Report: Quentin Tarantino Teaming Up With JJ Abrams For Star Trek Movie Story Pitch

Deadline is reporting that Oscar-winning writer and director Quentin Tarantino has “come up with a great idea for a Star Trek movie at Paramount,” and is making plans to develop it with producer J.J. Abrams.  According to Deadline’s sources, Tarantino pitched a Star Trek story to Abrams, who presumably liked what he heard. They now plan to assemble a writers room, who will hear Tarantino’s treatment and start writing a script.

According to the report it’s possible that Tarantino could also direct the film if the project goes forward. However, he is currently in pre-production on his 9th feature film, 1969, which is due in theaters in the summer of 2019. The astuter has also recently confirmed that he plans to retire as a director after his 10th film.

Tarantino is known for directing his own original stories such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight, and more. A Star Trek film would be his first foray into taking the reins of a pre-existing film franchise, although he has done so before on television with episodes of ER and CSI. It’s also questionable if he would want to make his final film as a director be the fourteenth entry in the Star Trek franchise.

Tarantino has allegedly pitched a Star Trek film story idea to Abrams, and it sounds like a script will be written soon

Turning A Classic Episode Into A Movie?

This is not the first time Tarantino’s name has come up related to the Star Trek film franchise. As TrekMovie reported in September, Tarantino’s name entered the Trek sphere after his remarks on a Nerdist podcast in 2015 began recirculating around the web. More recently this September, the director told TMZ that “it would be worth having a meeting” about directing the next Star Trek film.

The director told Nerdist that, given the choice, he would prefer to direct a Star Trek film over Star Wars. He said he was a big fan of the original Star Trek series and liked the J.J. Abrams 2009 Star Trek film, but didn’t care for 2013’s Into Darkness follow-up. Tarantino noted that many classic Star Trek episodes could be “easily expanded” into a feature film, and he specifically mentioned the Next Generation episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” as one that could work on the big screen. Although a fourth installment of the Star Trek film reboot would more than likely be set in the Kelvin universe, original series or even TNG stories could act as inspiration for a script.

This all calls into question of whether Tarantino would keep any elements developed by Abrams and others up to this point, including the idea of bringing back Chris Hemsworth to reprise his role as Jim Kirk’s father, a storyline pitched by Abrams around the premiere of Star Trek Beyond.

Tarantino has said that the TNG episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” could be nicely adapted for a feature film

A Tarantino Film Not Yet In The Bag

While it is exciting that there is some momentum behind another Star Trek movie, it is worth keeping in mind that Tarantino’s story pitch is just that. Moving beyond this stage would require a great deal of work before Paramount would consider greenlighting the project.

Making things even more uncertain for another Star Trek film, Paramount recently announced that they have ended their financing deal with China’s Huahua Media, a deal intended to finance a quarter of the films that Paramount produced over the next three years. Huahua Media co-financed Star Trek Beyond in 2016. This means that the next Star Trek film might require a new source of funding before it could be greenlit.

If Paramount did move forward on another Star Trek film it is theoretically possible for a film to be produced in time to be released in the summer of 2019. However, the studio is already slated the next Terminator and another Transformers movie for that summer. Assuming they stick with summer releases, 2020 is the most likely target for the next Star Trek film, which would be four years after 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. A 2020 release could also preclude Tarantino as director as his next film is due in theaters in August 2019, which would create a significant overlap with any Trek film due the following summer.

TrekMovie will be monitoring this story and providing updates as they occur. Keep checking back to for all your Star Trek movie news.

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Happy for anything that gets us closer to seeing another movie!

Hopefully he’d ease up on the killing/blood for a trek movie. ;)

Phasers will be locked on KILL!

Do they speak Klingon on What?
Klingon motherf**ker do you speak it!!

*Klingon-dressed Samuel L Jackson kicks the weak looking alien to the floor at the bar* [Klingon Words]

*The alien looks in aghast as K-d SLJ props onto one knee upon the alien’s chest* Pl-please! My Translator’s broken!

*K-d SLJ pushes down hard and gives his very best Robert O’Reilly Smile as he crosses his arms, his Disrupter plainly visible in his left hairy hand* It is Klingon, Mother&^%$@#! Do you speak it, quiaff?

~Pensive’s Wetness

The movie should be set in the TNG(++) era, so that we can finally get a shout-off between Samuel L. Jackson and Avery Brooks!

OFFS! How about they get a SCIENCE FICTION Writer or SCIENCE FICTION Director?
Jezus these people are beyond idiocy.

Because Star Trek isn’t really science fiction.

