Simon Pegg Says ‘Star Trek 4’ Director S.J. Clarkson Is “Reverent” – Estimates Tarantino Trek 6 Years Away

Simon Pegg at the UK premiere of Star Trek Beyond

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is now in theaters and looks to be a hit, so Simon Pegg’s publicity tour should now be over, but we have a couple more last tidbits for the week about his meeting with Star Trek 4 director S.J. Clarkson and his thoughts on other Star Trek film in development, originally pitched by Quentin Tarantino.

S.J. Clarkson is reverent, not slavish to Star Trek

Speaking to the Edmonton Journal, Pegg offered some more details on his recent lunch meeting with Star Trek 4 director S.J. Clarkson, saying:

I’ve met with S.J. and she’s fizzing with ideas and she has the right attitude…She’s reverent, but she’s not slavish. In terms of the story, I have a vague knowledge, but it’s nothing I can talk about.

Earlier during his Mission press tour, Pegg has also said of this meeting that Clarkson is “a real ball of ideas and so into it.” He has also said the film is currently “in prep” and estimates production will start in early 2019.

And speaking to Fanaticos del Cine, the official website of Paramount’s Peruvian distribution United International Pictures Peru, Pegg tried to clear up some confusion between the status of the Star Trek 4 project and the Quentin Tarantino Star Trek project.

There is a script for Star Trek 4, yes…I’m not sure where this confusion has come from…The truth is, there is a film being developed for the fourth Star Trek, written by [J.D.] Payne and [Patrick] McKay, directed by S.J. Clarkson. And the one that Quentin Tarantino spoke about, it might happen further down the line.

Sofia Boutella as Jaylah and Simon Pegg as Scotty in Star Trek Beyond

Tarantino Trek could be six years away

With regards to the Tarantino project, Pegg told the Edmonton Journal he expects the Kelvin timeline cast to be part the concept, saying:

He came in to Bad Robot and pitched it and it’s been put in the bank. I think he had us in mind when he came up with the idea; he likes the new cast.

He also said told Fanaticos del Cine that he believes the Tarantino Trek film involves the same cast as Star Trek 4, saying:

As far as I know, it is the same cast.

However, he offered a note of caution to the Edmonton Journal, saying:

“But he’s going to be so busy with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that I can’t see him doing it for five or six years, by which time we might be too old anyway.”

Quentin Tarantino seen with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio

Star Trek 4 scribes tapped for Lord of the Rings series at Amazon

In related news, at the Television Critics Association event over the weekend, Amazon Studios announced via Entertainment Weekly that after a “lengthy search” they picked Star Trek 4 screenwriters JD Payne and Patrick McKay to be the showrunners for their planned  Lord of the Rings TV series.

“The rich world that J.R.R. Tolkien created is filled with majesty and heart, wisdom and complexity,” the writing duo said in a statement. “We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Amazon to bring it to life anew. We feel like Frodo, setting out from the Shire, with a great responsibility in our care — it is the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime.”

Amazon has a multi-season commitment for the project, set prior to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the RingEW estimates the series to be budgeted for $500 million, which would make it the most expensive freshman TV project of all time.

JD Payne and Patrick McKay

Keep up with all news on both Star Trek 4 and the Tarantino Trek project here.

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SIX YEARS? Now watch out – Here comes Genesis…We’ll do it for ya in SIX MINUTES!

Six years sounds about right. Two and a half for ST4 to be made and come out then another three and a half for this one. Matches up with the other movies.

But that’s too long IMO. These movies should be coming out sooner, not later. I thought the entire point of getting a script developed NOW was so they wouldn’t wait another 3-4 years after the fourth one came out. In other words, get that one in production a year after the fourth one came out. If that’s the case what’s the rush of writing it this soon?

You are correct — they are not going to piss around so much on these next two.

Trek 4 in out in Summer of 2020 and QT Trek out in Summer of 2022.

