Shuttle Pod: The Podcast Episode 10 – James Kerwin talks Star Trek Continues, Space Cartography, and More


The crew of the Shuttle Pod sat down with writer/director/all around brilliant guy James Kerwin, of Star Trek Continues fame to talk STC, honoring the vision of Star Trek TOS, space cartography, and more!

Header illustration of James Kerwin by the lovely and talented Hannah Barucky.

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James Kerwin is best known amongst Trekkies for his work as writer and director of several episodes of acclaimed fan series Star Trek Continues. He is also the writer and director of the award winning sci-fi noir film Yesterday Was a Lie. His latest project is to turn his short film RUR Genesis into a full length feature film.

Kerwin’s short film RUR Genesis

The latest episode of STC, “Divided We Stand”

Jared noticed a familiar musical cue in the latest episode of Star Trek Continues, “Divided We Stand” (above), prompting him to ask about how much thought and care goes into getting the details of TOS, like musical cues, set lighting, costumes, etc, right on the money.


Patriotic musical cue from “Divided We Stand” (and, at least in part, from TOS episode “The Omega Glory”)

We also talked with James about what the Star Trek universe actually looks like. What does a map of our galaxy, in the landscape of Trek, really look like on paper? The authority on this issue is of course the awesome Stellar Cartography book by Trekspert Larry Nemecek, which you should all go out and buy right now. It sells for $47.99 on Amazon.

The book comes with fold out maps of various parts of the Star Trek universe and is a must have for any Trekkie

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Hey, ya gotta hand it to a guy who is at least in the game and giving it a shot!

I just got the stellar cartogarphy book for Christmas its amazing the fold out maps are huge. It makes you really understand how large the Star Trek galaxy is if that makes sense haha obviously the galaxy is huge we don’t realize how many planets there are.

Good episode. Very classic TOS. Vic is a great Kirk and the dialogue is spot on.

How come the Shuttle Podcasts always end abruptly or cut off before the end?

I consider ALL ‘Trek to be ‘canon’, including the fan film, the EU books and comics, the main series and films, and so on. Any “contradiction” that comes up, I consider it to be a “typo” in the Captain’s Log. ;-)

Again the podcast abruptly ended just as Mr. Kerwin was talking about the visual effects. Why Kayla? Why?

#8 Trek, Star Trek

How are you listening to it? Through TrekMovie or something else?

8. Trek, Star Trek – January 24, 2016

This is the problem you are having

Your gigawatt neutrino coupling is interfering with the photonic frequency actuator creating a sonic gravimetric distortion therefore causing an anomalous signal distortion. You just need to adjust the atmospheric frequency couplings.Just use a verteron tetreon capaciter, It should fix it right up lickety split.

Brian Drew-Through TrekMovie.

11. Trek, Star Trek – January 24, 2016

If a guy drew it then their is no way you are going to pick it up on a web cast.
You need a verteron tetreon capaciter.

I love the Stellar Cartography maps. It’s this richness of detail, and how it overlaps with the real world, that makes Star Trek unique and awesome.

The Delta Quadrant maps that come from VOY are neat, too. That whole “world” of the Delta Quadrant was really compelling conceptually.

The attention to detail in STC is amazing.

I hope the next episode gets back to the story quality of Lolani and Fairest of Them All.

It’d be great if there were some way to reconcile the different warp speeds in the different series. ENT seemed to establish that “warp 5” was actually a fixed measurement rather than being just a fraction of the total space-warping capability of a given ship. Otherwise warp 5 not being possible yet (as it’s not in the beginning of the series) wouldn’t seem to make sense.

BTW, Shatner’s documentary about TNG, “Chaos on the Bridge,” is streaming at Netflix, and it’s really good.

That was an interesting interview about Star Trek Continues.

The fact that these guys and the New Voyages crew are continuing to produce and distribute episodes suggests that the Axanar people really crossed some line to get sued by CBS. Hopefully some clarification of what is and is not acceptable for fan films will emerge from the current legal muck.

Trek, Star Trek –

I’ve checked the clip multiple times, and it’s playing fine for me. Perhaps your browser is having trouble buffering the audio beyond a certain point?

Cygnus and Salt Vampire –

Either of you have any issues with the audio cutting off?

@ James Kerwin

Great stuff!

Can you please give us an update on R.U.R. Genesis?

And please, if you are able to to make the R.U.R. movie. don’t water it down — pleas give it the R-rated treatment that it looks like it deserves.


@ Brian Drew

Not noticing cut-outs on my end.

18. Brian Drew – January 25, 2016

No problems with the audio here.

Though I could do without Salt Vampire assuming the form of my gf. I don’t even want to ask who that was in the shower with me this morning. We’d never done some of those things before.

too much information….

@Brian, I just tested the end of the podcast and it seemed to end fine. The last thing I heard was Data telling a joke after everyone signed off and the TOS closing music played.

@Cyngus: what happened in the shower stays in the shower.

oh, there is so much we could say here….lol

Brian Drew…I don’t know why am the only one. Stream lots of pocast including Mission Log constantly. Never a problem with any of them. Shuttle Pod has stopped short on every episode. Even the buffer and time of podcast bar is always shown to cut off early. On this one it cuts off at 27 minutes when James is starting to talk about visual effects. I can’t be the only one and it has happened every time. And only on this podcast.

Trek, Star Trek

I’m going to check with Kayla and Jared to see if they’ve heard about any issues similar to yours. I just played the entire podcast all the way through and it was smooth as can be.

Perhaps your browser doesn’t like the plug-in we use. What are you using?

Brian Drew- whatever browser is used on Samsung Galaxy phones. I think it is IE. Again, no problem with any other streaming. I love the shuttle podcasts but would love to hear them in their entirety.