‘Star Trek Beyond’ Available Today On Hulu and Amazon – 9 Trek Movies Added In July [UPDATED]

Star Trek Beyond on Hulu

Beyond comes to Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

As of today (June 17) Star Trek Beyond is making its subscription streaming service debut on both Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in the USA. It is now free to watch for subscribers of Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Beyond has the shortest window from theatrical release to subscription streaming of the three Kelvin-universe films, at 11 months. Star Trek (2009) was 16 months, while Into Darkness was close to Beyond at 12 months. A quicker turnaround for home viewing is an industry trend. The four month difference from Star Trek in 2009 to Into Darkness in 2013 is a perfect example of how streaming services have gained major traction in the last few years and today they’re incredibly important to consumers.

If you don’t own Beyond already, go check it out, it’s worth a watch even for folks who weren’t quite so sure about the movie when it first debuted, Beyond isn’t perfect, but it has a lot of TOS heart in it.

Star Trek Beyond now streaming on Amazon and Hulu

Update: Nine Trek movies coming to Amazon and Hulu in July

Unlike the Star Trek TV series (which have been consistently available in a number of streaming services for years) the various Star Trek films often come and go from from subscription streaming services. For example, as of now the only service where you can stream any of the first 10 Trek films is CBS All Access. However, in July Hulu and Amazon Prime Video will be adding 9 out of the 10 pre-Kelvin Trek movies.

Coming to Hulu and Amazon Prime Video July 1st:

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek Vll: Generations
Star Trek VIII: First Contact
Star Trek IX: Insurrection

UPDATE: All Access Adds More Trek Movies – Then Takes Them Away

Back in April we reported that CBS All Access (the future home to Star Trek: Discovery) added movies to their library, including five Star Trek films. Since then they added Insurrection and Nemesis to the group, which completes their library of the Next Generation crew movies. CBS also appears to have dropped The Motion Picture, which was in the initial assortment back in April.

UPDATE: As of July 1st CBS now only has Star Trek: Nemesis (the one pre-Kelvin era film not added to Hulu and Amazon on the same day)

Where to find Trek movies on streaming services [UPDATED JULY 1]

For those interested here’s a look at subscription streaming services and what Trek movies they currently carry in the US market. As a bonus, we’ve included any Trek related documentaries each service carries.

CBS All Access
Movies:  NEM
Documentaries:  None
Amazon Prime Video
Movies:  Beyond, TMP-INS
Documentaries:  The Captains, The Captains Close Up, Get A Life
Movies:  Beyond, TMP-INS
Documentaries:  The Captains, The Captains Close Up, Get a Life
Movies:  None
Documentaries:  For the Love of Spock, Chaos on the Bridge, The Truth Is In The Stars 
FXNow (requires cable/sat subscription to FX)
Movies:  ST ’09, STID
Documentaries:  None
Epix (requires cable/sat subscription to Epix)
Movies:  Beyond
Documentaries: The Captains, The Captains Close Up, Get A Life

NOTE: This chart shows what’s we know to be available as of mid-June 2017, and is subject to change.

Beyond Coming To Honda Minivans

Want a new way to entertain the kiddos in your brand new 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan? Honda has announced a partnership with Epix to add a special Epix app to the entertainment systems of the next generation Honda Odyssey minivans. As you can tell from our chart above, this means that Star Trek Beyond will be available to stream to entertain your family while you go on your own “away missions.”

Epix is the first network to make their content available through a car’s onboard entertainment system. As with the normal streaming service, you need to have Epix in your cable or satellite subscription to partake in the streaming version in the Odyssey.

Star Trek Beyond (via Epix) will soon be available in Honda minivans

Keep track of all the Star Trek home video news here at TrekMovie.

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> Beyond has the shortest window from theatrical release to subscription streaming service(s) of the three Kelvin-universe films, at 11 months.

It came out a lot faster up here in Canada. ‘Star Trek Beyond’ has been available on Netflix Canada since March 17.

Beyond is a decent close out for the current cast. We’ll probably see the WWZ sequel before some form of Trek hits the big screen again. Unfortunately.

A graceful departure, and fitting given Anton’s passing. It’s just a shame they never truly attained greatness.

