More Production Details For Star Trek Picard Series Emerge, Including Possible Title

The new Star Trek series starring Sir Patrick Stewart returning to his Next Generation role of Jean Luc-Picard continues to take shape, with a few new details on the upcoming production coming to light.

Shooting reportedly starts April 14

The latest issue of Production Weekly – a reliable industry newsletter – has some more details for the upcoming Picard show’s production. According to the report, the Picard show will begin shooting on April 14th with production going for five and a half months, with a planned wrap on October 1st. While this is a shorter production run than the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery – which ran about eight months – the Picard series is expected to have fewer episodes, with the first season being described as a 10-hour movie.

Santa Clarita will be home to Picard show

In December it was reported that unlike Star Trek: Discovery and Short Treks, the new Picard show would not be shot at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, Canada, with CBS securing $15.6 million in tax credits to shoot in California. According to the new report, the production will be based at Santa Clarita Studios. SCS is an independent studio production facility based in Santa Clarita, California, around 35 miles north of Paramount Studios in Hollywood, where most previous Star Trek TV series and films were produced.

The selection of SCS may explain Patrick Stewart’s curious comment last month that the show would be shooting in “the middle of California.” While the era of peak TV has made studio space in the Hollywood area sparse, the choice of Santa Clarita Studios may have been by Sir Patrick himself, who is also an executive producer on the series. Stewart is familiar with SCS, having shot his two-season Starz comedy Blunt Talk there in 2015 and 2016.

SCS has 16 stages and has been in operation since 1987. CBS has used SCS in the past, including shooting five seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations there. Santa Clarita Valley is a popular destination for film production, touting nearly half of all permitted location activity in Los Angeles County. The video below gives an overview of Santa Clarita Studios.

Picard show may be called “Star Trek: Destiny”

The title of the new Picard show has yet to be officially announced. However, the Production Weekly report lists the title of the series as “‘Star Trek: Destiny’ (aka ‘Star Trek: Picard’)” with the working title listed as “Drawing Room.” “Picard” has been a shorthand used by people involved in the show to talk about it, although Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green recently indicated the show could actually use “Picard” as a title.

It’s important to note that CBS has not confirmed Star Trek: Destiny as a title, although it is one of a number of titles that CBS has trademarked over the last year. CBS has also trademarked other titles including Star Trek: Revolution as well as a number of others more obviously tied to other shows that have been or still are in development, such as Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. So for now, take “Destiny” as a possibility, but with a grain of space salt.

Casting has started

On Friday it was reported that CBS had tapped director Hannelle Culpepper to helm the first two episodes for the Picard series. As of yet, the only confirmed member of the cast for the show is Sir Patrick Stewart himself, returning to play Jean-Luc Picard. But with cameras set to start rolling in six weeks, that should be changing soon. Replying to a question about if casting had begun on Twitter, Culpepper confirmed it has already started.

There has been a rumor report regarding some possible character descriptions for the show, but we have not been able to confirm these as of this time. Official announcements of casting are likely to begin this month, which can start to shed some light on the other characters for the series.

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“Star Trek: Destiny” would be a clever title. That would essentially erase the possibility to keep up that stupid “STD” joke.

More fuel for the hatred.

“More fuel for the hatred”

Fascinating how three innocuous letters make snowflakes melt everywhere…

LOL, I never noticed that. I don’t like the name though. It sounds like the title of a Star Trek game from the 90’s.

Aha, one can but hope. The moment I see someone use ‘STD’ it immediately invalidates whatever opinion they are about to offer.

Ahhh… The very essence of the IDIC philosophy. Hate on someone who doesn’t use abbreviations the way you like.

Yeah. And not everyone is a native english speaker, so not everyone has a f*cking clue or cares what STD means. To me, it’s just an abbreviation, although I must admit that the logical one for Discovery would be just DIS (based on Enterprise, which was also just one word, and they just took the first three letters) or DSC.

One of the risks of STDs is that they can leave one vulnerable to secondary infections… The memes are safe 😏

I myself thought the new Picard series would be called “Star Trek: The Picard Chronicles.”

My take :

” Picard ” should be short.

3 Seasons. 4 at most. 10 Episodes per season.

Quality over quantity. Also I hope they have a complete arc for the *Series* not just each season.

Hopefully not a lot of padding in the middle a la LOST/

It has been reported that the Picard show is set up to last to at least 3 seasons.
That is their goal,
That is not the same thing as saying that they have a guaranteed 3 seasons,
But, I find it highly unlikely that they will cancel the Picard show after 1 season, unless the ratings are horrific.
I think Section 31 might have a tougher time, we shall see.

Quality and Quantity are not exclusive. They never had been in ‘Trek.

Both quality and quantity are *elusive* sometimes though, as Discovery season 1 proved ;)

If they do a Picard series and don’t include any connection to the TNG crew, something is seriously wrong with them. I’m not asking for (and do not want) a TNG redux, but disregarding the other characters connection to Picard would be disastrous. If you think the reaction to the new Klingons was bad, wait till fans see a 24th/25th century Trek that completely disconnects Picard from the rest of the TNG family.

I’m almost certain TNG cast will pop up in it.

I mean why the *F* wouldn’t they ? They’re all still alive and get along.

Frakes is directing.

I don’t want it to be cameo soup – just the occasional surprise.

