New Video Reveals First Look At Production On Season 2 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

This morning CBS just released a brand new video to promote the start of production on the second season of Star Trek: Discovery. Shooting on the 13-episode second season began last week, with Executive Producer and Co-Creator Alex Kurtzman directing the premiere episode.

The video features voice-over from some classic Star Trek episodes, including the original pilot “The Cage,” which introduced the character of Captain Pike. It has previously been announced that the character of Pike will be featured in the second season, played by actor Anson Mount. If you look closely, you can wee what appears to be Mount as Pike (seen from as behind) as well as possibly some interior sets of the USS Enterprise.

Here is the video:

(NOTE: Video is region-locked for USA only. We will post links to official international versions when they are available)

Canadian version from Space channel

Netflix version for all other countries

When you’re done watching the video be sure to check out our analysis article with screenshots.


Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Some nice clips of the Enterprise uniform there – seems to be a blend of the Discovery’s uniform (the shoulders, ribbing, department bands) and TOS.

And the Kelvinverse as well.

Sure. Two close variations of tos is going to be similar to each other. Looks good to me from what we can see

Just create a simple plot that makes sense. No plot twists. Walk before you run. Thank you.

The writers needed to embrace Occam’s razor.

Yeah but that’s how serialized story telling works. When you have long form stories you have to find ways to break it up somehow. If this was more standalone stories like the old shows they probably would have less than that but for this kind of story, especially in sci fi, its part of the genre.

All I want is less stupid twists like turning a Klingon human or making a character from the mirror universe a Captain (I’m talking Georgiou in this case).

Voq/Tyler was the single dumbest idea of the first season. Actually the single dumbest was Mirror Captain Lorca somehow anticipating that Stamets would figure out the mushroom drive AND THEN use it to enter the mirror universe. whaaaaaaaa?

Plot, please make sense!

I would say that Lorca turns out to be evil Lorca was the dumbest thing in the first season. I’ll say it again… I heard the theory he was really evil but dismissed it because the idea was just way too dumb a thing to do to the show’s most interesting character. When they did that, the entire season was lost. I was pretty much laughing at every dramatic moment the rest of the way.

Wrong again.

ML31 agreed. Making Lorca evil was a total cop-out. Totally pulled me out of the story.

I saw this video on Facebook and some of the closed captioning indicates Spock is speaking some of the lines! But is that Leonard Nimoy or someone else?

Specifically, Nimoy lines from TOS.

Ah, not as revelatory then, but still exciting and maybe still an indication that he’ll be included in the season.

The line “and who dies” sounded like Zackary Quinto to me.

Anyone else?

That was Jeffrey Hunter from “The Cage”.

It was Nimoy from TOS.

Nimoy, the lines for Pike and Spock are taken from The Cage and another TOS episode.

Oooooooh. Loving the Enterprise uniforms.

From what little I’ve seen of the uniforms they look fairly true to THE CAGE.

I would expect them to look more updated and less rag-like, but the overall design I hope is basically the same.

As for the interior of the Enterprise, I don’t mind if it looks different than it did in THE CAGE, since this is three years after that and it was obviously refitted, as we could tell by it’s exterior appearance, but I hope they at least acknowledge that the ship used to have a retro-look to it.

I hope that maybe Pike says something like “the ship was refit a month ago. They tried to make her more like Discovery and other modern ships. But they didn’t take into account that half these new systems simply are incompatible with Enterprise. I’m protesting the new refit in the hopes that the next time they refit the Constitution class ships they’ll go for the retro-design again.”

And then they decide to rebuild the ship out of cardboard.

It wasn’t built out of cardboard the first time, thanks.

You could have fooled me. :-P

Tell me something I don’t already know.

PLywood and metal, the same as all TV sets.

I’m guessing something that looks like it predates the refit we see in TMP. TMP was the first visual reboot and pretty much everything that followed took it’s cue from TMP.

Discovery gave Star Trek a visual reboot. It doesn’t have to match any of the old stuff.

You’re right, it doesn’t have to match TOS, because it’s a different time period. But NOT because it’s a visual reboot.