You’re thinking of Star Wars, not the show/movies that have continually used their futuristic setting to address modern day issues (like most good science fiction) and that also involves spaceships visiting other planets and meeting up with aliens.

Bad, Star Trek! Bad! Stop pretending! Go be the romantic comedy musical you were born to be!

Great! Now the trailer is stuck in my head…

“He was a starship captain….”

“And she was a weapons expert…”

“But when they got together it was…. explosive”.

“So set Phasers on ‘stunning’ and set course for the true final frontier- Love”

Fritz, nothing wrong with Star Trek aspiring to be something a bit different from the rest of the wall to wall fights and space battles crowd.

Sure, but that’s not what I was talking about. It is science fiction.

Soren: That reply had absolutely nothing to do with what Fritz said. Try reading comments before replying to them next time.

It sounded to me like a sarcastic dig against Star Trek featuring any lighter, nicer or humane moments. Of course if it wasn’t then I apologise.

It was a sarcastic dig at Jack saying Star Trek isn’t science fiction.

Star Trek is absolutely science fiction. That was an idiotic statement.

Do you even like Star Trek? I feel like I have to ask at this point because I have never once seen you say anything positive about the franchise. All you ever seen to do is attack it.

It depends: original Star Trek’s most successful film was a time travel ‘fish out of water’ comedy. TNG’s most successful film was ‘Night of the Living Dead on the Enterprise.’ Tarantino could do something offbeat and different to bring in the punters. Maybe he could recast TNG with Tom Hardy as a badass Picard! ;)

Ugh, I can’t stand Tom Hardy.

They already did that and you weren’t happy. Try again trekboi.

You mean like Nicholas Meyer?

Yes, please.


Now all he has to do is hire a director who knows how to tell a meaningful original story from start to finish, and they’ve got a shot at a decent movie.

Honestly? Just because there are pastiche elements in QT? You can and should make the same claim about Spielberg, back when he was making entertaining movies and later on producing mass-market entertainment. Both parties have delivered a few very good films (Spielberg’s DUEL and JAWS are still wonderful films, and RAIDERS is very watchable, while opening-night CLOSE ENCOUNTERS is still the best theatergoing experience I’ve had in a movie theater, and QT’s PULP, KB1 and INGLORIOUS are all regular rewatches for me,) though for me QT’s percentage of good ones is higher. While I can’t ignore the music lifts from other films (IRONSIDE’s fanfare turning up more than once in KB is for me as awkward as if I’d heard THE WILD WILD WEST’s theme in TOMBSTONE), at least QT’s are paid for, as opposed to Trek’s past unlicensed steals like the Horner scores and the Rosenman one (the latter a self-steal.)

Back when Robert Meyer Burnette was still sounding smart and making sense (pre-AXANAR), he suggested an R-rated DS9 feature directed by QT, while the show was still on the air. Still think that is one of the best out-of-the-box TrekNotions I’ve heard.

QT has said how much he really liked YESTERDAY’S ENTERPRISE, and for me, along with THE CHASE, those are two of the most feature-sized ideas that TNG ever offered up. Any kind of Trek feature that played off those kinds of scenarios and themes, even as an off-universe remake, would be more welcome for me than most of what we get in features these days.

This wouldn’t make up for TPTB not welcoming QT to the Bondverse for HIS concept of CASINO ROYALE (that pairing would have been made in heaven, as I see the Fleming influence frequently in QT’s writing), but I’d even settle for well-intended well-executed pastiche at this point in TREK … shoot, there were enough people claiming TWOK was really nothing more than pastiche after it came out, and much later as well. That Dennis Bailey guy on trekbbs, back around when he most seemed like a flack for bermantrek, coughed up the pastiche dismissal (in a damning-with-faint-praise way) on TWOK whenever he thought there was too much praise for Meyer, as I recall.


Oh! I was so put off by inclusion of JJ Abrams that I misread the first few lines, and thought that Abrams intended to direct a script written by Tarantino. Well, at least Abrams wouldn’t be directing it. Though, I really don’t see why he has to be involved, at all, other than for his own profit. And, right you are about Tarantino. I would never accuse him of lack of originality. Sorry, my bad!

Beam that muthaf***er up!!!

This is SPECTACULAR news. A world class film maker coming to make a Star Trek film. What’s not to love?

Great job by J.J. for taking action and getting QT involved. Star Trek IV is going to be the major event the franchise needs to get back on it’s feet commercially

Very excited to hear this news.