Tarantino pitched them an idea. They got a writer to flesh out that idea, probably to see if it could work. In theory that could mean they film the Tarantino project shortly after ST4. But it doesn’t have to. Scripts can take a long time from a first draft to actually being filmed. Depending on how “different” this is from previous Treks it may go through several iterations before everybody involved is happy. If they want Tarantino to direct this they will also have to wait until he’s ready.

Yes, but six YEARS? This is’t Trek’s first rodeo. They been cranking out movies every 2-3 years from TMP through Nemesis. I think that’s still a bit long.

Maybe they will wait, but most studios do the opposite these days and when they have a hot franchise, they get people who are on their schedule and not the opposite. That’s how MCU keep pumping them out but that’s actually a very hot franchise. Trek is more in the lukewarm stage sadly.

Looking at the reboot movies, Paramount doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to crank out new TREKs. Would it be possible to do it faster? Probably, but it would require a real commitment from the studio to prioritize these movies. They won’t even commit to a release date for ST4. Maybe they’ll surprise us and have a shorter break between 4 and 5. I’d be happy for it but I’m not holding my breath.

And that’s the problem. We now live in a hyper franchise world. Star Trek has to compete or people will have less interest as Beyond proved.

But you’re right they have to show a real commitment first and it seems like while the franchise is clearly important to them it’s not a priority.

They are coming out about 18 months to slow. Other franchises can manage to do it, why not Trek?

The fact is they DID use to come out much faster when they had committed people in charge of Trek as part of their job description. It was Harve Bennet for most of the TOS films and then Rick Berman for the TNG ones. But they were in charge of the franchise as a whole and Trek was their only priority, obviously in Berman’s case. And the films came out an average of 2 and a half years. The only time one came out after four years was between Insurrection and Nemesis (and which proves taking longer to make a film doesn’t automatically make a good one ;)).

The films today just doesn’t have that. Abrams was never that guy. He has both a business and creative hand in the Kelvin films but it was never his main job. Trek is just another project as many so its just whenever they have time.

If there isn’t going to be another Rick Berman (someone in charge of all of it) then there at least needs to be a movie runner. Alex Kurtzman is now that for the new shows coming but obviously the big splt stops him from doing both (although he was responsible for the Kelvin films too). But that’s what they need and committed to working on the next film as soon as the next one is done.

Well, it’s not unheard of, but six years means QT is going to come out of his previously announced planned retirement for STAR TREK.

You are mistaking in your simple whole number counting. QT is saying his will retire AFTER 10 flims, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will be #9, and QT Trek will be #10…then he supposedly retires according to this ten movie limit.

(And his break between Hateful 8 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will only be 3.5 years.)

Please pay attention! ;-)


No, you are the one mistakingly believing his desire to do so by 60 as not being relevant.

You can guarantee the delay will mean it’s not going to happen.


Well, his birthday’s reported to be March 27, 1963 and he’s said:

“But I do think 60 is a good time to get out. To me, I’m going for a filmography. Thirty years from now, some kid who is watching TV, just like I did with Howard Hawks, I want them to see one of my films and say, ‘Wow, who did that?’ I want them to be able to delve into my filmography and find my movies are all connected. They all lead back to Reservoir Dogs.” — Quentin Tarantino, Interview By COLE HADDON, FILM.COM Published 10:00 pm PST, Saturday, February 27, 2010

That’s hardly a definitive statement, whereas the “10 films limit” thing clearly is. Like if he’s 58, he would deliberately slow production on his 10th film so it’s not released until his 60th Bday? Seriously? Lol

Nice try.

Years can seem like minutes, AJ…by the book!

Aw, man. You beat me to it!

Why would it take Tarantino five years to make Trek 5 after Once Upon A Time In Hollywood comes out, which IMDB says will be July 26, 2019?

I don’t think he is doing much other than providing the idea. The huge gap is probably more influenced by the actors being committed to other projects. They probably won’t sign the ST5 contract until we see how ST4 does.

