Photos From The ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Hollywood Premiere Blue Carpet

Last night was the ‘blue carpet’ Hollywood premiere of Star Trek: Discovery (see recap of TrekMovie’s coverage). Most of the cast was there along with producers and other key people who make the show happen. TrekMovie is currently working posting a series of interviews from the event, but until there we can share some photos from the event, including some with some Trek vets.

The cast of Star Trek: Discovery

Actress Sonequa Martin-Green at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere.

Doug Jones at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Jason Isaacs at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere.

Kenneth Mitchell at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Mary Chieffo at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere.

Sam Vartholomeos at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Shazad Latif at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Actress Michelle Yeoh at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

James Frain at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Wilson Cruz at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Clare McConnell at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Actress Mary Wiseman at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Kenneth Mitchell and actress Mary Chieffo at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Sonequa Martin-Green and Jason Isaacs at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

(L-R) Actress Nichelle Nichols, Actress Sonequa Martin-Green, and William Shatner at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Star Trek: Discovery crew

Executive Producers, Gretchen J. Berg; Aaron Harberts; Heather Kadin; Alex Kurtzman at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Executive Producer, Akiva Goldsman at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere.

Jeff Russo at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

James Mackinnon, Kenneth Mitchell, Clare McConnell, Actress Mary Chieffo, Creature and concept designer Neville Page, Creature and make-up effects designer Glenn Hetrick, at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

More photos from Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premeire

William Shatner at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere.

Actress Sonequa Martin-Green at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere.

Actress Nichelle Nichols at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Actress Terry Farrell (L) and director Adam Nimoy at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Fans that saved Star Trek” (L-R) Bjo and John Trimble at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Kenneth Mitchell, Clare McConnell, and Actress Mary Chieffo at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere

Rekha Sharma and Bill Nye at Star Trek: Discovery Hollywood premiere


Photos: Mark Davis © 2017 CBS Interactive. All Rights Reserved.

More coming soon from blue carpet

Look for interviews with cast and crew from the Star Trek: Discovery event over the coming days.



Star Trek: Discovery premieres on September 24th on CBS with all subsequent episodes on CBS All Access in the US.  In Canada Star Trek: Discovery will premiere  on Bell Media’s CTV and the Space Channel on the same night. Netflix will launch Star Trek: Discovery on Monday, September 25 to countries outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I found the former Trek stars they invited to be rather random. You had the Shat and Nichelle but no Takei or Keonig and I suspect that they would have shown if asked. For DS9 you had Visitor, Farrell, Eisenberg, Masterson and DeBoer, TNG Frakes, De Lancie and McFadden, Voyager Bob Picardo, Enterprise Montgomery, Billingsley, Trinnear and Park and that was pretty much it. Given who are the frequent convention goers and live in LA I was surprised not to see more of the supporting actors from the old guard so I can only assume they never got an invite!

Still, nice to see the Trimbles invited.

Actually that seems to be quite a bit. I mean you had stars from every major cast represented EXCEPT sadly the KT films. It would’ve been nice to see one of them make an appearance as well.

Is a bit shocking only Picardo from Voyager showed up though.

Its nice to see the Star Trek family out there supporting each other, especially now that that family has once again got a little bit bigger.

I think Roxann Dawson may also have been there but wasn’t photographed.

I saw photos of Roxann Dawson and her daughter there. Plus, we’ll never know who was invited but didn’t go. (Still waiting for my invite – must’ve been lost in the post)

Thats exactly it. Who know who was invited. Seems like a wide selection of actors to have been randomly invited with others not. I suspect they were all invited and scheduling prevented many from not attending.

Im actually surprised Shatner went.

Exactly! That surprised me the most! Many others likely had conflicts.

Most of them have lives to live that doesn’t include them coming to each and every premiere of a Star Trek TV show or movie at the drop of a hat.

Me too. He tends to be quick to distance himself from new iterations of Trek when they hit the screen.

Well maybe before but not anymore. He embraced the KT films from the start and has talked about Discovery from the beginning. He even tweets the cast.

He was also usually busy with other things.

