11 Things We Want To See In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Before The Season Ends

There are just three more episodes left in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. Here are the thing we are hoping to see, before they wrap it up.

11. Pahvo’s fate

The Pahvans are a unique and rather naïve species; they need further investigation and protection. The Discovery just jumped away at the end of “Into the Forest I Go” even though more Klingons were almost certainly on their way. So are they okay?

The ethereal Pahvans may need some protection

10. Airiam’s origins

It would be nice if we got to know a bit more about the intriguing Lieutenant Commander Airiam, the Discovery’s Spore Drive Operations Officer.  Maybe we can find out just what she is? We know she’s not a robot, she’s some kind of augmented being. Is she human or an alien? (We’ve heard differing stories, none are on-screen canonical yet) Does she need all those cyborg-like replacements due to some kind of major rare illness?

What’s under all that augmentation?

9. Explanation for the black badges

Way back in episode 3 (“Context is for Kings”) we caught a glimpse of special black insignia, but they haven’t been seen again. The badges were on officers who were guarding the door to an engineering lab. Maybe there’s more weird science to be done on board the USS Discovery. (They did say that the Discovery is capable of accommodating “300 discrete scientific missions.”) There’s also that lingering fan theory that Section 31 is involved somehow.

The black badge worn by some crewmembers aboard the Discovery

8. Where the real ISS Discovery went

When the USS Discovery was  sent into the Mirror Universe it was transposed with its Terran Empire counterpart. So while the Discovery has been in the Mirror Universe, the ISS Discovery has presumably been in the Prime Universe, under the command of Captain “Killy.” So, what has this evil ship been up to?

Captain “Killy” – The Slayer of Sorna Prime and The Witch of Wurna Minor

7. L’Rell’s next move

After releasing Voq to Sto-vo-kor, it seems like L’Rell’s best laid schemes are over. She betrayed Kol already so his supporters in the Klingon Empire probably aren’t too keen on her, so does she simply go to Federation prison? L’Rell always seems to have another move. She purposefully didn’t kill Admiral Cornwell. She’s also said a few times she considers herself a bridge builder, initially between Klingon houses, but she may now see an opportunity to save herself and bring an end to the war which no longer has any meaning for her. T’Kuvma is dead, his followers easily abandoned him for Kol’s food and resources, and the true believer in T’Kuvma, Voq, is also now dead by her hand.

L’Rell and Cornwell face off

6. Status of the mycelial network

What’s going on with the mycelial network? Last week we learned from Mirror Stamets that there’s some kind of corruption (or maybe a better term is “sickness” since these are living multidimensional fungi) in the network. We know the spore drive has to eventually be unusable since of course it’s never used or talked about in the future. So could this corruption be the final nail in the spore drive? Also, what does it mean to be in the network? We see Culber there and he appeared to have knowledge that Stamets didn’t, so he may be more than just a pleasant coat of paint for the network to present itself to Paul. If there’s more to this, does it mean the mycelial network is like the Nexus from Generations? Can Paul somehow retrieve Hugh?

Stamets meets himself in the network

 5. Tyler’s condition explained

After a hasty scene in Sunday’s episode, we’re pretty sure L’Rell terminated the Voq consciousness, leaving just Tyler. But what does that actually leave behind? Surely this version of Tyler is forever changed with the odd flashes of his conversion and conditioning remaining, he still should have some kind of PTSD-like symptoms from all of this. With Voq gone, are we just going to consider him Ash Tyler? Will he just go back to work like nothing happened? How does Stamets feel about all of this, considering Tyler is responsible for his partner’s death? And lastly, does Tyler still get random cravings for gagh?

L’Rell’s magic scalp treatment

4. Lorca’s (and Lorca’s) backstory

Now that we know the suspicions were true, just how did Mirror Lorca cross over? Perhaps he already knows the secrets of the USS Defiant and interphasic space? Did Prime Lorca die with his crew on the USS Buran? Or perhaps Mirror Lorca switched places with his Prime counterpart (as in “Mirror, Mirror”), so perhaps our Prime Universe Lorca died on the ISS Buran in Mirror Lorca’s place?

Whatever happened, Mirror Lorca seems to have quite a plan cooked up. In the promotional photos released on Tuesday we can see Mirror Stamets is being held at gunpoint, so Lorca seems to need a Stamets in the Mirror Universe for something too.

Lorca sure looks shifty in this picture…

3. An end to the Klingon war

Discovery began with sparking a war with the Klingons. When the USS Discovery jumped into the Mirror Universe, the crucial information about how to defeat the Klingon cloak went with them. So, in order to wrap up what was supposed to be the season-long arc, presumably they need to get back to get that crucial information to Starfleet Command. Also, we haven’t really seen much of the war, it would be nice to see something of the front lines before the season wraps up.

The USS Gagarin under attack

2. The USS Enterprise

This one is a potentially huge symbol for fans. We got a tease of a “Connie” in the form of a wireframe schematic of the USS Defiant, but that was after 100 years in the Mirror Universe. The Enterprise was name-dropped back in episode 6 (“Lethe”), so it seems like the writers have been toying with the idea of this famous ship for a while. Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise is out there somewhere and seeing it will help cement Discovery as being set in the Prime universe. But please no uncanny valley CGI versions of Jeff Hunter and Leonard Nimoy. Just including the ship and lingering on her name on the hull, or something similar, would suffice.

The USS Enterprise circa 2254 (The Cage)

1. Burnham’s redemption

The focal character of Star Trek: Discovery is Michael Burnham, who began as the first officer of the USS Shenzhou only to be stripped of all rank and sent to prison after an attempted mutiny. Above all, this season has been about her journey. After all her heroics, her discovery of the tardigrade “Ripper” being an integral part of the spore drive, and helping to gather the data needed to defeat the Klingon cloak, her status remains that of a “Specialist” on loan from prison. We’ve seen people like Ro Laren and Tom Paris, who were court martialed and sent to penal colonies, come back and earn their place among the commissioned officers. Can Starfleet and the Federation forgive her and even reinstate her as an officer? Perhaps more importantly, can Burnham finally forgive herself for the betrayal of her mentor, Captain Georgiou? 