Man, I would love to see Spock, Kirk and some alien talking about a Mexican stand-off

You have no idea- lets face reality- Star Trek is INTELLIGENT SCIENCE FICTION & there is a limited commercial audience for that- there is never going to be a Blockbuster Billion dollar Star Trek film even it they twist it so out of shape that they can market it as something else totally different because it will just alienate all the fans & the brand name will stop new people from watching who think they already know what Star Trek is.
The only way to do a Star Trek film is an intelligent Sci-Fi story like Star Trek The Motion Picture & The Voyage Home on a sensible budget & basic marketing campaign & make more profitable films instead of trying to change it into something that can be sold as a tent pole summer blockbuster, failing & making the Star Trek unsustainable.
The Voyage Home made $257 Million & The Motion Picture made $292 Million compared to Star Trek 2009 which made 308 Million with a higher budget.

Interesting. Different. Fascinating.

Time to sell the franchise to Disney. At least they can afford to make their own movies and appreciate what they have.

It would be interesting to see what Quentin Tarantino thinks would be a good movie. It would also be interesting if the Kelvin Universe movies started showing us TNG era.

This would save the JJ universe films from themselves as Beyond was boring. Tarantino would bring something fresh and the characters would be vibrant and logical. The idea of using time travel is classic Star Trek and a perfect way to wrap up the JJ films and bridge possibly more films and also reinvigorate the film franchise.

Beyond was boring? Really?

I thought it was a great movie.


Beyond was ok. It was a simpler story. It almost suffered for the opposite reasons of STID. Beyond wasnt epic enough, the story wasnt big enough. I liked it on first viewing but I agree, it was boring in the sense its probably the JJ Trek film I can least watch over and over. Even STID which was by far the worst, is easier to watch again.

I’m with you on that observation, TUP.

Except I can’t watch any of the JJ Trek flicks more than once.

I can get behind rewatching 09′ and Beyond. STID, that disc has become a coaster in my house. Can’t sit through it again.

I like! I like! Best Trek news for a long time!

The best news in a loooong time.

I’d be really interested to see what he could do with Star Trek I’m sure people would be expecting a ton of swearing but as he’s such a big fan he’d probably be very respectful of Star Trek traditions.

I’d also love to see a big screen version of yesterday’s enterprise. They could easily adapt it for the current crew – and if they are dead set on bringing back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk then they could change the Castillo role to fit him in. It could be really interesting.

I just posted the same thing. An interesting twist would be to have the USS Enterprise Travel back in time with the Kelvin and James Kirk sacrifice his ship instead effectively rebooting back into the prime timeline.

Ugh, why.

I like that there are two timelines. One good ol’ tried-and-true Original, and one where anything can happen, the KT.

Keep the KT. Do better with it.

And BTW “Beyond” was a really good movie. I wish they could get Pegg and Jung on the next one too.

I agree with this. I don’t get why people are so obsessed with ‘correcting the timeline’? Its a different universe altogher, always has been. Just let those guys do their thing in their own universe and you still got ENT, DSC, TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY in theirs. What’s the problem exactly? Is three movies in another universe that much of a bother when you have so much in the prime one (and expanding again) now?

@Marja @Tiger2 There’s no problem and I loved Star Trek Beyond, however the Kelvin series has lost a lot of momentum and it’s debatable as to whether there would be an appetite for more movies with this particular cast going forward. My suggestion is merely a way of reconciling Paramounts desire to bring back Chris Hemsworth and Tarantino’s suggestion of adapting Yesterday’s Enterprise whilst giving a meaningful conclusion to the story started in Star Trek 2009. If the movie is successful then they could still make movies with Pine, Quinto et al and it even opens the door to spin offs set on the Kelvin.

I have pointed this out before but the reason why this will never happen is because Paramount is still banking on the Kelvin universe for revenue. Even if the films are done there are still novels and comics they can have. Toys and games they could produce. You have to remember they don’t see ANY money from the prime universe anymore. All that goes to CBS. So its really the Kelvin universe they have to produce whatever they want and get something out of it.

So I agree it lost momentum but you would be crazy to get rid of it completely because you have destroyed your revenue base. Of course it doesn’t mean they have to stop making comic books and games around it but it probably helps if there is still a universe out there people can feel invested in.

And I don’t want spin offs set on the Kelvin. We already have too many prequels in my opinion and now we are creating another prequel within a prequel? Sorry but no thanks, especially since this is probably the only Enterprise crew we are going to have for a little while longer. I would like it to stay on that ship.

Sounds interesting. I wonder if they are still thinking another KT film, another TOS reboot or even a TNG reboot (since he’s a big fan of both TOS and TNG).

