Anson Mount And Other Departing Actors Say Their Goodbyes To ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

The season two finale of Star Trek: Discovery has jumped the show into a new era, leaving a number of characters behind. While star Sonequa Martin-Green has talked about the new opportunities the change in the show provides, she has also expressed how she is sad to say goodbye to some of the actors who will not be joining the show in the 33rd century. Some of these actors have taken to social media to express their own goodbyes.

Anson Mount

Anson Mount joined the show as a series regular in the second season, as the captain of the USS Discovery. The season finale saw Pike return to his command on the Enterprise and on the night “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2” aired, Mount took to Twitter to thank CBS as well as the producers, writers, cast, and crew of the show and the fans, noting: “It’s been a hell of a ride. Thank you for letting me take it.”

Ethan Peck

Joining Mount on the USS Enterprise was Ethan Peck as Spock, who appeared in the latter half of the second season. The actor posted a picture of a camera test of himself as the shaved Spock from his last day at work on the series, noting “what a wild conclusion to a very surreal journey.”

Rebecca Romijn

Rounding out the Enterprise crew was Rebecca Romijn (Una/Number One), who simply posted her “Twenty-one phaser salute” to the finale.

Mary Chieffo

Mary Chieffo has been a recurring guest star on the show since the series premiere “The Vulcan Hello.” She has been the primary Klingon character on Discovery throughout both seasons, and had a key role in the season two finale.  Yesterday the actress took to Twitter to say “Parting IS such sweet sorrow” and noting, about her time on the series, that it was a “true honor to breathe life into this character. qathlo’ L’Rell, for all you’ve taught me. I hope we meet again someday.” For those who don’t speak Klingon qathlo’ is “thank you.”

Jayne Brook

Actress Jayne brook was another fan favorite recurring guest star in both seasons as Admiral Katrina Cornwell. The second season finale saw Cornwell sacrifice herself to save the Enterprise. She also took to social media to post her farewell, including a message to the fans saying “thank you from my heart to yours.”

Alan Van Sprang

Alan Van Sprang played the second season’s main antagonist as Section 31’s Leland and then the Control-possessed version of Leland. He first appeared in a bonus scene for the season one finale, recruiting Michelle Yeoh’s Georgiou into Section 31. The second season finale featured Georgiou defeating Leland/Control. On Twitter the actor sent his thanks out to the cast and crew “for an amazing journey to the stars and back.”

Gone forever?

While these characters may not have jumped into the 33rd century with the crew of the USS Discovery, they may still be seen again on the show in flashbacks or possibly scenes set in the 23rd century. And there is always the Section 31 series, which may be set in the 23rd century, where Shazad Latif’s character was left behind and in charge of the organization. And with all the fan interest in a series set on Pike’s Enterprise, there are always possibilities.

Shazad Latif’s Ash Tyler being given control of Section 31 in the Discovery season two finale

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Bye :)

Bye 😭

Please stay or come back with your own show!

Let’s just hope that for Tyler, L’Rell, and the crew of Pike’s Enterprise that these are really ‘au revoir’, until we see you again, and not really goodbye and farewell.

I detect the possible markers of ongoing contract negotiations in some of these…

But after the public PR disaster around Star Trek IV…

I think everyone will be very tight lipped until the deals are in place.

Clearly, Pike’s Enterprise depends absolutely on Anson Mount’s willingness to do it and he’s publicly stated two credible barriers for him:
1) production is very slow – 9 months of shooting for 4 episodes
2) production is in Toronto which is a challenge for his marriage, as it means living away.

Given they’ve built the set at Pinewood Toronto Studios and are successful in getting federal and provincial funding in Ontario, it seems Toronto will be it…

But there are other workarounds…either a miniseries OR a multiseason series that involves

1) moving to block shooting so that actors can get away when they aren’t in scenes

2) ensemble stories and more episodic format, so there are episodes wherein the Captain’s role is minimal

3) providing travel for spouse/family for principal actors

4) multiseason talent contracts (i.e. like 90s series) that makes it personally worthwhile to move to Toronto – depending on his wife’s profession, a 1-2 year renewable work visa is automatic for Americans under North American trade agreements.

