Patrick Stewart Would Play Picard For Tarantino’s Star Trek

Two news items from this week’s news have collided. Earlier this week Sir Patrick Stewart said he generally skeptical, but still open to returning to the role of Captain Picard if the story idea was right. However, the news that Quentin Tarantino is cooking up a new Star Trek movie has got The Next Generation a lot more interested.

Stewart was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter at the Dubai International Film Festival, where he was receiving an honorary award, where he made it clear he is ready for Quentin Trek:

…one of my dreams is to work with Tarantino. I admire his work so much, and to be in a Tarantino film would give me so much satisfaction. So, if he is going to direct something to do with Star Trek and there was the possibility of dear old Jean-Luc showing up again and doing that for Mr Tarantino, I would embrace it.

Sir Patrick Stewart receives the Lifetime Achievement Award during the Opening Night Gala of the 14th Dubai International Film Festival

Stewart went on to gush about Tarantino as a director saying:

The one thing that characterizes all of his movies is that frame by frame, it always challenges, always demands your attention, always demands a very kind of open and generous response to what he does, I also love his sense of humor as a filmmaker. So yes, he would be my first choice.

At this time it is not known if Tarantino’s Star Trek movie would involve Picard, or any elements from The Next Generation

If the Tarantino Trek project moves forward, it would not be the first time for Stewart to reprise a franchise role in an R-rated film. Earlier this year Stewart returned to the X-Men franchise one last time to play Charles Xavier in Logan, which was R-rated.

Patrick Stewart as Xavier in Logan (2017)

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If QT really writes, directs and produces an R-Rated Star Trek film with Bad Robot, I say hell yeah, go for it! Give TNG fans equal opportunity for Paramount to debase their favorite series as well! ;-)

Or maybe we can be a little more positive about it? I know its easy to assume its going to be nothing but F bombs and heads exploding but just maybe he will find some restraint since he calls himself a fan of the franchise.

Its a bit stupid to asume its would be full of F-Bombs.

That is, of course,assuming a QT Trek movie will involve the TNG crew. Considering Pine and Quinto already signed on to a potential 4th film Paramount May opt to stick with them. Also, let’s face facts. Kirk-Spock just resonates better than Picard-Data with non Trek people. And with many Trek fans too.

I doubt it would involve the TNG crew directly but it doesn’t mean Picard himself couldn’t appear in the film as part of a crossover.

I am so excited at prospect of Stewart coming back for ‘Trek 14. I really hope that it happens!

Set phasers for: I’m getting pretty psyched about this.

Things go from interesting to insane. I can’t even imagine sitting at the movies in 2 years, watching a QT-directed Trek movie with Stewart reprising Picard. On the other hand, if rumors about that JJ story pitch involving Chris Hemsworth as Kirk’s father are true and they will include time travel, maybe they could still include a JJ-verse’s take on the 24th century. Maybe even as a way to conclude the JJ-verse. Unless of course QT wants to do Prime universe 24th century Trek.

The couple of things that make me think its possible are that JJ seemed to jump on board the QT wagon so fast which would make me think QT’s idea dove-tailed to JJ’s own. thus, a Yesterday’s Enterprise style time-bender.

Plus, QT’s favourite episodes raise the stakes by time-bending. And being a fan that QT is, I dont think he’d come to the project with any biases about former cast, including Stewart or Shatner.

If they announce a greenlight and Stewart or Shatner attached, I will dance on my desk. If they announce BOTH Stewart and Shatner I will weep tears of joy!

I too, shall dance on my desk if such news is released.

I, too, shall dance. But they better hurry.

I will buy Desk for it….

Couldn’t agree more!

“If they announce a greenlight and Stewart or Shatner attached, I will dance on my desk. If they announce BOTH Stewart and Shatner I will weep tears of joy!”

I will weep for sure, but not of joy. Having the old guard involved in this abysmal project would finally destroy all of Star Trek with one swift stroke. As a standalone project not involving any of the well-known characters and / or actors, one could at least try to ignore it. But with The Shat or Stewart onboard, this would forever be woven into the very fabric of that universe.

I thought he had a problem with his work. Particularly Kill Bill vol 1 and 2. I guess one mellows with age.

