‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Wins Best Streaming Series Saturn Award, Sonequa Martin-Green Wins For Acting

The 44th annual Saturn Awards, honoring the best in genre entertainment, were held Wednesday night in Burbank, CA. Star Trek: Discovery came into the night with five nominations, and emerged with two wins.

The biggest win for the night for Star Trek: Discovery was for Best New Media Television Series. The latest Trek show beat out genre entries from other steaming services including Altered Carbon (Netflix), Black Mirror (Netflix), The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu), Mindhunter (Netflix), Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon), and Stranger Things (Netflix). On hand to accept the award were Klingon actors Mary Chieffo (L’Rell) and Kenneth Mitchell (Kol).

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In addition, Sonequa Martin-Green won for Best Actress on a Television Series, for her performance as Michael Burnham. She beat out stiff competition including Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Adrianne Palicki (The Orville), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story: Cult) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Fargo). Martin-Green could not attend the event in person, but did beam an acceptance speech in from the Star Trek: Discovery set in Toronto.

Discovery had less luck in its three other nominated categories. Jason Isaacs (Capt. Lorca) lost out for Best Actor in Television to Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks). Michelle Yeoh (Capt. Phillipa Georgiou and Emperor Georgiou) was also denied by Twin Peaks, with David Lynch taking home the Saturn for Best Guest-Starring Performance on Television. And Doug Jones (Saru) was beat out for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series by Better Call Saul’s Michael McKean, who is also a Star Trek vet, having appeared in an episode of Voyager.

The Orville wins for sci-fi series

Our adopted show The Orville was also honored by the Saturns with a total of three nominations. Neither Seth MacFarlane nor Adrianne Palicki won in their categories of Best Actor and Actress, however the show itself won for Best Science Fiction Television Series. The Orville beat out The 100, ColonyDoctor WhoThe ExpanseSalvation, and The X-Files. The Orville executive producer (and former Star Trek: Enterprise writer) David A. Goodman was on hand to accept the award, along with a taped segment from series creator Seth MacFarlane.

Patrick Stewart and other Trek vets pick up Saturns

A number of Trek alums were recognized at this year’s Saturns. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart won a Saturn for Best Supporting Actor in a Film, for his role in Logan. One of the actors Stewart beat out was Star Trek movie captain Chris Pine, who was nominated for Wonder Woman.

Joel Harlow (Oscar-nominee for Star Trek Beyond) won the Best Film Makeup award for Black Panther, which was presented to him by Chieffo and Mitchell. Outlander, which was developed by DS9 writer/producer Ronald D. Moore, won for Best Fantasy Television Series. Shape of Water, with a cast that includes Discovery’s Doug Jones, won for Best Fantasy Film. And Michael Giacchino, composer for Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond, won Best Music for Coco. 

Chieffo and Mitchell on the red carpet

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A full list of winners is available at Deadline.com.

Discovery actors react to Saturn wins

Some Discovery actors stayed up late to celebrate the wins on social media.

Emmys and Hugos still to come

Discovery has been nominated for a number of awards this year, including one for the prestigious Peabody Awards, but previously the only win it had picked up was for Jason Isaacs at the Empire Awards. And there are still more potential awards for Discovery‘s first season to come. Nominations for the Emmys will be announced in July. Also, Discovery was previously nominated for a Hugo Award, with the winners to be announced in August.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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They should get all the awards! Bring it! Sonequa had some tough competition but she deserved to win.

Wow she sure did! Congrats indeed, to her and all the Discovery gang. Gosh as popular as genre shows and movies are right now I wish the Saturn awards were either aired on TV or streamed online. Maybe they will in the near future.

I agree

It was at least once, as a syndicated special in 1978. When Shatner performed his singular version of “Rocket Man”.

So happy for Sonequa, she deserved it. Considering it was a first season performance in a Star Trek show when things are usually uneven, she was amazing

She was, and is. I can’t wait to see her in DSC S2

Doug Jones would have deserved a win. But good to hear that the show is critically accepted.

