‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Update: Tig Notaro Explains Jett Reno’s Name + Jeff Russo Talks Scoring Spock

Tonight the third episode (“Point of Light“) of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery airs, so before that, we are catching up with another Disco Bits, full of little morsels of Discovery news and tidbits from cast and crew.

Notaro talks Jett Reno

This week Tig Notaro was a guest on the Conan show and TBS posted some of her interview that was cut from the broadcast, where she talks about working on Star Trek: Discovery, describing how much she loves being part of the show. The comedian and actress revealed why her character’s name was changed from Denise Reno to Jett Reno, saying she wanted to “take it up a notch” and drew inspiration from rock star Joan Jett. Even though she loves the show, she admitted she struggles with the “made-up space stuff” dialog. Notaro also talked about doing stunts for the first time for Discovery and how that has helped her towards her goal of playing Tom Cruise’s sister in an action movie.

Russo talks scoring Spock and season two

CBS has released a video featuring composer Jeff Russo discussing how he has approached the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Costume designer shows off her team’s work

Costumer designer Gersha Phillips has been nominated for a Costume Design Guild Award and used her Instagram to post a slide show with sketches and behind the scenes looks at the work her and the costuming team have done for “The Brightest Star” episode of Short Treks.

View this post on Instagram

FYC "The Brightest Star" Excellence in Short form Design @cdglocal892 @costumeawards Also incredibly proud of the work that we put into this Short Film!! This was an amazing Summer spent creating this new world of the Kelpien Species!! ✨✨ Here is a sneak peek at our creative process – Swipe Left ⬅️⬅️ Huge THANKS to my AMAZING Team: Costume Supervisor @princesspiggy8 ACDs @ladykimberly @carlynicks_  @dainavaliulis Illustrator @christian_cordella_la Buyers @pariashirvani #TaraSugar Cutters @tanya_batanau_chuiko @lisacreelman Textile Artists @bon.bonstyle @davidhwebb @housecat__ @ursdierker Sewers @artiztique @meg.bone @torilang @zaporzhia @ninatopich @petitaire @blakehylandofficial FX Builders #JennBurtonAulbook @robincareless Sculptors @andrewcookster @iancampbellfx Set Team @kymnie.keating #ChelseaOliver @skizzorsandpins BG Team @sublimezomb @st.dei @alsoknownas.red Costume Assistants @franciscacaceres_ @kaitlynfifi Digital Asset @mike.rigby

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Behind the scenes on “New Eden”

Executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi continues to post fun behind the scenes images from Star Trek: Discovery, with a few images and videos from “New Eden” showing up on his feed this week. Here are some highlights.

Anson Mount also shared some fun images behind the scenes on “New Eden.”

Cast tweet of the week: What is Love with Spock and Pike

Anson Mount also tweeted out this fun tribute to A Night at the Roxbury with himself and Spock actor Ethan Peck on the way to the SAG Awards over the weekend.

Tune in tonight

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. “Point of Light” will be released on All Access (8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT) and Space (8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT) on Thursday, January 31, 2019, and on Netflix Friday, February 1, 2019.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I just want to see more of Reno. She’s only been in one episode and is already more interesting than all but perhaps one or two others.

Yes, like Pike, Reno has become an instant favorite the second I saw her on screen. I really hope she’s in tonight episode!

I second that! Reno, pike and Saru are my favorites on the show. In 1 episode I liked Reno way more than a whole season of Burnham

Are you out of your mind or trolling? If none of the above, you want to look cool “Oooohh look at me bigging up the gay chick. I’m so cool” wankety wank wank. She was a good character for sure, but almost every one in the show is excellent and we’ve not even seen Spock yet.

Jjson: That was a ridiculous response. Please try again, only this time try saying something that isn’t over-the-top and absurd.

I’ll try harder next time X

Its what we call an OPINION. Its not mind boggling or trolling if you think the other characters suck. And why even mention her sexuality???? What does that have to do with Reno? Get a grip.

Don’t sweat it, Tiger2. The poster’s own personal issues aren’t worth your time.

Haha ooooooeeeeeeoooo

I thought she was pretty great, too. I’m (A) hoping there’s going to be a Pike spinoff and (B) hoping she’ll get to be the Enterprise’s engineer on that show.

That would be awesome. If the rumors about Discovery being in real trouble for Season 3, I think the obvious comeback would be to just shift to a Pike based show on the Enterprise. Even some of the naysayers all seem to really like Pike/Mount. I also think that with New Eden, they can find ways to tell planet based stories which could cut way back on the SFX costs. Bring Reno, Saru, and Detmer over. Maybe Tilly too.

I wonder if that is what may be getting set up anyway. With Calypso, we know Discovery is abandoned at some point— could that happen this season?

IS Discovery in trouble for season three? All indications are that CBS is very pleased with subscriptions for All Access, and Discovery has been a huge part of that. I assume.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Agree, love her. My only quibble is that she’s another supercharged genius character. Making her an engineer who can also “fix” people without any apparent medical training seemed a bit too far.

