Get A First Glimpse Of Patrick Stewart In ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Today is the CBS Upfront presentation. This is the time when networks proudly display their next seasons of shows to advertisers in New York City. During the CBS presentation this afternoon, industry folks on the ground have reported that a brief clip of Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard was shown to the advertisers. The moment was described on social media.

The title sequence shown in the Instagram post above was used in the Upfront presentation. Star Trek: Picard appears to be the official title, however in March director Hanelle Culpepper said Star Trek: Picard is not the title, and Stewart has said that they are trying to keep as many of the details a secret as possible, presumedly for a later reveal, likely for San Diego Comic-Con in July.

EDIT: TrekMovie confirmed with CBS that Star Trek: Picard is the official title.

Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Jean-Luc Picard returns (source: @KateAurthur/Twitter)

While this image isn’t much, we can observe a few things. The first, as expected Picard is not in uniform, he looks rather professorial here, perhaps teaching at the academy? Second we can see what look to be pretty standard 24th century uniforms in the background, they look like they could be red (in the background) and gold versions of the cadet uniforms similar to those seen in TNG “The First Duty.”

TNG cadet uniforms

Cadet uniforms as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Picard coming in late-2019

Star Trek: Picard is expected to be released late this year, it will be on CBS All Access in the USA, Space and Crave in Canada, and on Amazon Prime Video for the rest of the world.

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Okay, so… how do I put this without devolving into unintelligible fangasming? I’m in the age group where I was a kid when the TNG-era shows were on TV. This is my era. Seeing even just a hint of a uniform that’s 24th-esque is much equivalent of some of y’all flipping out over the updated TOS uniforms.

I’m already in heaven.

Here! Here!

Fangasm away

I was 9 when TNG first aired. This has me so pumped.

I was 8. I’m simply delighted.

I was 26 when TNG premiered….color me equally pumped!!!

I was 2 days old when TNG premiered. I literally grew up with it!

I win. I was born literally the day that filming wrapped on Encounter at Farpoint (25th June ’87).

Sorry to disappoint. I was seven, when TOS premiered.

I was 5!

I was 1!

You definitely win. :)

I was dead at the time, wouldn’t spring to life for some time yet! But the uniforms look spot on, at least they didn’t mess that one up [even though they could’ve gone with any uniforms they wanted, unlike *cough* disco]

Simple IS better!

i was just under a yr. so i to literally grew up with TNG

Beat ya – i was 28 lol!! same here really looking forward it this!!

Encounter at farpoint premiered on the day of my 10th birthday, I even had a star trek themed birthday party that year

I was 10. Besides my family and a few very excellent teachers, I think the TNG crew, Jean Luc Picard in particular, were my biggest role models as a child. A few decades later, I feel like I turned out all right.
Cannot wait for this show.

I was 9 when the original came on. I’ve been there from the beginning. I also helped with the petition at the time to get NBC to give it a third season. I’m very proud of that. Without that 3rd season it would’ve never went into syndication. And that would have probably been the end of it. You’re

You are very welcome! I was two when the letter writing campaign took place. Forgive me for not being aware. :)

I was born in 1966 myself so I was not aware of the letter writing campaign but I did watch TOS in the 70s thanks to it being on syndication

I was 22. And while I am curious to see what becomes of JLP, I’m not jonesing for this show nearly as much as many others seem to be. I was more looking forward to Discovery. But was absolutely crushed when I saw the finished product.

Thats what so many people who grew up with TOS was hoping to get with Discovery and to see an update of stuff like the uniforms and ships of the era and of course that was all completely ignored when the show arrived. And people wonder why so many had an issue with the show? If you are going to put it in an era that has become iconic, shockingly people expect to see stuff from it that made it iconic in the first place.

But yes it look like they learned their lesson with both season 2 of DIS and what looks like the Picard show. They purposely showed us a clip of a uniform to say ‘relax, we know, we know!’ ;)

Omg. You wanted to see tos era uniforms? Come on.

Those TOS uniforms were awful. Even the updated look wasn’t much better.

Yes, but updated LIKE they did for both the Kelvin films and then season 2 of Discovery. That’s all people wanted. I don’t mean literally the same uniforms from the 60s.

And they found every excuse in the book not to wear those uniforms. I love how in Star Trek Beyond Kirk change his uniform just to talk to the admiral. And that uniform was still better than the TOS uniform.