Yes! Doug was fantastic! But if you’ve seen McKean in “Better Call Saul,” he was fantastic too. Would have been some tough picks for me, if I were on the committee.

This is such a great time to be a Trek fan! (In spite of the negativity of certain Trek fans haha). It’s been wonderful to have Trek back on TV, and winning awards no less…and, it would seem, many other Trek projects in development. I for one am excited and grateful.

Glad Trek is reaching a critical audience who appreciate it

I am not an Orville hater, and I do enjoy the show, but to say it is a better SciFi show than half of the other shows on that list … I just do not get that!

Because it’s an actual science fiction show not a boring drama placed within the trappings of a sci fi show like most of the shows mentioned.

Hard to say it’s not a boring drama disguised as science fiction when a major plot point is that the XO is the captain’s ex-wife. Sounds like first rate boring drama to me…

(And I like The Orville; my point is — all shows, science fiction or not, have to focus on their characters and the “boring drama” that surrounds their lives. Gene Roddenberry himself wrote on the TOS show bible: Star Trek is a series about people!)

So tos is character focused???
It’s show driven by random science fiction plot of the week. No random science fiction plot and the show would have fallen apart.

Tos was plot driven not character driven.

From the TOS Bible, by Roddenberry and Fontana:

“Tell your story about people, not about science and gadgetry. Joe Friday doesn’t stop to explain the mechanics of his .38 before he uses it; Kildare never did a monologue about the theory of anesthetics; Matt Dillon never identifies and discusses the breed of his horse before he rides off on it.”

So, yes, TOS is character-driven, although sometimes the character the story focuses on is a guest star. However, it is episodic in nature. That is the thing that is confusing you. Character’s arcs must occur in single episodes. But look at stories such as “The City on the Edge of Forever”… the drama is in Captain Kirk having to let his love die. It is not about what if Hitler had won the Second World War, or what if there is a portal that allows you to travel back in time.

The vast majority of tos was not character driven, it was a monster of the week that drove the plot along.
The characters in tos were one dimensional, they did not change or evolve.
The vast majority of episodes were based on whatever they were dealing with be that monsters or theme worlds like gangster planet, Roman planet, nazi planet etc.
There was next to no character development nor growth in the vast majority of episodes.

Isabella, There was almost NO show on TV in the mid-’60s in which the characters evolved. This was because of the “episodic” nature of TV in those days, and later, because of syndication, and the likelihood that episodes might run out of order.

Although character-wise, I would make an exception for Spock, who grew more tolerant of human failings over time.

So then it was not character driven but plot driven. Which was my point.

There is nothing wrong with plot driven tv rather than character driven tv.
Tos was like all classic shows plot centered. It was no different to shows like I love genie or the dick van dyke show or outer limits.

Isabella, if you don’t see development of the KSM dynamic over three seasons, you’re watching a different show. If there wasn’t character development — often such development was the high point of an episode, like Spock & McCoy in the cell in B&C — you wouldn’t have gotten shows where that was the key to the whole thing, like THE EMPATH, because there’d have been no reason to go there (plotwise, that is already in NIGHTMARE territory from OL, but the depth of feeling of the characters here is what makes it glow.) As David Gerrold, back when he was more functional, pointed out, the good shows are the ones where Kirk has a decision to make. Those decisions don’t just arise out of the situation of the week, but out of his history of decisions and those influencing him.

Tos was episodic. The vast majority of episodes were one and done. .nothing that happened in nearly every episode was ever mentioned again.

Hard to do character development when that’s the case.
They were plot focused.
Kirk McCoy and Spock as characters were no different in where no man has gone before then they were in turnabout intruder

I agree with Isabella. The characters may be likable, but to say TOS is character-driven doesn’t really hold up IMO. As Isabella said, the show is about resolving sci-fi scenarios they bump into and that’s about it. There are character moments, but they aren’t the driving force of the story. And Captain Kirk in WNMHGB is exactly the same as Captain Kirk in Turnabout Intruder: the brash starship commander who’s almost always right. The character development came more in the movies.

It was absolutely character driven. It didn’t need to be a serial to do that. City on the Edge Forever isn’t just about time travel.