There could a million and one reasons some of the others never made it ( there’s just no way to get EVERY cast member of EVERY show to come ), but I like to look at things as “glasses half full” – the fact that they got all of these actors together is simply AMAZING!

I assume all Trek stars were invited, but have lives and other engagements or it may have been as simple as not wanting to get dressed up for a premiere. It doesn’t make sense to randomly invite some but not all members of the Trek family. Why would you assume that?

You know for a fact that the photographer shot 100% of the attendees?

That photo of Martin-Green with Nichols and Shatner is glorious.

It really is, Bryant. A great meeting of the Classic and the New.

I get happy shivers seeing Bill and Nichelle together. May we all live as long and prosper as they have within our hearts!

It is also nice to see them apparently getting along. I’m guessing there would not be warm smiles shared between Bill and George if he had been there :-)

There is only a feud with the supporting cast has a book to sell lol

Speaking about books: Is Nichelle carrying her own autobiography in that picture?

I’m not sure how much of the Shatner-Takei feud is just playful bickering at this point. Also it looks almost as if Sonequa Martin-Green brought Bill and Nichelle together for that picture. I would hope that in a similar situation, in the company of such a lovely lady (from the looks of it), Bill and George could have mastered a handshake and a smile.

It might be legit on George’s side. Shatner is very nice about it through since he never blocked him from working in a Trek film or his roast. I suspect GT does what he needs to to stay relevant. Attacking Shat is low hanging fruit but it works.

Probably not since George is an absolute left wing deranged lunatic.


Well, you’ve chosen an appropriate avatar then.


Why are you dittoheads so proud of your inability to think for yourselves, that you actually flaunt it in public? I’m genuinely curious.

Why would you feel the need to drag politics into a thread featuring people getting together to celebrate a decades-long phenomenon that, for all its flaws, has brought so much good will into this sad, tired old world? Are you just so miserable yourself?

Boo hoo!

Are you so thin skinned & intolerant that you can’t handle someone else voicing an opinion that differs from yours?

Opinions are like a$$holes in that everyone has them. It doesn’t actually require a whole lot of effort. Cultivating informed opinions is necessarily more difficult. But in this case, I was just noting that the poster had taken what seemed a pretty happy, non-political event and used it as an excuse to troll on Takei, which was not only crude and uncalled-for but is actually contrary to the rules of this site. I get that Trump supporters have little use for standards of decency or decorum or fair play, their idol obviously having none himself. But no one at this event was quoted discussing politics, so dragging it into this thread was simply inappropriate.

Guessing a Right Wing Bigot would have such an opinion.

Like a Left Wing Hater such as yourself?

Only according to people like YOU that believe in fascism, racism, and sexism, it seems. If not, then prove me wrong.

The left always throws those words around when they can’t come up with a real argument. Sorry but until you stop advocating for the murder of millions of unborn children you have no moral grounds to stand on.

Since when the frak did I advocate the murder of children, you moron? You’ve been spending way too long watching faux Noise and listening to talk radio, and this comment of yours confirms it.

I don’t even listen to talk radio lol and well you may not have said anything but everyone on the left seems to think murdering innocent unborn children is okay. Oh whoops silly me I’m making a broad generalization about people on the left, so maybe you shouldn’t make broad generalizations about the right?

*Sigh*. This, of course, is what I was referring to: how did a thread about a TV series premiere morph into a debate about murdering “unborn children”?

These are CBS-released photos, right?

It’s been bugging me why Wilson Cruz looks so familiar – turns out he is not a stranger to this genre — he has a minor but interesting role in SUPERNOVA, a space picture in the EVENT HORIZON vein directed by Walter Hill that the filmmaker walked away from during post, during which time it was substantially altered by Jack Sholder and Francis Coppola and I think somebody else as well. It’s a very weirdly shot picture, where nearly everything was done with longish telephoto lens, so there is very little depth of field, which doesn’t work for showing off their spaceship very well. Some cast-against-type choices too – when I read the script, I thought Lou Diamond Phillips was going to be the hero and James Spader the bad guy, but Spader is the hero and Phillips is a very small cog in the machine whose main job is to be cuckolded by Robin Tunney. If you ever have a STARZ free weekend, it is worth sitting through if you’re a space movie completist, or just like good ensemble casts laboring in difficult conditions.

