DS9 Documentary ‘What We Left Behind’ Preview Stream For Backers Announced

What We Left Behind - DS9 doc

We have a quick update today from the documentary producers. As hinted at in their last update, backers aren’t being ignored in all the theatrical hoopla. The latest Indiegogo backer update sent out today has good news for those us itching to see the final product.

Film is done and handed off to distributor

You’ve been waiting patiently, and we’re proud to finally share that as of last week, the film is COMPLETELY DONE, and handed off to our distributors over at Shout! Studios.

Sneak preview stream for backers

The early backer stream of the film will debut worldwide on Thursday, April 25th at 9:09pm EST. Eligible backers will be able to stream it from home or on your mobile devices as many times as you like for the following 99 hours (which works out to being a little over 4 days).

Full access and disc details coming after theatrical

As the team explains, you’ll get full unrestricted access once the home video releases are done, after the theatrical release.

The idea behind this reward was to give backers a sneak peak at the movie before the general public could see it in theaters, hence the limited time window. Of course, you’ll still have many more chances to watch it at your leisure when your DVD/Blu-ray combo set ships (stay tuned for details on that AFTER our theatrical release!).

Eligible backers

In case you’re wondering if you’re eligible, the team sent along details on the availability: backers who selected a bundled reward (most packages $15 and up, but not including standalone merchandise), and those rewards which offered access to the ‘Digital Stream.’

In addition, they will be adding the online stream as a bonus to folks who pre-ordered the Blu-Ray/DVD combo package as a thank you for the support.

Instructions on how to access stream coming soon

The team says they will be sending detailed instructions soon on how to access the backer stream preview. NOTE: access will be sent only to the email address on file with your backer order.

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Where can I watch this? Netflix? CBS All Access? Amazon Prime? Hulu lol. I’m a backer.

If you’re a backer you’ll be receiving the e-mail this article is based on (if you haven’t already).

The early access is via their own streaming portal, instructions will be sent to backers later on.

Hi Matt,

Do you happen to know if the “hi-def heroes” will be able to stream it?

Many thanks.

Good question, I don’t know for sure, that specific case wasn’t outlined in their e-mail. Best bet would be to ask them directly by contacting them on social media.

Thanks – I will contact them!

Here is the answer, if anyone else was wondering

“Not unless they’re eligible through rewards, we’re afraid. The early stream is provided as a special reward from Indiegogo and/or for those who pre-ordered the disk package (but have not received it yet). The #HDHeroes campaign was a separate fundraiser — but if you added a disk package to your order, then yes!”

This whole thing seems rather… well, Ferengi-ish to me. I was not a backer, but understood that backers would get to see it first as a “thank you gift” for backing the project. Now you have to have jumped though hoops A, B and C to get in on the streaming preview? It’s deals, drawn-out production time, and a general sense of mistrust that make me tend not to support crows-funding programs like this.

You are not a backer, so what are you complaining about?

I, on the other hand, am a backer ($50 level), and I can assure you that no one has made me jump through any hoops for anything—quite the opposite, in fact. The producers have been very good about updating us backers as soon as there’s any breaking news on the project. They’ve also been great with helping me navigate issues with Indiegogo. Once when I was having a problem with updating the email address I have on file with the production, I received a personal reply from Kai De Mello-Folsom himself. I never got that level of personal service from ANY indie production I’ve backed before.

So, with all due respect, you don’t know what you are talking about.

Apparently I don’t. My bad. I admit it. Just saw some remarks from folks on this story and the other one that reflected that they felt things weren’t going according to hoyle. That’s why I got miffed. Probably should have kept my fat face shut, but then again, it’s a Star Trek board on the internet – who actually does that.

You are not a backer, so what are you complaining about?

…because, from a public policy standpoint, there are legitimate consumer protection questions about allowing platforms like Indiegogo to recruit “backers” without giving them equity in the project, or, at the very least, benefits they were promised.

“Updating” people on breaking news is all well and good, but doesn’t address the heart of those objections.

To be clear, these are issues surrounding Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and similar platforms generally. I’m not specifically addressing this DS9 film.

If you read all the asterisks on backing any crowd funding project, an end product is not guaranteed. It’s buyer beware.

I want to see this. I don’t like Deep Space Nine that much. TNG is better. Since this a crowdfunding product, it needs to live up to the investment. I understand they made this for the fans. They want it to be worth it.

“I want to see this. I don’t like Deep Space Nine that much.”

Two great tastes that do not taste great together.

I notice PS makes a lot of contradictory statements lol. I guess he just means he’s not super enthusiastic about the show but still enough to be interested in the documentary?

Presumably. They’re handing professorships out willy-nilly these days, boy…

I’m not the world’s biggest DS9 fan either, to be honest; I do like it, but it would rank ahead of only “Discovery” for me. I’m happy to see it getting some proper attention at long last, though. It deserves it.

Making any type of film on a low budget presents many challenges. In short, they have to accomplish the impossible with nothing. The film makers cash in favors and get free services. Also, Star Trek is the most layered IP out there. (Film,sound, images, etc) CBS gives up NOTHING without approval. Also, some people on this production just HAD to get paid. They aren’t associated with Star Trek and it was just another gig to them. We backed the project. I’m glad to see it’s completion.

I can’t say it thrills me that details on when discs will ship are being withheld until after the theatrical screening. Why not go ahead and give a date? Seems like backers should be owed that much; and, while we’re at it, if it’s more than a day after the screening then they’re — we’re — being screwed a bit.

It’s most likely because of who agreed to distribute the film theatrically asked for a delay in shipping the discs. I wouldn’t be surprised if the distribution deal allowed the project to be completed.

Any idea when it should be released on blu ray?

It will be a while yet, they need to make the special features (edit the worthwhile excess footage into various bonus features) and the general disc contents (menus, chapters, etc.) and then have them manufactured. Once they’re ready with the special features, then it is also up to Shout! Factory, their distributor, for release timing.


I want to watch this on Netflix.

It may come to Netflix at some point but it doesn’t seem like Netflix will be their initial distribution channel.