But after the public PR disaster around Star Trek IV…

What was this PR disaster?

He meant the jj Abrams star trek 4 which was proposed to go ahead but due to pay negotiation issues appears to be dead in the water.

Chris Pine and Hemsworth backing out over money issues after the movie was greenlit, precipitating its current status in development hell?

That’s what I meant Ian. Precisely.

Having others in the main cast talk up a script in development and build up fan enthusiasm when the anchor character isn’t signed, seems a really bad idea in hindsight.


Pine and Hemsworth didn’t back out of anything. Paramount optioned them to be available for 4 to sign for contracts of a specified amount, and then offered contracts for less than what Paramount optioned. Paramount did the backing out, i.e. of what they optioned.

No…. Its 9 months of shooting for 14 episodes not 4.

Thanks for the catch Dre!

I always try to proof my posts, but that one slipped through.

I have high hopes for the Captain Pike show, so there is a STRONG chance we will see many of those actors again!

My guess is a lot of them will appear on Section 31. Its all but confirmed Tyler will have to be back if he’s now heading up that organization. But it is amazing so many people don’t seem to remember or believe that show is actually being developed lol.

A Pike show may happen but its clearly going to be after Section 31 gets off the ground.

You’re right: I’m just so against this Section 31 show that I purposely forgot about it. Maybe I can just will it out of existence.

OK, I understand. But it does seem like its going to happen. Maybe there will be some last minute change but I don’t see it happening.

I been saying for awhile now Pike and the gang may just appear on that show. Its not exactly far fetched given Pike and Section 31 created a relationship this season. That could be for a specific reason.

Agreed. I think it’s exceedingly unlikely Pike will get a full-blown series. Too many issues with canon, and an unkillable superhero as the lead make for difficult writing. A lot of fans THINK they want it, but after a time, they may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.

I want a Captain Pike show but that won’t happen anytime soon.

While I’m sure a dream job, no doubt it was hard work. They all can hold their heads high as their dedication came through on screen. I appreciate their respect for the fans &
I hope Trek helps them along in their career.

Agreed Kieron, the actors have nothing to apologize for…

More, that the fact that Discovery often works ’till one starts thinking about it, is owed to the acting, direction and production quality.

They really deserve writing as intelligent as their acting.

No word from Shazad Latif though. Interesting.

I think because he will probably have a starring role on Section 31 given what we found out in the season finale. But so far literally the only actor who has been confirmed for that show is Michelle Yeoh.


Pondering more about Georgiou in the 33rdish Century…

Ok, we know Georgiou needs to be on Discovery S3 to:

-continue developing empathy and Prime Universe values through her relationship with Burnham

– perhaps help resolve loose ends on the red signals

-keep Michelle Yeoh’s contract going.

Here are some ideas, more and less out there based on the idea that Georgiou needs to go back in time to ensure Burnham’s mission, or protect her in future…

– Georgiou can use the time suit because she shares mitocondrial DNA with the Michael and Gabrielle Burnham. Why not? What was the connection that led to Georgiou adopting Michael in the MU? There could be a family connection.

– Georgiou needs to take the ship back in time to hide it in the ion storm for the rest of the crew to retrieve later – perhaps using other 33rd Century time technology.

-Georgiou needs to go to Terralysium in the past to solve some issue arising from Pike’s having left the 23rd century power source.

-Despite sparse historical records, it becomes clear that Tyler alone cannot sufficiently weed out the remnants of Control.

All of which suggests season 3 will be heavily focused on Georgiou, which makes me dread seeing it even more than I already do.

