburger versus filet mignon.

Only in my wildest dreams could a Trek show exist with such quality (and appeal).