Oh yes it does. Here’s the proof.

Wrong. A visual reboot is by definition a reboot. There is no other form of reboot, especially when you throw in that they are also changing key characters and established timeline elements, not to mention creating an entire new race and then slapping Klingon on it.

It’s so far removed from Star Trek that most people aren’t remotely interested in it as such, instead it’s been turned in to an action romp with no substance or remotely scientifically accurate references, bordering on the kind of magic fantasy found in Doctor Who.

It’s clear they haven’t gone to painstaking lengths with on-board science advisers (the hallmark of Star Trek story writing) and instead put that money into average VFX and cheap plot twists. Compare the visual effects to something like the lost in space reboot and you’ll find yourself wondering just where all the money is gone.

I don’t find it emotionally or intellectually challenging in any way, it’s just throwaway TV playing in the background when I have better things to do.

Possible Saurian at :33 ?

I was thinking the same thing! After seeing them so much in STO, I was wanting to see more of them on a TV show or movie

Saurians were in bg of TMP, only place I know them from is bubble gum card image.

At least they updated the look of those crappy TOS uniforms. I hope Discovery keeps their better uniforms though. Kind of silly how Starfleet can’t decide on one standard uniform. The Yorktown uniforms from Beyond looked they belonged on Babylon 5.

Lol true. Starfleet likes to tinker with unis. Except the WoK style which they kept for a long time.

Most military organizations have more than one type of uniform.

Star Fleet is not a Millitary Organisation.

“Starfleet is a service maintained by the United Federation of Planets (“the Federation”) as the principal means for conducting deep-space exploration, research, defense, peacekeeping, and diplomacy.”

Sounds like a Military organization to me.

That may be the goofiest thing Ive ever heard. Ranks,military structure, training academy, enlisted personnel and officers, court martial, following orders, Kirk referring to himself as a soldier,

Its space navy, Bro.

Its a peacekeeping armada!! lol

Does anyone remember when we were explorers?

As much as I like the retro TOS uniforms I felt they looked best in ST Beyond. A uniform can’t look like a shirt you’ve put on over pants. The weight and structure of the fabric matters. These, look more like a uniform than before. Love that.

I never liked the TOS uniforms. Having the starfleet badge printed on it made it looked even dumber.

The insignia was not printed on the uniform. It was a sew on patch.

That’s even more sad.

It’s sad but it’s a sign of the times and the budget. It wasn’t bad back then when TOS was in production but I don’t understand fans who get upset that it’s not done that way now. Bigger budget and better production value means you have the chance to make these things more legitimate. I’m loving it. And even the Enterprise corridors look like a mix between Discovery aesthetic and TOS color scheme with the gray and red/orange. I’m fully ok with this.

It was the 60’s dude.

Yeah, the 60’s was sad too. Glad I was off world during all that.

With so much hatred for what has come before, it begs the question of why you’re watching a prequel to it?

It’s new.

As a lousy Canadian I don’t get the video. Anyone want to screen cap some items?

Never mind.

Region free:

Nothing lousy about being Canadian. No tRUMP to deal with.


Yeah, but got the Chinese dictatorship-loving PM Trudeau to deal with. Man, I miss Harper…

Is that a Saurian at :34? Sure looks like one.

I thought exactly the same. I am liking the updated look.

Why do they keep region locking these things???? Arghhhhhhhh

All broadcasters do it. I worked at the CBC and we would get people writing outraged emails complaining that they were in Florida on vacation and couldn’t watch Coronation Street on the CBC website from there, usually followed by “my taxes pay for thos, I should be able to wstch it anywhere I want.”

it’s because CBS sold out to Netflix who have exclusivity.

Doesn’t the BBC pay for American imports through its draconian ‘licence fee’?

This show is on Netflix in the UK. What does the BBC have to do with it? They’re only one of several broadcasters there.

The licence fee means no advertisements whatsoever and legally enforceable impartiality on BBC channels. There are over 60 other free-to-air channels here by the way. Compared to US trash brainwashing tv, the beeb puts out some incredible TV for such a tiny fee, and money well spent.

