Watch The Series Finale Of ‘Star Trek Continues’: “To Boldly Go: Part II”

Star Trek Continues, a fan production which began in 2013 aiming to depict the final two years of the Enterprise’s 5-year mission, concludes its 11-episode run with the second and concluding part of the finale.

“To Boldly Go: Part II”, features a story by science fiction writer Robert Sawyer, executive producer/star Vic Mignogna, and director James Kerwin, with a teleplay written by Sawyer and Kerwin. Nicola Bryant, Cas Anvar (The Expanse), and Amy Rydell guest star.

Mignogna wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook when the episode was posted:

WORDS FAIL ME. No vocabulary can express how much this production has meant to me. From the very beginning, all I knew was that I wanted to make one episode of Star Trek the way I remembered it. Would anyone like it? I didn’t know. Would I make another? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted to pay tribute to Bill, Leonard, Gene and everyone who made the show that meant so much to me when I was a boy. I would use all the skills that TOS inspired me to try for the first time to make the best episode I could. I never imagined so many amazing people would do so much, and I’m deeply humbled by their involvement. I will be forever grateful to the cast, crew & volunteers who selflessly gave so much to make Star Trek Continues a reality. And to you, the viewers and fans, for your support and enthusiasm. With bittersweet joy, we present our final episode. Hopefully, it will be a long lasting tribute and historic ending to the most iconic television series in history. Thank you all, and God bless you. ~ Vic


Where’s Waldo, TrekMovie-style

TrekMovie staffers Kayla Iacovino, Andy Britton, and yours truly had the honor of playing Enterprise crew members in the finale. It’s not every day you get addressed by James Kirk himself!

“When The Train Stops” Begins Crowdfunding Effort

The production crew behind STC is branching out into non-Trek projects, the first being a short film called “When The Train Stops”, a story with a Twilight Zone flavor: 

Clive Emerson (Darren Jacobs) is a young fugitive with a troubled past and bleak future. When the law catches up with him, he’s taken into custody by U.S. Marshal Preston Booth (Michael Forest) and begins a long train trip across the American southwest back to prison.

Though Booth takes a personal interest in the case when Clive insists upon his innocence, the young man ultimately resigns himself to his sad fate. But little does Clive know that the future waiting for him when the train stops isn’t at all what he expects – and neither, for that matter, is Marshal Booth…

The film will star John deLancie, Michael Forest, Darren Jacobs, Vic Mignogna, and Kipleigh Brown. More details about the project and the crowdfunding campaign can be found below.


For more information about Star Trek: Continues series, click here.

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Well done ladies and gentlemen, well done.

So sorry to see this have to end. Thank you for Vic for doing these shows and proving that ST: TOS is still amazing and wanted even in the 21st Century. You helped keep Trek alive and your attention to detail was outstanding. Live Long and Prosper!!!!!

Well, I guess I’ll have to accept Discovery as true Trek thanks to this episode, and well done.

Outstanding effort, beautiful, heartwarming, fun, authentic. Thankyou a million times. I loved this beyond belief.

Couldn’t wait for this but didn’t want it to come either.
Sad to see Star Trek end, the level of production has been amazing & it deserved to continue until they told their stories.

Glad to have this extension of Star Trek, as well as New Voyages/Phase II
They gave fans hope that we could keep visiting that era. very sad.
Will watch both episodes tonight.

BRAVO!! Great work. Just incredible work. Love it. You guys hit it out of the park. Everything was perfect. Thank you.

Holy. That was well done. What a way to wrap up.

Better than… Discovery.

That’s a ridiculous (but predictable) statement. Discovery has actual actors on it.

Actually this show does as well. Several credited and paid professionals. Hell one of Dicovery’s cast members just guested on an episode of STC.

Did you see the first 2 episodes of Discovery? The acting hurt. Even our current Doctor in Discovery gets no screen time because hes a terrible actor.

This, flaws aside, is an obvious labor of love and a story from people that understand the material. Heart and knowledge of source material is what Discovery is missing. Its just a space show with a little trek window covering.

