Watch Chris Pine Singing And Dancing In ‘Lost’ Original Star Trek Episode And More On SNL

Tonight Chris Pine became the third Star Trek captain to host Saturday Night Live, following in the footsteps of William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. Unsurprisingly, SNL used the opportunity to do a Trek sketch. The premise involved a TV Land documentary showing unaired footage of a “Lost Episode” of the original Star Trek featuring a zany new character named “Spocko.” Pine plays Shatner playing Kirk. Check it out.


More clips of Pine on SNL

Here is Chris’ monologue where he explains, in song, how he is Chris Pine and not Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt or Chris Evans.

That wasn’t the end of Pine showing off his moves; he was singing and dancing in pretty much every sketch. Here he is having a ‘cotton candy dance party’ caught by police surveillance:

And in a Slavic music video:

Chris also led the in-house band on the “Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway?”sketch.

Then there was this one featuring a lip-sync battle with some mechanics who happened to also be big fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Then, more singing in a sketch about a couple’s game night.

But it wasn’t all singing and dancing. Here’s Chris is in a (non-musical) reality show parody.

Their Handmaid’s Tale parody had Chris, but no singing or dancing in this one either.

The return of the original SNL Sulu

Longtime fans of SNL will recognize production designer Akira Yoshimura playing Sulu in Pine’s Star Trek sketch. He has been with the show since the 70s and first played Sulu in the classic “Star Trek: The Last Voyage” sketch back in 1976.


Yoshimura reprised the role when William Shatner hosted in 1986 for the “Star Trek V: The Restaurant Enterprise” sketch.

So what did you think of Chris Pine’s turn on SNL? Sound off below in the comments.

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