EXCLUSIVE: Into Darkness Actor Beau Billingslea Co-Starring in Star Trek Continues Episode VII “Embracing the Winds”

Beau Billingslea, Captain Abbott of the USS Bradbury in Star Trek Into Darkness, will co-star in the seventh episode of fan series Star Trek Continues. TrekMovie is also able to announce that the episode will be titled “Embracing the Winds” and features Billingslea as Vulcan Vice Admiral Stomm.

TrekMovie has learned that the title of episode seven will be “Embracing the Winds” and that a familiar face will be playing a “significant role” in the plot of the story. Trekkies may know Beau Billingslea as Captain Abbott of the USS Bradbury from his portrayal of that role in the previous JJ film Star Trek Into Darkness. “[Vulcan Star Fleet Vice Admiral Stomm] is indeed integral to the plot,” Billingslea told TrekMovie. “I’m very proud to have earned my ears!”

Beau Billingslea STC7
Beau Billingslea as Vice Admiral Stomm in Star Trek Continues

We talked to Billingslea about his new vulcan character, experiences working with the STC crew, and his thoughts on working on Into Darkness.

“The commitment of the volunteers was astonishing. People flew in from all over the country to unselfishly volunteer their time and talents. It was heartwarming to be part of such a labor of love. I can’t praise Vic [Mignogna] enough for making STC happen!”

We asked Billingslea, “What was it like walking the halls of the original Enterprise, and how does it compare to your work on the JJ Abrams film?”

“When I first arrived on the set, Vic gave me a tour of the Enterprise. Walking the halls of the detailed replica of the original Enterprise was a profound experience for me. It took me back to the late 60’s and sent me to an emotional place. That was a highly charged time due to the Vietnam War and the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Walking the bridge also brought up flashes of various original scenes with Captain Kirk. Cool Stuff.

The emotional impact of Star Trek Into Darkness was understandably different, for obvious reasons. Working with JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zach Quinto, Peter Weller and Bruce Greenwood was fun. JJ has a great clarity of vision and the ability to communicate that vision to the actors, not unlike Vic Mignogna. That is a blessing for an actor and makes the collaborative effort a joy!”

Beau’s career spans stage, screen, television and voice overs. He appears as Captain Abbott of the USS Bradbury in Star Trek: Into Darkness. His other sci-fi feature films include The Blob, My Favorite Martian, Leprechaun in the Hood, and Halloween H2O.

Billingslea as Captain Abbot in Star Trek Into Darkness

In the voice world, Beau has voiced a multitude of characters including: Jet Black in Cowboy Bebop, Ogremon, Saggitarimon and Parrotmon in Digimon, Michael in Argentosoma, Seal Walrus in Wolf’s Rain, Gohei in Rurouni Kenshin, Dee Jay in Super Street Fighter II and many others. He continues to voice The Fourth Raikage and Homura in the animated series Naruto. He voices Abraham Douglas in the soon-to- be-released animated feature War of the Worlds: Goliath. He has narrated several series on The History channel including Suicide Missions, Hero Ships and Modern Marvels.

He’s voiced characters in such video games as Safari Outlaws, Dynasty Warriors, Zino, Breakdown, Ace Combat 5 and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Crowdfunding Episode 7 Post Production and More
Fan series Star Trek Continues is currently in post-production on “Embracing the Winds”, with episode six, “Come Not Between Dragons”, completed and scheduled to debut at FedCon Germany on May 13th.

The group is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the remaining post-production of “Embracing the Winds” and to produce three more episodes of the series. Of course, with the ongoing litigation between Paramount/CBS and successfully crowdfunded Star Trek fan film Axanar, other fan productions are feeling the effects of a now trepidatious donor base. Head of Star Trek Continues Vic Mignogna told TrekMovie that they have received “numerous messages stating fans are afraid to donate [to STC] due to the CBS lawsuit.” But, he adds that fans “have no reason to believe we will have any troubles. We are in compliance with every request CBS legal has made of us and will continue to be so.”

Star Trek Continues and the Webby Awards
Meanwhile, Star Trek Continues is up for a Webby Award, which honors online content voted on by fans. At the time of writing, STC is crushing it in the Online Film and Video: Long form or series drama category with 51% of the vote. Voting continues through April 21st and is free with login.

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Has the Episode been released yet?

Read the article. SMH

Reading comprehension is hard.

How about answering the question, rather than acting like Internet dicks? (Proper social behavior is hard, I know)

And no, episode is not out.

I guess you didn’t actually read the article, then…?

Looking forward to mid-May’s release of “…Dragons”!

Donors have nothing to worry about – like everything else, it’s a situation of ‘let the buyer beware’. Like Mr. Mignogna mentioned, as long as a fan production understands they need to remain in CBS Legals’ good graces, they’re fine. This was a point lost on Mr. Peters a long time ago, and it’s a shame that the Axanar woes seem to be dragging down other productions.