So, Trek 4 is being written by the two guys who were hired as Orci’s assistants on Trek 3, have I got that right? That whole debacle is coming back to me now… Orci hired those two fellas to help him with the Trek 3 script, and then Orci got canned and his two assistants stayed on to help Pegg and Jung, if I recall correctly.

And maybe a Tarantino Trek movie six years from now… Well, we’re now five years removed from the release of STID, and that seems almost like another era. A 2024 release date, assuming no delays, which history has shown is a bad assumption to make about these movies, if it even happens. The Tarantino movie was the one thing that I was actually interested in. But, at least I’ve got Star Trek Continues! Oh, wait… CBS killed that. But, at least I’ve got Star Wars! Oh, wait… Disney killed that. Well, at least the movie industry is producing many exciting, original new sci-fi/action movies! Oh, wait, it isn’t. It’s all stupid comic-book movies and shamefully bad remakes and reboots. Where’s the bottom?


“and then Orci got canned and his two assistants stayed on to help Pegg and Jung, if I recall correctly. ”

Actually all three of them were removed from the production. Pegg & Jung started afresh without any input from Orci and the duo. But, for whatever reason, JJ brought them back to write the script for ST 14 & he announced that right before the release of ‘Beyond’.


Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification.

Maybe the original script for STB was not that bad and they had other good ideas.

And Pegg said, that the original Orci-Script was a too much Star Trek for Paramount. And that was the reason to be removed from the production.

Maybe without Orci the two writers found a way to please Paramount. Or they changed the strategy, after they found out that Star Trek is not a big Blockbuster franchise…

If Trek 4 is a big hit. The studio would likely fast track a new movie and skip Tarantino’s movie. Tarantino Trek has development hell written all over it. I also expect Tarantino of fall under the wheels of #MeToo very soon now. If that happens that movie will never be made.


I also expect Tarantino of fall under the wheels of #MeToo very soon now. If that happens that movie will never be made.

Oh, God. I hadn’t thought of that.

Too late, Moonves beat him to it.

Moonves has nothing to do with Trek movies.


Re: Moonves has nothing to do with Trek movies.

He most certainly does. CBS owns the prime copyright for STAR TREK from which all other TREK creative efforts derive. CBS as the copyright holder and Les Moonves as its head, benefit from all things STAR TREK, and that includes the movies.

As you can see, Les “allows” chances at Trek Movies, and not the other way around:

“That year, the corporate behemoth Viacom, which owned STAR TREK, was splitting itself in two, divorcing its CBS studio (which made the TREK shows) from its Paramount studio (which made the films). TREK was likely to go to CBS, where another television show might eventually be developed. Gail Berman, then the president of Paramount, convinced Leslie Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, to allow her one more chance at a TREK film; he gave her 18 months to get the cameras rolling or lose the property. (Under the arrangement CBS retained the STAR TREK merchandising rights.)” — ‘New Team Retrofits the Old Starship’, by Dave Itzkoff, NY Times, Published: April 23, 2009


I think we’re seeing signs people are getting tired of seeing these careers get thrown under the bus without any evidence or due process, based on nothing more than 20 or 30 year-old ‘allegations’ in many cases. CBS is still on Moonves’ side, at the moment for instance. A month ago he would have been dog food by now.

Oh please. Moonves should step down. We all know it’s true. CBS running an investigation while the guy that’s accused is running the company is laughable.

Guilty until proven innocent. Right on, the new American way.


Moonves is also guilty of launching the interoffices Viacom wars that resulted in the Trek TV/Movie split.

His general bully tactics are well known and legend in SoCal.

But I’d love to hear your defense of his professional ethics towards his female employees in regards to his dating Julie Chen, a CBS employee then and still, which resulted in his then wife of 24 years filing for divorce? Not to mention how you account for Chen’s on air CBS career arc while those dating/marriage shenanigans were ongoing, or during his current marriage to Chen?