Not to mention, flaws aside, This has less plot holes than Discovery.

As a frustrated actor, I’ll say that the acting in this episode was very good. I’ve grow to enjoy Kirk and Spock immensely and Admiral Nogura was far better than some Star Fleet brass bit players in TOS.

Much better than Discovery- yes, Lesser Production values & a couple of non actore.
Imagine if Continues had 6 million an episode.

I’ve seen plenty of “professional” actors do a far worse job than STC’s ensemble. Many times while watching the “professional” Trek shows did I roll my eyes at the wooden delivery of many lines.

Come on, is it possible to give STC an ‘atta boy’ without going first grade on it? Discovery is a fine production as well…

Discovery wouldn’t even be good as a generic Sci-Fi show. The “story” the plot, My god did you see that awefull Bluescreen shot of Lorca & Stamits? Jesus that was sub par. 7 Million anepisode? where are they spending the money- I havent seen it yet. Next Gen had more effects & Enterprise FX were more dynamic

Did you see the awful styrofoam rocks on TOS?

Saved the best for last. Absolutely terrific. Thankyou Vic for all you’ve done. You were an amazing Kirk.

I thank the producers for an emotionally compelling and outright fantastic episode. Many thanks. Live Long and Prosper. Do so in the knowledge of my appreciation and that of many others. For, from you and us, there will be more. We shall see the stars as one.

This episode was amazing! Even for a fanfilm, this got pretty emotional.

I feel I”ve been treated to some good Trek lately. First an awesome 9th episode of Discovery, now the awesome final episode of Continues.

No need for the back-handed compliment. Fan films are films, and this was a professional production from top to bottom. How else do you think they’d have been able to secure the talent for these episodes? The screenplay is by renown SF author Robert J. Sawyer. All good films are capable of inducing emotion when well done.

We’ve come to a point now where fan films and independent efforts by people not in the industry at all can produce entertainment on par with Hollywood.

Completely agree, James

Oooph.. right in the feels. Great ending for TOS, and good tie-in to TMP. Well done.

did anyone notice the model of the discovery in the line of ships?

Yeah, they attention to detail that STC uses is always incredible.

And NX-01 and the Kelvin :D

That was Classy- Considering CBS ended Continues & all the fan film Series when they started to produce Discovery (Axanar profiting was just the best excuse to use, other productions found ways to profit)

Sawyer’s a great writer, but the acting on these films has been so amateurish that I had to stop watching the series.

In this episode, have to respectfully disagree. The acting was quite good.

So you couldn’t work out beforehand that a fan film productions with non profeshional actors wouldn’t always have the same level of performances & stopped watching lol

Give this series a try, I feel the same about most fan series but this one may surprise you.

WOW! What an amazing production. It is rich and human, telling new tales with the established universe of the original series. The final episode perfectly setup the foundation for the Motion Picture.

Astonishing score as well, harkening back across the ages to bring us something new!

One word: Masterpiece.

I would not call it a master piece… but it -was- a excellent swan song to a genre (Star Trek video Fan Fiction) that likely will never be again created. I totally squealed in Fanboi when they said they were gonna do a saucer separation. I did have issues with it but… it’s still a very wonderful piece of Story Telling… and it’s truly a shame it had to end so soon…

9 1/2 out of Ten Halflings

~Pensive’s Wetness

That was by far a much better and more satisfying Trek episode than any of STD’s episodes. Well done to all involved. You’ll be missed!

I’ve never held myself out as a fan of the volunteer productions , but STC found a good balance. I’d encourage then to consider doing a few projects under the new rules, just to expand the craft a bit….

If they did, it wouldn’t be with VIc. He did a voice for STO, so he’s considered an actual Trek actor and isn’t eligible to appear in a fan film.

I know these things tend to be vanity projects – that aside, recast Kirk. Or tell a story about Matt Decker. There are eleven other Constitution class ships in the fleet, after all.

As much as I’ve loved these productions, I think it’s time to move on. I’m good the cast and production team are going to do some original content that they can distribute and actually get paid for. They’re professionals and they deserve it.