Guys This is Not Star Trek 14 its Star Trek 15 Set in the Prime timeline matter infact there are TWO Star Trek Movies in the Works Right now One With Tarantino and another one in the Kelvin timeline So we are Getting not one but Two movies Back to Back Cool huh 2020 is gonna be HUGE year for Trekkies

Where are you getting any of this? I dont think they are working on two movies. It sounds like this movie is replacing whatever the KT film was going to be.

He’s getting it from his delusional mind. There are not two movies being filmed back to back–just one.

There are zero movies being filmed, all they are doing is pitching a concept. Paramount could say no.

You know what I meant, Captain Semantic–that if this film is made, it will be the only one.

One movie, not two. If the Tarantino movie is given a green light that will be the next Star Trek movie, not one of two movies.

I suppose you never know…its possible QT’s idea is sufficient to take one long film and split it. Which would have the effect of net positive to the budget for Paramount…

Ah, an epic two-part storyline spread over TWO movies involving some hi-jinks where the nu-crew are involved with some kind of elderly PICARD in one, to be then joined by some kind of elderly KIRK in the the other…would be something to behold.

Even if it’s got to involve those pesky Klingons again, rather than than any intriguing exploration of strange new worlds. ;)

Kill Picard, Vol. 1
Kill Picard, Vol. 2

Paramount is coughing up money for two Treks at the same time (or nearly so) after hmm-ing and hah-ing over the past year about whether or not to make one more?

No, sorry, that’s just a bridge too far in believability.

The fact QT is looking for a new distributor and apparently had a bunch of studios pitching HIM, perhaps Paramount is capitulating quickly and completely to get into the QT business.

Keep in mind QT said he was retiring after his next film so his excitement at Star Trek almost seems like a personal project that he wants to do outside of his regular career. Like, he feels he wants to do Trek before he retires.

Are we sure it’s the tenth film of HIM directing, or the tenth film of him directing HIS movies?

G1Convoy, please lay off the drugs.

Maybe this is just a lame Kill Bill joke. It was originally supposed to be one film and then QT and [redacted] decided to break it up into two. . . maybe.

Actually there’s 3.

Uh….no. Paramount never released a statement that two movies are being made. Wishful thinking….but no.


Tarantino directing the 5th and final TNG movie with the original cast. Ya please. Brent might have to lose weight to play B4.

holy sh*t that was awesome, well done sir. i lol’ed several times

And this is what lifted my spirits tonight. Thank you.

Thank you much. It’s gaining some traction on Reddit.

LMFAO That was perfect.

Boy, howdy, is the speculation train running off the rails here. QT is making a pitch, nothings been greenlit. Pitches are common, and the vast majority of them die on the vine.

True, but with the hype that’s already around it at this stage, that may give it the boost it needs to get greenlit.

Tarantino is a big name. Paramount are listening and have let him pitch an idea. This all sounds a bit more than a dance around the table. They are sitting down at the table and hammering out a story. This has a decent chance of being greenlit in the next month or two I reckon.

Interesting that Stewart seems loosely linked with all this too! And exciting!

Paramount’s box office numbers are a mess. They know they need to make a big splash and QT could be it especially with Disney and Fox coming together.

The news of a possible Quentin Tarantino Star Trek collaboration definitely has made a splash, even internationally.

Gary Seven Eleven — QTs BO numbers are not that good. They only work because of the relatively small budgets he works with. It’s impossible to produce a Trek movie in today’s a I-if market without spending almost as much as most of QTs films make. That’s a recipe for a BO disaster.

You’re forgetting to factor in a couple things, which would be normal mass audiences and Trek fans. QT films bring in what they bring in because of the box office appeal to QT fans, plus a handful of normies that get curious. Watch what happens when you have a film that appeals to QT fans, ST fans, and curious normies. Box office gold, that’s what.

Exactly. You hit it on the nose. Some people don’t get how business works.

Maybe, but this is a helluva lot more media attention than your typical movie pitch, though.

Yeah, this is QT talking to Paramount. At the end of the day, they make thank him for his time, and show him the door. Paramount is still a disaster, its going to take more then QT showing some interest in Trek to right the ship….

This may be much ado about nothing but my guess is Paramount would really want to do this movie IF its true they already said they would do an R rated Trek film. The fact they would stipulate his biggest condition tells you how badly A. They want another Trek film and B. They want it with a big name who can bring in more interest.

If that wasn’t the case they would’ve shot down the R rating immediately. My guess is they want to see this through and they will probably at least get to a script phase if QT has a good idea. Even if its a bad one, they will still probably consider it lol.