Re: Guilty until proven innocent

A rule that doesn’t apply in civil court where most of these current allegations and their restitutions will be resolved.

Of course, there’s always a chance that those proceedings and Farrow’s report will embolden victims whose criminal charges aren’t outside of the statute of limitations.

Most people are guilty of something.


Not just that, but in the case of Louis CK, the allegations weren’t even of any workplace-related harassment or extortion. The only thing poor Louie is guilty of is asking permission to abuse himself before an audience of two women who said sure, go ahead. Apparently consent between adults isn’t even the standard any more.

@HN4 – QT has, so far, managed to avoid more of the lascivious charges that have fallen on his contemporaries. While he does seem to be a jerk towards his female talent, it hasn’t been anything beyond what might amount to a OSHA fine. With QT Trek being six years out, that gives him four years to practice some redemption if it does turn out he was a bit closer to Harvey Weinstein then he’s admitted to so far.

@Phil I just don’t trust him. He always seemed slimy to me. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Yeah the dealys between movies is way too much

…At least I do have The Expanse and The Orville, though these half-seasons don’t make it easy to remember.

They aren’t movies.


Damn, you’re right! Movie-wise I got nothin.

It is understandable: it is a director who needed TWO movies to tell the story of a woman who wants to take revenge on the accomplices that betrayed her.

My personal opinion is that for that amount of money that Amazon is spending on the project they should have chosen more experienced showrunner(s) for the Lord of the Rings project. While being optimistic, we haven’t really seen much from these guys. I think people like Eric Kripke, Shawn Ryan, David E Kelly, Ronald D.Moore etc..might have been better choices.

Maybe but we do forget a lot of these guys who herald these grand projects don’t usually do it until the first time. Even looking at the LOTR movie series Peter Jackson had directed a few movies and they were all pretty low budget at that.

I don’t disagree there are tons of options out there, but they probably hired them because they came up with a really good pitch. To me though, a half a billion dollar TV show sounds nuts lol. These guys are going to be VERY busy the next few years.

People are still into that LOTR stuff? Thought the Hobbit films ruined that for all time.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss LOTR, it is a literary classic and people interested in literature are always into the classics.

True but that model doesn’t seem to be holding up as well anymore. Lucasfilm found out the hard way that sometimes you need a more seasoned team to pull a big budget project together and with $500 million dollars at stake I would want a more experienced team at the helm. There’s a reason they opted to give the first live action Star Wars series to Jon Favreau.

LOL six YEARS??? I don’t get how he comes up with that number. Unless he has another two or three projects after the Hollywood one, I don’t get what the hold up would be? The film he’s shooting now is literally coming out next year. And why the rush to make a script now if they don’t even plan to shoot it for another four years??

I guess maybe he means they want some time between the films? If the fourth one does manage to make it out by 2020, then maybe they want 2 or 3 years until the next one?

But even that doesn’t make sense because the problem with these films is they are ALREADY made too far apart as it is. By the time Beyond showed up, the ‘hype’ of these films the first one brought was all but dead by seven years later. Even if they managed to get the fourth approved and out bey 2020 thats still four years since the last one. Audiences move on a lot faster now. Its too much competition out there UNLESS you’re in a franchise that’s a big event in itself but Star Trek isn’t like that. Us nerds will see it but the casual audience isn’t tied to this franchise. Beyond proved that.

Three years between Into Darkness and Beyond was fine. It was the 4 years between Trek ’09 and Into Darkness that was the momentum killer. Now we’re at four years again if the next movie comes out in 2020 and another four if TarantinoTrek is now six years away. Paramount and Bad Robot really dropped the ball on Trek planning. They should have had a master plan to release a new Trek movie every 2 1/2 to 3 years.

