With Nom For Makeup and Hair, Could “Beyond” win Star Trek its second Oscar?

Jaylah makeup tutorial from Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo.Jaylah makeup tutorial from Joel Harlow and Richie Alonzo.

Star Trek Beyond crew Joel Harlow and Richard Alonzo woke up to some pleasant news today. Their work on the film’s makeup and hairstyling has been nominated for an Academy Award.

With Beyond snagging this nomination, all three of Kelvin-timeline films earned Oscar nominations. 2009 got four nominations (makeup, sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects) while Into Darkness got one (visual effects again).

Perhaps since it’s primarily seen as a TV franchise, Star Trek has never had a great relationship with the Oscars. When Star Trek does get recognized, it’s typically in technical fields (sound, special effects), including makeup, given the host of alien characters that Star Trek demands. The entire Next Generation film franchise got only one nomination: First Contact for, you guessed it, makeup.

Still, Trek movies have received 16 nominations from the Academy Awards since the crew first encountered V’Ger.

So while we don’t want to set our hopes at full impulse, Beyond actually has a pretty good chance of winning this year. First, it’s only competing against two other films (Suicide Squad and A Man Called Ove) and second, this is a category where the Academy seems to like the Kelvin-timeline movies: Star Trek (2009) won this category in 2010 – the franchise’s first (and only) Oscar win. Harlow was among the makeup artists recognized that year.

A complete list of the Academy Awards this year is available here.

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I never understood if that was war paint or her skin color.

Same here. And if it’s supposed to be her skin color, it was about as effective for me as the half-black/half-white aliens from Cheron in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.

Half-white/half-black ;-)

I don’t see it as being EITHER war paint or her natural, ‘alien’ skin color.

I DO look on it as being a kind of permanent ‘tattoo’ marking that her race uses, in the same way that ‘Nero’ had, or ‘Darth Maul’ from The Phantom Menace had, even.

I’d rather believe that scenario.

50 aliens for the 50th. Plus, sunscreen spf 5000 applied inside out, to hold enough of the gleam off of Chris Pine’s visage to protect the audience from beefcake cancer… STB definitely deserves a little statue.

When was the last time a science fiction film won a non-technical Academy Award? The last one I recall was almost 50 years ago, when Cliff Robertson won Best Actor for “Charly” in 1968.

Captain Dunsel,

Re:…non-technical Academy Award

Depends on how wide you cast the definition of “SF”?

I suppose that’s open to interpretation. (I’ll avoid getting on my hobby horse about there being no such “genre” as Science Fiction. )

Did you have something specific in mind?

Return of the King won Best Picture, of course, but that’s an exception for at least three reasons I can think of. (Classic book, fantasy, buildup of the trilogy.)


For Academy Awards in this century:

Gravity won for Best Director. Her won Best Original Screenplay. Heath Ledger won Best Actor for The Dark Knight. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind won Best Original Screenplay. Return of the King won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Thanks for posting the list — you saved me a trip to IMDB!

Return of the King won all of its 11 nominations

Just shows to go that I haven’t been paying attention. [grin] Thanks for setting me straight.

Fingers Crossed.

Yeah, it’s not just Star Trek: There seems to be an aversion not just to sci-fi, but to big hits (or at least blockbuster type ones) in general. Rogue One was a really, really good movie. Two technical nominations.

Arrival’s nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Picture, and Best Director. The Lobster is nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

Both fit squarely into the science fiction or fantasy genres. Arrival isn’t quite a blockbuster, but it’s certainly at least a modest hit.

Good point. Maybe I should amend that to franchise sci-fi, or to a type…I can’t put my finger on it, but quirky or “thinky” type stuff is sometimes treated better.

Rogue One was very enjoyable but absolutely doesnt deserve any nominations for story-telling, directing or anything like that.

And the issue with Star Trek isnt an aversion to Sci-Fi, its an aversion to crap.

I do tend to enjoy SF, but I would not have nominated Rogue One for anything…

What about awards for story, screen play, directing? Oh wait, never mind. lol

There’s always the Saturn Awards…..

A “nom”? Now we can’t even type out the word “nomination”? Enough with the shortening of words.

In a word. No.

The make-up for the ’50’ aliens in this film was phenomenal & probably deserves to win the award based purely on that!

But I have to say Zachary Quinto’s Spock make-up was the poorest I’ve ever seen for the character. His hair was an obvious wig, the ears were at too shallow an angle which looked pixie-ish and so did the eyebrows!

I’m glad it’s received at least ONE nomination, whether ‘technical’ or not…as it at least gives ‘Star Trek’ a mention to remind everyone that such a movie was actually released!

Plus, Patrick Stewart had all those Emmy nominations for “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”
…. Oh wait. No.