Kurtzman himself hinted at guest stars. With the lack of leaks only 6 weeks out, its not surprising we haven’t heard anything about GUEST stars, since we haven’t had any cast announcements besides Sir Pat Stew

Or it’s smart. The Picard show will last five years. Then they may want a different series with one of the characters we haven’t heard much about – espeically Giordi, etc.

It will last 3 years with Picard.

They said at LEAST 3 years. I told you this before. It could go longer, Stewart was only saying that’s the minimum they expect to go. If its a big hit it will go longer. It will probably just depend on Stewart.

The show can go on without him.

Also true!

No. It can’t.

Yes it could. As long as the other characters and stories are good. Many shows keep going after the star leaves. Hell they were going to kill off Picard after season 3 in TNG and continue the show because Stewart wasn’t sure if he wanted to come back. We have no idea what they are thinking obviously but since CBS plans to keep Star Trek on the air for the next 20 years it will most likely just spin off a character from that show anyway.

I guess we should just see if the show survives its first season instead of thinking about the next five lol.

It sounds like they very well might be starting off with a 3 (mini) season order.

Totally agree. It would be such a missed opportunity and is the only thing I am nervous about with regard to this new series. Yes, the series needs to be different but that does not mean you discard your old friends. My hope is that because they want to have this show run three seasons that maybe when we first see Picard he is totally disconnected from that TNG family in light of the new political realities. I can see Picard being in a bad place. But maybe as the story progresses with new characters we will encounter old friends toward the end of season 1 but into seasons 2 and 3 that help Picard find his way back to the FEderation. At least that’s how I imagine the show based on them saying they want 3 seasons. But for the creators not to at least use in any way Beverly, Guinan, Geordi, Riker, etc….would be upsetting to me as a Picard fan. It wouldn’t make sense to me that he no longer has nothing to do with his old shipmates.

Its no way we won’t see other TNG characters in this. They may not be lead roles but some are definitely popping up. And remember this show is going on for several years, so even if it doesn’t happen right away there will be plenty of time in the future. The entire point of this show is to bring back people who want the TNG era again. Obviously Picard himself defines the era but fans want to see as many as possible and CBS knows that. I applaud them for not just making TNG 2.0, it proves they are thinking outside the box. But if you ignore everything in it, it will just upset fans instead of getting them on their side.

Well all the crew should be spread around the Galaxy or at least the Alpha/Beta Quadrant, we know Georgi, Rike and Beverly get their own ships. Wolf is one subspace message away from getting a amanada sent from the KDF.

Personally I be fine with them being non existence for most of the series. Then Picard sending out a distress call an in his last dying breath with his ship about destroy, with Sovereign class enterprise flying in, using it shields to absorb weapons fire and letting volly of phaser fire, then another vessel or three follow it, splitting off to engage other targets

An when things look hopeless, an the 4 vessels are heavily out gun, we see Wolf decloak with dozens of bird of prey, shouting it a good day to die Captain, and a whole fleet of Federation ships appearing on sensors at maximum warp, Picard realise most of them commanded by or have crewman from his time as captain of the Enterprise D an E.

Then he uses his archaeological knowledge to save the day because it Star trek and science and knowledge and talking should win the day, not fire power.

How do we know Beverly and Geordi got their own ships? Geordi stayed on the Enterprise and according to a deleted scene from Nemesis Beverly became the head of Starfleet medical. And I think Worf stayed on the Enterprise as well but can’t remember.

in the end of Voyager Geordi has command of his own ship. In the last ep of tng we see Beverly also has command of her own medical ship.(also married and separated from Picard)

wasnt this in the timeless episode?

I believe Captain LaForge shows up in an episode where the Doctor is sent to a starship in the Alpha Quadrant called the Prometheus. Unfortunately, Andy Dick played the next level EMH.

Captain LaForge was in an alternate future in VOY: “Timeless.” Beverly had her own ship, The Pasteur, in another alternate future in TNG: “All Good Things.”

OK but everybody said it, those were all based on alternative futures, which were both changed, so it doesn’t mean they are ship commanders now. It doesn’t mean they aren’t, but its no guarantees either.

If they follow Countdown…

Geordi is retired and works for the Daystrom Institute.
Data is back and in command of the Enterprise.

I don’t see someone like Geordi as one for sitting in a lab.

Not Data… B4.

The TNG cast will probably show up, but kudos to the producers of the Picard series for keeping their involvement so secret.
If they are involved, there is not a single official hint of it.

“I’m not asking for (and do not want) a TNG redux”

We have The Orville for that.

Rest assured at some point some, if not all, of the TNG cast who is willing will make an appearance.

It wouldn’t necessarily be a disconnect from TNG if we didn’t see any of the old cast. After all, how many coworkers actually stay in touch twenty years later after going their separate ways?

That’s a very good point. I think it depends like anything else on life and circumstances. I’m in my 30s but I have co workers who are like family to me. Also friends from my schools I still hang out with after 10 to 15 years. But will the same be said 20 years from now? I hope so very much but I don’t know my future. It is easier to stay in contact like never before thanks to cell phones. I think the point of TNG was that they were a family … favorite scene being the poker table gathering in the finale. And maybe they are not connected anymore like it was but that fact just leads to more creative storytelling about how certain other cast members could be involved despite not serving on the same ships. I am watching the Picard show no matter what but if I see an older Crusher or Riker/Troi, I am going to be so giddy like a kid again!