Yeah, this will get green lit. I’m pretty sure of it. Discovery (despite what a lot of screeching here and elsewhere insists) is a hit. And what is it? It’s dark, it’s violent, it’s fresh and different. QT and an R rating gives the executives the chance to make a Trek film that follows that exact same formula. This will get green lit, as following formulas is the thing executives most often do.

In this case, I’m stoked about them following a formula. Gimme my Star Trek equivalent to Logan, please.

Yeah, I still don’t think this’ll happen. I’m skeptical of QT’s longterm investment. My hope is, best case scenario, that QT’s interest will at least push Paramount and Bad Robot to get the ball rolling on another film, possibly based on his original idea.

I don’t think it would happen but it would be exciting to see Picard back in a Tarantino Trek film. And Logan established Stewart has no problems with the F bombs. ;)

It would be great to hear some scoops on QT’s idea! Hopefully it is a time-spanning, generation-uniting PRIME era epic romp!

Yes that would be fun, bring in some of the characters from past shows. That would get the fans excited.

It’d be nice to hear *anything* from QT’s side! It would make me feel better about the prospect of any of this happening.

Yeah but we shouldn’t be holding our breath on any details anytime soon. Trek lives in secrecy like Star Wars does. Remember Discovery we didn’t even find out what the premise was until 10 months after they announced the show.

But its going to be interesting because we know everyone is going to be asking the KT cast if they heard anything about the story and of course the answer will be no lol but it will definitely generate interest in terms if the KT cast will come back for it or not. That will probably at least be confirmed one way or the other in the next few weeks.

Quite true. If this moves forward, all the people involved won’t be able to keep it a secret. I just want to hear some news that suggests QT’s actively involved with doing this with Bad Robot, and not the other way around.

I do hope it involves the KT cast–not that those films are perfect, but I’d love to see a film that works within that context instead of just completely wiping the slate clean again.

I agree that this is probably just about generating positive buzz for the film franchise, but if that just translates to more nothing . . . .

Interesting development. I’d definitely love to see Stewart playing Picard again.

Everything will depend of the script and generally speaking I don’t think an R-rated ‘Star Trek’ is a bad idea. After all; there are plenty of great R-rated science fiction movies from The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Ex Machina to Terminator 2, Children of Men, Event Horizon, and District 9.

The fact is the Star Trek franchise is in dire need of something fresh and unique & this might be the best way to reinvigorate it.

“I don’t think an R-rated ‘Star Trek’ is a bad idea. After all; there are plenty of great R-rated science fiction movies from The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Ex Machina to Terminator 2, Children of Men, Event Horizon, and District 9.”

The R-rating for Star Trek on itself already IS a bad idea because I want the franchise to remain coherent regarding the age certificates as much as I like any R-Rated franchise to stay R-Rated!

But I agree that lots of the movies you mentioned are really great genre flicks, especially The Matrix, Blade Runner, T2 and Event Horizon. But would they have worked for me within the world of Star Trek? Maybe if that had happened during my late formative years, I would have been able to adapt and accept this as part of the Star Trek universe. But now, 25 years later, I am simply not emotionally capable of redefining what Star Trek is supposed to be. If The Matrix had been a Star Trek movie, I might have accepted it at the age of 19…but now I may simply be too old to adapt…

However, I would have NEVER accepted Kill Bill or Inglorious Basterds as part of Trek. None of these movies mentioned above are even close to the silly, over-the-top grindhouse exploitation QT had to offer so far, not even gory Event Horizon. It was gross, but it still felt like a serious, worthy effort. But QT? I’m just afraid of that guy. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley. I wouldn’t even want an autograph! There isn’t a single living person in movie-making I’m opposed to with such passion.

QT is the person I dread the most in movies, and now he’s taking over the very thing I used to love the most! Anti-matter meeting matter without any containment field aka a PG-13 rating to tame that massive outburst of gore and whatever else he’s going to throw in our faces!

Yeah, I’d love to see Picard again, too, but looking back at Logan, a movie that has destroyed my appreciation for the entire X-verse because it featured Stewart in the very same role, I’m sure that Stewart in a QT movie would vaporize all of TNG for me, a series that used to be an almost perfect utopian take on Trek. Bring on the Shat and TOS is gone, too… Sorry, but this would be the final nail to Trek’s coffin for me!

