Watch The Series Finale Of ‘Star Trek Continues’: “To Boldly Go: Part II”

Star Trek Continues, a fan production which began in 2013 aiming to depict the final two years of the Enterprise’s 5-year mission, concludes its 11-episode run with the second and concluding part of the finale.

“To Boldly Go: Part II”, features a story by science fiction writer Robert Sawyer, executive producer/star Vic Mignogna, and director James Kerwin, with a teleplay written by Sawyer and Kerwin. Nicola Bryant, Cas Anvar (The Expanse), and Amy Rydell guest star.

Mignogna wrote a heartfelt message on Facebook when the episode was posted:

WORDS FAIL ME. No vocabulary can express how much this production has meant to me. From the very beginning, all I knew was that I wanted to make one episode of Star Trek the way I remembered it. Would anyone like it? I didn’t know. Would I make another? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted to pay tribute to Bill, Leonard, Gene and everyone who made the show that meant so much to me when I was a boy. I would use all the skills that TOS inspired me to try for the first time to make the best episode I could. I never imagined so many amazing people would do so much, and I’m deeply humbled by their involvement. I will be forever grateful to the cast, crew & volunteers who selflessly gave so much to make Star Trek Continues a reality. And to you, the viewers and fans, for your support and enthusiasm. With bittersweet joy, we present our final episode. Hopefully, it will be a long lasting tribute and historic ending to the most iconic television series in history. Thank you all, and God bless you. ~ Vic


Where’s Waldo, TrekMovie-style

TrekMovie staffers Kayla Iacovino, Andy Britton, and yours truly had the honor of playing Enterprise crew members in the finale. It’s not every day you get addressed by James Kirk himself!

“When The Train Stops” Begins Crowdfunding Effort

The production crew behind STC is branching out into non-Trek projects, the first being a short film called “When The Train Stops”, a story with a Twilight Zone flavor: 

Clive Emerson (Darren Jacobs) is a young fugitive with a troubled past and bleak future. When the law catches up with him, he’s taken into custody by U.S. Marshal Preston Booth (Michael Forest) and begins a long train trip across the American southwest back to prison.

Though Booth takes a personal interest in the case when Clive insists upon his innocence, the young man ultimately resigns himself to his sad fate. But little does Clive know that the future waiting for him when the train stops isn’t at all what he expects – and neither, for that matter, is Marshal Booth…

The film will star John deLancie, Michael Forest, Darren Jacobs, Vic Mignogna, and Kipleigh Brown. More details about the project and the crowdfunding campaign can be found below.


For more information about Star Trek: Continues series, click here.

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