The Shuttle Pod Crew Brings In A Convention Expert To Talk Star Trek Las Vegas Tips And Tricks

On this episode of the Shuttle Pod, your crew is joined by TrekMovie’s social media maven and Star Trek Las Vegas veteran Christine Rideout (better known as “Starfleetmom” on social media). Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt discuss what to look forward to for this year’s convention. Then we chat with Christine about her Vegas convention going tips and tricks. Including how to save money on airfare, what to pack if you’re driving, how to save money once you’re in Vegas, and more!

Shuttle Pod 54: Tips and tricks for the Star Trek Las Vegas convention

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The Rio where STLV is held

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Joe Piscopo has a Star Trek connection, which is probably why he’s headlining one of the events. He played a holographic stand up comedian in the S2 TNG episode “The Outrageous Okona.”

Don’t remember us of that. Urg.

Great job! Thanks to Christine Rideout aka @StarFleetMom (or Moogie) for all the useful money-saving tips!

Your money saving tricks are nice, but I’d like to know more of what being at a Star Trek convention is like. I’ve never been, but I’m not sure the bang is worth the buck.

But I did go to to the Star Trek Experience when it was there. THAT was amazing. The initial transporter effect was very effective, and actually being on the bridge then shopping and eating at DS9 was just fantastic. The shuttlecraft ride was lame, but whatever, I’m so glad I did it

Even though I don’t know that I’ll ever get to go to STLV (just not in the budget), I still found the discussion both interesting and entertaining. Nice job as always, guys!