My gut is thinking it will stick with the KT crew if Abrams is involved. But yeah who knows? Either way I would like to see another Trek film before Discovery ends her run by its 7th season. I really don’t mind another Kelvin film although if I had my wish they would just do something entirely different like Discovery (although NOT Discovery ;)).

Anyway Trek is never truly dead. It will always keep living long in prospering in some form as its always done.

it might be cool to wait a few years and let the Kelvin timeline cast grow up a bit. Beyond was 2016.
If it came out in 2020 – the cast will be in their 40s and they can bring back hints of the Prime red uniform and bridge design just a tad. Then at the end of the movie after the climax – have someone walk up to an elderly “kirk” who has his back to us – he says “Admiral Kirk theyre waiting for you.” Kirk says ” thank you”. He turns around and it’s Shatner. Cut to credits.

Yes I would like that grated thanks !

I’ll need a coupla bottles of wine to go with all that cheez.

I think “Star Trek Discovery” success, once they tally it up after season 1, will have a huge bearing on what Paramount does with the film franchise. Discovery is available literally in every market with Netflix, so the name recognition could be higher than it has been for some time outside of the franchise’s key markets. Tarantino’s name would certainly increase its international appeal far above and beyond.

Next movie title, thar, AJ?

This is a great idea QT would bring something very different & hopefully commercial to the table. Are Paramount willing to take risks though the new management so fart do not have a single box office hit to their name. More Transformers will not help that either. But a risky Star Trek might just kick start the studio again.

Paul, LOL! best typo I’ve seen in a long time, especially in conjunction with certain phrases
Are Paramount … the new management so *fart* do not have a single box office hit to their name. More Transformers ….

Some of Paramount’s ideas do seem like farts, brief bubbles of foulness … to wit, Transformers and another frackin’ Terminator movie. Jayzis.

PLEASE get someone with clout interested, really interested in doing a Trek film. QT would certainly draw lots of moviegoers interested in what kind of Trek film he’s cooked up!

Goodie. They could call it “Killing Star Trek”.

The official title is “Star Trek: Kill Bill Shatner”

I like that concept better than the last movie “Star Trek Beyond Fast & Furious”.

I hope Uma Thurman is available.

The part about expanding an episode and the other (unrelated) part about bringing back Kirk’s father made me thing of an interesting possibility… a Kelvin-era version of the episode “Tapestry”. (The one where Q shows Picard what his life would have been like had he not been stabbed by a Nausicaan.)

I really thought it couldn’t get any wors after STD. Now this potential Disaster.

I would love to see Tarantino work on a Trek Film. He’s a masterful film maker. He’s an original series fan. Really hope to see this happen.

I just can’t equate Tarantino’s ultra-violent, profanity-laced, derivative style with Star Trek. Just because he is a successful filmmaker doesn’t automatically mean he would be able to make a good Star Trek movie.


Just because he makes ultra-violent, profanity-laced, derivative films doesnt mean thats what a Trek movie would like.

QT would not walk into a Star Trek meeting and say “the problem with Star Trek is Star Trek.” And thats, seemingly, what JJ did.

You do know he Directed episodes of ER and CSI that weren’t laced with profanity and violence. Way to typecast people Tony… you geek.

I was going to say the same thing. Why do people act like a director can’t simply do different things with other genres and characters? QT has his own style for sure but when they are based ON his characters and films. As proven when it comes to other characters and work he actually does try to keep to the tone of those as much as possible while injecting his style in them.

Basically just what Lin did with Star Trek Beyond. Remember when that guy was announced? How many Fast and Furious puns were referenced? People were so bothered everyone was going to sound like Hobbs and Torreto and souped up action when Beyond actually felt like the most TOS out of all the KT films. There was still Lin in there but it felt like a Star Trek story, and more importantly a TOS story, even if you still had problems with it.

My guess whatever Tarantino come up with it will be done the same way. People should relax.

I hope I’m wrong, but I think this has zero chance of happening. Read between the lines and it looks like JJ is pushing this idea more than anyone else (maybe he’s frustrated that in the Trek world he’s passed on into irrelevance). Sounds more like QT mentioned something in passing to someone and now the Bad Robot hype machine is pushing hard to make this sound like it *could* happen. But again I hope I’m wrong.

I don’t see where you get the idea it’s all JJ pushing it. If anything, it was Tarantino who started to talk about how he’d love to direct a trek movie so who is to say he isn’t the one pushing?

Because it was JJs team that started the news. And have we heard from anybody else yet?