No family guy desperate housewife supergirl shit produced here, thanks.

“Trash”? Funny how the BBC either copied or inspired many of the American programming.

Whoa! 3D-printed prop!

I 3D printed a nut to screw my toilet seat back on last month.

With my spelling corrected…
Here is a youtube link to the Canadian version:

I appreciate the use of Jeffery Hunter’s Pike lines from The Cage as well as the period accurate rank stripes on the sleeves (more basic-looking than those in mainline TOS). BUT I should point out, that red uniforms weren’t a thing in this era until after the second pilot, which is to say after Kirk has taken command of the Enterprise. I’m willing to wait and see before I pass judgment on the red uniform, context and all that, but I really hope we get the gold, beige, and blue division colors, something I had hoped the gold, copper, and silver of Discovery was alluding to.

I’m just excited about a departure from the all blue uniform trend that started with Enterprise.

And presumably these unis will end up as the discovery unis eventually.

I really doubt that. Those uniforms cost too much just to replace them for no good reason. DS9 only got new uniforms because those were hand me downs from First Contact.

I think they have already said that they intended for Discovery to visually evolve as time goes by to get closer and match up with TOS.
So it’s not an impossibility.

They were talking about the display UI on the bridge. But does it really make sense for new ship like the Discovery to match up to a old piece of junk like the Enterprise?

That doesnt mean its necessarily exclusive to just the displays. When I heard it, I interpreted as overall. From story to graphics and looks, it will evolve.
I dont know what you mean by “match up”, unless you are referring to the color scheme, uniforms and graphics.

I actually wish they’d go back to what they did with the Shenzou.

The Enterprise is the Federation’s flagship, not an ‘old piece of junk’, that through its various incarnations, is in service for well over a hundred years past the point at which Discovery is set. Which is more than can be said for the USS Discovery with its gimmicky ‘go anywhere’ drive based on some type of universal plant life. In Pickard’s time, where is Discovery? Probably mothballed or destroyed and even if its not, what use was it against the Borg? None. But then you are just trolling because you hate the old stuff, as usual!

No where did they ever say the TOS Enterprise was the flagship of Starfleet. The Klingons were right, it should be hauled away as garbage.

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, the Constitution-class lineage was launched some time prior to 22452, and served as Starfleet’s front-line vessels for the rest of the century. The Constitution-class also served as a deterrent to both the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire, several times taking part in combat actions which determined the fate of the entire Federation if not the Alpha Quadrant itself.

Enterprise is supposed to be the more advanced of the two. Discovery looks like it was rushed in to production like a poorly built tesla salvaged from scrap.

Yes but its not impossible. TNG were given completely different uniforms in season three. My guess is IF they are trying to make it more TOS like then its possible but I really doubt they will go that far with it. My guess is this is a way to shut up all the naysayers and show them off for a few episodes but I’m guessing its really CBS who wants to keep the show distinct or they would’ve just had the TOS uniforms last season. What’s the point of making them different in the first place then?

I agree with you. Also they only got those new uniforms because they were killing backs of the main cast. If you look carefully you can still see far off background actors still wearing the old uniforms well into season 7.

They say that, but Riker was getting a bit hefty by the end of season 2. 2 piece unis hide the weight a bit better. He wasnt exactly in spandex shape in later seasons.

I suspect they will transition to new unis at some point with both in use.

It depends if the cast looks good in it. TNG changed the rank colors because Picard didn’t look good in Yellow/Gold.

“completely different”? Not really, they added a collar and changed the material so it could be worn in two pieces.

No I mean they had to MAKE new uniforms, period. Yes they look basically the same but they still had to redesign and make new ones.

I don’t think making new uniforms is a big deal, especially if they are going to use them for years on end like TNG ended up doing so I can see Discovery making new ones if they plan to keep them.


How much did they cost and how much did the new Enterprise Unis cost?

I doubt we’ll see a bunch of people in those Enterprise unis. Expect to see a lot of blurred Enterprise people in the background.

Started with Nasa, hence why Enterprise had them.