@Thorny — Paramount may have had a plan, but Bad Robot calls the shots, make no mistake about that. Abrams is over-committed and apparently floats from project to project, putting out whatever fire he’s started as needed. Moreover, Paramount found themselves in financial peril around STID’s release, a condition which still afflicts them, so it’s just as well Bad Robot isn’t breathing down their neck to crank out these $200MM movies that aren’t blowing the lids off anything, much less becoming the cash cow Paramount was hoping for when they signed on to the Bad Robot train.

Agreed. I think the issue is they don’t make the money like Mission Impossible and Transformers so there isn’t a real priority.

I definitely think another one will happen but I also said if it bombs then that franchise is probably done for good, especially since it will have been over a decade since those films started.

@ Curious Cadet. It’s been mentioned that financing has been arranged, but details are still lacking. Recall back when Orci commented regularly, he was of the opinion a Trek movie needed a budget near the 200MM mark to be done right. It’s been commented on from numerous sources that one of the problems with Trek is that based on returns, the budgets are bloated – a subtle jab at Bad Robot that they need to figure out how to make a Trek movie for 120MM-140MM. It may very well be that Clarkson has to bring this outing in for 100MM, which would explain why we are mired in ‘prep’, with the director and producer figuring out how to pull this off.

I would be TRULY shocked if this movie is a penny over $150 million. Like you I think they are going to work to get it under that and that could be the delay in announcing anything because they are still trying to figure out its budget. And I wouldn’t be shocked if its $120 million or less either.

I really do think Paramount has given up the idea these movies should pull in Mission Impossible money but can still be a strong profit base like the TOS and TNG films were if they lower the budgets a bit. Obviously nothing as low as those, but just more middle tier films instead of huge tentpoles. There were ten Trek movies for a reason because they were reliable money makers if not huge profit centers. I don’t think they want another Beyond on their hands and lose another hundred million trying to turn it into a Marvel movie.

Phil and Tiger,

These are the sorts of roadblocks that I envisioned all along. There’s just too many opportunities to derail a quick start of production.

For instance, how’s Paramount going to play out the negative METOO entertainment reporting about cutting a female Trek director’s budget? And what’s Paramount’s plan to deal with the entertainment “press” peppering all the female talent with questions on how they feel about working on a project that will ultimately serve to benefit Les Moonves??

But there is nothing to suggest there are any big problems. I suspect this is just the regular process when deciding to make a film. Abrams had more clout at the time and the films were new so they were throwing all kinds of money at the first two films when they were thinking they could be big blockbusters.

Obviously Beyond has made them rethink that but it doesn’t sound like there has been any problems since they hired a director. I mean I’m not saying there isn’t but it sounds like they have a direction to go in, just maybe working on budget and schedules.

I agree with this. Four years is a looooong time for franchises now. Can you imagine DC launching a film every four year now? Or Star Wars? Or Transformers?

For the record I don’t think anyone is suggesting they should just be cranked out on an assembly line and have one out every year. Its nothing wrong to take their time, especially if you need the time to get it right, but in this case it feels more like not being a big priority for the studio. Bad Robot is the one that started that trend because Star Trek is just another of the dozen projects they have going on and since Abrams is the one that runs it but has a say in all their projects things moves slower.

But again, look at Star Wars, they have a deadline, period. Abrams wanted to move TFA six months and they said no. And he had a good reason to do it but Disney has a very specific plan with those films. Paramount doesn’t have any plan with Trek beyond making a film every few years.

“There is a script for Star Trek 4, yes…I’m not sure where this confusion has come from…The truth is, there is a film being developed for the fourth Star Trek, written by [J.D.] Payne and [Patrick] McKay, directed by S.J. Clarkson”

EXACTLY as I have been saying all along.

“He has also said the film is currently “in prep” and estimates production will start in early 2019.”

Well, OF COURSE this is going to in production during the first quarter of 2019 — I said as such 3 months ago.

Dude, nobody cares what you say about things.

Give you read it and responsed, you obviously do. Thank you for your continued interest in my posts.