I agree. CotEoF was indeed a true classic and I really hate the time travel trope in Sci fi.

And that’s what the Orville did. It focused on giving us relatable characters and there are many who feel it did a better job of this than Discovery did – at least in the first half of Season 1; then Discovery got much better.

this is the most boring of hot takes

Its just a random generator choice…

I like the Orville…. but best show… pfff

I can’t believe it beat out the only proper decent hard SF show on that list. The Expanse.

I think The Expanse is the best of that bunch as well, but haven’t seen its third season yet…

The third season of The Expanse was great. The second half has been really delving into science fiction.

The Expanse really is a wonderful show. I didn’t know where it was going the first session but the second and third really paid off. I hope it gets picked up by a new network or streaming service. Side note: it’s a great way for teens to learn more and really get to know our own solar system, just saying.

I hear Amazon renewed it for a forth season.

Cool! Is S3 available on Amazon yet? I’m waiting with bated breath for “The Expanse” and “The Americans”

Heh — guess I could go check Amazon


The final season of The Americans has already aired. Want to know how it ends? ;)

I mean on Amazon Prime, who usually get it 6 – 9 months after it airs on whatever premium channel it’s on

And NO, don’t tell me how it ends. No spoilers please. I have my guesses, but want to see for myself thanks!

It was on the basic cable channel FX. But I was just having some fun with you.

One more thing, I’m curious as to what your guesses for wrapping up The Americans. I had my guesses and both turned out wrong. I will not say yea or nay to them in any way. Just curious.

The Expanse is one of those curious shows that I tried to like, but could just never really get into. Not only did none of the characters strike me as “likable”, but the setting also just didn’t cut it for me. Not because it was too “small scale” – as a matter of fact, I really liked that – but to me it just had no “vibe” to it whatsoever…
In truth it’s a third aspect, a purely technical aspect, that broke the camel’s back though, namely that I found the sound mixing of the show to be ATROCIOUS! My hearing might not be “brilliant”, but it’s far from bad. Nevertheless, all the dialogue was mixed in so low and half of the cast were mumbling their lines, that I really had a hard time understanding half of it.

JAGT, sound mixing is atrocious on a lot of programs these days, even “Discovery.” [A lot of Lorca’s dialogue was on the low end and hard for me to hear.] The British are terrible at sound mixing. I use English subtitles A LOT.

You’re right, a lot of Lorca’s dialogue was extremely mumbly, especially in the first few episodes. I mostly attributed that to Isaacs affecting an American accent though. And I still found it far easier to understand him than the majority of The Expanse’s characters.

I’m not a fan of Orville (I don’t dislike it, I’m just indifferent to it). But, from what I’ve seen of it, the awkward comic bits notwithstanding, it does try to use it’s sci-fi setting to examine real world issues. In that way I consider it more science fiction than any of the other nominees.

Against “The Expanse”?? Never mind
Opinions may vary, and “Expanse” had fairly limited distribution c/w “Orville”

I think it towers over the other shows on that list, especially Doctor Who which collapsed under its own weight this past year and us unlikely to get back up again. It definitely deserves the award. I’m glad it wasn’t in direct competition with Discovery, though. We didn’t need more show vs show (though we could see that in the Emmys, unless of course Orville gets placed in comedy categories which it probably will).

Not too shabby, considering the competition the show faced. Of course, Stranger Things S2 lost a bit of its lustre compared to the first series, and Altered Carbon COULD have been excellent, had it stuck just a little bit closer to its source material in the second half. Jason Isaacs losing out is a bit of a disappointment, but Mary Chieffo’s win was definitely a deserved one.

Errr, Sonequa Martin-Green’s win, of course. Geez. Subconsciously made that connection due to the image of Chieffo holding the award, I guees.

Stranger Things 2 was a great disappointment.

I didn’t exactly dislike it, but with all the split-up plot threads, it felt too much like any other show. It seemed to have lost “momentum”, so to speak.

The ending of ST2 was just as bad as that of “Heroes” Season 4.

