SDCC17 Star Trek Merch: Moebius USS Franklin, McFarlane Kirk and Picard And More

We still have a bit more stuff from our tour of the San Diego Comic-Con exhibition hall to share. We already reported on QMx who had the most new Star Trek stuff to unveil, but there were a few other licensees who shared some first looks in SDCC.  

Moebius Models USS Franklin coming by Christmas

Moebius Models are planning a series of model kits for the Kelvin-timeline Star Trek movies and at SDCC they were showing off a preliminary mold of their first model which will be a 1/350 USS Franklin from Star Trek Beyond. They hope to have it out by the fourth quarter of this year and it is priced at $69.99.

Hallmark Itty Bittys – The Next Generation

Hallmark previously released a series of their mini-plush ‘Itty Bittys’ for the original Star Trek. At SDCC they were showing off their new line of Star Trek: The Next Generation Itty Bittys. The first two TNG releases are a Data and Geordi which will be available exclusively online on August 17 at for $7.95 each.

They were also showing off a Picard and Worf Itty Bittys which will be available in stores later this year, along with an Enterprise-D which can hold two Itty Bittys.

McFarlane shows off first Star Trek figures

McFarlane toys recently announced they acquired the license for Star Trek. Their first products will be 7″figures for Captain Kirk and Captain Picard. These will be released in 2018 and they were showing off the prototypes at SDCC. McFarlane is also planning figures for Star Trek: Discovery, but didn’t have any prototypes for that show to display.

Wizkids game expansions

Wizkids were showing off some expansions to their Star Trek games, starting off with the “Return of Khan” expansion for the Star Trek: Frontiers board game which arrives in August priced at $49.99.

They also were displaying card pack expansions coming in September for their Star Trek: Attack Wing game.

More merch news updates from SDCC

Rubies to do Discovery costumes

Speaking to TrekMovie the owner of Rubies Costumes says they have acquired the license to do costumes for Star Trek: Discovery. The plan is to have two levels of adult costumes: high end and more budget costumes, with no plans as of now for children’s costumes. The higher-end versions will be made of thick spandex and and priced around $100 to $150. The lower-end costumes will be made of nylon and sell for around $50. They will also be selling a Saru mask. TrekMovie will update when the first designs are available and when pricing and dates are finalized.

No news at Diamond Select

We have been waiting for news on a number of previously announced Star Trek items from Diamond Select Toys / Art Asylum. Unfortunately a rep for DST says they just weren’t able to finalize things before Comic-Con, so they were not able to share photos or details for the Borg figure and USS Reliant being developed. Nor do they have a date or details on the previously revealed Star Trek: The Next Generation phaser. We hope to have an update soon on DST when they are ready to reveal more.

Bif Bang Pow! SDCC exclusives available to order

Entertainment Earth/Bif Bang Pow! were offering a couple of bobbles at SDCC and there are still some available so those can be ordered online to be shipped in August. You can get Monitor Mate Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D for $11.99 and a talking Mr. Spock for $24.99.




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