“But he’s going to be so busy with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood that I can’t see him doing it for five or six years, by which time we might be too old anyway.”

Now on this one, Pegg saying there will be a five or six years after QT’s next movie I think is him kind of having a brain-fart with not really thinking this through. This movie is going to be released in July of Next Year, at which time, but September 2019 or so QT should be freed up to work on his next movie. And his last movie The Hateful 8 came our in December 2015, which was 3.5 years before Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. So applying 3.5 years post Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we get to December 2022.

Based on this, I think a “conservative” date for QT Trek would be a 2022 Holiday Release, or (being extremely “conservative”) a 2023 Early Summer Release. However, given they are already developing a story and possibly a script, I would actually estimate that a Summer 2022 release is certainly doable — two years after the Trek 4 release, which has been my prediction all along here for the target release of QT-Trek.

Yeah, I think a two year gap between 4 and QT-Trek makes the most sense. I’m not sure if Simon Pegg is just basing it off the gaps that have occurred between their movies in the past, but if two are being developed at least somewhat concurrently, it wouldn’t make sense for Paramount to wait so long to begin production. This is especially true if the QT-Trek is going to be budgeted a little less than a mega-blockbuster.

I really don’t think that movie will happen.

QT Trek is a long, long…long way away from being a done deal.

Yep pretty much.

( Whoops. Disregard.)

One big problem with Star Trek movies is that it seems the people involved aren’t dedicated enough to the franchise, so they take too long in between movies. It’s like the franchise comes secondary to whomever is working on it. Abrams still seems to be involved, but Star Wars comes first. They lost a year because they were working on Cloverfield. That’s just not right. When Marvel can produce 3 movies a year, Star Trek coming out every FOUR years is kind of disgraceful.

Worse, with all that time, the movies they produce are at best, merely ok. They seem to care more about effects than anything else. They haven’t captured the spirit of Star Trek. They are too concerned with modernizing it to realize that good stories never need to be modernized. Effects? Sure, but the essence of Kirk/Spock/McCoy–that works to this day, and the fact that TOS episodes can be rewatched shows that.

It just seems that Star Trek is not a priority for Paramount or the people that work on it. Six years? That’s ridiculous.

I think the reason for this is the fact they are not getting a billion dollars out of the franchise. In the current blockbuster climate, that seems to be new limit of success for most blockbuster, you either pass 1 billion dollars or you are deemed as not satisfactory enough. I think they should just try to make a lower budgeted Trek movie so that the profit margin can be higher.

Well, not EVERY Marvel movie does $1 billion. They still make them. DC movies are still being published at around 2 a year–not making $1 billion.

They absolutely can make a lower budgeted Trek movie for higher profits. But the real issue is that they need to make a good movie.

Something exciting.

And I don’t mean because of the effects.

When you have the original characters, there is no excuse to make movies that are mediocre. The Abrams movies overall were better for me than the TNG movies, but nothing about them excites me.

And the over-secrecy is also really bad. It’s ok to reveal some plot tastes because that will get people looking forward to the movie. No better example of idiotic advertisement and over-secrecy than making a movie with Khan, and not advertising that Khan is in the movie. How dumb was that?

Star Trek Beyond was better, but it wasn’t great. For a 50th anniversary movie, they should have followed the Doctor Who playbook and given us the kitchen sink. Shatner only has so much time left. CGI can deal with the aging.

But to take this much time between movies? Inexcusable. Out of sight, out of mind. I think one reason box office dwindles is because they wait too long between movies.

Next year, ST09 will be TEN YEARS OLD, and only 3 movies in that time. It’s terrible.

The problem is though that the essence that you mention above DOESN’T work to this day, it only works to the established fans. I’d argue the same for the TOS episode-rewatch point too – even to some fans (certainly to me) TOS’s camp-ness is unbearably cringe-worthy, and is precisely why Star Trek and, indeed, it’s fanbase are routinely ridiculed.

