‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Stars Gear Up For Season 2 Finale By Sharing Fun Behind-The-Scenes Moments

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery concludes tonight with “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2.” We have curated all the pre-episode talk about that as well as some more behind-the-scenes images from last week’s episode, all to get you ready for the finale.

See Sonequa’s robot fear and Saru’s catwalk strut

As the finale draws near Anson Mount has shared more behind-the-scenes moments on his Twitter. First up is a goofy moment on set with Sonequa Martin-Green and her freakout over robotic props.


Mount also shared two videos from downtime on set between filming, to entertain themselves they put on a who can do the best runway walk competition. No surprise, the tall and graceful Doug Jones won.



Hype for the finale

Ethan Peck hyped the finale in an Instagram story today with his Spock ears.

Mount posted a fun promotional image of himself in Pike getup with his beloved dog Mac, thanking the fans.

Discovery graphics producer Timothy Peel showed off some of his work from tonight’s episode:

Saru actor Doug Jones gave props to the make up team, with a picture of head makeup artist James MacKinnon touching him up.

View this post on Instagram

It takes a village to make a Kelpien. Here with head of prosthetics, makeup artist @jrmackinnon touching up my look created by @nevillepage & @glenn_hetrick_ . Costume by @gershaphillips . It is an honor to perform while wearing such art. . See our STAR TREK: DISCOVERY season 2 finale tomorrow night!! Thursday: @startrekcbs on @cbsallaccess (USA). Thursday: @spacechannel then Friday @cravecanada (Canada). Friday: @startreknetflix on Netflix (all OTHER countries). . #startrekdiscovery #startrek #DISCO #space #thefinalfrontier #boldlygo #livelongandprosper #LLAP #sciencefiction #scifi #starfleet #unitedfederationofplanets #aliens #kelpien #Saru #specialeffectsmakeup #creaturefx #creatures #monstermakeup #makeupartist #actor #actorslife #foryourconsideration

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Composer Jeff Russo shared a picture of a composing session for the finale

Wilson Cruz took to Twitter to thank the fans.

Making the case for Pike

Anson Mount’s Captain Pike has been a breakout hit of season two, and whose future in the franchise has been the subject of much discussion. Scott D. Pierce of the Salt Lake Tribune argues that Discovery season 2 has flesh out Christopher Pike and now he’s the best captain in Trek. As Pierce points out, Pike moving to the top position isn’t to take away from the other captains:

That’s not a slam on Kirk, Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Kathryn Janeway or Jonathan Archer. But, as portrayed by Anson Mount, Captain Pike is practically perfect in every way.

He’s smart. He’s capable. He’s loyal. He has a sense of humor. He’s a great leader who quickly wins the loyalty of his crew. He listens to his subordinates and takes their advice. He’s brave. He’s not afraid to buck authority when necessary, but he doesn’t make a habit of it.

Christopher Pike takes command of the USS Discovery in “Brother”

How Tig Notaro cracks the cast up

CBS released another Q&A with the cast, this time answering a fan question about working with the dry witted comedian Tig Notaro.

Behind the scenes on “Such Sweet Sorrow”

Actress Samora Smallwood got to be front and center in the finale as Lt. Amin, part of the USS Enterprise bridge crew. She showed off her TOS-inspired look on social media.

Discovery VFX supervisor Ante Dekovic got to have a dream come true as he was able to play the Enterprise science officer in the finale.

The official CBS Star Trek: Discovery twitter account posted a few photos of part 1 as well.

Spock actor Ethan Peck snapped a few photos of the corridor set being redressed in Enterprise red-orange.


Patrick Kwok-Choon who plays Lt. Rhys recently posted pictures of the future workout gear his character had on in episode 209, showing all the detail that Gersha Philips and her team puts into every costume.

How to watch “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

“Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2” will be released on All Access on Thursday, April 18th at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT. It will air on Space at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT on the same night. It will be available on Netflix the next morning, Friday, April 19th, 2019.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I’m looking forward to the finale tonight. Burnham is Doctor Who! She can time travel now.

Well, we’ll see if things go wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey to go with it.

I too am looking forward to tonight’s Discovery season finale. Despite some significant plot/writing issues, I’ve really enjoyed S2 of Disco. I have to admit I am NOT much liking this new age of having to wait for a year before seeing the next season premiere. I really liked the old days of TV when a series ran from mid Sept to April and then took a five month hiatus before the next season premiere. That said, Picard looks like it will be out in December so we should not have to wait too long for new Star Trek. Until then, enjoy the Disco finale everyone and all the surprises it apparently has in store.

Hope I enjoy watching the finale half as much as these folks did making it.