All people want is just an acknowledgement. Thats all! Once they did, people had no problem showing other uniforms. You notice they did the same thing for Discovery. They showed Pike in the TOS uniform and then they gave him a Discovery one and no one said a single thing about it later. Thats ALL they had to do in season one and it would’ve been no problem. I have said this many times in the past.

And here is a thought, if you truly feel everything about TOS is ugly and outdated and want to start new, again, fine, then R-E-B-O-O-T it and do whatever you want. Once you connect to the existing timeline, then people expect consistency of some sort. If you don’t want consistency, then make your own timeline. I have said that once or twice in the past as well. ;)

This is also why going into the 32nd century is a great call! Should’ve did it in season one.

That is what they did. They thought, gee, TOS is great, but its visuals are not. What can we do? A reboot! No, wait! Better! A VISUAL reboot! Perfect! Moving on….

A visual reboot only makes it more confusing and doesn’t satisfy a lot of fans, which they have all realize now. And why season 2 (at least in my opinion) seems to have gotten more fanfare because of the changes they should’ve did in first season.

That visual reboot satisfied me… Oh baby did it ever…

That’s fine, but it seemed more mixed overall though and why they brought season 2 closer to canon. Giving Klingons hair for example was just a no-brainer.

Season 2 was closer to canon because the people who made the decision/had the directive to move further from canon were gone. The right team is settled in now thankfully so I don’t really have gripes only because it isn’t the team that started things off. Remember when the Klingon ship designs were revealed and Fuller had a lot to say about his plans? People here kept praising the fact that he was the head of things but he seemed to be the one who wanted to pull away the most from what was traditionally Trek. Kurtzman seems to feel differently about that.

Agreed PEB. I still think this team is far from perfect but I liked nearly all the changes they made in season 2. Fuller just went too far off the reservation for some fans. But I can certainly understand others truly liked those changes as well.

And I will say what I’ve said a thousand times now, if they called it a reboot maybe more people could’ve gotten on board with them. But to put it in the same iconic timeline as TOS and change everything that made it iconic was a huge mistake.

Sorry, to me it was fanservice. But I’ll go with it.

Well, of course it was lol. They had to convince people who turned away from Discovery early on to give it another shot and this was the solution I guess. But I objected to a lot of it early on. I thought it was too much fan service turning it into the Pike and Spock hour, but I changed my mind when the season started and was on board for the rest of it. For the most part it was done really well and why people are now begging for a Pike show which is nothing but fan service in itself.

Y’know what? Some fans make a big deal out of things that aren’t a big deal to other fans.

Discovery is a science ship anyway; they explained the diff of the uniforms by saying the Primary Color uniforms were Constitution class uniforms; I personally did not want to go back to “visual consistency”.

They maintained consistency with the communicators [unhandy things now when you think of Apple Watches], sound cues [on the bridge and in sickbay], the giant clunky captains’ chairs on Shenzhou. But that just wasn’t enough for some people.

Sure, they could pile two wigs onto every guest star and female officer; they could have gone with the velour uniforms from The Cage, but neither would look really good today. And Phillips did acknowledge those uniforms with the collar design on her blue ones [echoing the women’s collars on the uniforms in The Cage].

People get pretty wound up about stuff other than character and story. I like Phillips’s designs for the show and feel blue uniforms compliment everyone. That’s just me though.

“Sure, they could pile two wigs onto every guest star and female officer; they could have gone with the velour uniforms from The Cage, but neither would look really good today. ”

I hope this does not mean you are a member of the “absolute” crowd. Those who think it’s either 99% new like what Discovery did or they MUST recreate the original look down to the very last string of fabric because such an attitude is absurd. There is zero reason why they couldn’t just update the original look to make it feel like it belonged in that time frame. This is not an absolute one or the other.

How is a visual reboot confusing?
its not MOST people understand why the style was changed. its a Special select few group fans who just cant grasp that concept and move on.

Because most prequels don’t do ‘visual reboots’ UNLESS its a full on reboot. Most prequels from Star Wars to Harry Potter usually bend over backwards to make their universe conform to what the previous one look like. Just for fun, can you tell me any recent prequels that did a ‘visual reboot’ but still part of the original universe? This isn’t done very often. Either you pull a Batman Begins or a Casino Royale and just start completely over or you create a story where the setting is far removed to the original show that it can still just be its own thing even if it is technically a prequel like Caprica tried to do.

So, no this isn’t surprising. There are people TODAY who still can’t decide if the Kelvin movies takes place in the prime universe or not and those been around a decade. Are you surprised that others are convinced Discovery also takes place in a different universe if it looks like nothing of the prior universe?