Remember that dreadful scene in which QT blew himself up in a cameo in Django Unchained? Can you even imagine for second, he would kill Picard or Kirk that way?
Back in 1994, Trekkies freaked out on a PG-rated death scene for Kirk! 12 years earlier, they walked out of TWOK when Spock died! And now, we are facing a QT movie that will most certainly involve gruesome killing, splatter, gore and potential nudity, probably involving some classic characters and actors! And two thirds of Trekkies seem to be looking forward to this! Everything about that feels wrong.

I’m with the others here. I don’t think Star Trek needs an R rated movie especially from QT. There are very VERY few stories that truly benefit from having R rated content in them and strangely it ends up being for farcical comedic effect more often than not, especially in QT’s films.

I can’t see that being the right tone for Star Trek and I think it would undermine the audience reach for a movie that is already struggling to stay innovative. If they want to do an R rated Galaxy Quest then just rename it to something other than Star Trek and I’m all for it.

If they want to do a totally serious R rated Trek then it needs to be a story that requires an R rating and not just a PG-13 story with R rated dialog and visuals sloppily sprinkled all over it just for the rating. Because that junk just ends up being distracting and looking like an amateur got hold of it.

No thanks you had your chance & blew it many years ago blowing your creative wad over Nemesis!


Stewart didn’t write and direct the film, he just starred in it. If you want to go that route how was Shatner still appearing in Trek movies after the guy wrote, directed and starred in The Final Frontier?

Check your facts (I did!) Stewart was a big part of the story process for Insurrection & Nemesis which is why both sucked so much. Keep him well away from any future Trek unless its TV only. Also mixing the different casts is wrong & never works out either. Shatner is just too old now he should have told JJ 10 years ago he was happy to have a cameo not demand Nimoy be cut out of his role instead!

Yes he came up with some of the ideas, but he didn’t actually write or direct the film.

On top of that he’s not asking to write the next one he just wants to act in it so relax.

Most would be excited to see Stewart back as this and other boards prove.

@Paul — right. Stewart had his chance, time for new blood. TNG Is so 1990s, old, outdated, and irrelevant. Stewart is as much a caricature of himself as Shatner has become. He’s not to be taken seriously in this role anymore. Not to mention the convoluted tale they’d have to concoct to work him into a movie.

Star Trek has been reusing characters now through its entire run. And clearly Picard is still one of the most iconic characters in the franchise. As I said in my OP I highly doubt we will see Picard again but yes I think it would please a lot of fans if he did come back in some form.

Well, if the Tarantino thing doesn’t work out for Sir Patrick, there is still Discovery, which apparently has a ship that can leap anywhere, anytime. So they could easily bump into Picard at some point. Not sure though how keen he is on playing him again.

Yes this is true too. My guess is we will find out the spore drive will be able to go forward and backward in time so no telling what they can do in the future if they really want to bring in former Trek stars.

Yeah, Lorca and Stammets were possibly looking at a map of the whole Star Trek universe. We won’t know for sure for another month, but it’s almost like the show was aiming for another soft reboot of itself. One I welcome.

Well they did say the show will go a very different direction coming back which sounds like the Klingon war will take a back seat for awhile, which honestly I would be happy with too since it hasn’t been all that compelling and I want to see some sci fi stories again.

But obviously it will still be part of the new story line or they wouldn’t have brought L’orell to wherever they are.

I just to coin the phrase and get it out there – STARANTINO TREK! Make it so!

Gosh, this is so incredible. I used to think of Patrick Stwart as an accomplished artist. My quibbles started when he embraced to do Logan. Actually, watching Logan was the very moment my second thoughts about the genre started… Logan got me started on this rant, and it’s only fitting, Stewart wants to add another nail to the coffin of my personal fandom.

He “respects” Tarantino? Well, I don’t. Not…one…bit. I’ve always been appalled by his movies and Stewart isn’t going to change that. I will never understand the admiration for QT. To me, this man represents everything wrong with modern movie-making. He popularized the lowest features of once isolated guilty pleasures. More than anything, he sorta inspired movies like Kick-Ass and Deadpool and I’ll always hate him for that.

having to observe Stewart, this idol of my youth, embracing that path into darkness, hurts profoundly.

Does this broken record ever skip?

No, but its easy to skip this broken record.