Georgiou will definitely be a recurring character, and S3 will continue some back-door pilot evolution of Georgiou…

But heavily focused seems too much…

Like many fans, I’m hoping that the writers will let go of the ‘Burnham has to be the focus and present in every story’ and let the rest of the ensemble, including the bridge, Pollard and Reno, carry more.

Note to the writers room:

Find an analysis of the % of screen time was given to Picard and Sisko, and what % of scenes included them and don’t exceed that with Burnham.

Find out what % of conversations and actions, took place with Picard and Sisko and make sure the other characters in Discovery get the same.

The constraints will be good for you and the character.

Yeoh is a series regular; she won’t recur, she’ll be in every episode, especially since there’s literally no story reason for her to be away from the ship.

I love Michelle Yeoh and her character was one of my top two (the other was Pike) in the series. I am heartily sick to death of this being the ‘Michael Burnham Show’. They could kill her off and no one would miss her; she’s a loose cannon that started a war, that got her captain killed and has caused more problems than she’s ever solved.

I’d personally prefer to see more of Georgiou, Reno, Stamets, Hugh, Suru and Tilly in that order, before even one more second of Burnham. They definitely have more interesting stories to tell (and I love Reno’s dry sarcasm) and Suru’s relishing no longer being afraid of everything.

At this point Burnham is just a lead weight dragging the whole thing down…there’s barely a scene she’s not in in Every.Single.Episode. I was half expecting her to pop up in the sick bay during Paul and Hugh’s heart to…well, semiconscious heart. Sadly though, with her being the suit’s driver, I guess we’re stuck with her still being the main focus in S3….may the Gods of Chocolate help us….because I really don’t think me and mine can sit through a THIRD season of ‘The Michael Burnham Show’…..

“Dread.” Then why watch it? You must not have much respect for your own time if you waste it when you feel so strongly.

Incorrect. Star Trek matters to me. Watching “Discovery” is like how I’d still go visit my mother even if she had Alzheimer’s; you wish it was more enjoyable, but you do it because it needs to be done.


That is totally inappropriate. Find a better way to communicate your views or move on.

Thread closed.

Control was destroyed but there could be remnants of it alright.

My guess is in the future, the crew is left on a planet somewhere and Georgiou takes the Discovery back to the 23rd Century (so she then appears in the Section 31 series) and then “parks” the Discovery in space for 1,000 for the future crew to pick her back up in the 33rd century.

That seems to fit the Short Trek – Calypso where Discovery has been sitting around for 1,000 years waiting for the crew to come back.

Interesting…sort of the Trek version of Doc Brown putting the Delorean in the old mine for BTF3.

That makes alot of sense to me too.

That Spock test picture looks more Vulcan like (and Nimoy like) than what was on screen in the last episode.

As I mentioned on another thread, there seems to be a good deal of difficulty anticipating how the make-up will look in 3D and with production lighting.

He still looks too pink for a Vulcan in the still, but it’s not as bad as in the actual footage.

The make-up team have said that they felt that they had to relearn their art and develop new techniques.

The stills from tests don’t use the same lenses or processing so they don’t get complete feedback until the HD is processed which takes a couple of days. And the tests can’t account for all the various lighting used when shooting.

It seems that most of the fair skinned actors in particular appear over pancaked and incorrectly toned in their first episode and then become more natural as the make-up team adjusts.

Pike looked very overdone in Brother, as did Number One in her first appearance. Tilly and Stamets have looked increasingly more natural over time.

Will oddly miss a lot of these guys even if I didn’t love all their characters. Its weird so many are leaving at once but understandable given everything.

But yes I suspect many will pop up again in the future on some level. They still have the Short Treks running, there is the Section 31 show as TM mentioned (which people seem to be in some odd denial thats happening even while we get updates about it weekly) and yes there could also be a Pike show one day down the line as well. Or even something else entirely. So they may be off Discovery for good but it may not mean Star Trek (although I guess I wouldn’t hold my breath to see Cromwell or Leland again outside of a flashback).