But I don’t disagree with you that much, I think most get it just fine, but then a lot of those who do get it STILL don’t like it. Now do I think its a big enough deal they have to send the ship off 900 years into the future? Uh, no lol. In fact all they had to do was what they were doing in season 2 and simply bring stuff closer to canon like the uniforms, Klingon hair, the D-7, Constitution type bridges and by next season I think people would’ve moved on.

But THEY decided to reboot the show in a new timeline, no one said they had to do that. I’m not complaining though. ;)

Seriously, man. Please stop speaking for “people” and “a lot of fans.” Speak for yourself. It’s fine that you don’t like them. Personally, I think all the TOS stuff on Discovery is unnecessary fan service.

Jack I’m speaking for the people who DID feel this why and hence why they made these changes in the second season, that’s it. A lot of fans don’t mean everybody or even the majority but let’s just enough, clearly.

And I think it would be arrogant if I assume they made all those changes just based off of my posts and complaints alone, but I would be flattered lol. And they said over and over again they heard the fan complaints over the canon and made changes due to that, so I’m not exactly saying anything left field here. People complained (bitterly), Klingons without hair was one of the biggest, they took notice and made proper changes. Not the first Star Trek to do that by the way and certainly won’t be the last.

And I will say this again (and this is strictly me talking) if you don’t want TOS fan service, then DON’T put the show in the TOS era. You ONLY create expectations for it. Or, for the thousand time, make it a reboot and make it clear its doing its own thing. Once they said it was the prime timeline but wanted it to feel more original then they should’ve just made the show post Nemesis on day one like they are doing now. It would’ve avoided a lot of headaches.

Discovery’s visual reboot is, of course, a reboot, it looks different so it IS different. But they did more than a visual reboot. As much as they try to fit the square peg of Discovery into the round hole of TOS continuity, it is still a square peg. The events, characters, etc. of Discovery are a reboot as well, they are not compatible with TOS.
Discovery is a reboot.

CD… I’m with you. I consider Discovery straight a reboot in every sense. I don’t care that TPTB are telling me otherwise. I don’t care how many lights those in charge tell me there are. There are FOUR LIGHTS!

Agreed CD, it looked and acted like a reboot. Its clear thats what it was all along or at least originally meant to be.

“if you truly feel everything about TOS is ugly and outdated and want to start new, again, fine, then R-E-B-O-O-T it and do whatever you want. Once you connect to the existing timeline, then people expect consistency of some sort. If you don’t want consistency, then make your own timeline. ”

This, this and more this. I’m more of a TOS guy and I would have ZERO problems with a reboot. Change everything in your reboot if that is what you want. But if you say it’s in the same era and NOT a reboot, then we need visual clues to connect it to the time they say it is in. This is really a no-brainer and I’m floored at how many have a difficult time with such a concept.

Why would they think doing a total reboot was fine when they already saw how the JJ films were received? They would have gotten crucified by the fans.

The JJ films were received fine. Some fans had issues but that was going to happen regardless. Also, it wasn’t a full on reboot. They did a pretty good job creating their own thing while placating those fans who have an issue with an actual reboot. A complete reboot for Discovery would have worked fine, save for the terrible story, writing and characters.

The JJ films were received fine? You must exist in an alternate timeline.

Just because you personally did not receive them well doesn’t mean that was the overall perception. You said something about living in a different universe?

Uh, they made billions of dollars and got critical acclaim. That’s what counts. Not whining on fan sites.

The Kelvin films weren’t a total reboot, but a quasi-reboot. That was the other problem for fans who didn’t like it. But I also think most people liked them more than didn’t. Its mainly some of the hardcore fans that had issues with them. The general population seem to like them just fine IMO.

But for the ones who didn’t, I think many just felt his style was too far away from classical Star Trek and felt closer to Star Wars. It wasn’t just the changes or making Khan white.

But then Beyond felt a lot more like classic Trek but bombed so yeah. The Kelvin movies do have some perception problems for sure.

I maintain that “Beyond bombed” because the studio didn’t publicize it worth a carp. They also released it within a couple of weeks of some Marvel blockbuster. The first trailer was awful too. Should have cut a GOOD trailer three months earlier, put it into theatres, and PUB-LI-CIZED.

Beyond bombed for a lot of reasons but its not simply just bad promotion either (which was a big factor though). Even if you look at Beyond’s second and third week B.O. it had SIGNIFICANT drops the other two films didn’t have which tells me that the word-of-mouth on the film was also non-existent. People bad mouthed STID to death on these boards but it actually still had really strong BO after the first weekend which suggest many people were either seeing it again or that others still wanted to see it.