How could it skip? It doesn’t become any less important to me. It has become even more relevant now, with a cinematic juggernaut like QT taking over this franchise! If I’d ever shut up, I’d be dead… As long as I can speak out agaist this, at least I’m still alive…

Rolling my eyes at smike’s comment.

I’d even settle for Picard, if QT is directing, and I have little use for TNG. Having said that, I don’t think there’s any way the studio will pony up the dollars to build a whole new world around the next generation when JJ’s TOS reboot stands ready to roll.

maybe its a time travel story where Picard is sent back in time and meets up with kelvin universe and works with nu kirk and nu spock with the borg and q

Kelvin universe, time travel, Picard, Borg and Q. Mind blown!

Thats probably TOO much fan servicing but I would be there the opening hour lol.

same lol with Tarantino directing a star trek q and borq would be insane

yesterdays enterprise episode but instead of the C coming thru its the E coming thru to meet up with new A

I love somethoughts theory. But A) how do we get the alternate universe that opens up for QT’s R-rated universe (otherwise I don’t see it), and B) where’s the room for Hemsworth’s George Kirk?

Q snap of finger, mon capitain, u must fix this.

Picard yells out; Data, where are we?

Data; in the delta quadrant, borg space captain. There appears to be a temporal vortex forming.

nu Kirk; Spock analysis!

nu Spock; fasinating, there appears to be some sort of temporal vortex.

Beep Beep monitors chime

nu Kirk; red alert

Red Alert Klaxxon sounds condition red

WE ARE THE BORG, we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

Sulu; captain, another ship has entered the vortex, its the Enterprise E?

Picard; Mr Worf hail the Enterprise A and advise to fire on the following coordinates.

I adore this, somethoughts, seriously. I love your insights on a lot of these discussion threads. But this script, by itself, does not address my questions (not that I don’t love where this opening might be going!).

maybe its Kelvin universe Picard, meeting George Kirk and Enterprise A via Q meddling :)

Thank you for your kind words too

I hate to break it to you, but there’s a very depressing reason not to do that that you’re overlooking… Picard would be well aware of what happened to Spock on the Prime Timeline end of things. And Spock’s actions are what even caused the Kelvin Timeline to form, so this point would likely be addressed at some point, and we’d have to yet again bring up the fact that Spock is dead. That’s a conversation that I’d personally rather they spare the characters and the audience from, but would be necessary if this scenario were to occur.


The spectacular news continues to come in on a daily basis. I’d be thrilled to see Picard return.

Also, William Shatner is publicly asking Tarantino for a role (on his Twitter feed in a tounge and cheek manner) in his Star Trek movie.

I have a feeling QT will be pulling out all the stops and the return of Picard + Kirk may be in the cards.

I bet Paramount is loving how fast this news is traveling. There are articles about it everywhere now. I’m betting it will happen and am excited!

I always wanted Tarantino or James Cameron Star Trek, itd def xmas

At this point, I’d be happy to have someone like James Cameron on board, even for an R-Rated Trek movie. Or Guillermo DelToro, or Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, anyone who is capable of making a proper movie. Anyone but QT!

While I prefer my Trek PG-13, the idea of an R-Rated Trek is probably inevitable anyway given recent developments, but at least it shouldn’t be QT who has showed multiple times he isn’t compatible with Trek. There are numerous GREAT R-Rated sci-fi flicks out there, no doubt about that.

Or maybe it is simply time to abolish both the R-rating and PG-13 in favour of a more realistic PG-15 rating, bloodier and bolder than PG- 13 but more limited than the R-Rating. Anything beyond that should be NC-17 or DTV Unrated. That way, future movies would be less limited than PG-13 mainstream is today, but also the more outrageous R outings would have to be toned down to civilized tasteful standards.

If Trek and Co. cannot be limited to PG-13 anymore, the rating system needs to be adjusted. But turning former all-age franchise into hard R-Rated properties just feels wrong to me.

Sometimes it is best to have an open mind and see how it goes then judge. QT may surprise you and create a classic space opera, with character driven movie and adventure. R rating just tells me some violence and swearing and nudity.

Enterprise A, captained by James T Kirk enroute to a diplomatic peace keeping mission encounters a strange lightning storm, emerges is the USS Enterprise E captained by Jean Luc Picard. The Enterprise E has sustained heavy damage and the only survivor is Picard.