Do we know that red unis did not exist or we just didn’t see any?

Oh God.

@SciFiBriny — actually during this period, it’s pretty obvious it’s Green, Blue, and Beige, though I prefer to think of them as “gold” instead of beige, considering they are exciting uniform colors. Maybe Khaki would be more a more appropriate term, and certainly what Roddenberry was likely thinking considering the BDUs in service in the military at that time. It certainly was never established in canon that there were no red uniforms. It’s entirely possible that red originated in engineering crew members serving in engineering, a location we never saw in the first two pilots. I’d even go so far as to say Kirk’s green tunic, and command green dress uniforms were hold-overs from the original command color of Green, seen in both pilots.

These uniforms are already bright yellow, so they’ve already got it wrong if we’re going by literal visual canon, which I’m opposed to.

your eyeballs got it wrong. Theres no green in cage era

@meee — You’d be wrong about that. Pike wore green. Nothing yellow/gold about it.

Those new uniforms are awesome. I hope that the Discovery crew adopt those new uniforms which I assume are for the Enterprise crew. The Discovery uniforms look like cheap mall-cops.

I really like the Discovery uniforms. They feel like pre-TOS — but also fituristic

CBS spent millions on those uniforms, they aren’t going to change them on a whim.

[Citation needed]


By that token, they spent millions on the Enteprise unis too so they’ll have to use them. But they cant if they spent millions on Discovery unis and have to use them. What a conundrum

You’ll see maybe 10 people wearing them. The Enterprise won’t be around all season.

HN4 — you mean like the 10 people wearing the Mirror Universe black uniforms for only 3 episodes? Nah. They’ll make a lot more than 10.

Weren’t those uniforms just the standard Starfleet ones with extra mirror bling? Plus only “Hero” uniforms were seen in close up shots.

@HN4 — they were black.

That’s racist.

I don’t mind the Discovery uniforms but I don’t like the boots. They look like those yellow plastic worker boots.

They might keep the DSC unis as formal wear.

Any chance that CBS/Netflix would commission a 2nd series with Pike & the Starship Enterprise? Maybe these episodes with Pike will be like a pilot for a new series.

That’s what I’m hoping. It makes perfect sense.

I’d watch it!

God, I hope not. Spin offs is what killed Star Trek in the 90’s.

I disagree. I think it would work today simply because of the episode count is like half of what it was back during the Berman-Trek era. Also, I’d bet that CBS would not run two shows during the same time of year.

It takes them almost a whole year to make one season. I really doubt they could do it even if they wanted to. Thank goodness this isn’t the Berman-Trek era. You can see the lack of quality in those shows.

CBS is the home where three CSI shows and two Criminal Mind shows ran together. I wouldn’t put it past them not to have two Trek shows on the air if Discovery is that successful, but I have a feeling it isn’t. At least not yet.

Basically they should do the opposite of whatever HN4 wants, as this forum troll does not seem to be in touch with what Trekkies are after from the show at all.

You really think a show like CSI cost the same to make as Discovery? Are you cray cray?

He’s basically here to just be a contrarian. I have no doubt he believes in this opinion though but you lose credibility when you mostly troll.

You don’t need CGI, Alien makeup or massive set builds on CSI.

And? The point I’m making if Discovery is a BIG success then it wouldn’t matter, right? Its not exactly like this would be the first time in history two Star Trek shows are being made at the same time. DS9 and Voyager ran together for six seasons and they were both very expensive shows to make. To this day Voyager has one of the highest cost for a pilot in TV history at $23 million and that was 20 years ago. Even today only Westworld and GOT had a higher budget for their first episodes at $25 million each.

Thats the power of a hit show, they have no problem spending the money once its proven successful. If Discovery is a success like the other Trek shows of course they will make another one, its just a matter of time. Especially on a streaming site I’m guessing NO ONE here is even watching anymore now since Discovery went off…unless its to rewatch Star Trek reruns including Discovery now.

Yes, the benefit would be, if Trek is the main driver of subs on CBSAA and those subs decline when Trek is off, then having MORE Trek makes sense.