Beyond did OK opening weekend and it only got worse fast. I don’t think it got a lot of repeat business by the people who did actually went to see it.

But yes its biggest problem was both bad promotion and PR all around.

All those reasons could have played into it but I also think Beyond bombed because too many people walked out of Into Darkness disappointed

But Joe, I just made this point, IF that was just about disappointment in STID, why did that movie have fewer drops in subsequent weeks of its release where as Beyond dropped much harder after its opening weekend? It seem like it would be the opposite and it was STID that was losing a huge audience share because the word of mouth was so poor. I don’t think its that black and white.

Yes I do believe there are certainly people who hated STID that didn’t go see Beyond but I don’t remotely believe that was the main problem why it did so poorly. I think most of Beyond’s problems rested with Beyond itself.

They *were* crucified by the fans anyway.

No. *SOME* fans crucified them. Most did not.

Ugh. It bugs me when people speak for “people” or all fans. It’s what you wanted. I sure didn’t.

That said, it bugs me, mildly, that the Discovery Pike-era uniforms use the red for engineering/security and the black collars — instead of the Cage/WNMHGB colours/collars. But, really — who cares? They know the Cage had different uniforms, they just decided to go with what folks know.

I have a question for any young people here (I’m in my early 40s): Have the TNG-era uniforms aged well? I mean, do they still look cool these days? (Excluding the ridiculous mini-skirts from the first season, of course. They were ugly even at the time). I feel like the TNG uniforms from season 3 on still look practical and aesthetically pleasing, but I’m a middle aged old fart. Just wondering what the kids think of them now and whether they look as silly as the TOS uniforms did to me when I was a kid.

The uniforms from seasons 1-3 never looked cool, speaking as someone in the same age demo as you. 😁

Well, the early uniform (one-piece) looked like they were from the 70s and dated when they appeared in the late 80s.

The big shouldered ones that came in later were a better accommodation to 80s and early 90s sensibilities.

But how they look to today’s 30 year olds is a good question.

I’m in my mid-30s and grew up with TNG. I still love their uniforms from season 3-7. I think they’re still beautiful and iconic. I’ll never forgive Berman and crew for migrating from those to the super drab and ugly First Contact uniforms. Such an ugly mess.

Having said all that, my favorite is the Monster Maroon from Wrath of Khan-Undiscovered Country era. So I guess that gives you an idea of my aesthetic tastes.

I agree with you. I love those original series movie uniforms. Well not the uniforms from TMP

I’m your age but I never liked the TNG uniforms much. They were better in season 3 but I was happy when they switched everyone to the DS9 style uniforms after TNG went off the air.

Interesting. I found the DS9/Voyager uniforms seemed to lean to the workmanlike or crew, rather than professional.

But Trek has eschewed having different uniforms for different work situations.

Not all that different from current military. Everyone at HQ is in the day professional uniform, everyone in a combat zone wears combats regardless of rank or role.

But I’ve liked how Discovery has field versions with flack vests, and is using environmental suits more regularly. It’s a bit of realism that strengthens the show for me. I always found it hard to buy that TOS and TNG uniforms were robust enough for the field … especially given how frequently Jim Kirk’s uniforms got ripped lol.

TOS had different uniforms/clothing on extras waltzing around the corridors. I did like that. In fact, if felt like they had crewmen and enlisted men while TNG felt like the ship’s entire compliment was nothing but officers.

I still don’t like the Discovery uniforms. They look too much like marching band uniforms and waaaaaay too busy. I’m getting a bit more use to them but I just like the more streamline look of the DS9/VOY uniforms. But everyone is different.

I actually think the best uniforms are the Enterprise uniforms. They actually look like something I can see people wearing today in a crew setting.

The Enterprise unis look too “today” [not futuristic] and far too casual, and their “dress” version was laughable.

I marched in a band in HS, and our uniforms looked nothing like Discovery’s, so I don’t have that discomfiting image in my head.

I feel Disco’s unis look much more streamlined than TNG’s for the simple reason they don’t have to shoulder-pad them to death. [And Jaysus, those Romulan TNG unis, don’t get me started!]

Okay, I am making kind of a big deal of uniforms, but mainly because I like the “House of Phillips” designs best of all.

I also marched in a band in HS, and the DIS uniforms looked similar to ours lol.