People do move on. However I still have a few buddies from HS and college I keep in touch with. It’s tough because we’ve all moved on to different towns and jobs and have families and such. But we still stay connected. Although not as often as any of us would like. But that’s life.

Speaking from personal experience, a lot.

The old cast were all tweeting pictures having dinner together not to long. Where they deny they spoke about the new series. A few of them have issue denials about having been contacted by CBS. They regularly see each other at Star Trek fan conventions as well.

I’ll be damned if one of the directors doesn’t make at least a viewscreen cameo

I’ve worked in the same industry for 30 years and I rarely see anyone I haven’t worked with in the last ten. I’d prefer they keep the cameos to an absolute minimum and let the new story and characters stand on their own. Picard has to have met several people since he and/or other crew members left the Enterprise, so let’s meet them.

I don’t want this to be a lame reunion show.

@Mike Stivic

How many people you knew 25 years ago do you hang out with? How many work colleagues? I’d wager that in many cases, some people have left town, some got married and had children, some died, some just ‘fell off the face of the Earth.’ Contact faded away, in spite of social media.

People move on all the time. They change. So, if you expand the size of the planet Earth where that can happen to half a galaxy with many, many inhabited worlds, where people live decades longer, there’s a good chance none of the TNG characters will do more than send a metaphorical Christmas card to each other once in a while. Picard had a loyal crew to whom he was close on the Stargazer and how regularly did he chum around with them? Indeed, it was demonstrated that he hadn’t bothered to see his family in a couple of decades in season four of TNG.

So, a Picard who has moved on from Starfleet no longer being touch with some people he stopped working with a couple of decades earlier isn’t in the slightest bit unrealistic. What would be unrealistic would be the former Enterprise crew popping in for ‘teaearlgreyhot’ at the drop of a hat.

Certainly, I have very few people I’m close to across my entire life: one primary school friend, one secondary, one from university, a couple from my 20s and a few from my thirties into my forties. No former work colleagues to speak of. Friendships generally form in the circumstances people find themselves in together. Once the common situation ends, usually because people move on to other jobs or towns, the bond alters. Harsh and sad to say, but deep lifelong friendships are few and far between and the more special for it.

Except on FB! That’s where you see all the people you thought you would live without…

Dorn speaks the truth.. However.. we often see the TNG cast actually do hang out with each other from time to time..

I’ve been working with a lot of the same people for 20 years. still the old gang from high school. It depends on the bond, work environment and relationships. Heck, just look at the cast of TNG.

I would find it particularly unrealistic for the crew to maintain contact with Picard. They never really felt like friends. He was more the boss they more or less got along with. Now MAYBE their paths might cross again down the line and if they did there would certainly be a “how ya’ been doin'” moment. But that would be about it I should think.

I disagree with that. Picard certainly saw them as his family by the time Nemesis rolled around. He was Riker’s best man at his wedding. I think Picard is a very private person but he definitely cared about them.

Good point about being best man at Riker’s wedding. In fact, they were all there. So there is that. That seems to have developed after the series because my comment was based mainly on the 7 year run of the show. But I will say this… There are people from my wedding I haven’t seen or spoken to for years. My best man has fallen off the grid. But there a handful I still keep in contact with.

You’re right about his time on the ship but by the time Nemesis came around, they had been together over twice as long at that point, 15 years. And that last scene from All Good Things was really the starting point. Picard obviously cared about all of them and did have some personal interactions with them even during the show like having breakfast with Crusher every morning or working with Data on his acting aspirations.

He wasn’t completely off limits to everyone, he just wasn’t as personal like Sisko or Janeway who would get their staff together in their quarter or the mess hall for dinners or all do something on the holodeck. Picard was just more private in general. But that last scene in AGT was finally opening up to them all and starting to be more personable.

In fact what I loved about that scene is that the next time we literally saw them again were all together on the holodeck in Generations celebrating Worf’s promotion. I don’t think it was intentional (or maybe it was since it was the same guys who wrote both) but it was a nice bridge to see Picard starting to become part of the gang in AGT to now just being more of a open goofball in Generations….until stuff got real lol. But the movies is where you saw that closer relationship happening.

But I don’t disagree with your basic point, once people leave a place from school to a job or even a city, people you were once close to there you simply drift away as you build a new life with new people in it. So I don’t disagree, Picard could have lost touch with a lot of them. But we know for story telling sake, it rarely stays that way forever.

If that last scene is where they finally started showing the feelings of a family then THAT is where the show really might have started to get interesting. I find it weird that throughout the seven year run of the show it wasn’t until the final scene when they even started to plant a seed that this group might be more than colleagues. Maybe that is why I find every movie they made better than ANYTHING they did on the series. Even Insurrection was better. And that is saying something.

Life does get in the way of maintaining relationships. If you work together that helps. As our starship crews all do. There is a guy I work with who was in the navy. I might ask him if there are navy guys he still keeps in touch with out of curiosity.

Well the crew in general always came off like good friends, Data and Geordi, Beverly and Troi, Riker and Worf and so on. They did stuff together all the time. Picard was really the only one who didn’t have any close relationships. But I always felt the crew overall was definitely a family and why I like them so much. But yes I agree it would’ve been if they infused Picard with the crew a little earlier in the show. I guess they felt it wasn’t that important because people didn’t seem all that bothered by it. I wasn’t.