I suspect L’rell will appear on the 31 show.

Will miss Pike and the beautifully re-imagined Enterprise. Will miss Cornwell. I liked what they achieved this Season, really hoping for a Pike … Series!

Ash Tyler being put in command of Section 31 may be the single silliest plot development in all of Star Trek.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. A klingon, or half-klingon, loyal to the chancellor, as head of Section 31. They really either think we are idiots, or they are idiots themselves. Probably the latter.

I can’t disagree. I think, though, they probably just like Shazad Latif so much that they want to keep him on the job even though there’s honestly no good story reason to do so.

And I like the guy, too; so I don’t blame them, exactly. Jeez, there had to be a better way than THAT, though…

He could have a multi-year Pay-or-Play contract, meaning the producers would either have to pay him, employ him somehow or have not yet found a way to take him out of his contract.

Yeah its pretty ridiculous lol. Even if you can erase all of that, how long has Tyler worked with Section 31? A month? Month and a half? I have no idea how much time has passed on the show this season but it probably wasn’t more than a few weeks at best given how long it took to find Spock and track down the other signals. And now he’s RUNNING it???

I do want to like DIS and I HONESTLY gave it a real shot this season and did like it more. But I’m sorry, you still can’t deny some of the ridiculousness that happens on this show because so many things are done out of simple convenience, nutty twists. lazy plotting or all three. If you want to keep him in Section 31, fine, but why make someone like this the entire head of it? But then why give someone from the MU so much power as well? Goes back to what was stated above I guess.

If the most senior officer left in S31 is a newbie ex-Klingon…

How many actually survived Control’s purge of living agents?

Pike, No1 & Spock on the Enterprise is what CBS should do ASAP. Fan demand will make it the most popular Trek TV show by far!!

Could not agree more this would be a monster star trek

Good bye my friends. I will miss Anson Mount Pike dearly. Ethan Peck was a great Spock. He was better than Quinto. Happy Easter! Give us a Pike series to satisfy our nostalgia for 60s TOS Trek.

Pike, Spock and the updated Enterprise were a great example of how Star Trek can be reintroduced to 21st Century audiences. Running away from the original is not the answer.

I hope we will be seeing them again soon in their own series. My wallet will be standing by.

I agree completely. Amazing that the people in charge push ahead on section 31, which is very unpopular, but are sluggish on a Pike series. I guess they feel section 31 shows will have more “pew pew pew!”

Have you read any of the Section 31 books?

We have no evidence that Kurtzman or CBS are sluggish on this.

It seems clear that the finale was some kind of back door pilot or set up for a miniseries OR short form.

They probably wanted to gauge whether there was an economically viable niche market for a different offering in the 23rd century given the blowback they’ve faced with Discovery as a prequel.

At any rate, it’s clear that Mount’s not yet on board with what they are pitching…

But, I’m okay with that as he seems to have a really good grounding in canon, TOS, and who sees Pike is as a character.

Giving him some creative control could really help anchor the writers…and push Kurtzman to go the extra mile as they did to bring Patrick Stewart on board.

Pike, No1 & Spock character-actor dynamics are so strong they could easily get a few decent seasons out of them exploring the federation limits leading up to the cage incident. I have a feeling CBS will not go forwards with it though as that would mean either cancelling S31 & paying off the talent involved or making less of Discovery. Nick Meyer cannot move forward on his show right now so its unlikely they find a way for Pike on the Enterprise to happen.

I don’t think Admiral Cornwall is gone. Reno saw the future too and she seemed pretty determined when she came on the bridge and walked to that console towards the end. Also, there’s a shot of a crew member looking over at her and she sort of shrugs like “yeah, I’m over here…And?” Like they were confused she was there. Maybe Cornwall got beamed aboard Discovery? No body, not dead.