Enterprise uniforms definitely looked more contemporary than the others, but its a lot closer to our time too so I didn’t have an issue with it.

See and I didn’t mind that the Enterprise uniforms looked modern-ish (and a little like the jumpsuits that some wore on TOS) but I hated the blue and the fact that they used TNG rank colours (and that shoulder pattern from the DS9/Voyager etc. uniforms). But at that point, I was really tired of the Westmore/Blackman, Zimmerman/Eaves esthetic of the previous three shows.

There’s no pleasin’ everyone. :)

But, yeah — I really like Discovery’s too, actually. They look/feel Trekky but aren’t exactly what we’ve seen before

Jack, if I recall Archer had gold trim on his uniform. If they followed TNG would his not be red?

Yes. You could strip down a bit in the DS9/VOY uniforms to vest/turtleneck then turtleneck then t-shirt. But I preferred the S3-7 TNG look; more professional; and they wore a t-shirt underneath that could easily have been designed for “work uniform”.

A person would have been hot as h3ll in those DS9/VOY unis, unless, as someone said on Twitter, they were special space-age materials. But why layer so much? I think half the time they spend filming must be to powder the actors down so they aren’t shining with sweat. Or else they keep the studios at 55 deg F.

Which was also my question with the WOK uniforms: why have a layered jacket? Oh — to show David’s blood when he got killed. And Peter Preston in WOK, I think. Just a stupid detail IMHO.

You have a point with the layered jackets and vests in the post TMP movies. It did feel like a bit much but they did LOOK damn good on screen. Which really is the bottom line.

The grey uniforms look like they’re trash collectors.

Yeah, the DS9/VOY uniforms were good. They felt more like a jumpsuit you’d see an astronaut in. I still prefer the TNG redesign, but the DS9/VOY look is still a very nice one. It looked practical.

UAB, They were pretty nice on everyone, male and female, and did look practical, but for the super-layered look they adopted later in DS9.

I’m the same age as you. The uniforms were horrible.

There’s young people on here???

This may sound weird but I love the TNG 3-7 collars. Seriously, the roundness with the rank colour rim.

Danny, Yep, very nice. Mandarin collars are the sh*t

I never felt the TNG era uniforms looked cool. The got a LITTLE better by the time Nemesis rolled around. And for the record, I was never a HUGE fan of the TOS uniforms either. But neither really distracted from their shows. The best uniforms were the movie ones from WoK onward.

TWOK is definitely top tier uniform.

I’m sorry but all Star Trek uniforms look silly, can’t think of one that doesn’t. But I think that’s fine. I think BSG’s uniforms looked the most realistic out of any sci-fi series, as with p much everything it did. But I still like the uniforms, even as a young person

I’m in my 20s. The ones from season 3 on still look fine, although they were never my favorites. I prefer the versions they used in DS9 and Voyager.

Exactly Legate Damar!

I’m in my 40s and I never liked them. Neither (Season 1-2 or Season 3+) seemed comfortable or practical to me — and I always thought they looked awkward (and hot).

The original DS-9 uniforms were better but boring. The First Contact uniforms were my favourite from the TNG/DS9/Voy era.

I liked them better than the TNG era jumpsuits. Which looked like they were born from the PJ’s worn in TMP.

ML31, TNG 1 & 2 uniforms sprang from Roddenberry’s mandate that there would be no wrinkles in the future. Go figure.

TMP uniform was the direction GR wanted to go because he read something about what clothes of the future would look like. Side note, because of the nature of the TMP pajamas they wore, they had an issue with underwear lines and went through efforts to remove them.

Then he was responsible for TNG and it looks like his TNG uniforms were born from the TMP pjs. That’s one of the reasons I was never a huge fan of their onesies. But, it did not deter from the better episodes of the show. I honestly do not consider them to be all THAT important.

Agreed. I don’t understand why we had to wait until season 2 to get the primary colored uniforms. Which begs the question….why didn’t the discovery crew transition to the classic uniforms ? Pike even donned Discovery’s uniforms.

Because it’s ugly. That’s the reason they found any excuse not to wear them in the JJ movies.

This. The original TOS uniforms were dumb and cheap 60s outfits.