Burnham hit rock bottom in episode 3, but is on an arc of redemption


Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel, it is also available on the CraveTV streaming service. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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How about before the end of the season the show actually reconciles itself with either the continunity of enterprise or with TOS or both or actually establishes that it exists within its own canon independent to the other shows?

Really? This is still an issue for some? It’s Prime. Get over it or move on with your life.

I just want it to so we can get past this debate. You know it won’t until they firmly show the TOS connections on screen. Even Enterprise had to do that for the exact same reasons.

It’s doing nothing to with prime or not.

It’s simply this, if it is a sequel to enterprise why doesn’t it follow enterprise’s cannon?
It’s like claiming a book is a sequel to the hobbit and a prequel to the lord of rings and but in the new book bilbo does not have the ring of invisibility and is not super rich.
That’s just false advertising.

I just can’t bring myself to care that much anymore. I’m enjoying the show.

I’m 42. Just doesn’t phase me anymore

what canon are you speaking of that it doesn’t follow. If it has anything to do with the “look” of the show, don’t bother answering

Don’t care about the visuals of the show.

The augment virus from enterprise to name one thing that should be impacting discovery. One would think that archer saving millions/billions of Kligon lives should have put the humans in the good books of the Kligons.
Yet it seems to have done nothing to improve relations between the Kligons and the humans.
Where is the “honour” in destroying a people who saved you from possible extinction?

Where is all the great technology from enterprise from future tech, to sulliban cloak to whatever the humans learned from the Xindi?

you are familiar with the hostilities with the Klingons in TOS and movies up to ST6?

Yep. But what has that got to do with enterprise?
Enterprise was a new/different timeline to the original show due to the temporal Cold War.
That’s what the first two seasons of enterprise was about and parts of 3 and 4, people changing the timeline.
Changed timeline means a different future to the one in TOS.


That’s a fan theory nothing more. Until a character states it on screen- it’s not canon.

ISABELLA, The Temporal Cold War changed nothing. When Kirk and Spock went back to 1968, it was obvious America and the US Air Force has pretty much what it was suppose to be.

So you’re conflating your desire to see specific storylines from Enterprise with the in correct assumption that Discovery is violating canon?

I’m not a bit surprised the Klingons are still hostile to us. There have been plenty of incidents all across the timeline that show that the Klingons are notoriously duplicitous and ungrateful to humans no matter what we do for them.

Archer went out of his way and brought that Klingon courier back to the Q’onos With proof they we’re being manipulated into a civil war. They pulled a knife on him and told to get the @##% out.

Even the Klingon Federation Alliance in Picard’s time would be just a marriage of convenience because of the Praxis eco-disaster. Garon rewrote history and gave Picard no credit for helping him become leader of the High Council.

The ever hopeful Federation just doesn’t get it. The Klingons just ain’t attracted to us.

Isabella, if you’re going to be that much of a stickler for canon, there shouldn’t even be female captains yet.

I don’t hear any moaning about the discontinuity of a Capt. Phillipa Georgeou existing in the first place. No, no. When we realize in retrospect that a vision of the future as seen from 1966 was glaringly sexist, we can revise canon all we want, no questions asked. It’s an era ten years before Kirk’s Enterprise but Michael Burnham ain’t just sitting pretty opening hailing frequencies, is she?

There’s an old saying that goes “the future ain’t what it used it to be”. Roll with it.

Because a cannon is a gun.

Haha with you 100% Dana, I so HATE that spelling error.

Yes Alex, really!

It’s kind… impossible to be Prime at present. And yeah, for some people, consistency and 50 years of established Star Trek still matter after 3/4 of a season of a new show. :-)

If they’re going to claim it’s prime, they need to actually reconcile it with Prime; right now, they seem content to just say that and ask people to take their word for it. And look, you can claim that Donald Trump is a liberal-democrat, or that hamburger patties are a kind of plant, but if the actual evidence contradicts that… people are going to doubt the validity of that claim. :-)

Yeah, I can’t sleep at night not knowing how gel buttons, analog, and plywood decks on the Starship Enterprise are going to reconcile.

Nothing do to with aesthetics, if you cannot see that it’s plot contradicts both enterprise and tos that’s your fault for not being able to a follow a story.

Bad continuity is bad continuity.

If it’s a new continuity don’t constantly lie about it fitting into the other shows
That’s just false adversiting.

Novel’s have been written about how Trek has never followed continuity. Ever. I prefer to look at the body of work as a whole, which allows for considerable license for all these nit-pics you seem to be losing sleep over. Try it sometime. The message of Trek is a hopeful vision for the future, not perfection in continuity.

I have no problem treating it as its own thing.
I personally do not think there is any need to follow continuity I just don’t like false/misleading adveristing/promotion.

So what’s the problem? It is its own thing, a Trek show, set ten years prior to TOS. If continuity/canon isn’t an issue for you, then what are you complaining about?

I understand what Isabella is saying. Looking for a concrete, connecting thread. I suspect that may be coming in the season finale.

the connecting thread is that it’s STAR TREK

I just don’t like false/misleading claims in adveristing and promotion for things.

Such as claiming that it is a prequel to the original show, which many people involved in the show have repeatedly said.

Okay, so you’re arguing this is not Star Trek. It’s okay if you feel that way, but at some point support the argument. If you’re arguing that Enterprise, set in the pre-Federation Trek universe, was also a mirror universe, and it sets up this show, that’s fine, too. The problem is, that is also Star Trek. Here’s why you’re getting the push back – I’m making that argument, not you. All you’re saying is you feel lied to, and not explaining why. Otherwise, it looks like you’re whining about the aesthetic, and frankly, that has been beat to death….