Caption Abbot? He’s a subtitle now? (Check the Into Darkness pic…)

“Caption Abbot? He’s a subtitle now? (Check the Into Darkness pic…)”

He’s a legend.

It’s a little disconcerting to see how few comments there are regarding this momentous occasion. Wonderful news for fan films that a professional of his caliber is associated with this effort, and congratulations!

Sadly, we live in a world where Kirstie Alley has apparently decided to make her political endorsement for President known. I guess I will view that as more Valeris (albeit played by a different actress) than Saavik after all.

Yeah, Kirstie Alley revealing here presidential pick im sure had a very profound impact on your life. I hope you can pick up the pieces and move on. Sad sad day.

Why do you have to bring politics into this thread? None of us give a damn about your political leanings or opinions.

I’m similarly baffled as to what on earth Kirstie Alley’s political preferences have to do with this topic. I’m similarly baffled on this sort of thing whenever George Takei (or any other celebrity guest) decides to promote personal politics at Star Trek conventions and automatically offend around half of the fans who are there.

I donated the day their Indiegogo campaign went live.

The STC people do a very nice job, in general, though I wish the episodes had a bit more Spock in them; in many episodes, his role is about as important as Sulu’s. I understand that Vic is the driving force behind STC, so of course he wants to focus on Kirk, but many of the best TOS episodes had Kirk and Spock as a serious TEAM. At least it looks as if we’ll get another Vulcan in Ep 7.

I love this series. I think all of the actors are great in the roles, except Haberkorn as Spock. He’s a good actor, and a good Vulcan, but it seems difficult for anyone to do Spock half as well as Nimoy. They all lack the presence. I offer this as a possible reason as to why Spock seems to have a lesser role in these episodes.
At least this means we get more of other characters. Bones in “divided we stand” was great.

It’s true that Spock is extremely hard to do well. When “Fairest of Them All” began, comparing Haberkorn’s line readings to Nimoy’s, he seemed rather lackluster. But by the end of the episode, once I was a little more used to Haberkorn’s Spock and didn’t have the direct comparison with Nimoy’s that the first few lines allowed, I was genuinely moved by his last line. (“Forward!”)

Sure, no one can be Leonard Nimoy — he was so very good that he made it look easy, but it wasn’t, it was an extremely difficult role — but the character is such a treasure that even a merely adequate portrayal of him is worthwhile. At least, IMHO.

I thought the McCoy they had in the beginning was pretty bad, but I agree that he was quite good in “Divided We Stand.”

One thing is Haberkorn’s looks — his face is completely different in shape — oval, more boyish — and the Spock makeup is … improving.

The main thing was, in the early episodes, his delivery was rushed; along with his higher-than-Nimoy’s-bass voice, so he didn’t seem to have Spock’s gravitas. He is steadily improving, and I hope they work a little harder on his makeup (eyebrows in particular). (I do think his Spock ears look good.)

In comparison with Mignogna, who’s got ShatKirk down to a T, he and the new McCoy have their work cut out for them! The new McCoy was quite good in the last episode. It’s a bit odd to have an excellent impressionist in one role while the other major players are trying to emulate, yet bring their own energy to, Spock and McCoy.

I find that if I look on STC and PhaseII as stage plays featuring our iconic characters starring various actors it’s more fun.

STC’s writing is a lot like TOS in structure, and sometimes equally good (or bad).

I agree, it’s really weird watching the triad of Kirk, Spock and McCoy in these fan films…everything is so perfectly recreated when it comes down to the sets…lighting…costumes, music etc…when these other actors come on the screen, I feel like I’m watching an alternate take shot with TOS stunt doubles lol. I guess that’s why I prefer other series like Exeter…where the comparisons and the necessary “suspensions of belief” I require, to buy into it, aren’t forced on me….therefore I seem to be able to enjoy it a lot more.

Hmm, Fairest of them All had a good deal of Spock in it. Thou, they weren’t exactly working as a team, but still.

That’s why I said “in MANY episodes,” rather than “in EVERY episode.” I thought Haberkorn showed in “Fairest of Them All” that he could play the role. (Not as well as Mr. Nimoy, of course, but no one expects that from fan films.) But “Fairest” is the only STC episode with much Spock in it, and one out of five … that’s just not much.

I’m surprised they didn’t have Billingslea play the Prime Universe version of Captain Abbott

Guess they didn’t want to get sued..

true, but they could have sought permission to include the character, which Star Trek Continues has always been good on.

That wouldn’t have worked in this episode. Vic and I didn’t cast him because he’s Beau Billingslea; we cast him because he was right for the part. The story calls for a Vulcan (important) Starfleet vice admiral. Having him play Abbot Prime certainly would’ve been a fun little nod — and I admit it crossed my mind — but it would not have served the story. :)

Thanks for the clarification James! P.S.–Great job on Continues so far!