Then A. Don’t set it in the 23rd century then or at least duing the TOS era. Or B. Reboot it and you don’t have to explain anything. Or C. At least acknowledge it and move on to something else. They chose D. ;)

Why does it need to be acknowledged? TOS did not acknowledge the different assignment patches – they were just there and no need to talk about it. Sure, the uniforms are a much bigger noticeable difference, but if the characters don’t make a big deal about it, then it must not be a big deal in universe. That being said, I prefer the primary color uniforms as they are more evocotive of Star Trek for me. But, you know, young minds, fresh ideas and what not :)

TOS was one show in the sixties and they were mostly just making it up as they went at the time because I doubt anyone thought the show would see the light of day once it was cancelled. Today Star Trek is a HUGE billion dollar franchise with over 6 series and 13 films for five decades that’s actually tried to keep consistency within all the shows and films throughout that time. TOS lived in a vacuum . Star Trek today however doesn’t. And you’re talking about assignment patches. C’mon its apples and oranges.

The funny thing is this was probably said by someone when Discovery was being made, ‘no one is going to really care if the uniforms are different’. Well someone did obviously.

The primary-colored uniforms debuted when NBC was pushing RCA color televisions. And yes, back in the day, I loved them. Velour! Shiny! I was also a kid.

IMHO now they look kind of silly, even as redesigned by Gersha Phillips. And mustard yellow is not complimentary to any complexion, while at least red and blue look decent.

I prefer Phillips’s original blue and gold/silver/bronze design. But do change those boots, if the actors’ feet are uncomfortable.

One of the reasons they switch the command colors in TNG was because the actors just didn’t look good in them during screen tests.

No surprise that throughout the years the command colors on the uniforms got smaller and smaller until they almost disappeared.

Hey, I’m a San Diego Padres fan; watch what you say about mustard yellow! 😆

My condolences. At least you have a nice ball park to watch your team lose in. ;)

BTW… I rather liked both the pumpkin uniforms as well as the sand colored roadie.

I miss the sand road uniforms. Hopefully they can come back after they return to the brown uniforms next year. The team is doing OK so.far. The weak point was supposed to be the starting pitching, but the kids have come through.It’s the bull pen that’s weak. But another season or so, some experience for the kids and a couple more pitchers come in from the farm and they should have a decent shot at doing something

I can give you 25% of an answer.

Alec the reason is because at the time of the series, the blue uniforms were the standard in Starfleet. The classic TOS inspired uniforms at this point were only for crews of the new Constitution class starships. The idea was that the transition of uniforms would star there and then filter into the rest of Starfleet. Pike wore a Discovery uniform as he took command of the ship. If you’re going to serve on the ship, even temporarily, it makes more sense to wear the uniform. I look at this very much like the transition into the Voyager/DS9 uniforms. In Generations, half the Enterprise crew were wearing the old TNG uniforms and then you’d randomly see someone walk by in the new DS9/Voyager uniform. The uniform transition also seemed staggered when they moved to the more cinematic black and grey uniforms as well.

Considering that Discovery broke canon by having material replicators on the ships, there is no reason that new uniform designs would take more than the time a subspace message with the updated pattern could reach the ship. Next shift change and the whole crew should have been wearing the new duty uniform.

Discovery and TNG did not show this because they had already made dozens of costumes and they weren’t about to throw them away. Even in TOS, they continued to use the Cage uniforms in later episodes with the collar replaced by the newer black one. Just watch the extras, you’ll see them.

I believe it’s because they already sank so very much money into the new costumes. They were obliged to get some mileage out of them. The reason was economic.

I grew up in the TOS era. And I’m perfectly happy with Discovery’s updates. TOS is my favorite Trek show but I wanted an update to the 60s look…and I got it!

Discovery’s uniforms were not updated. They were completely changed. There is a huge difference.

That’s not an ‘update’ though, that is a wholesale change. An update is the difference between a 1965 Mustang and a 2015 Mustang. In Discovery case, they went from a Mustang to a Ford Focus.

I grew up in the TOS era too. And properly tailored, the TOS uniforms look great. Sadly, hardly anyone wears them properly tailored. Not even on the show itself.

Sadly, the fan films are the worst culprit of this when some strategically placed pins would work for single scenes.

I especially hate when a fan film mixes uniforms from different eras or different universes (TNG and JJ-Verse in the same film for example.) And badly fitted monster maroons are the worst of all!

Umm. If this takes place after Nemesis, why aren’t the uniforms grey? The colored shoulders are from TNG era TV. They changed the uniforms after that and they were grey. Oops!

They do look like the cadet uniforms, so maybe he’s giving some kind of talk at Starfleet Academy.

Could they be Online uniforms?

They do look vaguely STO-like…

It’s 20 years later. Uniforms could’ve changed several times in two decades.