I agree Phil. Its OK to feel that way, but you have to say WHY. I mean its how message boards work. I have some of the same issues as well but I don’t think it affects me like it does her. I knew the show was going to be completely different and said it for months before we saw the first trailer. I’m not remotely shocked what they did and was prepared for it. That said, it probably changed things too much IMO for a lot of Star Trek fans. People were moaning that the show was using the freaking arrow head symbol so OF COURSE I’m not shocked people are upset by what they are seeing lol.

That said you either accept it or you don’t. I have always said if the show is good enough most people won’t care. IF it sucks, then it will be it will be discussed to death. I think currently its somewhere in the middle. I think most people are enjoying it and therefore those issues are becoming less and less. By season 2 and 3 no one will be talking about it. But at the moment its still a heated discussion and its completely understandable why. But nothing is going to change so you either accept it or you don’t.

If it bothers you that much, dont watch.

There has been no “false/misleading adveristing/promotion,” so you have nothing to worry about.

Thats so funny. Like the marketing team at CBS is bothering you. haha yeah right. Send them a strongly worded email. Start an internet movement about misleading marketing. Who cares?

Before STID came out we were told it was great. It sucked. Dont blame the marketers.

The whole Khan thing must have sent you into therapy.

No, wrong. It’s incumbent on YOU, not us, to point out why you think it violates continuity. You’re the one making that claim.

Saying something over and over again that is untrue does not make it true. Either cite specific examples so we can correct you or stop.

Before the show launched the people behind the show said stuff like-

Any kind of canon is like Scripture. There’s some interpretation going on,” she said. “I really find that my favorite creative people can look at those boundaries and say, there’s so much room within to play. Instead of going outside the lines, we can dig deeper within the boundaries that exist.”
“The audience just has to be patient, because typically, if it seems like we’re violating canon, we know,” said Harberts. “We know that people might have knee-jerk reactions to things. But we have a plan.”

Behind that plan is a writers’ room full of Star Trek superfans, who litigate the canon as seriously as courtroom lawyers. “We negotiate. We haggle. We horse-trade. We always ask, ‘How do we serve canon and the story?’ ” said Harberts. “You’ve got to find a way to meet in the middle.”

A lifelong fan of Trek, she says she was hired not only for her abilities as a storyteller but also for her “freakish memory,” which helps her flag parts of the script that could clash with existing canon

Harberts assures me that the writers are themselves “fanatical” about fact-checking the information they find on the wiki: They’ll sometimes rewatch, or ask Maranville to rewatch, an entire episode based on a single detail in a Memory Alpha entry. But rather than running away from Trek fans’ infamous attention to detail, they’re using it to their advantage.


So before the show launched they were going to super attentive to canon then it became:

Series writer Akiva Goldsman has said that the technology won’t be hugely different to what fans already recognise.
“We are wildly aware of everything that appears to be a deviation from canon. We will close out each of those issues when we close out our ten-year period and hit TOS,” Akiva said at New York Comic Con.


Aaron Harbert has now revealed reconciling the series with the premiere Star Trek is “going to be a big discussion that we have in season two”.
We have ten years until the original series comes into play,” Harbert said (via Metro).
It is a challenge creatively because we have lots of choices, in terms of how do we reconcile this [Spore] drive? This surrogate daughter of Sarek? How do we reconcile these things the closer we get to the original series?
“That’s going to be a big discussion that we have in season two.

So we went from before the show started it being super aware of canon, colouring within the lines, saying that canon was like scripture to then saying that they were being challenging creatively in order to reconcile the show with the original.

They are just a few examples pulled up in about 5 minutes.

They originally promoted the show in a way which indicated that they were going to colour within the lines with their super attention of detail to canon and make a proper prequel to the original show. To now it being that they will eventually figure out a way of reconciling the two shows.

How is that not misleading?

The season isn’t even over… Maybe they do reconcile things in the end. They obviously are aware of the augment stuff because they structured much of the current plot around something that happened in that same season of Enterprise. You should probably give it time to play out before claiming it doesn’t work.

Well Said Ashley.

Nope. You’re looking for things to whine about. You could examine any season of TOS, the films and the other series and find minor things too.

TUP, my gods, yes, the plotholes and inconsistencies in TOS are big enough to drive a Klingon battle fleet through ;^)

Maybe its the proliferation of sites like this, but it seems so weird that the nit-pickers are so determined.

Im a canon junkie but I see far more examples of Discovery doing its best to support Enterprise and TOS than conflict with it.

You can find some pretty big problems, too.

@ TUP…you can find some pretty big problems, too…

It’s not misleading. Unless you are super obsessed with canon. I’m trusting you were this worked up when Trek V hit the big screen, and Spocks half brother showed up out of nowhere. As I mentioned earlier, these breaks in continuity are all over the place in Trek – few watch for that reason, but many watch for what the show does represent.

Please, if there’s is to be any hope for peace and civility here, DO NOT mention Sybok, Uhura getting nekkid, getting to the center of the galaxy like it’s a flight to Honolulu. None of it. There was no Star Trek V. You arrogant stubborn humans. One more time. How many lights do you see?


Okay, bear with me. Here’s what they say:

“… if it seems like we’re violating canon, we know,” said Harberts. “‘How do we serve canon and the story?’ You’ve got to find a way to meet in the middle.”
Meeting in the middle, to me, indicates there is compromise, and compromise is the least imperfect option, not the perfect option.

Goldsman: “We are wildly aware of everything that appears to be a deviation from canon. We will close out each of those issues when we close out our ten-year period and hit TOS”
Meaning, we can do whatever the feck we want as long as it doesn’t mess in TOS’s sandbox.
It may APPEAR to be a deviation from canon is also a key thought here, i.e., some people may see it as a deviation, but … all will be resolved.