Yep. It’s funny, I remember the first season vividly. I could barely tell you what happened in the second (something, something possession/six puts on makeup).

I haven’t seen the first season yet. But will in the coming months.

It totally was! Actually, literally all of Netflix’s second season dramas have whiffed this past year: Dear White People, 13 Reasons Why. And Stranger Things S2 suffers from almost all the sequels being churned out these days: the same thing, just more extreme. Stranger Things almost felt like a parody of itself in S2, that’s how over the top it was.

Is it just me or can anyone else just not stand Mary Chieffo at all?

Yes, it’s you.

Yes, it’s just you.

Totally you, some may not love the makeup (and to be clear it is over the top) but her performance and character arch was certainly a standout. It will be cool to see what’s next for her. Knowing the Klingons it’s going to be a really tough road keeping them united are getting to want to stay united without the threat of world wide destruction.

She is so nice with the fans. I’ve seen some of the discovery cast interact with the fans in Germany and they were all great.
I have a lot of problems with discovery as a show but none with the cast. That might be the most talented and likeable trek cast ever.

Chieffo in particular is not only extraordinarily affable to fans and interviewers alike, but whenever she speaks about her role, you can see that she’s very very passionate about it and that passion was definitely reflected very well in her performance. That’s one of the reasons why I usually don’t feel like saying anything negative concerning the character of L’Rell, even though sometimes I get the feeling that there could have been more to the character than what we ultimately saw.

It’s totally you. I can stand her quite well.

Probably just you. Expect more replies to pour in.

Yeah, just you. She was terrific as L’Rel; acting through that prosthetic makeup must have been a huge challenge. She surpassed it beautifully. She used some wonderful techniques and tools like body language and particularly her voice, in the role.

Go home little man.

Just you… and maybe also that certain regular poster here who likes to mischaracterize what people say because his own negative positions can’t really survive without him “cheating.”

Hmm ok, then it’s just me ;-) Yes, her performance was good (at least as good as a performance can be in those ugly new klingon prosthetics), though I found her voice a bit odd (but that goes for all klingons in this series). Maybe it’s just that I don’t find her attractive at all, and I’ve just googled that she’s 23, but in the pics above she looks way older. Never mind…

Clearly just a dumb popularity contest considering either DSC or ORVILLE won anything at all (and I actually LIKE the latter), especially DSC, considering all the other vastly superior nominees. As idiotic as BRAZIL losing to BTTF for ’86 Hugo, or Apollo 13 losing the vfx oscar to BABE, or 2001 not even being nominated for best pic in year of OLIVER!

However, there are much more significant real-world issues and disasters happening practically on the hour now, so I’m not going to have much time to weigh in on these modest horrors too much anymore.

Kev, weren’t you claiming (at least for a while) that you weren’t watching Discovery? And now you offer your commentary on it’s relative merits versus the otther shows?

I watched it for free on a trial offer, all the way through, and commented on it fairly extensively afterward. And I regret nearly every minute spent viewing it.

I’ve never see the Orville, and I never will. I don’t watch crap.

It’s a good show. It’s basically TNG as a sitcom. It mostly works.

I agree. It’s basically TNG with jokes. Yes, some jokes crash but most work. I find it refreshing.

Ok, i can’t say The Orville does not deserve the award for best tv show, but wining against the Expanse?

Lool, the orville took the real award and disco won the fairplay prize. Should we celebrate? Lol

Well, if you want to take THAT approach, then TWIN PEAKS won the real award. Nice timing, as we’re in the middle of our fifth rewatch of the third season.

But the Saturns are worthless IMO, given that popularity contests are rarely in line with quality (I don’t think FIREFLY won anything from them till it came out on DVD.)

How does “Better Call Saul” fit into the genre? The previous season of “Fargo” actually had a flying saucer in it so I see how that could slip into Saturn consideration.

But even still… I would not put Fargo in the Sci-Fi category. Would be nice to see if they have official definitions of what they constitute Sci-Fi.