QT says a lot of things a lot of the time that others try to piggyback on. It doesn’t translate to a film.

Again hope I’m wrong.

I agree, highly unlikely that we’ll see another Abrams-produced film.

This will happen, if for no other reason than paramount wanting to be in the Tarantino business. They were one of the bidders for the current movie he’s working on, but lost out to Sony.
And just think of how awesome it would be (not to mention how unbelievable) that his final film would wind up being a Star Trek film.

Paramount was the first auteur-driven studio.

We’ll see.

Holden, if JJ’s passed into irrelevance in the Trek world, it’s his own demmed fault. FOUR YEARS between a good “Star Trek” and “STiD the curse of Khan” while he was dinkin’ around with “other projects” … no excuse for that, no, sir. He should have had the decency to commit himself to two movies within two and a half years. I still stamp my foot and growl when I think of it.

It was obvious from the beginning that JJ didn’t care much about Trek, which is problematic when you’re talking about building a tentpole franchise. Hopefully, that’s becoming more clear with each passing year. He had a chance to build a fascinating world, but wasn’t really invested in the opportunity. And now he’s stuck, unless he wants to admit defeat and move on.

His situation with Paramount is a devil’s bargain. He’s not interested in Trek, but also recognizes that his production deal with the studio requires that Bad Robot be the *active* stewards of the film franchise’s future (until they give it up).

So, on the one hand, BR is probably feeling pressure with Discovery (deservedly) getting all the Trek attention these days, and on the other, Paramount breathing down their necks to do something, *anything,* with the future of the franchise.

Some observation from QT gives them an opening to try to change the PR narrative in their favor, but as with the Hemsworth time travel idea a year and a half ago, this news will go nowhere.

If QT was working on a script himself, then I’d be cautiously optimistic. But the best case scenario here is that BR’s “team of writers” will come up with something that they then pitch him on and he gives them his blessing to use the story, and someone else will see it to completion.

There is *definitely* an opportunity in JJ’s absence for an aspiring filmmaker, rooted to Trek’s lore, to make her/his future by committing to a long term vision of the franchise’s cinematic future. But Discovery is so far filling that void.

Discovery has had my limited curiosity, now you have my attention!

If Tarantino could rein in some of his excessive quirks, like characters speechifying so long they make Picard look tight-lipped, then I think he could make something great. Otherwise, I don’t look forward to fifteen minutes of contemplating why the tribbles are so troublesome.

Think about what he did for Crimson Tide and I think you start to see what a Trek film by QT would look like. Tighter, more intense, WAY better dialogue.

Ugh, his dialogue in Crimson Tide stuck out like a sore thumb, in my opinion. Now let’s interrupt this submarine movie to talk about comic books and Star Trek! I’d prefer it if he just came up with the basic story.

Nah, it took a pedestrian film and added a lot of depth, suspense, drama and tension…with virtually no action or SFX.

Unless he wrote the dialogue about the horses too? What that his? Because I liked that bit.

I believe so.

Robert Towne rewrote a LOT of TIDE, but the stallions … that is PROBABLY him, but it could be QT. I think TIDE was probably a terrible script that got plussed up enormously in the rewriting and on the set (exception that proves the rule.)

In an earlier comment section I was skeptical about Tarantino doing a Star Trek film. Regarding science fiction I saw him more leaning toward a film like “The Forever War”. Still skeptical about Tarantino Trek. But exciting it is, and I’ll see it anyway. And I’ll probably like it. ;)

If QT is a real Star Trek fan, he will not make this an ultra-violent, profanity-laced movie. QT’s strengths are in building believable characters, framing in different yet fun angles, and getting great performances out of his actors. I have great hope for this, even if he is only involved as providing the story.

Plus, I have a strong feeling he will get William Shatner. With the Pine and Quinto crew. That would be awesome.

Pine, Quinto, Urban, Saldana, Pegg and Cho are just fine w/o Shat. What we need is Sofia Boutella back to play Jaylah.

I mean, it might be interesting to see if Shat can still do Kirk with some dignity and verve, but I have a bad feeling it would be more dingbatty and Velveeta.

The more it’s said, the more I wish Yesterday’s Enterprise could have been Star Trek 7 instead of Generations.

It was actually supposed to be, and instead of the Ent-C coming through the rift, the Ent-A was supposed to come through, and meet up with the Ent-D in Picard’s time. I don’t recall the specifics – but for some reason(s) those plans fell through and the idea became the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise.” I agree with you, PEB. That would have been excellent. Another of the great missed opportunities of the franchise…

I have thought for a long time that “Generations” should have been “Yesterday’s Enterprise” but with Kirk and Co coming through the rift instead of the Ent-C.

