John de Lancie To Appear In Next Episode Of Star Trek Continues; Series To End In October

Fan production Star Trek Continues has revealed that actor John de Lancie is in their next episode, and also announced release dates for their remaining three shows.

de Lancie will be appearing in the next installment, “What Ships Are For”, along with actress Anne Lockhart, who is best known to genre fans for playing “Sheba” in the original Battlestar Galactica. The episode, the plot of which is being kept under wraps, is co-written by Kipleigh Brown, who plays Lieutenant Barbara Smith in the series. We recently spoke to Brown about working on the show and her experience writing the episode, which you can check out here.

Landing a fan favorite like de Lancie is a huge coup, and the actor was intrigued when series creator/star Vic Mignogna pitched him the story:

It’s definitely classic STAR TREK, because it’s a secular moral story and one that I think is particularly poignant in our current times.  I believe the material is the most important thing, and this is really good material.

It appears de Lancie will not be reprising his role as Q, but he won’t say much about the character he’s playing, only that his nature will be revealed as the story transpires:

He is a character not unlike many of us.  He has recognizable human traits and deep-seated prejudices.

Poster for the upcoming episode of Star Trek Continues featuring John de Lancie and Anne Lockhart

The episode will have its world premiere at the end of July at the Florida Supercon in Fort Lauderdale, with de Lancie, Lockhart, and Mignogna in attendance. Point your mouse here to find out more.

The five-year mission comes to an end this fall

Star Trek Continues will have a chance to do something The Original Series never had an opportunity to do – show the conclusion of the Enterprise’s historic five-year mission.

The series, which began in 2013, will conclude with a two-part finale that will premiere in the fall. Part one will bow at the Salt Lake Comic Con the weekend of September 21st, with part two to follow on October 6th at the New York Comic Con.

Interviews with de Lancie and Lockhart, as well as more information about the upcoming shows, can be found on STC’s web site



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