Picard seemed like the coach who was there to coach and not be the buddy. But more often than that coaches who use that system are doing so because the team needs something to rally everyone behind. That doesn’t make him interesting to me, however. And we never had any scenes of Picard watching his crew secretly wishing to be a part of their camaraderie. I wasn’t bothered by the depiction. But it didn’t help make anyone more interesting, either. And as I said, Stewart did have a charisma that made him watchable anyway. Just his mere presence elevated the mediocre shows into something a little better. The only real relationship I saw flourish in the show was LaForge and Data. It did feel genuine but since I never really bought Data as anything more than the ship’s computer personified, I always felt it was like forming a friendship with the holodeck. Not something that made the show more personal. TNG did have some real meaty episodes, for sure. But what was keeping it behind other shows was its lack of humanity, ironically enough.

Look at the character descriptions. They’re making a Star Wars series, and copying and pasting Star Trek on top of it.

Star Trek: Destiny Rogue One

I think we haven’t properly digested yet that this will be the first Star Trek series not featuring Starfleet in a major way! And with Starfleets most famous (former) captain in the middle, that could prove explosive!

Data doesn’t even age. Get that sexy positronic brain back up in here.


With Data, it’s feasible to get a body double and use a CGI recreation of Brent Spiner’s face, similar to Rogue One’s Peter Cushing lookalike or the Marvel films’ flashback scenes.

But we don’t know how feasible that technology is on a TV budget yet. Things usually get cheaper in time and trickles down to TV but I don’t think I’ve seen that technology used on TV like I seen in the movies, probably because it probably is still pretty costly. And maybe for one episode but weekly?

Tiger 2

I was simply thinking in terms of a one off cameo, not a regular deal!!

For a cameo they can just get Brent Spiner and de-age him digitally. Much cheaper! He appeared in Enterprise as a guest star, so it’s not like he wouldnt.

But he wasn’t playing DATA on Enterprise. I could see him doing a voice on an intercom, perhaps. Like they did with These are the Voyages. But then he wouldn’t be Data. He’d be B4.

OK, I understand now. Sorry.

That’s nostalgia over forward thinking. Honestly, if there was only one person from TNG who popped up that would be more than enough. I LOOOOOOOVE that crew together but it’s kind of like the Kirk/Nexus thing. People don’t think of Kirk having a life outside of the Enterprise and the crew he served with so long but he did. Why shouldn’t Picard? It’s a lot like the TNG episode Family. At this stage in his life, after the Romulus issue, why wouldn’t Picard just want seclusion?

Q and Guinan are must.

I wondered if the Picard show would return Trek to its ancestral home on the Paramount lot, but it appears not. Maybe the split of Paramount and CBS makes that not possible.

Probably in use.

The split has nothing to do with it. NCIS: LA shoots on Stage 9 at the Paramount lot. Paramount is simply booked up. Studios will gladly take your money if they have the availability.

Interesting to imagine what ‘Destiny’ would be. All the previous shows apart from TNG and TOS (which of course was just ‘Star Trek’ in its day) have had the name of the setting as the title.

So does that mean it would be a ship or base called ‘Destiny’?

As an aside, USS Discovery’s name fits far better as a simile for the show now that its about the unknown and exploration rather than about war.

It seems like they are already breaking from that naming convention with Star Trek Lower Decks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Destiny is unrelated to a ship. Using the ship name isn’t a bad naming convention, but it is a little confining. Going in a different direction is probably good since it allows for a little more creativity.

I very sincerely hope ‘Destiny’ is not the title.

I and many others would be extremely disappointed if the “Destiny” title were co-opted for for this show when it’s obviously not the books.

The Relaunch Destiny book trilogy is enormously popular, and took Trek lit to a new level.

I know not everyone reads the books, but they kept the prime universe franchise alive for CBS over more than a decade. The authors had to work to a master storyline for the Trek universe.

We already know from the inclusion of a positronic brain that Laforge’s search for Data in the Cold Equations book trilogy is likely to be jettisoned, but my sense is that there are mixed views about how well that arc worked in any event.

Destiny, with the beginning and end of the Borg, is by contrasted generally viewed as the best product of the Relaunch book effort and is science fiction, not just genre fiction on a grand scale.

Taking its title and doing something else with it seems disrespectful on many fronts.

How would everyone feel if Discovery was to title an episode ‘The Best of Both Worlds’?

And using the title just sets up the new show to be compared to the story arcs in the books…One would think that CBS and Kurtzman would have seen how well that worked for Star Wars and try to avoid it.

And I note this sharp reaction is from someone who is keen to see how Kurtzman and CBS can create a broad menu of Trek offerings.

TNG had an episode and feature film that used the same title. It’s not a big deal.

That’s why I used an iconic episode title.

Best of Both Worlds for many the best 2-parter ever.

Destiny is for many the best Trek-lit ever.

(Although Kirsten Beyer’s Full Circle Voyager series is astonishingly good too.)

Agreed, the Destiny Trilogy is ripe for adapting to the screen, & readers of the books hold that story in high regard. Surely Beyer would of sounded an Alarm if none of this factored into Title conversations should ‘Picard’ have nothing to do with the Cealiar Arc?

I’m not really invested in a paperback title. However Destiny has a kind of pretentious ring to it in my opinion.

Er, DESTINY is more of a Star Wars thing. I know some at CBS feel that Star Trek needs to be more “aspirational” (and serve bigger steaks) like Star Wars, but still.