Harbert: “going to be a big discussion that we have in season two”
Big discussions in the writers’ and producers’ rooms don’t necessarily mean there’s a satisfactory resolution in the eyes of some fans.

Isabella, I hate to burst any bubbles here, but these are showrunners and producers talking about their jobs making a product to sell. If they do a good job and it sells well, they’ll be back to do more.

In other words, “if fans get upset about every little thing we’ve said, promised, or whatever, it’s no skin off our noses, we still have jobs.”

Actually I think it fits with Enterprise quite well. They haven’t said a lot about that show to really screw it up that badly IMO and one of the things I actually respect is how they gelled their MU story line with Enterprise. And Enterprise was a century ago so its not hard to inject what it did and add new things obviously.

With TOS though, they clearly violated things visually. I find it funny reading these threads as if there are no differences lol. But I guess they are mostly responding to story continuity. Again I don’t think thats been too bad but sure visually it might as well be in another universe. Nothing about the two are remotely familiar when even the uniforms are completely different. But thats been talked about to death.

I’m kind of hoping next season the show won’t even go back to the PU or they just throw it in the future somewhere so these issues can go away. Of course they wouldn’t be there if they didn’t decide to call it a prequel and essentially reboot it which is all they did but what’s done is done now.

At this point we can hope they reconcile some of it but I really don’t care for them to because it would feel more ridiculous to me. The best advice is just try to enjoy the show as it own which I am learning to do and getting a lot of it that way.

It doesn’t seem to contradict too much from either ENT or TOS to me. They’ve heavily referenced “In a Mirror, Darkly” for this show, had some great nods to both ENT and TOS in “Lethe” and even the tech is fairly reasonably reconcilable with the rest of Trek (so far, the DSC characters have not let the rest of the Prime Universe know about the Mirror Universe, though we don’t know how, the spore drive will probably suffer some kind of catastrophic failure, and the holographic and synthesizer tech can fit in with TOS, considering it’s still significantly less advanced than TNG, and TOS was never all that specific with the workings of those technologies).

Two of the bigger canon-violating decisions, in my book, are the D-7, and the intraship beaming. The first one is hard to justify, but the second one could be because the ship seems to be a testbed for all kinds of tech anyway.

How does it not fit with Enterprise?

I’m really hoping they establish it as its own continuity, since they clearly have no intention of aligning it with TOS.

To misquote Rhett Butler
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a rat’s ass”

I’m just enjoying this show and the performances. Inconsistencies, as we longtime fans know, are endemic to Trek. Much as we love her, she has some blemishes.

Agreed Isabella.

We’ve had Georgiou on a plate, Saru’s cousin on a plate… It’s time for All-You-Can-Eat Klingon Luau Night on the ISS Golden Corral.

mmmmm….tastes like chicken!

I do kind of want to see Emperor Georgiou make it to the wreckage of the sarcophagus ship in the Prime Universe and find some Kol remains to feast on.

That’s so funny what you did there! HAHAHAHAHAAA…

I’ll have some sweet pork, please

How about this, why don’t we enjoy Discovery for what it is and trust that the appropriate connections will be made when the time comes?

Gary, really? What universe are you from?

The same universe that we are both living in right now.
You can disagree with me without being rude.

It… was… a… joke. Context. Read the thread you’re on. Humor: Arrr Arrr.

Dry humor rarely translates well in print, unfortunately.

Star Trek fans enjoying Star Trek seems like an impossible feat a lot of times. The crazy thing is I generally love it all. Sure I love some shows more than others and there definitely tons of stinkers in episodes and a few films but if I found myself hating as much Trek as so many people seem to do here I would’ve given up on the franchise long ago.

It’s like they used to say in the Coast Guard, “if the crew’s bitching, they’re happy.”

Goes for Tonkinese cats, too.

Agreed Gary.

I take the show for what it is. It’s got Klingons, that look a bit like past versions (there was a good deal of variance of look even among the ‘hairy, horny’ Klingons across the various TV shows and different movies,) starships that broadly conform to the saucer-with-extensions of past Treks, there’s a Federation, a Starfleet, even the delta badge. Otherwise, as you’d expect, visually everything’s been upgraded and updated.

I think ‘canon’ is a set of handcuffs that limits creativity. I accept that this show is ‘Once upon a time in the Star Trek multiverse.’ Slavish addiction to continuity is pointless; any ‘current’ show should simply pick the bits of past shows and ignore the rest.

Berman’s four series logically fit together under a single producer’s umbrella and bits and pieces of TOS were selectively used.

The Discovery team similarly should beat their own path and use the bits of the past shows they want and ignore the rest.

I think there is a difference between discontinuity and revision. Discontinuity is when you have major blunders like Scotty coming out of transporter oblivion wondering if Jim Kirk came to his rescue. Star Trek V’s Enterprise having 64 decks – numbered the wrong direction even. That’s inexcusable. And don’t even get me started on warp drive numbers.

Revision is when you allow for the fact that our vision of the future viewed from 1966 needed some technological and sociological reimagining so Star Trek extends from 21st century reality not the mid-20th. Why did ST Enterprise and ST Discovery have female captains when TOS wouldn’t allow it? Because — canon be damned — TOS got it wrong, that’s all.

Maybe we can find out if the mirror Lorca family business made misfortune cookies.

And with that, why the hell don’t we have actual misfortune cookies? I’m making that a thing! Oh…nevermind, we have them…

Suddenly I have a picture of a luckless officer, late for work, getting called to the Captain’s Ready Room, where Lorca stands behind his desk.
Lt Luckless: You wished to see me, sir?
Lorca: Pick a fortune cookie. Read it aloud.
Luckless: “‘Late’ has two meanings”
Lorca [phaser in hand] “So long”

In this case, NOT better late, then never!

