Star Trek Online Launches Season 14.5 Update Featuring More LeVar Burton As Capt. Geordi La Forge

Star Trek Online has another update before the big “Victory is Life” expansion comes out in June. Today for PC players, the free-to-play Star Trek MMO added to the latest season (“Emergence”) with the roll out of the Season 14.5 update which introduces a brand new featured episode and secondary specialization. This mid-season update is an epilogue to the Tzenkethi War. Season 14.5 grants Captains access to “The Renegade’s Regret,” a new episode centered around Tzenkethi Captain Neth Parr, who recently sought political asylum on Deep Space Nine after betraying her kind to help the Alliance.

Season 14.5 also features an encounter with Captain Geordi La Forge (voiced by LeVar Burton) and introduces a new style of gameplay that allows Captains to play as Neth Parr and experience the brutal Tzenkethi Crusade from her perspective. Players will also discover the Constable Specialization, a new addition to the Captain Specialization System dedicated to the universe’s peacekeepers, like Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

More new screenshots from season 14.5

Launch trailer for season 14 (from last November) featuring LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge.

First Contact Day In STO

On April 5th Star Trek Online will celebrate First Contact Day, the day when Humans and Vulcans first met as seen in Star Trek: First Contact.  In the game, the Zefram Cochrane Memorial and Historical Museum is holding a special re-enactment event from April 5th at 8am PT to April 12th at 10am PT.

Visit Bozeman, MT in Star Trek Online

Captains can scavenge the Bozeman, MT site for useful parts, just like Zephram Cochrane did for the Phoenix, constructing their own model of the Phoenix. Players can compete based on which model reaches the highest altitude, with prizes being awarded. More details on the official site.

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What’s up with Zefram’s two finger sky-bang?

Designer Doug Drexler wanted to mirror the “engage” gesture Picard always makes before going to warp. He was wrong though, the hand should be “reaching toward the future”, like Geordi described in ‘First Contact’.

Hmm- it’s too bad they couldn’t get the player model to resemble Geordi a bit more. He looks more like George Jefferson.

To be fair, it makes me think of All Good Things. Aging is much more subtle than makeup and character models suggest.

This recent arc seems to be the better thought-out arc than some of the others. That battle at DS9 was pretty fun. Looking forward to seeing how Kira and Odo play into it since they’ve been MIA since before now.

It’s a shame they’re featuring LaForge so prominently. He has never been an interesting character.

I wish this was canon… and a real series. I’m sick of going back… and changing things for change’s sake. Go to the future!
Post-Nemesis is what we want and need… not pre-TOS.

The Orion Emabssy/Enclave on Quonos is the Discovery season finale is a canon reference inspired by STO.

Levar has been in the game since last year. The big news on newcomers is Renee Auberjonis, Nana Visitor, Alexander Siddig, Andrew Robinson, Armin Shimmerman, & others from DS9 joining the game.

I’m sad I won’t be able to play this, but the game won’t let me skip the Kobali Crisis mission so I’m stuck. Had to walk away from it last month :(

Why? Kobali Crisis is quick and easy, nothing hard about it.

If it was up to me, no mission in the game would be skippable.