First Group Photo Of Star Trek: Discovery Cast Taken at James Frain’s Birthday Celebration

For the first time we can see the cast of Star Trek: Discovery together, and it is all thanks to James Frain’s birthday.

Discovery Cast Celebrate James Frain’s Birthday

As we reported on Friday there was a flurry of activity as many of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery arrived in Toronto, Canada for more production on the upcoming CBS All Access TV series. And while in Toronto James Frain, who plays Sarek, celebrated his birthday with much of the cast at a local restaurant. Thanks to actor Chris Obi’s Instagram account, there is a picture of the occasion.

Posted to Instagram by Chris Obi with caption “We are Star Trek family! Celebrating birthday of James Frain.”

This photo is now the first group shot of most of the main cast for Discovery. Going from left to right we can see Jason Isaacs (Captain Lorca of the U.S.S. Discovery), Michelle Yeoh (Captain Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou), Chris Obi (Klingon leader T’Kuvma), lead actor Sonequa Martin-Green (Lieutenant Commander Rainsford of the Discovery) and her husband Kenric, Doug Jones (Lieutenant Saru, Science Officer on the Discovery), James Frain (Sarek), and Shazad Latif (Kol, Klingon protege to T’Kuvma).

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Looks like they have good chemistry.

Or good bloodwine. ;)

And in other news, CBS lay on dinner paid for by Netflix for generic actors to capture social media photographs designed to show what a good team they are after filming five out of twelve 1 hour episodes.

Jeeze. TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT were all rusty as hell until the start of the 3rd seasons. That’s when the chemestry starts to kick in, and actors really get comfortable with their characters. This kind of PR fake social media trash only fools idiots.

I have a feeling Erol you don’t get invited to many dinner parties yourself.


The photo brings it all home for me. Nice to see the lead actress. Haven’t heard much about her. Seems so surreal to see Jason Isaacs, and Michelle Yeoh sitting together- the series consummate Captain’s. My excitement for the series is threatening to overwhelm my ability to contain it. Let’s do this NOW!

Happy Birthday , James ! I’ve enjoyed your acting in many movies and shows ! I must admit surprise at the role of Sarek , expecting a Captain’s role instead . But if anyone in the new Series were to play Sarek , you couldn’t ask better than Mr Frain !
A bit of talent around the table too !

Absolutely. Frain is a great actor! His Gotham role Galavan was exceptional. He could even play the original James Bond without anyone noticing a differences… well, apart from his ears, but those are perfect for Sarek :-)

Great photo! Love the way Chris says ‘Star Trek family’. Its so surreal but yes this is a new Star Trek family we may be looking at for years to come and the 7th official crew in the franchise. Amazing how far its all come.

Hahaha, they havn’t even done 12 episodes yet and already they are playing the best friends at dinner card. Fake news.

Have you ever been out with new coworkers before Mark?

Yeah its a dinner to start getting to know each other. This is what a lot of casts do, especially at the beginning. And when you start spinning 12 hours a day with people after just a few weeks you can bond pretty quickly.

No one said they were ‘best friends’ just getting to know each other. These people could be together for years on end.

And don’t sound like Trump….you’re better than that.

Playing best friends? For sitting around a dinner table? Jeez… it’s quite a normal thing to invite your co-workers from your new staff for dinner if it’s your birthday… What’s so “fake” about it?

Nothing, just some posters saying the usual “this program is going to suck.”

Yeah! They staged the same kind of thing with the TNG crew back in 1987 and we all know that show was a disaster! /s

I still wish this wasn’t a TOS prequel but I am getting pumped about it. Consider it a reboot and carry on.

I am so Happy Michelle Yeoh is still on the Cast I heard a Rumor she left.

With Sasha running off to kill Negan on her own, it looks more and more like Sonequa Martin-Green may be done with TWD and doing Discovery full time.

I was thinking exactly the same thing! It’s a pity as I was really starting to like Sasha. Then again, let’s hope she’s doing DSC while TWD is on hiatus ;)

I join Harry Plinkett and Dr Beckett in thinking the same thing about Sasha on TWD. Perhaps the next two weeks on that show will tell, and maybe Sonequa will show up on “Talking Dead” to tell us what she’s been up to (if she’s not under a “gagh” order).

Thats the probable reason CBS hasnt made the casting announcement official. Out of respect (or obligation) to her TWD commitments.

So great to see a new Star Trek cast photo!!

may the wind be at their backs.

Silly thing, but I like how much James looks like Mark Leonard! I can really see a younger Sarek there. Also, Chris sort of looks a bit like Michael Dorn – great casting – I mean these comments in the most positive way, please do not take them as anything else.

I wonder if they’re going to have him wear brown contact lenses, or just skip it. His facial structure is quite similar to Lenard’s!

The beginning of a new Era.

Proud to be a Trek fan and proud to welcome them all to the family.

Speak for yourself dude.

Poor Mark needs a hug. Any takers?

Name that restaurant.

Great! Love to see these guys. I hope this series will finally deliver what ENT (and VOY) promised… discoveries!
Also, I’d like to see Lorca as Star Trek’s Harrison Wells, a dubious superior officer with a hidden agenda and Rainsford’s job is to uncover the truth! Jason Isaacs is the best actor to pull this off.
You know…
“Well, let us hope that Lieutenant-Commander Rainsford will always be around to save the day!”

Six guys, two women. Hope they add more women to the cast. Even if they are minor roles or background characters [JJ Abrams did this].

So far we know of 13 characters. 9 men, 4 women. So again a very male skewing cast. I am really disappointed by this.

I cant wait!!

I cant wait!!its been 12 years since captain archer so i hope discovery stays on air for a long while.good luck!

Ahhhh, a nice cast photo of the next group of actors of ST spin-offs who’s careers will wither and die then be whipped into the halls of the mindset of die hard fandom.
I bet they all get new Bic pens to sign stuff after being condemned to the convention circuit.

Gods Speed Everyone!