I have always found fan films a bit underwhelming. But Continues is without question the best of them, irrespective of Vic’s motivations. The fact is the care and effort that goes in to these in terms of making it look and film like TOS is really quite amazing. Overall, aside from the past 15 or so minutes, I thought this was one of their weaker episodes. But it nonetheless shows a lot of hard work and dedication and I really have a hard time criticising people who do this for their love of TOS and not for profit, unlike con artists like Alec Peters. I think they deserve respect for that alone.

Thank you all for your dedication and obvious hard work and love. This provided the closure for the 5 Year Mission that was always missing for the lore.

Fantastic effort! Thanks to Vic and the crew for all your hard work! Hope to see a vignette or 2 in the future!

Would LOVE for the vignettes to be set during the TMP era :)

Nice little call-out to ‘Discovery.’ It’s impressive what everyone here has done. You should be proud.

Excellent goodbye episode. STC will be missed. Well done everyone!

The end of an era, and in more ways than one. The (no spoiler) motivation for the triumvirate’s disbanding is believable, and touching for anyone who’s followed STC since that first, somewhat wobbly story about Apollo’s return. This finale was not their best episode (that would still be “Embracing the Winds” IMO), but is an elegiac one, filled with loss and goodbyes as well as the hope of new beginnings. To Mr. Mignogna and STC’s cast and crew: thanks, you did good.

While the acting could be uneven at times, I always found the performances on STC to be more understated and thus more watchable; there are far fewer winces with this show than others. I’ve seen some pretty bad, wooden and just plain awkward performances on the professional Trek shows so I’m more than willing to cut these folks a little slack.

For a fan production, STC had some pretty incredible production values and it’s clear that everyone involved put their heart and soul into making the show. Since it was not beholden to networks, shareholders, studios or anyone else, it was free to be closer in tone and appearance to TOS than any of the modern shows or movies.

I really liked how they wrapped it all up and while also showing the beginnings of the eventual transition to ST:TMP. Things like the reasons behind Kirk’s decision to accept promotion to admiral and Spock’s return to Vulcan helped provide backstory for what we would eventually see on TMP. It all came together nicely.

Bravo all around for Vic and his crew; the shows were a breath of unpretentious fresh air and just plain fun to watch. Here’s hoping their future endeavors live long and prosper.

Honestly CBS should actually recognise the efforts of those involved in this show and make it canon. Put it on All Access and Netflix.

Going to start getting into this tonight. 11 new episodes of TOS Trek, right on. Thanks to everyone for the glowing reviews.

Well, there’s a nostalgia factor — and a bit of a sliding scale. It’s not quite TOS Trek, more like a remarkably well-produced TOS school play.

Your Blind.

Incredible finale. It really captured the heart of Trek. The last ten minutes really bridged the series and the motion picture.


Utterly boring.

Kirk doesn’t drive any of the action, has no personal story and no stake in anything. Nothing drives him toward his decision to step down from the captain’s chair. He makes no decisions in the episode that pushes him over the edge. He just does stuff. Hell, he doesn’t even order Smith to her death. She volunteers! STC’s Kirk misses the mark when it comes to the actual Jim Kirk character.

Spock’s relationship with Troi-redux is out of left field, much like Troi’s romance with Worf in “All Good Things…” One thing that I loved about IDW’s version of the final voyage is that Spock makes a decision that puts Kirk in danger. And thus this drives him back to Vulcan because he nearly cost Kirk his life and he couldn’t deal with those feelings. Once again, focusing on the Kirk-Spock relationship built in the show.

But McKenna is shoehorned to give some emotional weight to Spock, Kirk and the episode. Yet I felt nothing because the story does nothing except a small scene in part one. The script didn’t do the work to get the viewer to care. A tear-jerker moment that doesn’t illicit a tear. Which is a shame since Michele Specht is the best, most naturalistic actor in the STC troupe.