Oooo…hadn’t thought of that khambattafan.

Now you’re making me think of Lorca, and his ideas about personal destiny across the multiverse.


Just rewatched the MU episodes of Disco, and Lorca’s scenery chewing destiny speeches are just so comic book ridiculous….it’s a shame. I don’t want “destiny” Trek anymore and I think it’s a lame title anyway

“Just rewatched the MU episodes of Disco, and Lorca’s scenery chewing destiny speeches are just so comic book ridiculous….it’s a shame. I don’t want “destiny” Trek anymore”

Now you guys know why I’m still so pissed off by that ;) Unlike “serialized Trek” a one season character arc of 13 episodes is definitely not enough to make me forget the insults and offenses of Discovery season 1!

Or the name of a dancer at a local strip club thing….

Destiny was also brought up in the Abrams movies in a big way, which is not surprising as Star Wars is a major influence for Abrams. It is clear that Kurtzman is a believer too, but Trek has always been the opposite of Destiny, unless it’s Destiny of our own making!

ST: MIS (Make It So)

Too easy a target for MIS(take).

Seeing him in that uniform made me sad. It sucks that because of the licencing we won’t get to see those uniforms or comm badges or any of the ships that were used to from around this time, like the Ent-E or a galaxy class :( I hope these writers can make up for it.

That licensing stuff from Midnights Edge is horse crap. CBS owns all the TV show licenses and can do anything they want- the Enterprise-E would be the only possible issue.

That could easily be circumvented with an Enterprise-F and some vague explanation. Another reason for that might be if recreating the sets is an issue. They might also want something more ambitious than the Enterprise-D or E given the look of Discovery.

I’m guessing an Enterprise F will show up. It would be more symbolic to have the show start with a new Enterprise, even if the show doesn’t revolve around it.

Probably be smart to have E-F show up in a big way early on … and then promptly ODYSSEY it (see ds9 s2 finale for specifics.) Need to acknowledge expectations … then trash them.

I don’t agree with that. I think that was a big reason why many weren’t into Beyond because they destroyed the Enterprise. Yes they got a new one in the end but I don’t think taking out these ships is something fans like much, because they start seeing it as a character like the actors.

But I guess in this situation if the ship isn’t going to be the star of the piece they may be able to get away with it. I just don’t think they will.

I felt that way about the Enterprise when they blew it up in SFS. It was just as jarring as killing Spock. To me, the Enterprise was a main character of the show and I was wondering how they would continue without it. Now with so many changes and destructions, it really doesn’t mean anything anymore. Just build a new one. It’s why I felt nothing for Data at the end of Nemesis. He was a machine. Just build another one. And that is essentially what happened.

“I felt that way about the Enterprise when they blew it up in SFS. It was just as jarring as killing Spock. To me, the Enterprise was a main character of the show and I was wondering how they would continue without it.”

I felt that way when they blew up Vulcan! More so than ships, there are some core tenets of Trek that should not be screwed with.

And no, I’m not happy that they not just not ignore the destruction of Romulus, but make it a major plot point in the new show.

Well they definitely can’t just build another Vulcan lol.

Midnight’s Edge. Sweet Jesus. Supposition presented as fact.

And then it’s the youtube circle jerk of everyone repeating the same BS. It was only a few weeks ago that Discovery was cancelled. Anyone notice that these bozos repeat the stuff and they even have each other on each others youtube channels, also appearing with Alec Peters. If Midnights Edging wanted to actually have some validity, it would help if they would put a face and a name to their reporting instead of being some Alex Jones-ish conspiracy videos.

People seriously need to stop listening to Youtubers. NONE of that is true. CBS owns the franchise, they can do whatever they want with it.

Tiger you should follow your own advice also. I’m totally oblivious and innocent regarding the underworld of Youtube fake news, Trek and otherwise ;)

What do you mean, I don’t. But this stuff is repeated everywhere with the same usual sources, its not hard to figure out where they are getting it from.

I mean, even just for curiosity, I wouldn’t check it out. It’s better for your blood pressure ;)

And where’s everywhere, Reddit? I don’t see this stuff cross-referenced here all that often.

And I don’t! But yes I know who they are lol.

And do you how many times Anthony and Matt has showed up on the boards and literally told people to stop spreading these ridiculous rumors? Numerous times. Some people have gotten banned because they were told to stop spewing that on these boards but kept doing it anyway. That’s the only reason why you don’t see it as much anymore because they clamped down on it. But other boards like Reddit doesn’t have as much regulation so it gets repeated ad naseum although many people do shout it down.

Midnights Edge is full of bovine waste matter. Both Deep Space Nine and Voyager used the same uniforms used in the last three TNG movies. Pay that fool no mind.

To be fair, at that that time the movies and TV shows were all under one roof so it wasn’t a big deal, especially as DS9/Voyager elements and characters made it in the movies themselves. I don’t see that happening today so there is definitely a divide of some kind. But this ridiculous notion CBS has to change up elements of the franchise over ‘licensing’ is just silly and inaccurate because they own it. They can do whatever they want.

In Paramount’s case they are licensing it so there are probably restrictions in terms of what they can and can’t use but we really don’t know what that is. And of course things the Kelvin universe is going to look different because they are upgrading a budgeted 1960’s TV show to a contemporary blockbuster film so it was going to look different no matter what.