They literally showed the explosion engulfing her. Plus Pike was there watching it through the blast door window. He would have noticed (and reacted to it) if she had been beamed out. Could they find a way to bring her back? Possibly. Would it be convincing? Probably not.

Not to mention that the showrunners have said that someone needed to die to demonstrate that Control was a true, strong antagonist.

Doesn’t matter if the actual death of a significant character was done in a way that made sense…their writing class logic said someone had to die.


I wish they paid as much attention to the logic requirements of their plots as they do to checking of the boxes in their writers’ school checklists.

“Our villain is stupid, we better kill someone in the last 5 minutes to make it seem like our villain isn’t stupid. It’ll be just like in that 80s movie with the Khan guy.”

They won’t bring her back.

If they bring Cornwell back, then there are zero stakes for ANY death on that show going forward. That would a catastrophically awful decision.

It seems that Paradise is of the ‘have to kill off a regular to be serious about a threat’ generation of writers.

I don’t anticipate any resurrections or surprise avoidance of death.

I just hope that future deaths will be less illogical.

Although I did like the inversion of Kes’ (and later Seven’s) risking of their lives to defuse the Krenim chroniton torpedo in Voyager’s Year of Hell and later episodes.

I expect that Culber’s death in S1 was intended to show Tyler as a real threat…but the fan reaction demanded a rethink.

Frankly, I’m kind of tired of writers who are more focused on impressing their peers by showing how many writing school plot check boxes they can tick….

And would prefer the writers to keep in mind that their Trek audience tends to be very intelligent and expects intelligent writing that stands up to rewatching year after year.

I have come to the conclusion that Gene Roddenberry returned from the dead to pitch Discovery. This time not as “Wagon Train in space”, but as Grey’s Anatomy in space.

You know, if Quark and Hanok had been there, Admiral Cornwell wouldn’t have had to die.

Such a waste to recast Pike, Una, & Spock only to use them as guest stars for Disco…. those characters deserve more!

Does any agree with that Kelvin Star Yrek Theme is great ?

To not give the green light to a captain Pike series is illogical.

The people running these shows don’t know what logic is.

Too bad the CBS and Paramount Pictures folks can’t get along. With all the costs already sunk into Pike’s Enterprise designs and crew casting, they could put out a solid movie with this cast, save some cash off the budget, and re-energize cinematic franchise.

CBS and Paramount Pictures need to merge into one company so Star Trek is under one roof. I want a Star Trek cinematic universe. The two companies are limiting Star Trek potential. They can’t compete with Disney and Netflix right now. Disney is the most powerful media company right now because they own Marvel and Star Wars, the most powerful brands in the world today. Star Trek is not popular enough to be like Marvel or Star Wars. Netflix changed the way we watch TV and they have Stranger Things.

And let’s not undervalue the invention of penicillin.

Sorry, but even if CBS and Paramount merged, all you’d have is a bigger small entertainment company. It still won’t compete with Disney.

To bad disney got so powerful they are destroying star wars who knows what they will do with marvel

We know exactly what they’ll do with Marvel. They’ve been doing it for the better part of a decade already. They’re doing quite well. And they haven’t made a bad Star Wars movie yet.

Haven’t made a bad Star Wars movie yet? ….that’s definitely up for debate.

Star Wars has never, ever been high art.

They are making mountains of money with Marvel, and Star Wars. Neither franchise is high art, but when the public coughs up multiple hundreds of millions to obediently watch, why f**k with what works?

The expectation in the broadcast business seems to be that CBS and Paramount will merge back together and then likely be sold to a larger company like Netflix, Apple, Amazon, etc.

No one has asked, or answered…
Why is Captain Christopher Pike running away with a dog?

If I recall correctly, I think there was a previous article on this site that showed Anson Mount’s pet dog.

Mount had his dog with him in Toronto through his last days as he had a terminal illness and was not expected to last out the production season.

Just when I think I can’t like Anson Mount more…

Anson Mount dog of his.