McCoy is a non-entity in the whole thing. If they wanted to do a connect-the-canon to TMP, then this should’ve been a voyage that strained the relationship of Kirk-Spock-McCoy. A story that drove each man into where they end up at the beginning of TMP. When McCoy says he’s leaving Starfleet at the end, it feels like an afterthought. A checkmark.

In fact, the entire episode felt like a checkmark. A list of things that needed to be done. Stuff happens but nothing of substance.

Wow you missed the point didn’t you- Kirk moved on to being an admiral for all those reasons you just stated- he felt he lost something.
& who says they went their seperate ways before TMP because of conflict between them?

Nope. I got the point. It happened because “canon” needed it to happen. But the story wasn’t interested in actually showing us how Kirk got there. Writing is about process. About setups and payoffs. And STC’s finale didn’t do any of that. Stuff happens, but nothing really happens at all.

The script did none of the work to set up Kirk’s promotion or that he’s feeling he’s lost something. It’s lip service to connect-the-canon dots.

Kirk is so passive in this script. In the climatic action moment, he comes up with nothing and it’s the Romulan Commander who saves their bacon.

There’s no Kirk story to move him to that ultimate decision to take promotion. It happens because it has to happen to tie us to TMP. There is no groundwork in part one or two that makes his choice a payoff.

And my suggestion about a conflict between them is one of many ways you could go. But a finale to TOS should be a personal story to Kirk-Spock-McCoy because that’s the relationship the show spent so much time on developing. Here we have a series of unfortunate events that doesn’t add up to much.

Well, you don’t have to watch STC ever again. The project is done, and everyone involved have moved on. Now, we can look at the other fan films- wait. They’re done as well. Maybe a new fan film project will have the production and story you want- oh. We CAN’T because of the new rules from CBS/Paramount. Huh. I guess you can upload your version of events, on how TOS should have ended, we can see things YOUR way- no? Well, when you do get around to your story treatment, do let us know. We might see things your way, or we might pick it apart. Or, like in the case of STC, we qualify our viewing with balancing the good with the bad, and at least than STC for the attempt like, you know, human beings. Oh, well…

Everything was spot on. From the musical cues to The Motion Picture and Wrath Of Khan, the model list including Discovery, Kelvin, and NX-01, the new warp-effects being from Motion Picture, the throw-backs to the very first episode (I totally didn’t realise that ‘Mister Smith’ was YEOMAN SMITH – not James – and I want back and SHE WAS HOLDING GARY’S HAND!!! Dear lord these guys are fans! Loved it beyond words.

The end of an era – in more than one way…

An amazing end to an amazing effort. Similar to Mr. Mignogna’s comments, mere words cannot express the enjoyment I had watching each of these episodes. I could never have imagined that I could say in this decade that I was able to watch “new” episodes of TOS with my wife and young son, but that’s how it felt to me as we sat down to watch these shows.

Kudos all around to the cast and crew and anyone else involved. I was more than happy to make some small donations along the way, too.

So bittersweet now that’s it’s over, but I wish all the best to those involved and hope their next endeavors are as successful. BTW, it was great to meet many of you at the last Silicon Valley Comic Con back in April!

Thank you again for re-awakening this old Trek fan to the magic that was TOS that somehow went missing in the more contemporary incarnations of Trek (particularly the very disappointing Abrams movies…And no, I haven’t given Discovery a try yet, but will do so eventually I’m sure).

Hip-Hip-Hoorah…and Tallyho! :) :)


Thank you Vic for a dream come true…this season was done with such love …this is the way the series should be done …what ever anyone says this fan production is much more trek and enjoyable than any discovery million paid production..well done guys you made history…well done.

This was awesome. Huge thanks to the Vic and Continues’ casts and crews. It was a fantastic series paying honor to true Star Trek. Extremely well done.

Bravo. I wish it didn’t have to end.

Loved it. Such a great way to wrap up the show and set up the events of The Motion Picture.

That was actually quite incredible. I’m blown away.

Kirk is played by Evan Stone xD

I want to see a fan production tackle TNG era.

I congratulate those who completed this production. Very well done indeed. You cannot replace Shatner or Nimoy and I will say this is my main turn off.. but great effort!