One aspect I do believe is that Bad Robot probably wanted to stop all merchandising they didn’t have a part of. And I am sure that CBS’s response was one or all of the following 1) No 2) Are you F’n kidding? 2) Go F Yourself. But this idea that CBS has to be differently licensed from the license they own is beyond ridiculous. The other idea that JJ owns part of Discovery is equally weird, just because Kurtzman is involved. That’s like saying that HP owns part of Apple because Woz was an HP employee first, or that Nolan Bushnell or Atari owns Apple because Jobs worked there first. If Bad Robot owns part of Discovery, you could be darn sure that it would say so in the credits.

None of it makes sense. Why would Bad Robot be hiding the fact they produce Discovery? Every other show on the air they produce they are up front and center about it. If CBS owns the franchise, then who exactly is telling them they have to change 25% of their visual canon? Why would CBS even agree to that in the first place? If you own something are you going to let someone else dictate to you how you should run or use it? My guess is no.

To go one farther in the other big conspiracy camp, if Discovery is really not in the prime universe then how come they simply don’t say that? Are they trying to trick people? Why exactly? Especially when they know putting it there has a bigger meaning for long time fans. So whats the point of NOT putting it there but then lying about it? Its all just so dumb and people don’t even seem to stop and think for a second how silly all this is.

Pretty sure they could use the TNG or TNG movie style uniforms if they want. But why would they? It’s 20 years later. It ought to have changed at least SOME. Hell, it underwent changes from TNG to Nemesis.

I don’t think they would. I would expect MAJOR changes in fact with so much time. That’s the difference between a prequel and a sequel, you EXPECT changes in sequels. And I pointed that out many times myself just how much changed between the show and the films although it was a gradual change but was only a few years apart.

I would LOVE to see the Enterprise-E however they would never do that. Gotta always create something new. By this time the Ent-E is probably around 25 years old. Which is not that old for a highly advanced starship. I’m sure she has some miles on her though. Maybe she still is in commission and under the command of Data or someone else. Maybe Seven of Nine? BUT in all likelihood they will probably have had her be destroyed or something.

I hope we will see an Enterprise-F under the command of one William T. Riker. Why do we need to see the Enterprise-E? Been there, done that.

Yes! An Enterprise F commanded by Riker would be just what the doctor ordered!

I’d actually prefer to see the Titan under Admiral (perhaps?) Rikers command since we’ve never seen her on screen. But maybe the launch of the new Enterprise F would be nice to see as well.

Oh yeah, I would be good with that too. I’ve always wanted to see the Titan!

” By this time the Ent-E is probably around 25 years old.”

Do you seriously think they won’t write it that the E-E has been long destroyed and replaced by the next in line(s)? As they say, there are many letters in the alphabet…

“Maybe she still is in commission and under the command of Data”

Kinda tough since Data has been blown into a quadrillion pieces and each one is infested with theta radiation.

If Kurtzmans Countdown is made canon then Data is Captain of the Enterprise.

Perhaps B4 decided to just call himself Data? Also, nothing in the comics or book is canon anyway.

I hope the title is not Destiny.
Picard has saved the galaxy enough times. captain of the Enterprise was his destiny. Plus the concept of destiny seems superstitious and un-trek like.

Must a title like Destiny be pro destiny though? I didn’t get the sense that Wrath of Khan was telling us that being wrathful is a good thing and very Trek like.

Star Trek Destiny is to alliterative to the current show. I can’t see where it won’t have Picard in the title. That’s what people are going with, and that’s what people are pumped about.

“Commanding a star ship is your first, best destiny.”

Captain Spock to Jim Kirk in Wrath of Khan.

I saw those rumored character descriptions from various other sites over the weekend, and I was surprised that Trekmovie hadn’t posted anything about it. Thanks for clarifying that you are looking to verify the information.

@ Matt K – it will be interesting to see what everyone thinks about that particular ensemble of characters if they are confirmed.

Agreed, it would definitely be a different type of setting for Picard.

So the show is named after an exotic dancer that catches an old Picard’s eye at a turn of the century celebration?

I hope not….

Destiny? Never read the books, but I guess they aren’t canon anyway so why not…
I had hoped for Star Trek Afterglow though, with Afterglow being the name of Picard’s little ship for hire an a nice little nod to Firefly… But I guess you need to be German to get that pun :-)

I don’t think it will be called Destiny. There is already a trek show with the letter D in it. It’s like when Ds9 was going to call the ship Valiant and they said no V’s because Voyager was coming out.

I definitely prefer Destiny to Picard. I was always a bit uneasy about putting the name of a character in the title, which has only been done once before. But frankly, I’d be happy if they called it Star Trek Happy Fun Time as long as it puts Sir Patrick back onscreen as our favorite follically-challenged Frechman.

I do too. I really didn’t want the show named Picard, it feels too small and character focused. I still want it to feel like a more open and general title as the others. If its Destiny I can go with that and has been rumored for months as the possible title anyway.

But yes I don’t really care what they call it as long as we get a good show out of it.

“But yes I don’t really care what they call it”

Star Trek: Lens Flare? Just what the doctor ordered ;)

I’d love to see Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Picard

Me too.

But I’ve got the feeling that the marriage and young Rene aren’t going to exist in this version. Which is unfortunate as having young Rene as a linking character in the Academy series could have been a smart choice.