I can’t help but be reminded about what Patrick Stewart said when the hosts of Good Morning America were allowed to report on the set of TNG. He said something like “We work so hard to convince people that we are actually in outer space. Why do we allow this stuff?”

Because if you’re doing it right, seeing how the magic was accomplished only increases the enjoyment. (I think Shatner talks to the audience about this in one of his LPs from the 70s.)

If suspension of disbelief is hanging by only a slender thread, rewatchability will destroy a thing as quickly as seeing behind-the-scenes.

And if convincing people that they are really in space is where it is at for him, then Stewart must have been missing out on the 60s, when fans of BONANZA came up to Dan Blocker and told him to tell his ‘pa’ that they needed a woman to cook for them and to get rid of the Chinese guy. Blocker told her his name and that he was an actor, not Hoss Cartwright, and the woman nodded, but went right on reciting her complaint again anyway.

If that is the suspension of disbelief Stewart wants to maintain, it must be for the recalcitrant 30+% of the country that is set in its retro or seemingly ignorant ways.

Or as George Carlin once observed, “Think about how stupid the average American really us. Now, consider that half of them are stupider than that.”

I honestly don’t know what to think.

Always think positive.

What if the Section 31 show is just an anti intelligence operation on the fans.

Given the ending tonight, what if Discovery Season 3 and beyond is in the future with Michelle Yeoh and not coming back. And there was no Section 31 series in the works at all, but instead it was pre production of the Pike show. The new Section 31 will play a part with Tyler.

I’ve felt this possibility for weeks. Been a lot of talk about a S31 series, but the vague production timeline seemed odd for a show that showrunners had supposedly already been working on for awhile. Now the monkey wrench of Georgiou being in the wrong time period at the moment. We’ll see.

I was so hoping this episode would end that way, with a tag from CBS saying “Join us in 2020 for “Star Trek: Pike’s Enterprise” (or whatever). But nope.

If Tig Notaro is sticking around for the 3rd season, she’s a great addition to the Discovery crew.

This is going to feel like a Star Trek movie with the Enterprise and Discovery.

If a Pike series were to happen, I think it can be shot in LA like the Picard series.

They cannot go wrong with more Tig. Seriously, ‘Get off my ass… Sir! Get off my ass, Sir!’ is my favourite line of the season. Her delivery was just *perfect*.

I’m going to say this over and over and over this is maybe the best production ever put on television with the absolute worst writing team. Wtffffff. You have all this money to make this beautiful show and you have this swiss cheese storyline. So sad. Oh we are going to fix canon by saying it never happened. Dont read the ships logs. Don’t look at onboard video which was established in TOS. Wow only a manual engagement of a bomb door from the inside. Ya perfect effing sense. And OMG the R2D2 drones?????? Why???????

Spiked Canon I liked most of it. Admiral Cornwall is dead. Burnham and Discovery are gone for ever. Pike and Spock are back at the Enterprise. Nothing to complain about.

Can’t disagree. I’m fine with them going to the future, but what a tortured way to get there. Spock spends a bunch of time trying to erase all traces of Michael . . .and then leaves a long personal log?

And yeah so much money spent on, frankly, a lot of repetitive action. And the RA stuff is more confusing than ever. So it was Michael appearing before Michael, and not her mom trying to save her, in the premiere? Mom’s selective sense of her daughter in danger is still confusing (as well as how she knew her life’s at risk in the first place).

Really hope S3 puts more thought into the overall story arcs, without overrelying on the mystery box stuff that just seems to lead to inescapable corners.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t agree with you more. Such an amazing cast, fabulous visuals, incredible acting chops, solid directing… just truly horrendous, convoluted writing when it comes to plot (and some character interactions as well). I hope they slow down the pace, the CRYING, and the nauseating John Woo-like camera work going forward. Give us something thought provoking but tangible enough to actually seem within the realm of possibility and this show will be worth the bucks for sure…. imo

I don’t think the writing is anywhere near the worst, but it sure could use improvement. Anyway, why are any of us surprised that all the money for this show went to the production and not the writing? We’ve seen over and over again in the last decade or two movies that were absolutely horridly written making astounding;y huge amounts of money. Witness any of the empty-headed “Transformers” movies, or three of the last four “Star Wars” travesties (“Rogue One” being the odd man out.) The masses have spoken and Hollywood has listened. Writing is not important. They’ll make tons of money anyway. So why spend money on writing?

Sorry, cynic mode off now.

I watched the episode. Discovery is gone forever. Pike and Spock are back at the Enterprise. The perfect way to end the season.