You all made my day! :D

I think a lot of these loose ends are going to evaporate w/o resolution. Clearly there was a change in direction when Fuller left.

Fuller is the missing thread. You can outline an entire season but a shift in showrunners alters the direction of what was initially intended.

Seems like a lot of those early mysteries of the Discovery were left by the wayside after episode 3, which is a shame because they’re what really drew me into the series in the first place, not the boring pilot. Also seeing the CGI Enterprise from ten years ago is so jarring alongside modern CGI, yikes.

Agreed, it’s almost like the ship doesn’t have any life. maybe now I understand why some fans didn’t like the cgi added to TOS episodes

there are 3 episodes and another season left. That is so childish to think they have to appeal to your “I want it now” attitude

Is this comment in response to mine? Cuz I don’t know what this “I want it now” attitude is that you’re talking about…it certainly isn’t related to anything I wrote.

OK I’m confused, what ‘mysteries’? Are you talking about some of the plot threads or the ship itself? For *me* it feels like they are covering their bases pretty well and answered the biggest questions in the last two episodes alone. And there are three more left this season. And yeah, there is still next season, right?

But I’m curious what exactly do you think they haven’t answered yet you think they won’t?

I guess the military-looking guards with black delta’s is something we havent seen since. Although its not unreasonable to have guards around the critical engineering areas…maybe they were there solely for Michael’s arrival.

there certainly seemed to be a change from the “pilot” episodes to the rest of the series. I prefer the tone and writing of everything we’ve seen since, especially since the last couple of episodes before the break, over the “pilot”.

Without knowing who was responsible for what, and making big assumptions, it would seem to me losing Fuller was a benefit.

I didn’t mean they left mysteries unanswered, although the black badges mentioned above certainly has been left untouched, but like the general “mystique” of what’s going on on Discovery was answered by the end of the third episode. Like it was set up to be some big secret, “This is Discovery,” we’re different, water floats in our ship, but all the interesting possibilities set up in that episode all seemed to be over by the end of it. I was hoping some of these mysteries would last the season, like is there more going on with Discovery than meets the eye? I guess Lorca being evil is kinda a big one, but idk, I just liked the flavor of that episode a lot more than the direction the series took after it.

Why is seeing the USS Enterprise such a crucial thing? Discovery is part of Prime Universe, Enterprise has been mentioned as a Constellation class starship already. We know that Christopher Pike exists (seen on the screen of most decorated officers). So why do we need to see it as we already know it exists?

It’s not, any more then seeing Matt Decker is.

Constitution-class. Constellation-class was Picard’s Stargazer.

Agreed. I’d rather they not try to mix the modern aesthetics with the ’60s aesthetics. It’s jarring enough in this book I’m trying to read [“Desperate Hours”] … unless they can somehow update everything smoothly, I’d rather not see.

This is the problem with prequels. You set it up this idea of creating a universe with all these nostalgic elements around just to entice people to watch the show (and why they made Burnham Spock’s freaking sister out of all things) but then shocked when the fans actually WANT to see those things. You can’t exactly blame them. If you have a character that is now a sibling to a famous character currently working on a famous ship then yeah some fans will naturally want to see that at some point. Its human nature.

But uou set the show decades after that (and you DON’T have your main character tied as sibling to another) then you get rid of all those expectations. I personally don’t care that we never see the Enterprise or the TOS characters. I would love it if we can go 5 seasons and never hear their names ever uttered but don’t hold your breath. ;)

11. Don’t really care
10. You know what this episode needs? More cowbell!
9. Nah, don’t really care, either.
8. Spock was wrong, apparently savages can behave like civilized beings.
7. My guess, the honorable way out.
6. I’d bet a dollar DS9’s prophets lived in the mycelial network. TNG invented some environmental catastrophe that warp drive was causing (and ignored for the rest of the series), Discovery can do the same thing for the spore drive and abandon it.
5. Trek spends a fair amount of time poo-pooing practices of faith, I doubt L’Rell’s story would hold up in a Federation court. Do they shoot spies, too?
4. It seems to be as easy to skip back and forth between the prime and MU as it is to time travel, and steal Federation starships. Lorca will turn up somewhere.
3. When they get back, supreme being Willy Wonka put an end to the war.
2. No cameo’s, please.
1. Still a convicted mutineer. And she was duped by a Klingon spy. They wouldn’t promote her to captain now, would they?

Actually that ‘environmental catastrophe’ wasn’t forgotten and was considered through the rest of the series, into Voyager, and apparently even in Nemesis.


I’ll never understand people wanting a sci fi show in 2017 to look like it was made in 1966.

Most poeple don’t want it to look like it was made in 1966.

They just the want the show’s story to match up with the original if it’s a prequel to the original (like what happens in proper prequels to books and films) which is apparently a terribly odd thing to ask for according to some people.

Or follow the continuity of enterprise (which is what happens in proper sequels to books and films) which again seems to be a terriblly odd thing to ask for according to some people.

I suspect this would really not work for some but I’ve already though there should be a crossover with Pike’s Enterprise at some point, and that Enterprise should be tweaked to look in line with the other ships in Discovery (ditto uniforms etc though they could still be a bit different as that’s often happened in Star Trek before across different ships/bases). The idea that that’s been the way it looked all along, we’re just seeing it better now.

That’s my thought to. Discovery is a visual reboot of the franchise.

It must be nice to be offensive to people for no reason.

ISabella, you keep making these incorrect statements. What doesnt match??

The Kligon cloaks for one thing. If cloaks existed a decade before tos why were they all so shocked by the existence of a cloak in Balance of terror?

Why was a Kligon federation war occurring not mentioned in TOS?
Why was Kirk and company not serving in the war?

Even the episode “the tholian’s web” which in a mirror darkly was directly connected to through the use of the uss defiant contradicts discovery.
In the tholian’s web Chekov asks Spock had there even been a munity on a starfleet ship. Spock says no.