Kirk defending a Klingon outpost would have meant so much more, and it would have been an amazing way to have the two crews working together, and also to “kill off” some of the old characters in a genuine way.

Chekov dying in the 24th Century, and being replaced by Tasha…
Scotty and Geordie working to fix both ships…
Kirk, McCoy, and Spock debating the moral choice of going back to die…
Worf leading the Klingon ships that attack Ent-A and -D.

Have always thought this would have been the perfect send-off and handing-over of the baton. Only problem would be presenting “warped” versions of the TNG crew to a cinema audience for the first time.

Meh – would have great for the fans!

If they were really thinking ahead of time, it could have been a two-parter with Star Trek 6 and 7. Have the Ent-A getting involved in the Klingon war – with the peace conference being the cause of a group of Klingons (or Romulans)actually attacking Khitomer and during the battle the Ent-A gets zapped to the alt future. That’s how ST6 would end, then ST7 would pick up and we see this different future with the TNG crew and think what the hell happened. The Ent-A comes thru the space/time thingie and both crews figure out what happened and how to solve it. A two movie story would have been great – show some actual battles and devastation of an all out galaxy wide war. Work in decent character development and real sacrifices.

I would think they could have wrote something like that, and it would be a little better than seeing 2 starships captains riding horses side by side to save the day.

Exactly what I’d thought!

This is exactly what they need to generate interest in the next film. It’s a good move and I suspect that Paramount will green light it in early 2018.

Finally a bit of good news that actually might make the name of this website live up to it’s name.
As long as JJ only produces it should be fine.
He falls into the category of being a better producer then writer/director.
Sort of like George Lucas. Stay away from writing and directing.
Hoping for solid story telling and no spore drive.
What a ridiculous concept.
STD is a web series so the expectations as seen so far aren’t set too high.

He Tarantino found a way to return to the TNG cast without fully discarding the current Kelvin crew, I will be both impressed and very happy. Stewart and Co deserved something better than Nemesis to finish up with!

I hate to say it, because I love the original NextGen crew, but they have aged a fair bit in 25 years. So Paramount would probably need to re-boot the Enterprise-D crew. Wait, what hull number are they up to now, -F …?

The problem is Paramount still has no money.

But, QT is the right guy to 1) create buzz 2) create a “smaller” film that is great because of the dialogue and characters rather then flash bangs. Think about what he did for Crimson Tide and imagine him taking any Trek film and punching it up, making it instantly better.

William Shatner seemed to pour cold water on the idea of his involvement saying its still a JJ film, which seems to imply he thinks JJ is the reason he hasnt been back.

If QT wanted Shatner I am sure he could convince JJ to get him. If we took JJ at his word that he just hasn’t heard the right pitch for a Shatner appearance. We both have disagreed with JJ’s reasoning on leaving Shatner out. Perhaps this pitch has a good idea to include him. Who knows what the idea is. It still may not be feasible. All we know is he was a fan of TOS and did mention liking City on the edge and Yesterdays ent from TNG. Both those episodes involve elements from the past.

I think it highly probably that next trek movie will be a time-travel movie.

In a way, they’d be silly not to do that. Time Travel is always popular in Star Trek AND interests the general fan too. Plus, if you’re going to cast X,Y,Z, why not make them familiar characters which provides good will, familiarity and free pub.

Sure, you’re cast gets expensive if you have Stewart and Shatner, though both might take less than usual to do it and work together again. But either way, looking at the bloated budgets of the last two films, they can find savings.

QT is the right guy to make a “smaller” but infinitely better and more successful film.

Yes! A smaller film with more emphasis on character and dialogue than frikkin Giant Space Ships and pew! pew! and people beatin’ on each other.


After being underwhelmed with the DISCOVERY show’s dubious ‘creative choices’ overall, the notion of Tarantino’s possible involvement with the movie franchise comes as a breath of fresh air for me!

At the moment I’m not bothered whoever actually directs this, as it’s mainly the actual storyline and script that matters to me for this next instalment – and I’m sure a big-screen version along the lines of TNG’s ‘YESTERDAY’S ENTERPRISE’ plotline would make for some entertaining drama.