Still though, the character I’d most like to see is Captain Ezri Dax of the Aventine. The books made a good case that once Ezri managed to get all her past hosts’ memories under control, she’d be formidable. And her being both a younger captain, but centuries old symbiont, made her a good Starfleet foil for Picard.

Like Pike and the other characters of The Cage, I feel there is much more that could be told in Ezri Dax.

Didn’t Rene die in the fire according to the communique Picard got in Generations?

Jean-Luc’s nephew Rene died in a fire. Daniel and TG47 were talking about another Rene Picard, the son of Jean-Luc and Beverly in the novels.

Wow Picard and Crusher had a kid together in the novels? I never knew that. It would be cool if they did something like that on the show too. They don’t have to still be together but like All Good Things, got together and broke up later.

Ah. Might have been good to clarify that. A few decades ago I read some of the novels. Haven’t for some time now, however.

There were two titles that were filed for copyright; Star Trek Reliant,and Star Trek Destiny. Picard had served on a ship named the Reliant, however Kurtzman and his merry band of idiots haven’t been paying attention to the canon thus far, so why would they start now?

Season two of STD so far has been hysterically bad. It’s like the people who made Glee are now making Star Trek. They have no idea what they’re doing, and they repacking things that are kind of familiar to people, but they may not know what something is, or what it means in the context of the series. So to that audience the REFERENCE is more important to them, than the actual substance. It’s all so some can point and say “LOOK!! I know what that means!!”.

I’m trying to keep an open mind here, but whatever details I learn about this show, the more it seems like an oncoming trainwreck. I have zero faith CBS, Bad Robot, Kurtzman, and whom ever is associated with them to deliver something that is even just at a baseline watchable.

Sterling Archer Star Trek Discovery respects canon. We can agree to disagree.

HAHAHAHAHAH. That was funny.

Had they actually respected canon Spock would never have had a sister. It was an unnecessary crutch for the series. They could have retained the same backstory without involving Spock, Sarek and Amanda.

They could’ve also just put it in the future.

Actually, while I think it a bad choice and ought not to have been done, giving Spock an adoptive sister does not violate canon anymore than him having a half brother does. I do agree, however, that the exact same show could have been done by just replacing the Sarek family with some other Vulcan. Although looking at the production design it would have been better to set the show post Nemesis.

Professor, STD only respects the canon that works for the story they want to tell. If some other bit of canon gets in the way it is completely ignored.

Sterling, season 2 isn’t lighting the world on fire but it is certainly an improvement over the train wreck that was season 1.

There are so many great characters with a backstory and events to mine from. All the different characters from TNG, DS9 and Voyager, all the major events like the destruction of Romulus (which they are acknowledging), the Dominion War, the return of Voyager from the Delta Quadrant and the destruction of the Borg trans-warp hub. I am so excited to see the galaxy at this point in time. To see where all these characters have been, what happened to them, to see what has happened to the Galaxy, the various political entities. I wonder if DS9 is still a Federation outpost or was it given back to the Bajorans and is commanded by Kira? What did they do with all the technology brought back by Voyager? Maybe Data decided to age himself or create a new body for himself because B4 was too primitive and flawed. AHHH. So many ideas. I am hoping so hard that this is addresses this stuff and moves us forward.

This is what excites so many people because the 24th century is vast and there are so many great characters and events that exists between those three shows its a lot to mine and exciting for a lot of us. I don’t expect a lot of the characters to show up but I wouldn’t be shocked we see some eventually from DS9 and VOY as well as TNG. I know they want the show to be its own thing with its own characters and I agree, but seeing how well they are infusing Pike and Spock into Discovery this season I can also see a lot of great well placed cameos and a few recurring roles. They may wait until second season to introduce more former characters but I know we will be seeing a few this season as well.

And we want to hear where everything is at in the galaxy. The Dominion war and the Romulus explosion will probably be the two biggest issues the Federation are still wheeling from but I still hope to learn what became of the Borg after Voyager got home (although I doubt they are dead), did Bajor ever become part of the Federation, are the Klingons and Federation still close allies and so on. It’s going to be fun to get all this back story even if a lot of it is just said in dialogue. But most importantly, that the universe is simply moving forward again is the best thing of all.

And with Kirsten Beyer leading the charge and obviously understands 24th century mythology and its characters better than anyone on that staff I’m confident we are going to get plenty of it.

I don’t know who Ms. Beyer is but if she knows the 24th century of Star Trek then that can only be a good thing. Hopefully.

She is actually the show runner and creator of the Picard show but she has been a writer and producer on Discovery and wrote two episodes so far. But what made her originally famous (in fandom) is writing the Voyager Relaunch novels which takes place post-Nemesis. She’s basically one of the few writers who has been writing 24th century stories in the last decade and they are considered great books. She’s written a dozen of them.

And some are hoping some of the canon she set up in her books will translate to the show.

Of the three sequel series’ the one that has screamed for an epilogue was Voyager. I really want to see what happened. Although it may not make for great TV, however.

Star Trek Destiny is a great title. Way better than Star Trek Picard. 🇺🇲😃🤯😱🦸🤓

three seasons have been spoken about, their three David Mack novels call Star Trek Destiny.

An it one hell of a story that would allow characters from all over the star trek universe to come into play!

An it would make a epi tv series.

I so hoped they would do the Destiny trilogy as well.

But it doesn’t sound as though Patrick Stewart would go for that as it would reprise his TNG role.