While I like Reno and wouldn’t compromise with her (she is a middle-aged down-to-Earth engineer, after all, and looks the part too, so quite believable) at this point we DO need more broken women to make up for all the Mary Sues, no doubt. Even the most evilest of evil space emperors in this show is bad-ass.

Yeah… There was a touch of that in the first episode. I feel like her performing brain surgery (or whatever it was) on the Tellerite was pretty over the top. Anything beyond a field medic probably would have been too much medical skill. But apart from that mistake, the character felt solid and someone they need to have as a regular.

Seconded. Not that it needed any more stuff crammed in, but I would have preferred a well-deserved holiday from Tilly-antics and Reno as a replacement in the current episode, any day!

All I hear is she’s the newest Mary Sue?

Was wondering why her time with Conan didn’t include Disco.

More of a rapper?

Made up space stuff??? This is an OUTRAGE!!! Don’t you know Star Trek is science fact??

If you’re saying that a ship can skip across the universe on a highway made of mushrooms….

I actually didn’t totally care for Tig Notaro’s performance in the pilot. There was a particular line she delivered that totally took me out of the show — I’ll have to rewatch it but it was quite distracting. Maybe it’s just me. Looking forward to her future appearances.

I like Tig Notaro and her character. Just please, for the love of God, get her an acting lesson or two.


She’s Jett “F******” Reno to me.

Tonight’s episode reminded me of the confused writing of last season. WTF did I just watch.

This episode was definitely a step backward in quality. A true shame, as I loved the other two episodes.

Yeah, that episode was the first stinker of the season. I think a lot of that is it relied on a lot of the foolishness that happened in season 1. A season they would have done best to forget about.

We get it you didn’t like season one. Too bad because Season one happened and they aren’t going to pretend it didn’t. If it wasn’t for the success of Season one you wouldn’t have Season 2 to complain about. This episode put the show back on track from the boring episode last week in my opinion. Can’t wait to see more of Section 31 and Mother.

Incorrect. The show was going to get a 2nd season no matter what. They got one even though CBS’s subscriber numbers were barely half of what they anticipated. And it is likely come hell or high water they will get a 3rd. Beyond that we shall see.

Thanks for reminding me of the absurdity of the “mother” line. That was a huge eye roll and there is an obvious joke in that scene as well.

What was wrong with it? With the help from S31 she has solidified her power and has become their queen. The British often refers to their queen as Mother. There’s nothing absurd about it.

Empress is far more imposing and powerful than ‘mother’. And it did not feel very Klingon in the slightest. Also, if I understand it correctly, the Queen Mother is not the Queen herself.

“Empress” that’s a human concept. Real Klingons would think differently. To them “Mother” may hold more reverence.

You’re right about the whole queen mother thing.

Real Klingons would not allow a “Federation puppet” rule their empire by virtue of a bomb would they? If this doesn’t constitute “high treason” even in Earth societies, I don’t know what does. And this complaint by the houses is far more valid and understandable than their alleged “tiny male brain” “misogyny”. This is Discovery “at its best”: mixing bad continuity, unbelievable world building and nasty political attacks!

VS, was the “tiny male brain” comment supposed to get the audience on her side? And I’m still wondering why the bomb threat hasn’t been working.

A34, It’s possible. But based on what we already know about Klingons it sure doesn’t seem likely at all. Of course, this could be yet another change STD has made to suit their purposes..

You watched an awesome episode. You’re welcome.

It was a very solid episode, but why exactly should we thank *you*? Asking for a friend.

It will make me feel good. I had a crappy day.

Ok. Thank you, A34. I do hope tomorrow will be better. :)


Clearly they disagree. Its like you work on the show or something.


A brilliant attempt at reconciling the usable remnants of last season with a far more promising (so far) second season.

I liked it but not that great. A lot going on lol.

That’s what I liked about the episode from the standpoint of DSC’s larger arc. It brings season two up to speed with last season without sacrificing what worked in either of them.

In other words, it’s actually finally becoming a genuinely complex TV show in an era long dominated by only that.

It was bonkers. Mostly in awesome ways.

That crap with Tilly had me yelling at the TV. Well not literally. Yes her”ghost” was annoying but what StarcFleet personnel wouldn’t inform someone of the issue?? It was like The Orville. And OMG the baby. The timeline not withstanding, that was the most fake baby of any species I’ve ever seen. It was laughable. And btw I’M A FAN OF THE SHOW. The Spock stuff was good. 33% good doesn’t cut it IMO

She literally thought she was going nuts, not dealing with something as a result of the dark matter. Her feeling like she was legit losing it and being worried about getting kicked out of the command program is adequate reason to not say anything. Seems like a Barkley thing to do, actually many Trek characters have done something similar.


Hehe… Mister Broccoli

I agree. I thought of Barkley. I guess the combination of the annoying ghost and her being annoying was just too much. Just the whole Klingon part. The way they looked, the baby, the fight scene. It looked like they slowed the camera down because they had too much prosthetics in to move properly. I want to say that if I read the script it would’ve been more enjoyable than watching it.