However…rather than just having a story where the ‘Kelvin Timeline’ crew suddenly come across some kind of ‘timehole anomaly’ while cruising through space, what I’d *really* like to see is some actual ‘planetary exploration’ *first*, before anything else ensues. So seeing as it’s also been reported that Tarantino loves TOS’s ‘CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER’ episode too…I can but wish his possible ‘story treatment’ somehow ends up having the main players beam down to investigate a mysterious ‘techological anomaly’ – a big screen, ‘Kelvin Timeline’ version of THE GUARDIAN which causes all the problems to begin with!

Then by all means, bring on whatever PEW!, PEW! antics after a satisfyingly mysterious vibe has been initially established using one of Trek’s most memorable elements.

(by the way, some of you might like this particular look at yet another ‘alternate universe’ crew that I like to think is out there ‘somewhere’ in the Trek ‘multiverse’ –comment image )

One of TrekMovie’s Best posts ever! Thank you, Cervantes!

Well I’ll be… TMP’s uniforms weren’t so bad after all.
These don’t look very good, either. Maybe its just the sterile sets?

This is what Was Missing from Star Trek TMP!!!
Although I would have made the side panels a shade darker like the Beyond costumes it looks amazing- how hard would it be to re-colour all the uniforms in the movie?

Where did you get the re-colored TMP images?

Please. Trek BARELY survived Bryan Singer’s criminal exploits.

Clean up your act Hollyweird… DON’T LITTER!

Yeah. Click the link why don’t ya’!

What are you talking about with the Bryan Singer bit? He has never been creatively involved with Star Trek other than a failed pitch and a cameo in the last TNG movie.

He’s probably mixing up his Bryans. It happens

I did myself, for a second thar.

Bryan Fuller. He’s the Trek one.

Am I debunked? Apparently, he WAS on the set of Star Trek AND had a close working relationship with Patrick Stewart – FOR YEARS!

Thin skinned Trekkies.

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You continue to be incorrect.

Eyes wide shut, Eh, “Just Another Salt Vampire”?

Don’t Litter!

And don’t tell me my videos are just garbage. ; )

I don’t watch your videos. You seem to have some intellectually dishonest agenda here, or maybe you are just a troll. Either way, you are wrong about Trek “barely surviving” Singer’s bad behavior – Singer was never associated with Trek in a capacity that could endanger it.

And now QT is on board for an R rated Trek.

I can see where this is going.

Enjoy the ride JASV.


Bring it on! YES!

Reading all the incredibly positive feedback about this bit of “news”, all I can say is that I’m devastated. Calling QT a “masterful filmmaker” is too much for me to bear.
The guy has basically made the same movie seven times (with Jacky Brown being somewhat of an exceptio to the rule, but only slightly).

There are some skills in him, yes… He can work with great actors, his first- and second-act dialogues are slightly above par and I like his music taste. But apart from that, he keeps on destroying most of his movies by an insane grindhouse bloodlust, no matter what genre they are set in. His third acts have always killed the entire experience for me…

I’ve got a good friend I used to join watching movies in theatres almost every week. He likes bloody horror movies, even hard action stuff from the 80s. He’s by far not that wimpy, faint-hearted sort of loser I am, but even he thinks that QT’s movies are basically TASTELESS.

QT doesn’t honor the genres his later movies are based on. He keeps imposing his dull pattern of storytelling on every genre he’s attempted to pay homage to.

When you do a western or war movie, there has to be some bloodshed, but his trademark style is outrageously overdone and tedious. Doing this very same stuff in space would have been an offense even outside the Star Trek universe.

This guy is the devil in disguise… and no, I’m not religious at all…

Hee! Tarantino does look a bit devilish, especially in profile

One hopes that he would not impose the blood-thirsty gore that is his trademark in his own creations.

He has worked on other properties before and not done so [see above, “ER,” “Crimson Tide” &c.]

I hope that he could do a “smaller” movie with emphasis on character and dialogue with interesting sci-fi twists, WITHOUT the giant SFX pew-pew we got from JJ. Now JJ picked a fantastic cast, but wow, he is not so original [SWars: TFA seemed to be the first SWars movie retold in modern-day cinematic terms, but was not, ahem, “A New” anything].

NOOOO! Why? We were doing so well with the new series, and there was no news of new movies, and these two hacks had to appear? There is no justice in this world.

Are you from the mirror universe?

You do realize movie or no movie this doesn’t affect Discovery in any way just like the other movies didn’t affect the TV shows. It will go on regardless.

QT is a fan. He worked Trek references into his rewrite of Crimson Tide. More than that, he brings heat and attention to the franchise for mostly the right reasons, in that it would be difficult to pick a truly bad movie out of his filmography – Death Proof is the worst, but it has an absolutely classic car chase – whereas his high points as about as high as it gets in American film.