Frankly, I am concerned that Kurtzman may not have read the Destiny trilogy. Kirsten Beyer certainly has, and as was said above, we would hope that Beyer would have sounded the alarm at Destiny being proposed as a title for a very different story.

On the other hand, the S31 backstory in DSC is lining up tightly with the books…so maybe I should chill a bit.

That true, they even mention control in the last episode.

So from the casting descriptions and first castings, it seems this will be “Star Trek: Gambit”, with Picard reprising his alter ego of Galen (more or less)!

Vulcan Soul Star Trek Destiny sounds perfect.

FYI Gambit was a TNG-two parter. Read up the synopsis, you will see some similiarities.

It would be fine Professor Spock if some of the best Trek lit ever published didn’t already use the title.

From what I’ve heard from you, you’d probably like it too.

Star Trek: Prime

Star Trek: Eight Grades of Picard

Hey, I just realized: if this is filming in California, does that mean the Okudas can be involved in production design? (Please say yes!)


One can only hope.

Woah didn’t think of that! They were asked to become part of Discovery but didn’t want to move to Canada. But this show being in their backyard and this show probably being closer to what they are use to anyway its certainly a possibility.

“They were asked to become part of Discovery but didn’t want to move to Canada.”

Tiger, that’s a very interesting factoid I wasn’t aware of! I was under the impression they deliberately wanted to break with the old background crew especially for visible parts of the show such as Design, and Eaves is the only one they hired and wanted to hire (his designs have been sufficiently at odds with traditional Trek during the old shows already…) If they can rectify this issue for the new show by producing at the old spot I could imagine that would vuy them some goodwill from many fans already!

As far as I know they were not asked. I don’t know where this idea that they were even asked comes from. Remember this group overseeing Trek on TV now is a totally new group of people. From what I understand they (Fuller primarily) weren’t interested in consulting with the old guard.

It came from a podcast they did a year ago. I forgot the name of it (I think it was called Engage but don’t quote me on that) but they appeared on one and said so. And its not like they were all new. John Eaves who designed Discovery has been part of the franchise since Generations and designed ships for the other shows like the E and the NX-01 as you well know. So they did use some of the old guard.

Eaves is the one crossover, Eaves did work on the Kelvin movies as well, and has become known as “the starship guy”, so it’s not surprising.

Engage was (it’s dead now) the official podcast. The only Okuda episode I can find is from 2016 when they were interviewed for the new revision of the Encyclopedia. They do mention DSC but only very briefly simply to say “we would have loved to be involved, but it’s shooting in Toronto” which seems more like they’re being polite more than anything.

As I mentioned earlier, to the best of my knowledge they weren’t actually asked to contribute to DSC. I believe that’s them being class acts and not saying it out right.

Like I said I don’t remember if thats the one they said it on but you’re probably right and it was something that was inferred they were asked and not actually being asked to work on the show.

The Okudas are banned in Canada?

Not banned. I was under the impression that Discovery’s producers had approached them and they were not interested in spending as much time in Canada as the job would have required, but as Matt Wright suggests I’m not sure where I got that notion from.

But regardless, if it was mainly Bryan Fuller who was resistant to having veteran designers on Discovery, then Kurtzman, Chabon and the rest of the “Destiny”(?) crew might be more open to hiring people with Trek experience.

What if he is searching for Spock? In which case the title could be Star Trek: The Search for Spock.

It’s a story about Jean-Luc Picard, does it really need to put Star Trek: Something-Something?

Will Picard get a free Captain’s Yacht for his service in starfleet?

Swing for the fences and call it The Sir Patrick Stewart Show. They need mass audience appeal and Star Trek: Destiny ain’t gonna cut it.

YOu can’t call it that though lol. That sounds like a day time talk show, not a Star Trek show. It will definitely have Star Trek in the title at least. They tried getting away from that on Enterprise and that didn’t last long.

Captain Wesley Crusher of the USS ENTERPRISE – F.

You heard it here first.

Shut up Wesley.

Captain Wesley Burnham please, third generation and still boldly standing up to authority :D

This is all great. We need real TNG guest-stars. But, let them come as a surprise like Admiral McCoy in “Encounter at Farpoint” (Part 1)

meh…. come one.

Destiny is THE clichée title you can have. Please dont!

So if its True that they have a positronic expert on board have you guys thought about that Data could still be with Jean Luc? Not in Terms of Data or B4 but his brains and memory. Like data is in the ships computer and the ships computer is positronic.
Spinner could lend the voice of the Computer this time.

That’s a great idea and would go a long way to keep the show from making Picard (and the audience) feel like “a fish out of the water”!

This is brilliant!

No Data or positronic nonsense anywhere near this, please. Creates more problems then it solves.

Phil, aren’t you the one who says we need more AI in Star Trek? Data’s brain would be a huge stepping stone for that in Starfleet. I always think back to Measure of a Man and how they wanted to use Data to understand how he works. My guess is if they got their way Starfleet would’ve used that research to build obviously not just more Datas but components in ships and probes as well. I think it would be a great direction to have someone with that expertise.

I never understood how or even why Data was never reverse engineered. LaForge has cracked him open often enough to glean SOMETHING I should think. But then, for come goofball reason he can’t use contractions but his evil twin, made BEFORE Data, can. (eyeroll)

An interesting choice of studio.

“Star Trek: Destiny” :-(

One’s path is not determined by destiny but by one’s actions.

Star Trek: Irumodic Syndrome