Indeed … “The Greatest Showman?” whut
There were a few other strange ones too, like “Better Call Saul” which is a drama with some dark comedy.

Yeah, putting non-genre works into contention is not exactly new criticism leveled against the Saturn Awards. I like “Better Call Saul”, but it has zero place in the Saturn Awards, and it’s inclusion only cheapens the awards further.

Almost all award shows are either designed specifically for marketing purposes (pretty much any award show created in the last 30 years), or have devolved into that over time.

I know some fans care about them since they can use them to point to justifying why they like something, even if the award is a complete joke.

I am stunned… about how random these awards are given.
Her Acting wasnt that good!

Her acting wasn’t (isn’t) the problem. The problem is, as Aaron Harberts put it before getting fired, is that Michael Burnham isn’t likeable.

Sonequa Martin-Green is making the most of what’s she’s given, but she’s not the one who created her or is dictating her actions (or her words).

It’s not that I don’t think Burnham isn’t likeable. It’s more than she isn’t interesting. Not the actress’ fault. It’s the writers. Lorca wasn’t likeable. But he sure was interesting up until the idiotic truth was uncovered.

^This. So much this.

Absolutely agree. She’s a fine actress, but they’re only as good as the material they’re given to work with. She was much better on The Walking Dead, because the character she was playing was much more interesting.

I really don’t understand this at all. Not interesting?? See my above comment.

Granted the scripts were not always sterling, but SMG rose above that to give a great, heartfelt performance in her role.

“Granted the scripts were not always sterling, but SMG rose above that to give a great, heartfelt performance in her role.”

Of course she did. The “I want Star Trek Continues with a Bigger Budget” types will never be happy with DSC.

I’m not sure what “likeable” is supposed to mean here. I can make assumptions, but won’t because I don’t want to get into a thread battle.

I saw a character who was struggling with grief and self-blame, trying to make ethical choices, and trying to uphold the ideals of Starfleet. I found her relatable and likeable.

Hmm… This is not meant to start a battle but I am forced to say that I didn’t see much at all of what you mentioned. Perhaps for an episode or maybe two but all her issues (what little we saw of them) seemed like they were resolved 4 or 5 episodes in.

I don’t understand the “not likeable” thing. Was she too strong? Too “uppity”? Humorless?

– Yes she was strong

– Yes she was assertive [and in the case with Capt Georgiou, rebellious/mutinous]

– She had a sense of humor, which developed throughout the season. I loved her exchange with Tilly at the “Stayin’ Alive” party in the Mudd ep.

– She was, after the mutiny, the embodiment of Starfleet ideals; she was innovative and dedicated to serving the good of the Federation.

It did seem like the Vulcan/non-Vulcan aspects were rather quickly resolved, but let’s recall that she was aboard Shenzhou for seven years with Georgiou and lots of humans, so probably had ample opportunity to modify her Vulcan-ness to better lead the crew. [shrug]

Again, the writing in Season One could have been better, I will never deny that.

“– Yes she was strong”


“– Yes she was assertive [and in the case with Capt Georgiou, rebellious/mutinous]”


“– She had a sense of humor, which developed throughout the season. I loved her exchange with Tilly at the “Stayin’ Alive” party in the Mudd ep.”


“– She was, after the mutiny, the embodiment of Starfleet ideals; she was innovative and dedicated to serving the good of the Federation.”


Great post, Marja!

OK. Fine. I really cannot speak to the likeable vs unlikable aspect of it. Personally I didn’t feel one way or the other about her. Sure, she was assertive. She stood up for what she thought was right. Good qualities, sure. But does that make her interesting? No. The human raised by Vulcans aspect had the potential to make her interesting. But they never delved into that. She was a pariah for perhaps two episodes. After that, everyone suddenly accepted her if not respected her. We, the audience, never saw her earn that. It just happened. Hence, I didn’t care about the character like it seems the show thought I should. She could have been shot and killed in episode 9 and beyond the shock of killing a main character I would not have cared much. THAT is a problem, I should think. And it rests squarely on the writers and producers.