It is kind of hard to reconcile that with the idea that about a decade earlier Spock’s adopted sister committed munity, (the first one to do so) and stared the war with the Kligons. Even if Spock did not want to reference his sister for some reason. How would chekov not know what happened? Since it was established in episode 3 Michael was “famous”. So it could not have been made classified.
Did Chekov not pay attention to the news growing up? Did he not learn history at the academy?

Thats just a couple of examples of things not matching tos.

Maybe Kirk and never seen a cloak.

The war was over. There was plenty of evidence to show that tensions were still high between Klingons and Federation. Wars dont last forever and you know TOS was ten years after Discovery, right?

Spock lied to protect his sister. Or the mutiny gets changed. Or its a MINOR FRIGGEN THROWAWAY LINE IN A 1960’s TV SHOW! Good grief. If you want to whine about minor things, then you must HATE Trek which contradicted itself many times.

You should stop watching. You seem joyless

You have repeatedly posted on my comments wanting to know how Discovery does not match TOS.

When I point out some of the ways Discovery does not fit in with TOS, not even an episode that it is supposed to be explicitly connected to you get aggressive and call me joyless.
You continue to make up excuses rather than just accepting discovery does not fit in with TOS.

You are the one who seems to be joyless. My comment on the new look for the Kligons making them look like “Space Orcs” was obviously a joke, rather than accepting it was joke you want to know what “old look”.

Discovery does not fit in with TOS. No matter how many excuses you make for discovery this is not going to change. There is no such thing as “visuals are not canon”; this idea does not exist in any medium of entertainment.
Of course visuals are cannon.

You have now invented new an excuse for why discovery does not match TOS, throwaway lines are not canon. Of course they are canon.

Unless under your understanding of canon visuals are not canon, certain sentences are not canon, how long will it be before whole episodes will not be canon?
Will you just keep on eliminating things from TOS to make it fit Discovery?

Just accept Discovery does not connect to TOS. There are too many differences between the two shows.

It is not the end of the world if Discovery does not match TOS’s canon.

Isabella, Star Trek canon has contradicted itself many, many times- some times even in the same series. It was a good while before they nailed down Starfleet as the organisation that constructed the Enterprise! And even the age of the big E has been changed from series to movie.

And with the greatest respect to you- you say that it’s the not the end of the world if Discovery doesn’t match up with TOS, but that’s exactly how we are reading your posts.


Yes you’re right. A lot of Discovery doesn’t remotely fit with TOS visually. I mean anyone who has eyes and ears knows that. Its an insult to even try and somehow suggest it.

And yes what I find pretty funny is ALL the fans who hated the KT films because those didn’t look like it fit TOS (although to be fair it was suppose to be a direct interpretation of TOS vs Discovery being a prequel) but oddly some of those SAME fans seem to excuse the exact same issues Discovery has as the KT films did. It boggles the mind. And the KT films are in another universe, so it has an excuse why that Enterprise is bigger than the Enterprise D.

Now of course that said, others are right. EVERY show has contradicted other canon. I was arguing with some guy a few days ago who said he doesn’t consider TNG canon because some of it contradicted TOS while he seems to accept Discovery which nearly the entire look of the show contradicts it not to mention all the technology updates like the Klingon cloak you mentioned and the fact you can beam within the ship itself. These aren’t big things but YES they are canon violations and its so odd how fans seem to excuse something from one show while constantly deriding another for the exact same thing. This is why being on sites like this makes you want to pull your hair out. Not only is there not always consistency in the shows, there is not consistency in the argument of those shows by fans.

End of the day, this what I’m starting to realize. When a fan likes a show or film, they will make any and every excuse for it. When they don’t like it, they will complain about the smallest minutiae in the world. Its basically a double standard at work here.

And I’m not saying you hate Discovery and why you are pointing this out. I do agree with your points above and I like the show. But it is a complete head scratcher why they completely went this direction.

But as I said, it is what it is. We know its getting one more season and maybe those things will get reconciled as I said earlier but I actually hope not. Its just too jarring at this point IMO. Changing uniforms and making the bridge look more like plywood isn’t going to do much but put lipstick on a pig.

I would tell anyone if you want a different type of Trek show thats a bit more darker and bolder with its own aesthetics, give it a chance. But if you are looking for a continuation of TOS or TNG stories of exploration and social consciousness while looking for it to fall visually in that canon like the other shows, then maybe you should skip it.

Its not going to be a show that will please everyone. My time on Reddit is baring that out.

No, Isabella, you’re practically trolling. If you dislike how the show looks, dont watch. It serves no purpose to hate watch and then annoy people with silly complaints.

There is literally nothing that violates major canon. Minor things? Sure. Its a 50+ year franchise. And Discovery is hardly the first instance in Trek where there have been minor inconsistencies.

The theory behind the cloak got figured out pretty darn fast. As stealth technology is a very real thing now, and proof of concept of a rudimentary cloaking device is also on the drawing boards now, why would you create a 23rd century show and pretend it doesn’t exist, save to match continuity with a show created in the 60’s?

TOS was littered with fearsome stories of vicious and ruthless Klingons, as told by members of Starfleet. These Klingons didn’t earn this reputation in knitting klatches, it came from battle. In this war, and probably from intelligence Starfleet gathered from observing the Klingons in other conflicts.

Discovery’s first season isn’t over yet, and they have already laid the groundwork that Michael Burnam may have been scapegoated by her conviction. How this is resolved remains to be seen, but if a mutiny charge is rescinded, then Spock would be correct in saying there had been no mutiny on a Starfleet vessel. Just as an aside, what is understood to be a mutiny may be a bit different in the fleet, as plenty of stories are out there where one of Starfleets finest fell under alien influence. Marla McGivers certainly committed an act of mutiny in helping Khan seize Enterprise, an event that occurred before the Tholian Web incident. That apparently slipped Chekov’s mind….