I’m certainly not raving about the JJ Abrams series of films; they are, quite frankly, ridiculous in a number of ways, but to claim that the franchise didn’t need a drastic update is just sticking your head in the sand.

the real problem is content.
they are still rehashing the ‘khan’ model for the films.

they pay lip service to the notion of actual exploration at a time when audiences are ready to see ‘strange new worlds and civilizations’ thanks to ‘avatar’ and ‘the martian’ as well as GoTG.

even this next film about time travel and kirk snr seems like a step backwards.


That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if the people making these movies knew how to tell a meaningful, compelling story. I’d love to see a Trek movie with an exploration and/or sci-fi theme, too, but it is still possible to make a great Trek movie centered around an individual’s psychological issues. Or, rather, it would be possible with a different studio. Paramount, for whatever reason, has forgotten how to tell stories in a cinematic format. The people running the studio now seem to regard the story as an afterthought: we’re producing a Trek movie, and it’d be nice if we could get a story to go along with it.

Six years. That actually made me laugh. Well, I’ll be retired by then, so at least I can check it out in the morning or afternoon for a matinee…

The more Pegg talks the less convinced I am that he knows anything! The truth is a fifth KT movie will not work in six years, period. I’m skeptical a fourth movie will work in two years. The first movie came out nearly TEN YEARS AGO at this point and they’ve managed a paltry three films, and none of them were anything really special. I’m so over Trek being given the short end of the stick. Maybe the ’20s will be the new golden era of Trek, but it’s certainly not happening this decade…they blew it.

Agreed. And not to mention the shameful way the franchise’s 50th Anniversary was pretty much overlooked. Trek has been so mishandled it’s ridiculous.

Yeah, Pegg has no bloody idea what he’s talking about.

Yeah he’s just an guy without any movie experience at all. /s


Producers, directors and then talent agents are the ones with a more accurate picture of what happening in any production than your average actor.


He co wrote the last movie

@HN4. Yeah, the last one. As I recall, his interviews then were ripe with unfounded speculation, too.

@Phil Well I wouldn’t know about that. He seemed more pissed that he was going to be blamed for the movie failing.


Right, the one that tanked at the box office! Somehow I don’t think Paramount is in rush to get his input after that lackluster performance.

His only role in ST 14 is as an actor, he is not part of the writing team. Actors as I’ve mentioned before don’t have all the latest info.

The late Anton Yelchin in a 2014 interview said as much.


Yelchin Talks Shatner and Schedule For Star Trek 2016

Yelchin : “I don’t know anything about the project yet. They keep it under wraps until the last minute, for the world and for us.

Yelchin : “All I really know is that they’re probably going to shoot it next year. They really do keep it under wraps for everyone involved, really, until it happens and they’re like, “Now, you show up for four or five months.” But, I have a fun time doing it. It’s a lot of fun. But, that’s Bad Robot’s process.

Peg may have a little more insight since he’s so close to Abrams and they clearly talk a lot being part of Trek and MI but yes story wise it does seem like they keep the story from the actors as much as possible until its time to start shooting.

I never understood this until recently when someone said its so they don’t have to feel pressured to answer questions to the media or lie to keep plot secrets. But that still happens anyway once they start shooting it and yes it was Peg himself who said Khan wasn’t in STID after he obviously knew.

It’s even reasonable to speculate that Bad Robot, Skydance or Paramount, all well aware of his skills as a screenwriter, may have employed Pegg, uncredited, to punch up certain scenes for changes they were seeking in scripts past.

So, 2021 for Trek 4, and 2024 for Trek 5. About what I’ve been saying all along, and the pace the studio is actually on. Assuming no delays. And despite a few people here screaming NO NO, make them FASTER!

Six years?!? Jeez.

Why would they be too old in six years? Shatner and Nimoy were 48 when TMP opened. Miss the days when Trek was a priority and they got a movie out almost every two years. And actually the studio dragged its feet then and still got movies out regularly.