And the thing is, I didn’t get the sense that the character was haunted throughout about her choices and fate. And even if that wasn’t on the page, the actress could have tried to bleed that into nonverbal aspects of her performance, assuming she wasn’t overridden by the directors. Michael Dorn was pissed about Worf letting the Romulan die in that first show Dave Carson directed, but afterward he was saying, they went there, so I’m going to play things with that in mind going forward (or words to that effect), and I think you can see that at times. Considering Burnham is the show’s lead, this kind of thing should be evident at least occasionally, percolating beneath the surface, and I didn’t see it at all.

The only other excuse/possibility is that there were more layers to the performance, and they were eliminated during editing. The way the show was cut, it seemed to be very much about not dwelling on things unless they were trying to emphasize weirdness (engineer looking in mirror type stuff.)

” I didn’t get the sense that the character was haunted throughout about her choices and fate.”

I didn’t get that either. Seemed like she just merrily rolled along with what was thrown her way. To play the devil’s advocate, you are right. The stuff that would have conveyed such inner turmoil might have been left on the cutting room floor. The show was cut almost as if it was meant to fit the 42 minute TV slots with minimal editing. (Which itself is weird considering it’s a streaming show.) It’s also possible that directors wanted her to act in a certain way, too. Also, I think part of the reason we never really saw her inner struggle was because it very much seemed resolved very early into the show. The crew just all accepted her pretty quickly. As I said before, it wasn’t earned.

You’re sad.

YMV, but yes. It was great.

Congrats to Star Trek Discovery and Sonequa for the big wins!! To beat out shows like the Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones is pretty impressive and can’t wait for season 2. Same goes for The Orville for taking out Dr. Who although I have only watched a couple hours of that show. One of these days I will have the check out a few more episodes.

Just my opinion, Handmaid’s Tale is some of the best television out there right now. Truly addicting, great writing, great acting.

“HT” is so chilling and well acted. I really loved first season, but what with the state of things outside the world of TV right now, I’m afraid to watch it and increase my already heightened fears. Because it seems so very plausible just now.

…it really does.

I’ve got it in my Netflix cue. Looking forward to seeing it.

Oh! You must live outside the US.
It’s chilling if you look at present US politics and policies.

I hope I can emigrate in time.

No, I’m here in the USA.

Are you outside the US looking to come here? I’m becoming familiar with the process as Mrs ML31 has family looking to come. She already has two nephews here on student visas.

GOT may be impressive but season 7 was a real stinker and I’m not confident they’re gonna write us a good send-off next year.

Sonequa Martin-Green won a Best Actress award? Saturn must really be generous with who they give out awards to. Not a chance in hell her portrayal as Michael Burnham is “award-worthy”.

Agreed, though I think Martin-Green brings more to the role than the role brings to her. But the mere fact that Michelle Yeoh — who is dreadful on Discovery — got a nomination tells you what a joke these awards are.

In general I have liked Yeoh’s work when I’ve seen it. But she never felt right for the Discovery part. Just didn’t feel like the right fit.

I’ve not seen all THAT much she’s been in, but I love her in both Crouching Tiger and Tomorrow Never Dies. She seems lost at sea as Georgiou, though.

I don’t understand this either. She was motherly and kind as Georgiou until she had to get down to business with the Klingons, brave when she and Burnham beamed over to take T’Kuvma prisoner. She fought like a hero.

As the Empress she was perfect: menacing, sinuous, somewhat mutable where Burnham was concerned, and an excellent fighter.

I’m glad you see it that way, but I think her performance as the Empress borders on camp. And not in the good way. She’s okay as Georgious-prime, I guess, but her line readings often make it sound as if she was only delivering them phonetically; all too often there was no meaning or emotion behind them.

For my money, you’ve got to either go supremely understated or full-on Shatner when you’re in a role like that, and she did neither.

Oh, that’s weird, I just made a post 5 minutes ago where I said the same thing you did about her apparent phonetic delivery!