Yeah, when I think of mutiny I think of sth. like on the USS Pegasus, where all or most of the crew turns against the captain. Burnham’s “mutiny” lasted about five minutes and she was alone.

Wow that’s actually a good point. Clearly Burnham wasn’t trying to take over the ship being literally a mutineer of one. On top of that she clearly knew her betrayal would only last a few minutes since all she did was knock Gerogiou out. She could’ve at least tied her up or something.

I really don’t like that whole plotline between her action and the Klingon war. It completely sets up the character and show but the more I think about it too, the sloppier it feels. But everything after that with Burnham has been great IMO.

Michael didn’t start the war – she was not able to. The Klingons started it.
For the other points: Can it be they have another big twist?


You are confusing Kirk being surprised that the Romulans with their primitive ships were able to cloak themselves against his sophisticated sensors with Kirk and his Federation being absolutely unfamiliar with cloaking.

To demonstrate your conclusion’s error I draw your attention to the first series’ episode ASSIGNMENT EARTH where in the opening Captain’s log Kirk say’s he’s using the deflector shields to remain invisible to 20th century Earth.

Clearly Kirk knows about technology to cloak, he couldn’t have been surprised about that. Ergo, he was surprised the Romulans had figured their own method to use against him.

Hmmm, okay.
So a successful Captain [Female] would have to be relieved because there are no women starship captains.
Now that would be a terribly odd thing.

I guess because this is what set Star Trek (and Star Wars) apart from other franchises… the universe was relatively coherent, visually and continuity-wise.
Comic book franchises just reboot the entire story every now and then, while Star Trek has persisted for decades. Can you imagine some 1966 Batman gadgets or costumes popping up in the DCEU or on Gotham? NO!

But with Trek, it had been different. TOS was visually acknowledged in every Star Trek series… TNG on the holodeck (Scotty’s episode), the Tribbles episode on DS9, the mirror universe episode on ENT and the TUC episode on VOY.
Now, they are visually rebooting the TOS era entirely and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Because the 1966 show was colorful, hopeful, optimistic, inspiring, and fun. People don’t want the show to LOOK like TOS, but to capture its spirit.

Another question to answer: why do the Klingons look like sewer rats instead of known Klingons?

Because for some reason the designer of the current Kligons in both discovery and into darkness when he thinks of Kligons immediately thinks ORCS IN SPACE! 😜
Hence they look like Orcs in space rather than the old look 😜

Which old look? The Klingons have changed multiple times.

Sometimes from episode to episode.

These Klingons are bald. Rogaine isn’t high on their procurement lists….

Maybe they didn’t want them to look like a shabby Biker gang and more alien instead…

They don’t have to use jelly beans and bardboard walls but the new Star wars largely keep in place the look and feel of a movie made in 1977 for 11 million (40 in today’s money).

You can update and modernize they do it frequently on Doctor Who.

The show isn’t terribly far off in design but enough to make it still stick out like a sore thumb.

#11: No. No, we really don’t need to see that.

I’d just like to see a few more smiles here and there, a bit more fun. Maybe a Shore Leave episode before we move on to season 2 to recup?

yes, while there really hasn’t been a place for that in season 1 understandably. i would like to see that as well in season 2

I dunno, I thought parts of the Mudd episode “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” were pretty damn funny

YEah it would be nice just to have a few comedy episodes. While DS9 was a serious and dark show there was tons of light moments and a lot of comedy episodes (although I could live without most of the Quark ones).

But yeah I hope they add a little more variety in season two where it doesn’t feel so heavy and doom and gloom all the time.

I dont have any issues with the look of the show(ships, uniforms) or even the Klingons. I thought in enterprise they stated that the augment virus didnt affect all klingons. I assumed many Klingons retained their ridges though this time period. another explanation that could work is a sub species like Reman’s and Romulans. after the augment virus disaster took control for a period of time after humans contaminated their Genetic structure and within the next ten years the klingons we know begin gaining control and regaining their ridges. In TOS they would have them back in about 15 years or so, around the refit time of 1701.

but thats me.

We’re supposed to get more with the other bridge officers this week. But a full Airiam explanation might not happen until season 2.

I disagree about the Enterprise. It would seem to make for a weird cameo to show up this season. But surely we WILL see it eventually. If its to be involved in some sort of adventure, then by all means, re-cast the leads (including Spock…and Id love Greenwood as Pike). But if its just a cameo, let’s see them on the view screen.

They could use archival footage for a simple view screen glimpse.

As I recall, there were eleven other Constitution class starships patrolling Federation space at the time of TOS. If we are going to have a little fun with this, pop the USS Constellation in somewhere and show us how Matt Decker came to have the reputation he did. Just sayin…a new show gives the creative team a lot of room to work with.

I agree.

There were 12 of them, aye. That would be fun to see young Matt Decker. And it wouldn’t have to be some worshipful long cameo.

TUP, V If its to be involved in some sort of adventure, then by all means, re-cast the leads (including Spock…and Id love Greenwood as Pike).

They could be seen in holoform or something, passing the torch on a particular mission off to Discovery, because they must go do something else somewhere.

MORE GREENWOOD PIKE!! [and I wonder if Quinto is too busy to do two minutes of Spock] Aye!

Quinto only does Spock cameos in TV commercials. Fun Connie Cap’ns could include Decker, Garth, or Tracey. He could be normal except for an eye-twitch moment of madness for foreshadowing.

I’d like to see that awful looking ship destroyed and have a new USS Discovery commissioned with a more likable crew post-Nemesis time line. Then you can go all out on visuals and tech that shouldn’t be seen during the timeline.

throw out he cast and the current ship.
Is that all?

