‘Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion’ Web Strategy Game Launches

Today GameSamba announces the official launch of the web strategy game Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion, which is a follow up to their Star Trek: Alien Domain game from 2015. Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion is a free-to-play HTML5-based strategy game you can play in a web browser. The game features “fierce competitions between squadrons: groups of players battling their rivals for control of vital resources.”


Here is the official synopsis:

Players and fans have battled Species 8472 – and each other – for the better part of four years in GameSambas’ first Star Trek™ game, Star Trek™: Alien Domain. The story evolves in Star Trek™: Alien Domain Incursion, as players find themselves on the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole, in the Gamma Quadrant. Players will have the option to join either the United Federation of Planets or the Dominion, a military superpower indigenous to the Gamma Quadrant. Both factions must not only face each other, but also must prepare to face 8472’s forces from Fluidic Space.

Today’s launch follows an open beta test which has helped GameSamba optimize the game based on player feedback.

To learn more about Star Trek: Alien Domain Incursion or to play visit the official site incursion.gamesamba.com.


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You guys have to play it until you complete the first UFP mission (It takes about 5 minutes to get there). It’s so obvious they borrowed aspects from other games and don’t know Trek that it’s funny!

After that, definitely stop.

Yeah middle of the trailer. I saw the Dominion fleet heading towards a Trade Federation Lucrehulk from Star Wars.

Just like it’s predecessor, it’s unfortunately very buggy and not well-done, and also doesn’t really deserve the “Star Trek” brand on it, as it promotes mobbing and preying on other players instead of working together. If you really want to have fun, please look at other games, which can provide more of that.

looks lame.

I guess I’m never going to get my action/rpg (similar to Mass Effect) for the Trek universe am I? :( You could easily take the stories of Mass Effect 1, 2, and 4 and build a great Trek game in either of those games. Mass Effect 3 would even make for a great Trek game if you replaced The Geth with The Borg and The Reapers with The Iconians. UGH! Think of the possibilities!

I’d just love another Mass Effect game!

I can see at least seven things wrong with that Galaxy class in the first image and it doesn’t inspire confidence.

Hot rod grille aside, since when was the captain’s yacht a phaser emitter?

“Hey, Bob, we’re all outta Galaxy class warp struts!”

“Eh, no sweat. We got a bunch of those older Ambassador class ones sitting at the warehouse. Throw those bad boys on, no one will notice. While you’re at it, grab those old 20th century fluorescent bulbs and put them on the deflector, will ya? Gotta jazz it up a bit where you can.”

What a horrible trailer. Content and execution.

RIP Headphone Users.

Where in the burning pits of Sto’Vo’Kor did this nightmare come from?