Picard warns of a…suddenly armada of Borg cubes destroy the Enterprise E, but not before Scotty manages to beam over Picard. The Enterprise A is out gunned and has no choice but to head into the black hole.

Q appears before Picard and the crew of the Enterprise A, says humanity is finished. Q talks about their last trial for humanity and how he promised to see Picard out there. How the ignorance of humans have led them to their own assimilation by the Borg.

Q offers Kirk and Picard a puzzle and quest. They must prove humanity is worthy to live and be a space farring species. The final trial of humanity is ordered.

1st test, Enterprise A, exits the blackhole and encounters the Narada and USS Kelvin. Captain Robau is about to head to the Narada…what do you do Kirk? Do you save your father? teases Q.

Late 25th century, Captain Picard, having been frozen in a transporter beam, is rescued by admiral Wesley Crusher. He learns that the Federation has been almost entirely destroyed by the Borg and there’s only one thing on his mind… vengeance!

Hope its Pine and Co, they deserve another go.

But strange this Stewart thing has popped up twice this week.

Still trying to get my poor head around the idea that this isn’t some kind of put-on. I mean, I might (with some caveats) be considered a fan, but seriously? The guy who gave us The Gimp, and “I’m going medieval on your ass,” writing a Trek film? What parallel reality did I wake up in this morning?

Hahaha, that perfectly sums up my feeling as well.

You do know he has done other stuff, right? He has written and directed episodes of ER and CSI.

Tarantino is the film buff that knows his classic films and star trek. We need to judge after we seen his take on star trek.

I am sure he will weave a classic movie filled with a strong theme and allegory that suits our time.

The R rating will mean nude shower scenes and lots of gore and alien blood and death.

We might see a sick space zero gravity kung fu scene worthy of the matrix with slow space battle tactics and crazy music.

Then I’m simply done with “our time”… How sick has world society become to openly applaude nudity, gore and splatter on STAR TREK? It is one thing to expect this from full-on horror movies that can be kept separate from the rest, but now it’s everywhere! Sick beyond compare…

Then stick with DISNEY if profanity and gore ain’t your thing. For crying out loud…we live in a world with a lot of gore…check out the middle east….hell….check out our own country.Trek have always played it too safe in my book. Look at The Expanse….great show and more realistic than Trek. You worried because you might hear some F-bombs ? Look at Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home. I think it was the first Trek film that used the S-word. Kirk was just lucky the cabbie didn’t say “WHY DON’T YOU F****&ING WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING YOU DUMB AZZ ” Some people get bent out of shape for no reason. I hope QT does get to make the film…..because I will support it.

“What parallel reality did I wake up in this morning?”

Spot on. Only that there have been indicators for this all over the year… The successful of Logan and IT, the TV-MA rating of DSC… I had been aware of these developments for months now and THIS is the logical conclusion to a year that has changed genre cinema for generations to come.

Well, supposedly he is telling his idea to a room of writers who will then write a script based on that. So let’s hope these writers are better at turning this into an actual script than some of the commenters here.

Bring back Locutus of Borg!

Kelvin Timeline Borg travel back in time to enslave the federation. While Kirk and Spock resque George Kirk from klingon prison, where he was kept for 30 years, section 31 wakes up Kahn to help fight the Borg. But Kahn has his own plans to use the borg to rule over the galaxy. The only way to stop him is to make Locutus Picard again!

Would be really cool to see Stewart in QT Trek.

Think about this missed opportunity … Star Trek: Nemesis, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

You could have reanimated David Lean but still not had anything remotely watchable about NEMESIS, owing to the Logan script. The ‘impale on convenient but not that sharp pipe’ moment is so dragged in from EXCALIBUR (but importantly, wholly out of context) it says all you need to know about the lameass pastiche artist cut n pasting his way through screenplays.

Now if you reanimated Orson Welles and let him rewrite it the way he rewrote TOUCH OF EVIL, so that you have resonances that pay off at the end and some real gravitas instead of arbitrary plotting, then, MAY-be …

Don’t know if this has been posted already but this project may have actually just been green lit according to Deadline Hollywood.

Seems like the 14th “Star Trek” motion picture would bring together the post-“Beyond” Kevlin timeline and the post-“Nemesis” prime timeline.

I have finally found a good metaphor to illustrate my concerns. Maybe some of you will finally be able to understand what’s bothering me.