Oh Brian.
Well, I guess Disco didn’t grow on you as she has me. Nor her crew, apparently.

Bless you. Are you still watching?

Lorca’s my favourite character on Discovery. I hope there is a way to retain him as a primary character (prime or mirror).

He and Burnham have great chemistry. Would love to see them as captain and first [or second] officer !!

I would like MU Lorca to remain the captain for Discovery but highly unlikely that will happen now. Feels like some unfinished business, getting his award, handing in the cloak solution and finally going on some exploration episodes with the crew. Shouldnt have killed doctor, and exposed the tyler/voq thing so quick, that arc should have been played out many seasons and revealed in the final season 7yrs later like a nice bottle of wine.

I don’t think “Culber” had information Stammets didn’t have. Stammets saw and heard what happened to Culber (he was right there) but was spaced-out at the time, and later on in the corridor/storage bay whatever it was, some part of Stammets knew Culber was dead.

I’d like to see the USS Discovery and the ISS Discovery duking it out!
And when in the end the ISS D is going down (bridge on fire, most crewmen dead, “Reliant in Wrath of Khan”-style), Captain Killy realizes in her last moments that it was not her counterpart pulling the strings on the other ship’s bridge, but Saru.
“I have been defeated by FOOD?”, she exclaims, right before the ISS Discovery goes “BOOM”.

Bonus “karma is a b****” points if she gets shown mistreating some Kelpian slave before the battle – e.g. by using him a ottoman for her captain’s chair…

That’s a great idea I had for myself already, too. The two Discoverys “ramboing” it out ;D

I’d love to see the Discovery crossing paths with the Enterprise in a space station out there, and I’d love to see Burnham bumping into Spock and having a chat. And I’d love that Spock to be played by Zachary Quinto.

Don’t hold your breath to any of that. The producers already said you wouldn’t see any of the main TOS characters on the show. Maybe they will figure out a way to show the Enterprise though if fans complain enough.

NOOOOO please Tiger, don’t make them complain MORE.

@Adama — I agree, as a fan I would enjoy that. Non-fans will appreciate the reference to the few things they do know about Star Trek. However, I think Quinto would be a mistake. The writing is on the wall that the KU version of Trek is likely over. The next feature from Paramount will be a reboot, or other focus than TOS era. The current cast of Trek will move on. We all need to get used to the idea of other actors playing these characters, especially now that Nimoy is gone. Spock is a character, not an actor. Until he’s resurrected as a principal regular on a new film or TV series, we need to treat the character as such, untethered to a particular Hollywood personality.

“Connie”? Ok, that’s stupid.

I was thinking the same thing…about your posts.

“Connie” has historically been a nickname for the USS Constellation and the Lockheed Constellation airliner. It generally isn’t associated with “Constitution”.

Is this Star Trek?!

I have a best friend who has ignored 50 damn years of solid Star Trek but loves THIS. To him this is Star Trek but I have to explain so much backstory.

Interesting article in the New York Times today about CBS All Access from the perspective of a Trek fan …


8, 6 and 4 should be indeed explained before the end of the season.

11 and 10 I couldn’t care less about.

The rest should NOT be resolved in 3 episodes. I hope those play over a longer arc in season 2.

11 I’d forgotten about Pahvo. To be honest, I kind assumed it was destroyed by the Klingons. Not too fussed.

10 Airiam adds an amusing bit of background colour to scenes. I don’t have any great desire to know anything more about her, though. Fine if they build her up later though. I like the ‘lower decks’ feel of Discovery, though, so bridge scenes and characters are less of an interest for me.

9 I just assumed the badges were that colour to go with the uniforms.

8 ISS Discovery is an interesting case. Given Captain Tilly might understand that knowledge of a – from her perspective – Mirror Universe would be a death sentence when she returned, she might want to stay in the Prime Universe. Hiding is one option. Another is that, being violent and warmongering, the ISS Discovery could be working very effectively with the Federation, fighting the Klingons.

7 L’Rell is ruthless and highly intelligent. I remain unconvinced the Voq plotline is over and presume she’s biding her time until she returns to the Prime Universe.

6 I’m thinking the top secret Mycelial Network, which I hope survives, will allow Discovery to travel way outside of typical Star Trek locations. There’s no reason to think Discovery can’t continue universe-hopping and travelling anywhere, anywhen in the Prime Universe with Lorca in charge, L’Rell as a kind of Hannibal Lecter and Burnham as unofficial crew.

5 As I said before, I’m not convinced Voq is gone. Tyler could continue on a ship as secretive and unconventional as Discovery with her unconventional crew.

4 Lorca’s fascinating, but I can happily wait until season two or beyond and gradually learn more about him.

3 Given Mirror Voq’s rebellion was running because the Klingon houses were united, the Federation actually needs to ‘lose’ the war, allow the Klingon houses to unite and thus ‘win’ a peace with the Klingon Empire.

2 Not fussed about seeing the Big-E, but I’d be well up for a CGI Pike and Spock, or recast actors (and to find out whether José Tyler is related to Ash.) I’d love to see how the Pike era ship would look, inside and out, updated for the 21st century.

1 I see Burnham’s redemption is a more personal issue within herself. I feel she’s more or less redeemed herself in her mind. Her rehabilitation with Starfleet is a different issue. I feel she can remain a secret member of Discovery’s crew. Everyone else will assume she’s in jail.

Cool. If I have a prediction on what would happen at or before the end of season one of “Star Trek: Discovery,” I say that Michael Burnham’s rank would be restored and that she would get promoted to the rank of Captain and the position of Commanding Officer of “Discovery” with Commander Saru remaining onboard as First Officer.

I’m pretty sure Burnham’s heroism will reedem her but I’m not ready to see her as a captain yet. I’m enjoying her journey as the outsider who has to prove herself. Making her a captain (although she has certainly deserves it) would make this just another captain-centric ST.