I just watched it and… well… umm… hmm…

Seemed like Discovery ended as a series and the Pike series began.

Discovery is gone for good at this point. This is a Pike series now. Thank you!

I think there will be Discovery season 3, but we did also see the beginning of Pikes show. Michelle Yeoh in negotiations for a new series? No, that was negotiations for her to be a cast regular on Discivery. Section 31 series? Nope, the new series was always planned to be the Pike show.

The music for the end titles was the TOS theme played with the Discovery theme. That’s our red signal.

Great finale! I think Disco season 3 will be exploring the galaxy (or beyond) in a century later than any other Trek series, possibly with their situation set up by the Picard series.

Well that was certainly an interesting ending. Overall this was a stronger send-off than the sputtering season one finale though parts of it made zero sense and it felt a little too Star Warsy a lot of the time (right down to the repair drones). And if Leland/Control had been neutralized in the spore chamber then why exactly did Discovery still need to go into the future?

The wormhole jump was very reminiscent of the scene from ST:TMP where the Enterprise got pulled into the wormhole after the antimatter imbalance, right down to the ghosting effect on the characters.

Regardless, there was an odd but welcome feeling of displacement there at the end as it looked for all the world like the show had magically transitioned to the adventures of Captain Pike. And even this jaded cynic could not help but smile at those final scenes of the Enterprise in drydock, the crew at their stations and a more recognizable Spock at his science station on the different yet familiar Enterprise bridge.

Yeah, I’d be perfectly fine with Discovery’s story ending here and us following Captain Pike and crew around for a few seasons.

Yeah, I was thinking that too. “Ok, they defeated Leland. Why are we still jumping ahead?” Guess Control can still appear elsewhere.

They could not be 100% certain Control was destroyed.

Totally. And as if we couldn’t think that “now they don’t have to leave”, then they cut to a wide shot which basically gave us time to think about sticking around.

I read that shot as the show highlighting the epic scale of Discovery’s choice.

Good point!

Well since Discovery is in the future now, they have a better future.

Just watched the finale. As with other episodes this year, there were once again significant plot holes/questions in this episode. I won’t get into specifics now. Strange as it sounds, I am not really sure what I saw!!! Was I watching a pilot for a Pike Enterprise series OR the start of a “Voyager-type” series featuring Discovery traveling to strange new worlds 900 years into the far future?? Either way it resets the series for S3 and too bad it is going to be at least 11-12 months until the season 3 premiere.

Yeah. I am still trying to process what I watched and how it ended.

Same. I don’t understand what’s going on. I’m still trying to process what just happened.

Wow! What an episode! Watched it twice to pick up everything. Had everything I was looking for. Ties it in nicely with canon. Now we know why Spock never mentioned her. Actual phaser fire. Klingon D7 fleet. The Klingons look great!

For those asking why did they have to leave if Leland was destroyed… How do we know all of Control was destroyed? It was already stated that they had to get away and not be around for safety’s sake. You don’t remember the episode where Ariam was killed? That wasn’t Leland there but it was control.

I loved the updated Enterprise! Updated for 2019 but still faithful to the original. It did look like a launch of a Pike series but I’m not sure if that will actually happen. But I bet it would be a great series.

The only thing I’m left wondering after watching is how they will have a section 31 show. With it be set in the future or will Georgiou find a way to be sent back to the past.

Great writing. Great story. Great effects. Great action. Great acting. Loved the episode a great deal. Well done!

I’m happy you had a “great” time. There’s so much Trek still to come, which is what I’m most excited for.

I did have a “great” time. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode a lot. One of the best Trek season finales I can remember. And you are right, so much more Trek to come! Looking forward to next season and whatever else may come our way!

Much of this episode was a convoluted mess. But from the moment the Admiral tells Chris, “Your story doesn’t end here, and I think you know that”. Wow… My God, I hope Kurtzman was sending a message to the fans.

Then a few more convoluted moments and Discovery is sent away to the future never to be spoken of again. And I was like Wow… My God, I hope Kurtzman was sending a message to the fans.

Then the last few minutes was possibly the best Star Trek since DS9.

The episode was all over the place. The battle scenes felt like Star Wars. The ending was pure Star Trek.

Well somebody watched Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and the Matrix. Problem is that no one watched Star Trek.

PEWDIEPICARD you complain too much. You should be happy for once in your life. This is Star Trek. This episode was like a Avengers movie and less Star Trek in a traditional sense.

PROFESSOR SPOCK you state the obvious too much. You should be thoughtful for once in your life. This is Star Trek.

We need to see more of Patrick Kwok-Choon in season 3.

Preferably in less of that outfit.