Exactly! Its 20 years later, we have no idea what changed. I’m just happy the uniforms were drastically changed but would be fine if they are.

Knowing Starfleet, they probably did change MANY times.

LOL, ture!

As I said in another post Captain Ransom they could just be the cadet uniforms as TM actually referenced in the article. Everyone is just assuming its an officer for some reason.

Or maybe they have a mix of the two which we also saw on DS9. But its 29 years so literally anything can change for a reason. :)

Those cadet uniforms were from TNG.

DS9 had the similar cadet uniforms.

Assuming officer is not a bad assumption to make. This is the TNG era. Isn’t everyone either a cadet or an officer?

Not everyone. Chief O’Brien was enlisted.

Yes, and his uni looked exactly like everyone else’s. I was happy to see a Chief but then in DS9 he spoke about his Academy days. He was also put in charge of operations as if he DID graduate and was an officer. Did he flunk out and reenlist? If so he could not have risen to the level he did in DS9. O’Brien’s rank and responsibilities never really added up.

Honestly I couldn’t tell you. All the real world military ranking stuff I learned came from Star Trek lol. But there were other enlisted people. The fourth season DS9 episode, Starship Down, also highlighted other enlisted officers who worked under O’Brien.

But Star Trek, its always been mostly about senior officers or at least the bridge crew, with the exception of the doctor and engineer.

Tiger, I concede there might have been enlisted crew members. I haven’t seen probably 95% of the episodes since the first time they aired. I just don’t remember seeing any and if there were it feels likely there was no obvious different in their uniforms. Correct that the show is about the main characters. All officers. But that doesn’t mean we should never see crewmen or enlisted men. We saw them on TOS all the time. But not so much on TNG.

Yeah thats fine of course. But I’ll be 100% honest too, I never knew there was even a difference on TOS between regulars officers and enlisted for most of my life lol. TOS they I just assumed if anyone was dressed differently it was because of their job on the ship and not really their position. And its not like we ever got an episode getting to know an enlisted character so I never ever even thought about it, because they weren’t acknowledged outside of seeing them in the background.

Star Trek has never made the difference that big of a deal in general. DS9 is the only show that even discussed it AFAIK and like I said that was pretty briefly and it was mainly with O’Brien, which you guys have mentioned probably been retconned over the years with that position. But with all the shows he’s the only main character that even was enlisted.

I’m guessing on Discovery they have enlisted people too, but I couldn’t tell you which is which.

I’ll just finish up by saying I just assumed the guys on TOS in the jump suits and other like clothing were not officers but rather enlisted men doing enlisted men kind of things. On TNG, everyone wore the same thing so an easy assumption to make was they were all officers.

But that’s my entire point, its just an assumption because no one ever took two minutes out of an episode to explain it. They very well could be enlisted, but it was never an important element in Star Trek. Its about the bridge crew and senior officers 99% of the time. Everyone else is just background people most of the time not counting DS9 since that took place on a station and actually had civilian and non-Starfleet officers as main characters.

As you said, no one took the time because it wasn’t really important. But it is a reasonable assumption to make that they were crewmen. And it added a little bit to the believably of the setting that there were enlisted men all over the ship. That was an issue for me in the TNG era. Not one large enough to take away from the better episodes, of course. But in the TNG era it just looked like EVERYONE was an officer. Even their “lower decks” episode dealt with lower level officers. It seems absurd to me that everyone is an officer because when everyone is an officer then no one is.

ML31, He had a special pip on his collar that was not Ensign-Captain pip.

I theorize that O’Brien was a Warrant Officer, but yeah, it was VERY weird. Maybe he got a field promotion or went to the Academy for Officer Candidate School once he was a Chief, but then why did he wear a different insignia?

I wonder if fans torture Colm Meaney with this question at conventions

Not to mention, his rank was all over the place on screen. He has Lt. (JG) insignia on him when we first see him in Encounter At Farpoint. Then he’s wearing Lt. pips in Data’s Day and a few others… Then Mr. Rozhenko calls him a Chief Petty Officer in Family… But then on DS9 they say he’s a Senior Chief Petty Officer… his rank has been retconned to hades.

I was starting to wonder if “Chief” wasn’t his rank or title but rather his nickname!

The grey uniforms were okay in First Contact and DS9 because they suited those installments’ darker tones, but everywhere else they just looked sort of ugly to me personally. I much prefer the colored ones and wouldn’t mind if they went back to them.

Maybe call it a wartime/peacetime thing.

Fair enough! And I liked the other uniforms too so if they decided to go back to those, I would be fine.

