‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Dismisses Post-‘Voyager’ Setting – Says S2 Will Reconcile Canon

One of the biggest decisions made early on for Star Trek: Discovery was to set it a decade before The Original Series in the 23rd century. Speaking to the press in the UK (via Metro), co-showrunner Aaron Harberts discussed and defended co-creator Bryan Fuller’s vision for a prequel to TOS instead of a sequel to the 24th century series Star Trek: Voyager:  

‘I’m glad that it is [a prequel] because it set up parameters for us. Let’s say we set it 100 years after Voyager, the canvas is so broad. To try to contemplate, you’re creating a whole new mythology really. I think Bryan [Fuller] was interested in The Original Series and I think he was interested in the lead up to where The Original Series is. I think he was very interested in the Klingon / Federation conflict, but I don’t know definitively why he picked that.’

While Bryan Fuller eventually settled on the show being a prequel to TOS, it has been reported that his original pitch to CBS was for an anthology series that was set in a different era each season, including going beyond Voyager (a show that Fuller worked on). That idea was deemed too costly, so the show was structured around a single era with a single crew, but with new story arcs for each season.

Of course Discovery isn’t the first Trek series to make the decision to not go beyond Voyager. Star Trek: Enterprise debuted a few months after Voyager’s finale and it was set in the 22nd century. Recently talking to TrekMovie Enterprise co-creator Brannon Braga also dismissed the idea of a show set after Voyager saying “It was hard to imagine at that time what it meant to jump 200 years into the future.”

The finale of Voyager was set in 2378, 122 years after Discovery

Season 2 to reconcile canon issues

Harberts also addressed the issue of how Discovery will reconcile the introduction of technology and characters never heard before:

‘We have ten years until The Original Series comes into play. It is a challenge creatively because we have lots of choices, in terms of how do we reconcile this [Spore] drive? This surrogate daughter of Sarek? How do we reconcile these things the closer we get to The Original Series? That’s going to be a big discussion that we have in season two. What’s so fun about the character of Michael, just because she hasn’t been spoken about, doesn’t mean she didn’t exist. A lot of the writers on our show are deeply involved in Star Trek, their knowledge is some of the finest around, they really do help us find areas where we can steer around things.

Sarek and Amanda with their ward Michael Burnham

Andorians and Tellarites confirmed

Speaking of season 2, we recently reported that Harberts has already started working on that this week. And this morning he addressed a consistent issue with fans which is that we still haven’t seen some classic Federation aliens on the series.

Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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