Just let CAPTAIN PIKE, SPOCK, NUMBER ONE & their Enterprise take over the movie franchise side of STAR TREK.

That’s … that’s a pretty good idea, actually.

Make it so.

I love that idea hope Paramount see your comment.

Let’s hope Tyler isn’t really Klingon with Klingon intentions. That would leave Pike with something to deal with. I have never trusted Tyler’s character.

I haven’t trusted him to do anything interesting since Season 1. The only crime he’ll commit will be making Section 31 boring. Boring is basically invisible though, so that’s a canon thing right there.

Finally caught the last two episodes, gotta say, well done. There weren’t any moments viewing real time that took my out of the episodes.

That said, so for season three Discovery is now Voyager?

Phil Discovery is beyond Voyager. Well done indeed.

With exception to Leland they were probably all comfortably in the top 5 of best characters in the show. I feel more towards number 1 than any of the additional discovery crew, like Bryce etc.

Bryce, Detmer and Owo are basically 3 x Ayala in Voyager.

One Ayala is fun to see now and again. Three is ridiculous. Give these characters something to do!

I’ve been a fan of Discovery all along but personally, I’d rather have a series focused on Pike and Enterprise. Like many others apparently. I’d be OK leaving the Discovery in the unknown future and stick with the actors left behind. I’m very uncomfortable with a 950 year leap. I’d been OK with maybe a 200 year leap putting them ahead of the post TNG characters. The 950 is simply too far. But I’ll be watching.

Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck do not have permission to leave the ship.

Elvis HAS left the building.

Mic drop

Best characters on Discovery imo
Number 1

Worst characters

The rest I am neutral on. Going to be hard to watch S3. Hard to watch any show when I literally don’t care about the main characters, like at all. Would prefer they cancel Discovery after S3 and replace it with something else. Not this Fuller/Kurtzman/the 200 other exec producers/50 show runners mess that this is. Yes they sorted it out a bit in S2. But one step forward 2 steps back :(

Season 2 was so epic in scope and detail, they juggled SO much to finish the season. It’s almost too bad they don’t have those challenges to give them all of those storytelling opportunities for season 3. They are building an all-new world, but the stakes may not be as huge considering how out of time and place they are going to be. I’m very curious to see how they top Season 2. It’s going to be a dramatically different show, I’m both excited and disappointed at the same time that we’ve essentially hit the reset button just when I was getting excited by their place in Star Trek’s timeline. I guess that potentially makes Section 31 that much more compelling since it likely inhabits the world Discovery just left. Either way, I’m excited for the world building and hope they have a grand plan ahead. I could certainly see their embodiment of Starfleet values and the Federation possibly being a storytelling anchor for a time period that may no longer have those things (As “Calypso” suggested).


That is totally inappropriate. Find a better way to communicate your views or move on.

Thread closed.”

Asking honestly: how is that inappropriate? It’s an analogy with no profanity, and no insults toward anyone specifically OR generally. I’d be interested to know exactly what line got crossed there.

I laughed. Sorry.

Fans are screaming for a Captain Pike show and Kurtzman said that he heard the fans… They know that there is money to be made… no worries…

Anyone else notice that the Enterprise bridge scenes were so much more powerful than the Discovery scenes as Pike was able to walk around the ship during combat thanks to rails, all the displays were in view, crew members within discussion distance and activity all behind Pike where as poor Saru on the Discovery couldn’t get up, couldn’t get any information off his read outs, couldn’t have a back and forth conversation because everyone was so far away and all we really saw behind him was the static turbolift in the background? I think the 60s bridge concept won this round.

That Bridge topped anything in the Movies, great looking bridge

great work with story writing of Pike , Number one and the young Spock. Even the story with Talos IV was great. So is it possible in 2021 we can get a mini series of the last adventure of the Pike crew just before transfer of command went from Pike to Kirk.

I beleive they will end up in the 25th century with the help of Starfleets Temporal Investigations.