It was a priority because no one else had much going on. The actors were unknowns who were only known because of Trek. In contrast, nu!Trek actors were already somewhat established and have become even bigger since 2009. Zoe Salana for example has two other major franchises (Avatar and Guardians). Similarly for the crew, JJ has Star Wars, Mission Impossible and a whole slew of other projects.

Shatner and Nimoy were pretty well known, and Paramount thought enough of Trek to make what was then the most expensive movie ever, which had the biggest opening of any movie up to that time– the records didn’t last long. I respect the new actors, but today is a different situation. In 1979, people like Eastwood and Redford were still leading men — it would have been hard to break into that club. Today they insert relatively unknown people into CGI blockbusters and they become bankable. Also, the last Bad Robot movie lost money, so it might not be a bad idea to get somebody else involved. I’m just a fan, so if they can’t get their act together, it’s not my concern. Star Trek wouldn’t collapse without them any more than it did when STVI ended. And Paramount owned the 80s with movies like Top Gun, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Beverly Hills Cop and many more — and they still managed to do Star Trek.

At this point in the Kelvin universe, this cast is still anchored to the five year mission that established Kirk and Enterprise in Federation lore…in their youth. While not ancient, in six years this cast will be into their 40’s and 50’s…

What happened to Paramount’s ability to finance films they have been non committal on star trek. But i bet they already have greenlit the next mission impossible.

Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ the most expensive TV show ever with the cheapest showrunners in town.

They don’t have too much of an experience too, there is a potential here to be a failure if Amazon doesn’t get someone with show-running experience to at least guide these guys.


Yep. As I’ve mentioned in another thread the duo wrote so many scripts that never made it out of production hell. Scripts such as the original Star Trek 3 script, Boilerplate, Deadliest Warrior, Goliath, Micronauts, Law Zero, Flash Gordon, ‘A People’s History Of The Vampire Uprising’ and Hellfire.

I’m actually shocked that Amazon hired them to manage their $250 million TV production with their zero experience and no actual production under their belts of any kind.

Didn’t even know Amazon had produced a LOTR TV show. Gonna check it out.

Still years away but it looks like they approved it.


As Tiger2 has pointed out LOTR series is still far in the future.

I’m more interested in their upcoming science fiction shows ‘Snow Crash’ & ‘Ringworld’

I doubt this will ever get made. You guys will just complain and hate it anyway.

Pure speculation.

I think we need to forget about the Tarantino movie, at least subconsciously put it at the back of the mind for now.

Fact is, everything depends on how this next film performs in the box office. If it does similar business to Beyond, I reckon it’s game over for this cast of actors. If it does ‘markedly’ better then it might mean another sequel will happen after all.

If Nemesis had done good business it is a known fact that fifth TNG film was all but certain. But it didn’t do well and so money talked after that. Goodnight, Picard!

So, it all hinges on how much money is made…

More Star Trek films are a given, but not more Kelvin-cast films.

I agree.

I truly do believe one more Kelvin film will happen. I think it depends on how well that does if they make anymore films after that.

I don’t doubt Paramount is on the fence when it comes to making more, that’s clear, but they have seem to have decided to roll the dice again.

And let’s be honest these films aren’t going to go on forever regardless. TOS had six films, TNG had four and Kelvin currently has three. They could stop now, call it a trilogy and move on. But since they aren’t, it’s probably 1-2 more films at best before they move on to something else completely. And at the rate these films get made, everyone will be much older by the fifth one, especially if Peg’s timeline is anything close to true.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait beyond 2020 for the next star trek film. I am always excited for another one as long as it is not nemesis.

Bad Robot and Paramount needs to be putting out these movies every two years, that is why I blame them for the lack of interest in the franchise. It took 4 years for Into Darkness after the first Reboot and 3 years for Beyond in that time span there has been between 2012 and now there been 4 Avenger Movies and 5th on the way