Yes, Supernova is an outstanding sci-fi film which often gets overlooked.

He looked familiar to me too and its because I first saw him in My So Called Life as Rickie!

@kmart — that was during Spader’s short-lived attempt to become a action film star. He worked out at my gym during that period, and then shortly thereafter, apparently never went to the gym again. If I’m not mistaken the “alien” in that film was the boom-guy, in his first acting role?

There has been absolutely zero promotion of Discovery in Europe Even videos on TrekMovie aren’t playable outside North America. Absolutely nothing promoted on Netflix in the UK.

I have friends across Europe who are casual Star Trek fans who have never even heard of Discovery

I’m in the UK and have seen a few promos on tv and Netflix have emailed about it and have now put a banner thing on the start screen so they’ve done some promo

Isnt that Netflix’ usual effort to promote series? They have 100 million subs which is a pretty captive audience to advertise to. Im sure Netflix knows what they’re doing…

Maybe its part of the agreement between Netflix & CBS. Who knows.

I haven’t received any emails from Netflix; I use an Apple TV box to access Netflix, and there are no banners displayed advertising Discovery. Maybe it shows if you access Netflix via a PC or Smart TV?

I got an email last weekend, and there’s been banners advertising Discovery on the iPad app, at least.

South America is the same, only a banner on netflix that lasted 1 day. The rest is only stuff made from fans. And even netflix only have 1 trailer, and like I said, a banner that lasted 1 day (now is the current Jerry Sanfield new show).

I think there was some Discovery promo at the IFA technology fair in Berlin a few weeks back. At least I saw photos of a shuttle mockup that they had stationed there. I haven’t seen any street adverts or billboards like they seem to have put up in the US and Canada. I watch almost no TV so I have no idea if there have been any TV spots.

More than anything I’m delighted that the Trimbles got an invite, frankly. Were it not for their (totally uncompensated) efforts in getting TOS renewed for that final year it’s very likely that none of us would be here.

If they were happy with what they saw, I’ll likely be happy as well.

Yes, that was classy (and thoughtful) to include them. I don’t recall seeing them in any photos of JJ film premiers.

Although it wasn’t the premier, I was standing next to them in line at the Paramount “fan event” last summer leading up to STB release, and JJ invited everyone at that event to the premier. Not as personalized but they were probably at SDCC too, I would assume. (i was:) )

The Trimbles were invited, but David Gerrold wasn’t. Which seems pretty shameful.

Surprised (in a good way) to see Shatner there. He didn’t go for the JJ films (or even see them).

I wonder if he stayed to watch Discovery?

Why would he go and not actually watch the premiere?

Guarantee Paramount paid him handsomely to attend. It’s just good marketing. It also helps that he wasn’t recast (and wasn’t refused a role) in Discovery.

Paramount have nothing, or at least, very little to do, with Discovery, CBS are producing it.

I am sure Shatner has more than enough wealth and money to have gone and attended this premiere without that incentive, of money. He is a big part of Star Trek. He clearly embraces that, seems pleasent with the fans. People are so cynical these days. I blame the recessions!

Having gotten a autograph from Shatner I can say he is a rude cold person just there for the business of making money- he didn’t even look up- I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was offended.

Sorry, I meant CBS.

But when they invited him, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he put a price on his appearance. In his mind, as he’s often said, his association with a project (in any way, even if it’s just a public appearance or a tweet) is why people get interested.

I love the guy, and this is not a criticism, but he’s a self-aggrandizing hustler who’s built his fortune on his persona by monetizing his personality. Very much like Stan Lee– who is paid a hefty fee annually to endorse everything Marvel does. “Chairman Emeritus” is his official title, I believe.

OH good grief, what was that shyster Nye doing there?


Dont you mean to say “dittos”? That’s what you folks do, right?

Bet Nye has forgotten more science than you could even begin to fail at.

Rapp and Cruz’s photo made me roll my eyes and shake my head. Poor Star Trek.

