Watch: Patrick Stewart Talks About Not Understanding ‘Star Trek’ Tech

While he was shutout of an Oscar nomination for his role in Logan, Sir Patrick Stewart was selected by the Academy to host last night’s Scientific and Technical Awards. Opening the show, the former Star Trek: The Next Generation star lamented about being peppered with questions such as what was the resolution difference between viewscreens on Galaxy Class and Constitution Class starships. Stewart added: “I wouldn’t know the difference between a warp core breach and a space-time continuum if they got into bed with me.”

Watch Stewart’s Trek tech lament and introduction to the ceremony below.

For more on Stewart’s helming of the Scientific and Technical Awards show, see Variety’s report.

More Celeb News

Here are some of the latest bits of Star Trek celebrity news for the week.

Doug Jones (DSC: Saru) has been cast in a new FX comedy pilot What We Do In The Shadows along with Beanie Feldstein, Jake McDorman, and Mark Proksch. According to Variety “The details of their roles are being kept under wraps, but all four will potentially recur on the show should it get ordered to series.”

Zoe Saldana (Kelvin movies: Uhura) says that she wants to break out of sci-fi. Known for her roles in Star Trek, Avatar, and Guaridans of the Galaxy, the actress tells the Evening Standard “I wasn’t expecting the films to be as massive as they were. I knew that they were special because they had special directors behind them and an interesting cast. But the moment these films became blockbusters and then they became franchises they became completely out of my control.”

Saldana is also the new face of Compari and stars in a short film sponsored by the brand, titled Legend of the Red Hand which you can watch below.

Scott Bakula (ENT: Jonathan Archer) talks about his long career from Quantum Leap to his current show NCIS: New Orleans to his time on Star Trek: Enterprise in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. Regarding his time with Trek he said he liked the role of a prequel because he “didn’t want to follow anyone.” Check out the interview below in Scott’s tweet.

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Nobody actually understands Trek tech. The writers have been making it up on the fly since the 1960’s….

This was mostly the case but not always; during TOS and TNG the writers would on occasion consult tech leaders and NASA physicists around story points. Discoveries of the day were also worked into some of the scripts, albeit with a sci-fi angle.

The amazing thing though is how alot of the made-up tech actually inspired many innovations which ultimately became reality.

Cool video:

Sir Patrick not understanding Trek tech reminds me of the late Desmond Llewelyn, who played gadgetmaster Q in the James Bond films. He was a self-confessed techno novice. That’s why it’s called acting :)