Klingon Fridge Magnets, Cloaked Ship Model And More April Fools 2018 Star Trek Gags

It’s April the 1st and that means it’s time again for April Fools Day. 2018 brings a number of Star Trek-theme gags from across the web. We have compiled a special Fools Day edition of Great Links with today’s interweb fun.

ThinkGeek Klingon Fridge Magnets

As they do every year, our friends at ThinkGeek introduced a number of new “products” on April 1st, one of which was the Star Trek Klingon Alphabet Fridge Magnets set, promising to be “A fun way to teach anyone the basics of pIqaD (the Klingon alphabet).” ThinkGeek also released a video showing off how useful these magnets can be for a young Klingon.

Eaglemoss Cloaked Bird of Prey

Eaglemoss, the maker of collectible Star Trek ships, announced the release of the “cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey” on twitter, you can see it below.

Star Trek Online DS9 commander dabs

Today, captains visiting the promenade on Deep Space Nine in the online game Star Trek Online can interact with a holographic version of the station’s commander, Captain James Kurland and be awarded with a “Dab emote.”

Kurland does the dab

And Capt Kurland is not amused, sending out a message about his displeasure at this impersonation.

Mission to Gamma VI: The novel

Dayton Ward announced on his blog today his next Star Trek novel collaboration with Kevin Dilmore will be the novel Star Trek: Mission to Gamma VI. The original Star Trek story has Kirk and crew fighting “ancient weapons” while trapped on a primitive planet which “is not at all what it seems.” There is even a cover designed by our friend Aaron Harvey.

Mission to Gamma VI

Fans of MEGO toys from the ’70s will get the gag that this book is based on the 1976 playset called “Mission to Gamma VI.”

MEGO toy that inspired the new novel

r/startrekgifs goes Broccoli

The r/startrekgifs sub on Reddit has gone all in on Reg Barclary today, becoming ‘r/BarclayGifs.

That’s it for April Fools Day 2018. If we missed something, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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Wait. You mean those other guys weren’t serious?

I am serious about it: https://www.shapeways.com/product/YA23DYTFC/ (I am also working on a smaller, more affordable version)

The DS9 station captain’s orders give personnel 24 hours to stop the hologram impersonation of him. But DS9 runs on the Bajoran day which has 26 hours. Sorry to nit pic ;)

And they wonder why the Klingons got an update.

They didn’t get an update. They were completely changed.

STO also gets “Artisanal Audio”. All game sounds imitated by human voices. Fortunately you can easily shut it off. :)

Even though its cloaked, I’m positive the windows aren’t aligned properly. O😀

Haha! Nice one :D

Argh, you beat me to it!

I loved Trekmovie’s ST: 2009 “Reimagined Enterprise” gag for April Fool’s 2007 (11 years ago!) https://trekmovie.com/2007/04/01/design-sketch-for-reimagined-enterprise-leaked/

Oh, nice. A mixture of Discovery’s Enterprise and Defiant with some TNG styling! Did they have this on screen when they designed the new versions?

They should have said Romulan Science Vessel. It had a phase cloak to explain why your hand passed through.

Those fridge magnets are the next Tauntaun Sleeping Bag.

How is that proposed novel any worse a pitch than so many other ST novels? I’d read it.

Well at least the windows appear to be aligned properly on the cloaked ship model

Yeah, but the Klingon emblem on the wing is reversed…