My main issue is keeping family franchises and adult entertainment apart. They should NOT mix and mingle. Trek has always been family entertainment, suitable for kids, teens and adults alike. QT movies have always been adult entertainment, suitable for over 15, 16, 17 or 18 year-olds only, according to the different rating systems of different countries.

Now, basically I like both: family movies AND adult flicks, but only when they are kept strictly separately.

I’d like to compare this to apple pie and pizza… both can be great, but only on their own. Serving apple pie with salami and bacon is as gross as serving pizza with apple and cinamon. And that’s what a QT-directed Star Trek movie does…

I’ve just said that I also like most R-Rated stuff as long as it is its own thing. That’s true but why on Earth do I dislike QT so much?

Exactly because QT has always served apple pie with bacon and cheese. All of his movies have great and thoughtful character development but all of a sudden, he turns them into genre-defying gorefests out of thin air. It is his very nature to mix and mingle elements from different genres and that has ruined every QT movie for me. Rodriguez From Dusk Till Dawn, in which her starred, is a fitting example… It starts out as a crime drama and turns into blood-soaked vampire horror. And THAT doesn’t work for me! It’s cheesburger with chocolate bars…

Actually, I’ve had pizza with banana and (I think) some cinnamon on there as well. Didn’t know what to expect before I ordered it but it was the only meat-free option on the menu. It was interesting though I probably wouldn’t want to eat it everyday (nor would I want to eat normal pizza everyday). So yes, combining ingredients that you wouldn’t normally expect to go together can lead to interesting results.
I definitely don’t agree with your idea that R-rated stuff cannot have great and thoughtful character development. So in your mind an adult movie should consist of nothing but bloody violence, sex orgies and crass language? It shouldn’t have anything else? That’s a little like saying a sci-fi movie must not show anything but space battles. Crazy, right?
Star Trek has always mixed different genres. I mean it was originally pitched as a western in space. Since its very beginning it has done all kinds stories and genres, all wrapped in its space setting. Some of these stories have been more suitable for kids, others less so.
Do I want a mindless gore-fest of a Star Trek movie? No. But a Star Trek movie that offers great and thoughtful character development would interest me. I don’t know whether I’d enjoy the finished product but I’d be willing to entertain the idea and keep an open mind.
It doesn’t have to be either salami or chocolate. Maybe for you it has to be but for many people there can be something inbetween. If you want to go with a pizza analogy think Pizza Hawaii which is quite popular. There’s also such a thing as chocolate with chili.

“Maybe for you it has to be but for many people there can be something inbetween.”

For me, it has to be either salty / spicy or sweet. Anything in between is a no-go for me when it comes to food. But yeah, in movies there sometimes can be a mix of certain ingredients, just not Tarantino-style.

While I’m generally opposed to an R-Rated Star Trek movie, I’d be more than willing to keep an open mind if we were talking about people like Ridley Scott or James Cameron here, people who have been able to give us R-Rated movies that feel like “normal” movies despite some grizzly moments.

But Tarantino has never achieved that perfect blend IMO. He’s always been way, way over the top concerning his approach to adult scenarios. They feel overdone, out of place and intimidating. With him it’s like finding a living worm in your tasty salad EVERY TIME you give it a chance.

Okay, enough food allegories…

“Do I want a mindless gore-fest of a Star Trek movie? No.”

But that’s what we will get with this chap at the helm.

First and foremost make a great movie. I think Tarantino just wants freedom to do that – no restrictions with ratings and so forth.


I wouldn’t worry about the R rating. Almost certainly leaning more toward teenage, than gutwrenching slasher movie territory anyway. They’ll probably do retakes of key scenes. Once for the cinema and another for TV screenings. I didn’t see The Wrath of Khan fully uncut and that Ceti eel crawl into Chekov’s ear for years back in the day.

And as for colourful metaphors, it’s the future… invent a few new ones Pinkskin.

The next adventure after Beyond. Hopefully still following the same crew aboard the Enterprise. Time travel. Picard, and maybe one or two more existing characters from the larger, not exclusively TOS universe. Sign me up.

“I wouldn’t worry about the R rating. Almost certainly leaning more toward teenage, than gutwrenching slasher movie territory anyway.”

I hope you’re right but I cannot imagine that with QT at the helm. He has managed to include that stuff in almost every single one of his movies and I don’t see any indication, he won’t do it again for his take on Trek.