Greatness is a matter of opinion. The wider science fiction audience does not see the Star Trek franchise even prior to 2009 as “great.” Only 2 and 4 achieved mainstream popularity or success. And only 3 of them are what I’d consider above average. The TNG movies never achieved greatness either, one only one movie being above “meh” status.

That said, I enjoyed the three Abrams-verse movies quite a bit, a lot moreso than most of the previous 10 films (only ST6 gets a nod as better than all 3) and I really do hope they make more.

Even though I enjoyed the first two a lot, Beyond seemed to be a point of them finally figuring out how to make a classic inspired movie, and I really thought this was just the beginning.

This cast only produced about six hours of content, every other show, substantially more. This was an experiment, to try and build a strictly Trek movie franchise in the era of the tentpole, and it really wasn’t up to the task. The Abrams movies aren’t bad, but they clearly didn’t meet the expectations of a Mervel/DC/Star Wars business model.

How about a Kelvin TOS / TNG crossover done right this time. No horses.

I thought Beyond was the weakest entry in the Kelvin films. A standard villain out for revenge plot. I’m hopeful that the next one will be a classic.

I’m just hoping there will be a next one.

Same here.

All three movies have villain out for revenge plots. But in Beyond he doesn’t have a BIG ship, he has many little ships. You see, it’s totally different. ;-)

At least Nero and Khan had clear revenge motivations, Kralls were frankly bizarre. I was really hoping that he’d see the error of his ways at the films climax, it would have been very Star Trek.

What motivation had Nero? Spock tried to save his planet but failed. Is this a good reason for revenge? I don’t think so. ;-)

@LeoBerlin sadly they explained it a lot better in the Countdown comics than they did in the real movie but apparently Vulcan and the Federation refused to help Romulus before it’s destruction.

I think the writing in all three is boilerplate summer blockbuster stuff. Beyond at least felt more like classic Trek with the characters, like Kirk not acting like a total bonehead. That was refreshing.

Well, that holds true for about all Trek movies, except IV…and that one had unstoppable destructive force at it’s core, too.

“Beyond isn’t perfect, but it has a lot of TOS heart in it.”

More than the first two, for sure. I liked the first twenty minutes or so, and the last five. Unfortunately what comes in between just isn’t very good.

As a lifelong fan who has rewatched beyond a few times now, I think it’s the definitely best star trek movie of the kelvin verse, if only because the characters are somewhat more relatable. Kirk is marginally less obnoxious, though Spock still feels like season one data played by an eastern european underwear model and Elba is utterly wasted. The rest of the cast work really well though, and it’s incredibly pretty.

Never the less, the plot is flat out stupid, as much as or more so than the previous kelvin films. This one is more an homage, I guess, but it’s a poor one, because it doesn’t support it’s own weight. Guy is so upset about getting himself lost and being unable to return home that he spends spend hundreds of years putting together a giant interstellar war fleet. What? He never thought to just, you know, use just one of those ships to leave? Or their own ship? Seems like that would have been way easier. How could Krall possibly grow an army if he’s life sucking someone every five minutes? So many stupid questions, and no point in asking them, because it’s a brainless movie written to accomodate a bunch of setpeices, smash things into other things, and attract as broad an audience as possible. (Drinking game: Take a shot everytime something smashes into something else. Warning: You will die.) It looks like Star Trek, but it’s not. It’s Guardians of the Galaxy. But at least it was a little better at pretending this time. 3/5

I have to agree about krall hes such an idiotic character.

Off-topic, but we lost Stephen Furst (Vir Coto of “Babylon 5”) today.

Furst did a great job on B5, and on “St. Elsewhere.” But he’ll always be Kent (“fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son”) Dorfman to me.

I really enjoyed beyond it was the closest to TOS but still good for newer audiences that want the action and thrills and it could have been bad considering they had to get a new script and director 6 months before filming, Im hoping and looking forward to the next 1!

Too bad it wasn’t 4K UHD HDR. Most Trek fans will already own it in 1080p HD. But I would have loved to see it in 4K HDR, and Amazon really needs to include more UHD content for movies.

I loved Beyond, it was certainly a much more accessible film to newcomers and casual movie fans. Pity about the horrendous marketing – it was the 50th anniversary and the powers that be should have leveraged the heck out of it. They should have taken a page from Bond and Doctor Who who really celebrated and embraced their respective golden anniversaries.