Thanks Vic and everyone involved for 11 great episodes that add to the legacy that is TOS. And ignore what others are saying, you’ve been the best Kirk besides William Shatner that there has ever been! From your physical appearance, to your voice, acting, the mannerisms – one could truly think one was watching the real thing! Can’t say that about Spock, unfortunately, but that’s not to diminish Todd’s great performance in any way! Chris: your father would be very proud of you, I’m sure! And Michelle Specht is just awesome, though it was clear her character would have to die…

One small bit of nitpicking about this episode though: the music cues of TWOK/TSFS felt a little out of place, the nods to TMP worked perfectly, though. And not entirely sure why you would include a model of the Discovery (and Kelvin, as I’ve read) in a line of otherwise Enterprise models (or did I miss something)? But other than that: perfect, as always!

Live long and prosper!

Those weren’t all Enterprise models, as the first one was Zephram Cochran’s “Phoenix”. I think each model represented a Class or Design that was significant to StarFleet history. To your point though, if this is the Prime Timeline, I’m not sure of the significance of the Kelvin.

Just validating the Kelvin movies. Like them or not they ARE Trek.

Correct me if I’m wrong but the Kelvin was in the prime timeline, correct? Maybe I misunderstood but I thought all of the events with the Kelvin are what changed the timeline from the prime universe.

Personally my head canon wishes the only stuff that would leak into a TOS production is TNG/DS9/TAS. Enterprise was so outside of continuity it should be ignored – which is why it is laughable that it is now the only one that exists in the JJ-verse, the STD-verse, and Berman-verse.

But being Devil’s advocate and having not watched it yet so I don’t know whose models they are…
The Kelvin would have significance to Kirk personally as his parents were on it. (But again I do not personally let the alleged JJ-prime events affect the proper Prime universe – so my Kirk has no Kelvin.)

Beautifully done and my hearty thanks to everyone involved for a well acted and superbly crafted bit of Trek. This deserves to be canon.

LOVE John de Lancie!!! Can’t wait to see the new movie!!!!

This episode really felt like saying goodbye to some old friends the way we wish we all could.

Well done to the actors and production crew for this wonderful 11 episode ride. Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

I have always enjoyed Star Trek Continues, but you guys knocked this last one out of the ball park!! I’m sad it is the last…. There was a five year mission after The motion picture…. just sayin…

Beautiful work. Brought a tear to me eye!

I absolutely adored this. I’ve always been a fan of STC, but this really cements their place in Star Trek canon for me. This two parter is better than most of the original series, and serves as a seemless bridge between TOS and The Motion Picture.

It was all great, but my favorite bits included McKennah and Spock, which was beautiful, heartbreaking and made perfect sense given that we knew Spock would devote himself to the discipline of the Kolinar, the purging of all emotion, following the original series, but never really knew why. It also gave us insight into something that we never saw much serious exploration of, a Spock relationship. (I realize the JJ movies also technically did this, but that was a different universe so doesn’t count.) Likewise, I appreciated seeing a Kirk that is not exactly broken, but wearied by the weight of all the things he’s seen, which again ties into the promotion to admiral we knew he accepted but never really had context for. I also really liked the bit with Smith, and the whole resolution to the five year mission, with promotions, reassignments, and people going their seperate ways. All the significant performances were excellent, the production design was flawless and the music was perfect. Most importantly though, even though there was a lot of action, it maintains the spirit and integrity of the original series at it’s best. 5/5

Holy shit! That was some of the best Trek I’ve ever seen! Vic Mignogna and crew deserve a standing ovation for an exciting and emotional ending to this labor of love. Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

That was very good. The last few scenes were played beautifully by the lead actors, and whoever it was who played the part of the Admiral at Starfleet Command also did nice work. Amy Rydell was excellent as the Romulan Commander, as well.

Thank you Vic and crew!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. That was, quite simply, one of the best Star Trek episodes I’ve ever seen. Fans are forever in your debt for this beautiful tribute.

That may have been the finest hour of Star Trek – E v e r.