And it makes sense to have a second series rather then double Discovery because of the production time and the return on investment two series’ give you.

If Netflix was interested in participating, I dont see why CBS wouldn’t want to.

Do it like Walking Dead, with separate creative teams but someone over-seeing both.

Zombie makeup is pretty cheap.

Ummmm what? You mean the 18 years of Star Trek series’ after TNG? Talk about a SLOW death!

A Slow and painful death. Just like what’s going to happen to America.

It’s because you keep making shitty prequels and reboots no one wants.

Is that why America is in a Nazi Germany prequel?

STD is the spin off mate.

That would certainly be something! They’d have to cast young Spock though.

From what little I saw it looks like that is the look Discovery should have had from the start. Modernized but still recognizable as being in that era.


While I do like the blue Uniforms, I agree. They should have had these. It does seem odd that every other ship along with the Admiral had the blue jumpsuits and then the Enterprise is the first ship to have a variation.

I’m sure we’ll see more of a transition later though!

No different than the uniforms on Starbase Yorktown.

That’s yet another shitty reboot no one watched other than the action obsessed kids who wouldn’t know a cerebral and scientifically accurate story if it kicked them in the balls, which I really wish it would.

I think Beyond failed on a number of factors though, not necessarily no one wanted it, but because it didn’t feel appealing enough to casual fans. But yes I also think a lot of hardcore fans has stopped caring.

Which is why the news they are making another one is a pretty big deal. I think they want to get it right and I hope they do. For the record, I liked Beyond but its not a film I have to rewatch over and over again.

Agreed. I still don’t get why they just didn’t do that from the outskirt if this was a ‘prequel’.

Please. You whined about it being a prequel for over a year. Can we just move on to something else to complain about for season 2 please?

That’s Tiger2’s thing.

And yours is trolling. Bad trolling at that.

Disagreeing with you isn’t trolling. Sorry.

No baiting is trolling. Its what you do here 90% of the time.

Call it whatever you want if it makes you feel better.

I already did. Its called baiting.

And you whined about the whiners for over a year. You’re not moving on either chief.

And what exactly did I say that was so off putting? I been literally saying this the whole time, as others. You can still make it look closer to TOS and not look like it came out of the 60s, these pics prove that.

And I have been 100% positive in the changes in the Enterprise, precisely because it look like they did just that. My god my first OP here was praising everything they showed in that video. Seriously find it, its there, and stop crying because my opinion differs from yours. And why do you seem to ignore all the posts when I actually say something I like? You seem like you just want to pick silly fights instead of having a discussion on it. I’m here for the latter. If you can’t handle that please ignore all my posts, thanks.

Because you are a broken record. You whine about the exact same thing post after post. Things won’t change because you whine about it. Do you think the Producers are reading your comments?
“Tiger really feels this strongly that this shouldn’t be a prequel. He’s right. Let’s change it. Tell everyone it is actually taking place after Voyager instead.”

Tiger isn’t the only one out here who thinks the prequel idea is a bad one, Captain. I think it was a *really* bad idea as well, as do some others here. And the reason we speak of it so much is because the show keeps running into (what we perceive as) roadblocks because of its prequel status. So the issue is going to keep coming up. Part of the reason it bothers me so much is that I Want this show to succeed, I Want it to be good, and I Don’t want it messing with TOS. And I think the Producers handcuffed the writers (who I’m not impressed with yet in any way) a great deal by setting it in the time period it’s set in. I could care less if the Producers are reading these posts or not. This is a place for opinions – you have them, I have them, we all have them – and we’re allowed to have them. We’re all here because we love Trek, and we have the right to say when we think bad decisions have been made by the powers that be. (steps off soapbox, moving on).

What Danpaine wrote. Time a million.

Exactly! Thank you. The problem is EVERY problem I saw coming with it being a prequel has actually come true. Every single one and the reason so many are so divided on this show now.

