QMx Unveils ‘Star Trek Discovery Badges’ And More – Did They Also Drop A Spoiler?

As we reported from ToyFair, Quantum Mechanix was previewing a few new Star Trek offerings, which are now available to purchase or pre-order. These include two new badges from their Star Trek: Discovery replica series, as well as a ship and figure from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

‘Discovery’ Black Badge and Cadet Badge

QMx has previously released four division magnetic badge replicas for Discovery, and now they have added two new ones. As with the other badges, the new offerings are made of zinc alloy, are cut from laser-cut molds, and are screen accurate. First, there is Sylvia Tilly’s Cadet Badge, which is now available to reserve on the QMx site for $14.95, with stock coming soon.

Also added to the site is the Star Trek: Discovery Black Badge.” which was only seen in episode 3. This can also be reserved now for $14.95.

This black badge has been a mystery, since it was seen in just one episode of Discovery. There has been a lot of speculation about what the badges are for, and there is a chance that QMx has dropped a clue. On the QMx site, the “Black Badge” product description heading is posed as a question: “Section 31?” (see below) This of course references the covert agency called Section 31, the secret group within the Federation that was introduced in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and referenced again in Star Trek: Enterprise and the feature film Star Trek Into Darkness.

Even though QMx is an official licensee, there is a good chance they are just speculating like the rest of us. Section 31 has been a popular theory regarding the black badges, so this will just add a bit of fuel to that fire. Maybe we will learn more at tomorrow’s Wondercon panel.

TNG Locutus and Enterprise-D

Quantum Mechanix has also added two new Star Trek: The Next Generation figures, which are available now. First up is the Locutus of Borg Mini Master figure. This is the first in a series of Star Trek figures in QMx’s new larger, more detailed “Latinum Edition.” The 1:12 scale hand-painted statue stands approximately 6 inches tall and features the authentic likeness of Patrick Stewart as the transformed Locutus. It comes in a full color 5-panel box with a box cover and window display and is available to buy now for $24.95.

Also just added is the QMx Mini Master Enterprise-D replica. The 6″ ship is hand-painted and comes on a magnetic stand. The Enterprise D comes packaged in a full color window box and is the first in a series of Star Trek Mini Master vehicles. The Enterprise D is available to buy now for $19.95.

For more information on all of QMx’s Star Trek products, visit their site at qmxonline.com.

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The Section 31 connection is as obvious as Mirror Lorca and Tyler/Ash. I don’t see this as any big mystery.

But secret organization members as a rule don’t wear special uniforms, insignia or name tags identifying themselves as members of a secret organization…

Section 31. I’m almost certain that QMx is speculating. They had to write something to sell the black badge. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, of course. However, Section 31 isn’t usually quite so… self-identifying. A special black badge? Not really their style.

I want to play devils advocate here. For the US secret service there is a uniformed (look exactly like regular cops) and un-uniformed version (the guys who protect the president). This could be the same thing as S31.

Section 31 is more like the NSA or other covert agency than the Secret Service. It is agreed that their presence has always been in the shadows, so I do not think the Black Badge would be them. If I were to speculate, it could just be for certain members of the crew with special clearance given by the Captain for special tasks aboard the ship. There may still be places that the black badge will allow you access that the other badges will not.

I think there are more experiments taking place on Discovery than we currently know. The ship wasn’t originally built for war and the spore-drive, but must have been retro-fitted (saucer section) before launch. The ship can support 300 concurrent science experiments/missions. Perhaps Pike and the Enterprise have learned about the potential consequences of one of those experiments, as the Enterprise did seem to be seeking out Discovery, not just heading to Earth.

Enterprise is either looking for someone on the ship, something the ship is doing/going to do, or needs assistance that only the Discovery can provide. Does this relate to that spore that landed on Tilly’s shoulder? If the Discovery is done with spore-drive operation, what else does Discovery offer the Enterprise that other ships wouldn’t?

Anyhow, just some idle speculation. I don’t think the black badged people are military, and they’re not concerned with drawing attention to themselves, though it is interesting that we only briefly saw them in one episode, so it does seem that they stay away from day-to-day operations of the starship.

EDIT: Though now looking back at the episode, do we only see black badges on people wearing tactical gear? So, tactical gear, black badges, and phaser rifles, guarding… something on-board Discovery. Why would they need tactical gear while aboard the ship, are they expecting a spy/saboteur? Paranoia?

Except the public knows about the NSA. Section 31 was supposed to be secret except to those who were already in it. Sisko and Bashir had never heard of it, remember.

Far more likely to be MACOs or something along those lines

Bingo. It was wartime.

Section 31 doesn’t wear badges, to suggest that a super secret organisation would risk identification is just stupid.

There are a lot of secret societies that are known but keep what they do secret. I think they’re making section 31 more like…say….HYDRA in the Marvel Universe which makes more sense in the way they would function. You know Hydra exists, they even wear the rings and have tattoos.

Does anyone here know how the QMx 1701-D compares to the Eaglemoss official starships collection Galaxy-class ships, in the matter of size and finish?
We want to start a starship miniature collection to add to the decor ambience. I would like to know which is the better buy, irrespective of price?

From the pictures I’ve seen, the Eaglemoss is better. The paint on that QMx model is godawful.

thanks for the input, i’ll check the eaglemoss out!

We already know they were section 31. It was Fuller’s original idea. When he left and the “women rule the universe” team came in they wrote it out. Lorca then went from A bad ass Captain of a section 31 ship to a typical men are all bad mirror guy.

Why would section 31, a secret organization, brand themselves with unique badging that anyone could identify? Ugh.

I guess 31 hides behind a covert Starfleet military unit. We saw them doing security on Discovery, but I doubt they would be using section 31 intelligence agents to guard doors. I bet it gives them a good cover though.

Can’t say that I care for the cadet badge.

Like wow, I just dropped a spoiler in my skant.

Well…looks like almost everyone below was wroooongggggggggggg…

Yep. Still doesn’t make sense to give your uber-secret members their own special identification badge though!

I got the QMX Enterprise D in the last loot crate, and honestly, it ain’t all that. :-(