Yes. You said it perfectly, Bryant. Something just felt off when she was reading her lines. It really felt like she was just reading. No emotion or feeling behind them in any way. And as Evil Georgeau, she was VERY campy. Chewing the scenery as best she could as if she was 1960’s Adam West Batman villain. I generally like her work and looked forward to seeing her as a starship captain when I heard of her casting. But this was not a good part for her.

The scenery chewing reached extreme levels from the MU on. I really don’t like my Trek over-the-top, and I think there’s a lot to be said for subtlety. Scenery chewing reminds me of bad Trek.

I thought she was fine in SUNSHINE, but have never found her engaging in anything else. And her speech patterns in DSC made it sound like she was learning her lines phonetically — very distracting, almost like riffing on early Troi.


….aaaand the least credible Awards presentations go to…
…The Saturns!!!

I am tending to lean in that direction myself. Not just from this result, but from a number of results over the years.

I feel like I am on a Star Wars fan site. Why are you people here?

That, my friend, is the comment of the day.

I’m not inclined to just blindly accept any old piece of crap as being worthy of the name “Star Trek,” personally.

What’s your excuse?

My excuse? I like the show. It’s star trek and I commented on a fan website from an article where the show won awards. How much more detailed do you want me to get?

Any details you’d like to share on why you feel people who disagree ought to keep their mouths shut?

It’s just that some people come here day after day to comment in article after article how they hate the show. No constructive criticism. Just whine, whine whine.

Paid for by Netflix obviously.
Absolutely undeserved.
Offensive. Belonged to others from quality productions.
Sonequa did an awful, cringe worthy job “portraying” a Human trying to be a vulcan & reacting like an emotionally retarded teenage bigot.
It’s so hard to watch her cringe inducing preachy hysterical “I’m the only person who can save us” routine. Ugh. Woeful.

Bigots in denial. Gotta love it. :-P

I don’t, but it’s the new reality

HAHA. If Netflix was paying for awards, you’d think they’d want Stranger Things to win some, since that’s one of their shows and not just one they license from another company.

he’s always been a troll. don’t comment to this guy

Mr. Pascale, isn’t this TROLLING?

I don’t like the series and I think Martin-Green probably didn’t quiiiiiite deserve an award, but she’s fine (and occasionally great). She is NOT the problem with this series.

I found Sonequa’s acting to be emotive and relatable. If you think she did such a terrible job, maybe you could try reading her lines and acting yourself. Can you do any better?

It is always easier to criticize than to create.

It’s always easy to trot your counter-argument out, because how is the other poster going to respond? Send you a link to their youtube audition?

Honestly, I think that kind of post is more offensive and indefensible than most, because it is like a ‘are you still beating your wife?’ kind of thing, and the person making that post certainly knows it when they trot it out yet again, like saying ‘fake news’ about anything that makes you uncomfortable or forces you to take responsibility for your actions.

It is not an uncommon response. “You try writing a show” or “you try reading your lines on camera or one stage.” My response is, I’m not a professional actor or writer with scores of acting and writing experience on my resume. Therefore, even the worst hack or lowest level pro actor would likely do better than I would. But I AM in a position as a consumer of their product to determine what I like.

For Best New Media Television Series I haven’t seen any of them save for STD. So I honestly cannot say if it was deserved on or not. For all I know all the nominees may have been worse or better. Having seen GoT and Fargo I am forced to say both Headey and Winstead were WAY better than Martin-Green. Of course, they had far better material to work with. I feel like Doug Jones would have been a worthy winner of all the cast.

Also want to say that while I like Orville, looking at what it was up against I wouldn’t have given it the award myself. These Saturn things, like many of these awards, can be real head scratchers at times.

Just my opinion here so no need for pitchforks and torches but how is Orville better than The Expanse? I’ve been binge watching that series and wow it’s so good.

I’m going to have to check The Expanse out. Hearing great things about it.

Yeah, it’s a head-scratcher all right. “The Expanse” is fantastic.

It isn’t. And I say that having seen zero episodes of The Orville. (I’d happily watch it if they’d put it out on Blu-ray, though.)

The VFX guys were really hoping it would come out on blu because their work looks better at higher rez (can’t say that about all TV, to be sure!)

