‘Star Trek: Legends’ RPG Game Launches On Steam With New Exclusive Content

Originally launched as a mobile game on Apple ArcadeStar Trek: Legends is now available for PC. The release includes new features and improvements and a limited-time launch discount.

Legends on Steam

Game publisher Tilting Point has brought Star Trek: Legends to Steam Early Access. Available now, the team-based RPG game fans lets fans step into the role of heroes and villains from across the history of the franchise in “an epic adventure to control the mysterious Nexus and save all of existence.”

Here is the launch trailer:

The Steam release of Legends includes the full game originally released on Apple Arcade along with quality of life and game balance enhancements, redesigned UI and controls, Steam Deck support and achievements, a new collection feature, and more.

Star Trek: Legends on Steam (Tilting Point)

Here is a breakdown of features for the Steam release of Star Trek: Legends from the official announcement:

A Universe of Characters to Recruit: Collect and command a roster of 95 playable characters available from day 1, each with 3 to 4 unique skills. Unleash the potential of your team with characters from across the entire history of the Star Trek franchise.

Complete Collections and Earn Rewards: Complete thematic collections, from Starfleet Captains to notorious Villains. Activating collection-specific combat bonuses adds a layer of strategy to your battles – each completed collection will also reward players with exciting bonuses.

 Experience Expanded Missions: Embark on 8 Episodes with 6 Missions each, offering narrative choices and multiple pathways. The Steam version includes all 8 Episodes from day 1, with refined reward and difficulty balancing for an engaging experience.

Enhanced Shuttlecraft System: Assign characters to Shuttlecraft routes for XP and rewards. The Steam version introduces a player-friendly and streamlined experience with overhauled timers and rewards for enhanced gameplay.

Improved Combat and UI: Engage in turn-based combat with up to 4 characters in your team. The Steam version brings quality-of-life changes, combat balance tuning, and a revamped UI for a smoother gaming experience.

Updated Survival Mode: We’ve updated the balance of Survival Mode for a better player experience and improved the mode’s character reroll feature.

Customize Your Bridge: Unlock 8 different stations aboard the U.S.S. Artemis, assigning characters to each station to provide combat bonuses. Tailor your team to fit your preferred strategy.

Enhanced Summons: Collect “Orbs” to summon new characters, now with the convenience of +1 & +10 buttons for multiple summons in a single transaction.

Unlimited PVP Battles: Challenge fellow players in unlimited PVP battles, earn medals, and advance through lifetime PVP Leagues for better rewards.

Exciting PVP Seasons: Participate in limited-time PVP leaderboard Seasons, competing for the highest score and exclusive rewards. A fresh start every 2 weeks keeps the competition fierce.

Operations and Events: Engage in daily challenge battles with the overhauled Daily Operations system. Weekly events offer Event Operations for points, unlocking characters, and participating in faction-specific War Events.

Star Trek: Legends on Steam (Tilting Point)

Star Trek: Legends is available now on Steam at a discount price of $14.99 until Tuesday, February 27. After that, it will be available for $19.99.

More screenshots:



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I enjoyed it on Apple Arcade. A Steam version ought to be even better.

I played it for a while on Apple Arcade as well. It wasn’t worth maintaining the apple arcade monthly subscription fee, but if it ever shows up on iOS, I’ll definitely get it.

I hope they port this to the Switch or PS5 someday, I’d be interested in checking it out.

Thanks for the heads up!

This could definitely be worth having on the Microsoft Store for PC and Xbox

The game on Apple Arcade taught me that time-gated game mechanics are still designed to be a pain in the ass even when a game is not allowed to have micortransactions.