I’m excited by the prospect of QT doing a big franchise science-fiction actioner his way. He didn’t do a kung fu movie before Kill Bill, or a western before Django Unchained, and these are commercially successful movies that are highly rewatchable. I’d say he’s more than proven that he understands that it is character writing that allows drama and action to blossom into areas you didn’t quite expect. That’s movie magic, not more tins of product from the trope factory.


Even if QT’s retiring from directing, isn’t his approaching Paramount regarding trek liable to be part of the bigger deal of his production company decoupling from the Weinsteins and negotiating for a new distributor home for its products?

What studio will make such a film? Paramount has to be virtually broke.

They have enough money for three more Transformers movies…

Transformers movies make money.

The last one bombed pretty hard.

It didn’t bomb. It still made over $600 million, it just didn’t make the crazy money as the two before it.

Then Paramount does have money.

Whatever the story, whoever the director, just think big. Big SMART ideas (don’t dumb down Star Trek for the movie audience), big stakes, big emotion… the big effects and action are a given but start there.

I honestly dont think they meant to dumb it down. But they hired writers who’s best work wasnt very smart. They did their best. But their best was dumb.

To be fair, the War story in STID was really interesting and somewhat timely. But again, if you higher a D level writer, you cant expect an A level film, even if the story is a good one on paper.

And to hear the Trek theme done by a Mariachi band…..

LOL, with Q directing

First impulse – no.
Second impulse – new minds, fresh ideas.
Third impulse – hell no.
Fourth impulse – they are going to do whatever the hell they want, regardless, so lets see where this goes…

It looks like Bob Orci has been fired from two Trek movies in a row now. What went wrong?

BO sucks that’s why.
And I don’t mean BO stands for body odor….but it’s the same thing, he stinks.

Yeah that’s easy. Just write it like the same last 3 series and this web abomination.
War with some alien race using he latest fashionable McGuffin to propel the predictable character cutouts you’ve come to know and love and just call it original.
I’m sure no one will notice the difference.

Was he involved in the Kirk’s Dad Trek 14 pitch? I hadn’t heard that.

Yes, he developed the idea with the guys who helped him write his abandoned directorial attempt that became Beyond.


I would actually be interested in that, especially sans JJ Abrams, or as much as possible.

Pulp Trek….

Samuel L Jackson’s bad boy captain: ‘“You say ‘Kap-Lah, muthaf***a?’ I say ‘A cap in your ass!!’”

I’d like to believe that the trend towards TREK ‘F-bombs’ begins and ends with the ridiculous DISCOVERY show.


I was there when COTEOF’s H-bomb was a big stink at the network and which was why I was not surprised at Nimoy incorporating earthy language in his TVH. Once Ellison took Trek across the censor line of then, it just seemed inevitable that eventually Trek would include more of it in future tales. However, I supposed I would be surprised if it appeared inelegantly, sprayed about solely as incessant verbal punctuation.

I don’t know know if the F bombs end with that spectacular Discovery show or not, we shall have to see.
As for Tarantino,

“There’s too many m***thaf***in’ targs on this starship!”


“Enough is enough! I have had it with these mothaf*ckin targs on this mothaf*ckin’ ship!”

Actually a reimagining of Yesterday’s Enterprise would be the perfect way to include Chris Hemsworth. The USS Kelvin is pulled into the future, the Narada is therefore not incapacitated and Nero is not captured allowing him to start a war with the Federation thus replacing the Kelvin time line with a new one. The twist could be that in this universe the USS Enterprise travels back with the Kelvin and sacrifices itself instead resetting everything back to the prime timeline. This would allow Tarantino to adapt an episode he’s already mooted, allow him to essentially have a blank slate as most of the movie would be set in a brand new timeline and provide a satisfactory conclusion to the Kelvin series.

That would be neat, but I think only the fans really understand what is going on with the timelines. It would be too confusing for a general audience. Plus, Nero would probably have to be the villain, and he wasn’t particularly memorable.


Nero would be required to bookend the story but the majority of the movie would be in the newly created timeline 30-35 years later. If the movie required a conventional villain enough time would have passed that somebody else could have taken over. I agree and disagree with what you say about the general audience in that they already don’t understand what is going on with the timelines! They wouldn’t need to understand it! Thematically the movie would be about Kirk saving his father and that’s something anybody could understand. With that in mind I would modify my idea to not have the Enterprise go back in time with the Kelvin. Just have Kirk in the Tasha Yar role only when he goes back he replaces his father on the bridge of the Kelvin when it rams the Narada.