The Orville is better than The Expanse? Are you fracking kidding me?

Even reasonably objective people who love The Orville I doubt would say this?

That is so wack!

I canNOT believe “The Expanse” lost to “The Orville,” but they did bring some fun sci-fi our way.

Yea, that’s in the area of, “are you f’ing kidding me?”

And The Expanse is “right now” better than DSC as well.

Discovery is the best Trek ever Made.

And you are the most inept troll ever made.

Allow people their own opinions, please!

In my mind, Discovery is a great show, regardless of some of its blunders in S1. Comparing a new series the rest of the preexisting franchise will always lead to some dissatisfaction, but I enjoy Discovery as a fresh perspective on Star Trek that has had its successes!

Most are all for people expressing their opinions. That is what the threads are for. Some, however, there is too much evidence to support that they are posting only to get a rise out of people. That is the definition of trolling. I am actively ignoring HN4 because of his/her actions here. I hate throwing the “troll” label around, but HN4 has indeed exhibited much troll like behavior. Hence, the self service “ignore” have whenever I see the name.

It says a lot about you, if a person saying that they like Star Trek Discovery pisses you off.

For shame….

Yep, in TWIN PEAKS terms, he’s the Doug-E Jones of trolls.

Pretty much every time I see something he says, it may as well be “I am a troll and want you to react to me” level obvious.

Sad, just sad.

You need Jesus.

Send me Santa Claus instead; he’ll get here faster.

They sure missed the mark with this one. The Handmaid’s Tale is a far more superior show than Discovery in all aspects: plot, acting, directing, costumes, editing, suspense, etc. As for Martin-Green, her acting is no different, or better, in Discovery than it was in the Walking Dead. I definitely didn’t see anything in Discovery that justified her winning Best Actress, but I’m sure certain other factors played a part in her winning.

Please then spell out the “certain other factors” for us that you have boldly proclaimed that you are “sure” were the reason that the Saturn voting gave her the most votes?

Oh, I think we can guess.

Yea, and it’s very sad if that’s the case.

I hope they give Kenneth Mitchell something else to do on Discovery since his Klingon persona is dead. He keeps showing for things.

Well, with different make-up, he could play another character, even another Klingon. Maybe he’s going to be Saurian-type guy

Although I still don’t like the first half of Season 1, Discovery made an amazing turnaround – seriously the fastest 180 I’ve ever seen on a show. It deserves awards for pulling that trick off alone! Glad to see it win. Also thrilled to see The Orville get recognized as well. Hoping to see both represented at the Emmys.

First time I’ve seen anyone so positive about the back end of the season. I think the MU part was the most interesting until the last episode, and then the final episodes of the season were just soooo blah and basically the whole story fell apart. And you’re right I didn’t feel that keen on most of the first half of the season either. And actually I didn’t really like the pilot at all. And actually the more I think about it the one episode that really stood out to me was Context is for Kings…that’s my favorite and really the only one I remember. Jeez do I even like Discovery?

Yeah. First time I’ve heard anyone, even those who love the show, claim the back end was better than the front end. Just goes to show you there are many many different opinions out there.

Congratulations to Yakima’s Kyle MacLachlan and Missoula’s David Lynch! You truly went boldly where commercial television has never gone before. Folks will be still be puzzling over your transcendental visions 100 years from now.

WHEN ARE THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS?!? If Philip Michael Thomas won that, Martin-Green should too. I like to think of Martin-Green as the female Philip Michael Thomas.

I guess when nearly everyone in the industry has worked on Trek at one point or another, it becomes inevitable that so many Trek veterans will be picking up awards. But honestly these picks sound highly questionable — and as much as I love SMG as a human being, her character on DSC was not that compelling. Not blaming her for this, but I really just didn’t care much about Burnham. Hate to say it but Jason Isaacs was by far the most interesting. I really liked Lorca and thought his reveal was total BS. I also liked Doug Jones and Mary C more in their roles than SMG. So like *shrugs* ok Saturn Awards

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@Mirror Galt,

Ha! That explains a lot.