Guess you forgot about Riker advocating for the rights of gender-neutral aliens, or Jadzia Dax smooching with that other lady. (Actually, I’m guessing you had no issues with that one.) but where would folks like you be, if you weren’t loathing the freedom of others to be happy?

You’re a sad excuse for a Star Trek fan. How did you even manage to stay a fan this long? Perhaps you should stick to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube from now on. That seems to be where your ilk hangs out.

In fact, he’s a miserable excuse for a human being. Much worse for him and, sadly, for the rest of us.

Jack D you are a sad excuse for a ‘fan’. Star Trek is about exploring the freaking galaxy. You really think all the diverse biology on Earth and beyond is as limited as your sad limited narrow minded thinking?

Does it make you question your sexuality? Its okay if it does…

It’s just 2 actors standing next to each other and doing the Vulcan salute for a promo photo. Must be in your head.

If it is, it must be starved for company.

I’m glad Hollywood is finally getting over that “actors must be attractive” phase. Good to see some uggos getting work.

“uggos” – lol, haven’t hard that one before. Ha, I myself have at least one cast member that could fit this case and ISN’T under full makeup… I’ll keep the name to myself, but was surprised to see a non-typical Starfleet “figure”. Not a bad thing, it just surprised me is all.

Pretty friggen rude.

I would hazard a guess that original poster is less than glamorous himself…

More power to those who just carry on and embrace ourselves. It is human nature to compare ourselves to others, but it takes brains to just embrace our appearance, warts and all.


Great to see Bill and Nichelle were there. Now how about a guest appearance in the show!!!

Honestly, I don’t want to see Shatner on this show, playing someone else in some cameo-role. And moreover, I definitely do not want to see a young Kirk on DISC, played by someone else, or any TOS main character re-cast. Kirk is my favorite Trek character, and I hope they leave his legacy alone.

Just my opinion.

I hated the idea of Shatner as “Chef” on Enterprise and I hate the idea of him in a cameo as someone else. He’s James T Kirk. If they cant come up with an interesting way to use him in that role, then they shouldn’t use him (and they should also quit writing).

My one caveat is *maybe* I’d be okay with his as his Mirror counter part…

But Kirk has already been recasted, played by Chris Pine. And its really only a matter of time before we see a Kirk on this show. Maybe they will avoid it first season but I definitely see it happening at some point now that we have people like Sarek and Amanda and Mudd.

Of course, Tiger. Alternate reality movie version, though. I meant recasting Kirk for the small screen. Funny how easily I forget about Pine’s Kirk, despite the fact I loved Trek 09′ and liked STB as well.

@Danpaine — well we all have our triggers. I on the other hand would love to see a story that shows us a young Lt. Kirk serving on the Farragut. Maybe it comes to the rescue of Shinzhou or Discovery, or vice-versa. Heck that could be a whole series unto itself — the adventures of young Lt. Kirk aboard his first assignment on the Farragut, and the adventures that shapes him as a Captain, though at this point they’re already sort of doing that with Burnham.

Cadet – if young Lt. Kirk was what the show was about, perhaps. Could build a nice backstory to the Kirk we know. But since they’ve gone about DISC the way they have, despite my leanings towards nostalgia when it comes to Trek, IMO they should delve into these new characters and leave the old (established) ones alone. If they want to go ahead and get into Harry Mudd, Capt. Garth, Cyrano Jones or other secondary characters from TOS, more power to them.

That said, seeing the Enterprise cruising by in a couple of space shots would be very cool. I’m pretty sure they’re going to squeak a couple of TOS mains in there someplace anyway, much to my chagrin.

Well TNG did a crossover with DS9, so no reason DSC can’t do an episode where they team up with the crew of the Enterprise or Farragut.

Nichols is actually retired now. And Discovery premise makes it pretty hard. Although yes she is actually the only TOS cast memeber who never appeared in a Trek show or film outside of TOS.

Shatner has made it clear it has to be more than a cameo and why it will (thankfully) never happen.

Nichols said it best and most poignantly to SMG, I think: “It’s yours, now. Enjoy the ride.”

I was very fond of Nichols’ comment to SMG as well. Classy.