But I have ALSO said maybe they will rectify some of it in the future and I’m hopeful they do and the the bits we seen in that video gives me hope. But yeah its OK to talk about issues you have with a TV show. We all love Star Trek here and me personally I love nearly all of it. But its not perfect and I have no issues pointing out the (big) flaws as I do when it gets it right. If you can’t handle that simple concept, you really shouldn’t be on the internet.

Captain Ransome ALL you do is come here is to argue with other people who don’t like the show. I don’t know your actual opinion of it because you rarely spend anytime just discussing it, all you do is come here and argue with everyone else. My god, I have a different opinion I EXPRESS that opinion as everyone else. Get over it. It would be different if I was saying I hated the show, its not worth watching, anyone who do like it are idiots, etc.

I have accepted its a prequel, the ISSUE is that its a prequel in name ONLY and why so many are bothered by it. Thats what that point was with that statement. You don’t even get what I’m saying so just ignore my posts if you can’t handle a few non-threatening posts on the internet.

And its funny how you act like I’m the only one who is saying this lol. Look around! Oh right, you know I’m not the only one because you argue with all those people too. Again if you can’t handle it…

Actually, if you stopped whining about the show and read other comments, you would have read what I thought about the show.
But the problem with you is that you can’t see past your complaints. You and others like you complain in every post. And quite often it’s repeated ad nauseum. I don’t understand why people that constantly complain about something continue to watch. Seriously. I loved the X Files back in the day. Huge fan! But after a few episodes of the latest season… I tuned out. Wasn’t the same. I wasn’t about to continue watching something I didn’t find very good. So much more out there I could be watching instead of wasting my time. I did the same thing with Orville. Said I would give it the entire season. I won’t be tuning in again and I won’t be posting on the Orville articles again. So what is it with you and the other fanboys? Why continue to watch something you constantly criticize?

Captain Ransom, if you stopped whining about me then you can also see I say just as many good things as I say bad. I don’t know how many times I can say I’m actually excited about what’s been revealed for next season so far.

But if can’t deal with any complaints, you shouldn’t be on the internet, certainly not a freaking Trek board. There are things I like about the show and there are things I don’t like about the show. I discuss both of them, yes? This is sort of how it works around here. If you can’t get over that simple yet common concept then my only suggestion would be to ignore my posts and move on. I have told this to someone else (forgot the name of their handle) a few months ago and to their credit, they did exactly that.

Seem to have worked for them although I have no clue if they still posts here but you can follow their lead. Thanks.

I actually like Orville about as much as I like Discovery but I understand why others don’t. I don’t care if you talk about it or not. That’s the difference.

” I don’t understand why people that constantly complain about something continue to watch.”

Because you don’t understand the concept of being a fan of something. Why do people continue to watch their favorite baseball team lose game after game after game? You HOPE things will get better. You complain to your friends and other fans about how bad your team is. But you still don’t abandon your team. That is what fans do.

That’s what fanboys do. I’m a fan. I don’t constantly complain about the show as nauseum. Fanboys complain about the same issue over and over. And quite often complain about stuff the haven’t even seen yet.


And there are things I like more than I don’t like. To continue your baseball analogy for me its more about a team who is just not playing as great as last season but still doing well enough they can make it to the playoffs if they put more effort into it. In other words they may be down, but not out! And I’m rooting for them the entire way.

Most of the whiners packed up and left you to it.

They did consider it. I think it was said they made a mock up of TOS style or something but Fuller opted to go with new ones. We dont know why.

Maybe to make it different than the films. Maybe he personally didnt like TOS unis. Maybe just to make Discovery his own. Maybe so that they could bring TOS unis in later to show the transition to TOS.

Either way, it makes Season 2 even more exciting. And unless there is a storyline reason, eventually Discovery will wear the same unis.

Hope not. They don’t look good in the long run. There’s a good reason why ST over the years have reduced the colors on their uniforms. The Best uniforms were the First Contact ones.