But the truly sad aspect is that “teenagers” are used to this sort of stuff anyway these days. There are hardly any genre shows left that aren’t rated 16+ in my place. GoT and TWD is watched by most teenagers anyway. So as a matter of fact, “teenage” does include “gutwreching” gore nowadays. Now also coming to our Star Trek universe…

There are 7-year-old kids posing with photorealistic zombie make-up for Halloween. Over at Bloody Disgusting, there is a father who writes a column about how he’s showing horror movies to his sons, aged 6, 8 and 10! Just two examples for how viewing habits have changed for the worse, even among tender aged kids and teens.

Youth protection? There maybe hard laws concerning that in some countries like the UK and Germany, but they don’t stand a chance against the internet! Countries like France have taken a more liberal approach already… I just don’t know what to make of this!

QT should pick an obscure, not-very-good early episode to remake as something cool.

Perhaps a weak season two ep.

To differentiate it from the original, maybe it could be called ‘Royale with Cheese.’


If Paramount was really ambitious and wanted to do the kind of thing Marvel is doing they would revive the TNG timeline with a movie set 30 years after the TNG series, then over in JJ verse produce another Kirk movie there with the goal of bringing the two movies together in the 3rd movie. Release one movie each year.

Or alternatively write parallel stories over in JJ verse that don’t involve Kirk and friends, and give us a couple new Trek movies every year produced with different stars and different directors, yet bringing them all together every 4 years or so with a bigger cross-over story.

Probably the best part about what Marvel is doing is releasing movies more than once every 4 years so they can build a better universe. It’s like the benefits of TV with the schedule and budget of the movie world.

The problem is: Paramount doesn’t have the money. Disney makes who know how many billions of dollars each year. They can afford to pump out another mega blockbuster every few weeks. From what I’ve heard Paramount is in financial trouble and has been for some time. They have like one or maybe two big releases per year. So they basically release one big franchise movie and rotate between their (not too many) franchises.
While Marvel movies are still very successful financially I also know quite a few people who don’t watch them anymore because there are just too many.

People who think there are too many Marvel movies can effectively be ignored. It’s obviously not affecting the success of the franchise. It’s not like you have to view every movie in the theater. I mean do those same people also complain when a TV series has more than 8 episodes per year?

PICARD: “Like a Virgin” is all about a girl who digs a guy with a big dilithium drill. The whole song is a metaphor for big dilithium drills.

ALT-KIRK: No it’s not. It’s about a girl who is very vulnerable and she’s been mistreated a few times by a Cardassian. Then she meets a Betazoid who’s really sensitive–

PICARD: Whoa…whoa…time out Greenbay. Tell that targ manure to the tourists.

ADMIRAL CARTWRIGHT:(looking through his address book) Toby…who the devil is Toby? Toby…Toby…Oh devil, Toby’s that little Risa girl…

Herschell Gordon Lewis once created what later became the R-Rated branch of movie making around the same time GR created TOS. Both “realms” have peacefully co-existed for over 50 years now. Yes, even Trek has taken some inspiration from R-Rated contents over the years. TFF and NEM were influenced by the likes of Mad Max with those desert scenes. But it still remained its own thing.
Both lines of entertainment now merging just feels plain wrong. This happening to Star Trek now does mean it can happen to every franchise: Star Wars, Middle-earth (very likely!), even the Wizarding World of HP…
The X-verse was the starting point, but there, it could be justified by the adult-oriented source material of Old Man Logan, Deadpool comics etc… Star Trek has had no such source material… not ever! It feels like nothing but betrayal to the heart and soul of this beloved franchise!

This is one of the best Trek news ever ! I hope QT gets to make the film. Now people are worried because QT films are known for their violence and profanity. I have no issue with profanity….hell….I curse a lot myself. LoL. If the film is a time travel story and some of it takes place in the modern era…profanity shouldn’t be an issue. As long as it is used to further the story….who cares ? For those with children….just keep them home.

This is true. I have always thought star trek was more serious and adult oriented, R rating should be fine. Star Wars is more of a family show and more fitting for pg 13.


Alec Alphonsa Grimes,

Not likely to happen as they are currently committing funds toward the purchase of 20th Century FOX.

Honestly, they might as well. Both franchises have been corrupted into parodies of their former, glorious selves. Might as well go the whole hog.

Cripes, Mark Hamill would do Corvette Summer II for Tarentino. This is not news.