Nahh, best were the nemesis dress uniforms. Looked far more realistic as navy rather than military drab bland dark crap.

looks like some sets being built for Section 31. “Section 31 Bridge/Lab”

Wow a lot of fun Star Trek news this week! :)

And yes its GREAT we are finally getting TOS style uniforms again. That alone got me excited. And it looks like a Section 31 ship is showing up as well, ala, STID. Man I have to say I am really looking forward to season two so far. Everything I seen at least has made me more excited about what’s coming vs season one while I was excited about a new Trek show, the Klingon heavy story line sounded boring to me. And then the show confirmed it sadly.

I can’t wait to hear how the Enterprise is involved.

Enjoying the buildup. Best of luck to the Disco team, I’m beyond excited

Yeah looking good so far!

Would any of you out there pay 15 dollars a month for an all star trek streaming service? First would include every TV show, movie, documentary and special ever created concerning star trek.

Second a slate of 3 to 5 new series exploring new and old corners of trekdom (a romulan series dealing with post-Nemesis post-romulas intrigue and rebuilding., A Starfleet academy show, a star trek version of twilight zone, a new animated show or two.)

Third, new nonfiction content. Science or culture or philosophy through the lens of trek.

Third, in-universe nonfiction. The history of the federation, “Starfleet technical Manuel” the show, tour guide of the federation, and so on.

Fourth, Star trek or trekkie based reality programming. Follow a trekkie as they go to conventions.

Fifth, documentary shows based off nimoy’s audiobook reading of “I am Spock” or shatters reading of “up till now.” Could be very interesting.

Sixth, a star trek version of mystery science theater 3000. 25 worst epos given the treatment over 3 or 4 seasons.

Seventh, and last, a new miniseries or TV movie one-off once a year.

Would something along those lines be worth 15 or even 20 bucks a month?

If CBS and Paramount merge, wouldn’t All Access include Paramount content as well boasting a LARGE quantity of Trek content? I was wondering about that but didn’t see anything about it here when the merger story was discussed. Can anyone shed light on what that potential might be? Especially with Disney launching their own service where you’ll have all of the Star Wars content, it makes sense that Paramount/CBS would want a place for Trekkies to be able to stream all Trek movies, shows, docs, and everything else.

No, not unless STD was actually worth the money.

Well now that its over, you can binge watch it all with just one month payment and then cancel. I think for people who are still not convinced its worth buying all season (but I do) thats a fair compromise to do. And probably what a lot of people who wasn’t that interested in it did do.

The corridor with the red accents says 1701. It looks like they’ll use a slightly louder color scheme to tie it back to TOS. Very nice.

@EB — I’m not sure I’d go that far just yet. I didn’t see anything there too far off the current scheme. It was the gratuitous use of red in TOS that served no purpose. This appears, so far, to use red for specific purposes — section ID, etc.

It served a purpose because TOS was one of the first colour TV shows and CBS demanded more colour after the pilot.

The show was on NBC back then. Not CBS. And pretty much every show then was ordered to be colorful to sell more color TV’s.

I didn’t read it, but I heard that David Mack’s Discovery novel described Pike and friends as having Cage-style uniforms (no red). If true, that means Discovery already cannot maintain consistency in its own reboot operation. Oh well, nobody’s perfect. At least it looks like we’ll still get to hear Burnham droning on and on with her bloody TED talks.

Oh Galt… Yawn

@MG — you don’t know they didn’t have red uniforms during The Cage era. We saw one episode from that period.

That’s actually a good point.

And Discovery takes place after both “The Cage” and “Desperate Hours”, so maybe they have them now.

If it wasn’t on screen then it doesn’t mean you can shoehorn in whatever you want and claim it reasonable.

So you didnt read the novel, but you’re using something you didnt read to claim something you dont know.

At first look I’d have to say, visually at least, we’re heading in the right direction. Very happy about that. Nice mix of soundtrack there, too, respected what came before. Hopefully the space shots will follow suit and become more enjoyable, and of course, story. The writing makes or breaks a show in the end. Cautiously optimistic, for the first time in a while with regard to Discovery.

It’s been a while and I managed to forget about all this region-locking nonsense. Here we go again… :/

I’m betting that Bob Orci is feeling jealous as he sees Kurtzman directing a Trek!

Nemoy’s voice still stands out from the pack in this. Chills, even if the clips are decades old.