Maybe someone at Starfleet realized those grey uniforms were incredibly ugly?



Basically you’re saying they have to treat the fans like babies.

Not like babies. Like customers.

When I come to a steakhouse and order a steak, I expect to get a steak. I don’t want grilled tofu. And I don’t want to be lectured that grilled tofu is current year relevant / steak is murder / red meat is not healthy for me / cows produce methane / whatever. I just want my steak as ordered and expected – the unhealthy sixties-style steak, exactly like the one I’ve been eating for past fifty years. If they knew very well they aren’t able or willing to give me such steak, they shouldn’t have been offering it.

It’s certainly nice that you have been enjoying your grilled soy byproduct, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us should stop demanding our proper honest steak for our proper honest money. :-P

Art can’t be dictated like it was a steak.

Ugh. This me me me crap got Trump elected.

So true. That’s why sanders is never getting my vote. He’s no different than tRUMP.

So, if I order a steak and get tofu, it’s selfish of me to complain that I didn’t get what I ordered?

What do you have against tofu?

I agree with Boze 100%

The best remake of the TOS style uniforms in my opinion is from Star Trek Beyond not 09 or Into Darkness. I hated the ones in 09 and Into Darkness but in Beyond they were beautiful.

I was 23. Add me to the pumped list!

I thought the show sucked when I was a kid. It looked boring and I never watched it. I was more into Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. I didn’t start watching TNG until that Borg cliffhanger episode. It think I was 14 or 15.

Fine A34, but no need to disparage the taste of those who liked it and still do.

I must admit I’m a bit taken aback to see the big 80s shoulder pads, but it’s been 30 years in real time…so they’re about due for a comeback anyway.

Come to think about it, in the 70s, 50s retro was cool. In the 90s both 60s and 70s retro was cool.

So why the hostility for updating past looks?

Put me in the cautiously excited category. I really want this to be great.

While I saw much of TOS in first run as primary grader, and loved TAS, I really only became a ‘go to conventions’ fan when TNG was on the air.

Kirsten Beyer and Michael Chabon’s involvement make me quite hopeful.

However, I do understand the concerns of those who weren’t pleased with the results of Patrick Stewart’s push for action-adventure for Picard in the later seasons of TNG and in the movies.

I can accept that this will be Picard’s story, not the ensemble’s, and that it will be serialized.

However, I’d really like to see a more lightly serialized, true ensemble show with Pike’s Enterprise to balance this off.

TG-47, Sir Pat is now, hmmm, 75 going on 76, so somehow I think he’s going to tone down that “I must have action scenes” thing. He’s still in great shape I think, but.

They’ve hired younger actors to fill out the cast, so I think Adm Picard will be in “select & direct” mode for the most part.

He’ll be 79 in July.

I was watching with my kids when I first saw ST:TNG in 1987, and after not being a huge fan of the original series, I wasn’t expecting a lot. Patrick Stewart changed all that.

I was born in the 5th season of Star Trek TNG, where it was at its peak. My father and I watched the series (and re-runs) and I got hooked as a kid. When I was 3, my grandfather started my collection of the old Playmates action figures when he bought me Commander Sisko and Odo at our local Kmart. When I was 5 or 6, my parents would buy me one Columbia House video with 2 episodes each month. Although they stopped around the end of the 2nd season, I rewatched those like crazy. I would also go over to my grandmother’s and “tape” various episodes that were on the old TNN and Spike TV networks, which I would rewatch constantly. I loved the day where we got all the Star Trek episodes on Netflix (even though I had most of the series on DVD at that point).

I wasn’t THIS excited for Star Trek Discovery (even though it grew on me with the introduction of Captain Pike), but I am VERY excited for Star Trek: Picard.

Everything in that image is recognizable as TNG era, that’s kind of amazing and exciting to me.

Huh? Please list everything TNG-era in that image. I see a blurry gold uniform shoulder, and…that’s it. Nothing else in the image that is recognizable from any era. Well, except the obvious–Picard.

As those are the only two discernible things in the image, i’d say that qualifies as everything.

And no lens flares. Three.

Well yeah, that’s what he means lol. We see Picard and a clearly recognizable uniform of the era.

That, and the background characters wearing colors and designs familiar to TNG. It’s actually surprising how faithful the designs are. I even see a Physician wearing a green lab coat like Beverly with a med kit over his shoulder.

I think after the pummeling they got with Discovery over their ‘choices’ in first season they learned their lesson.

Of course its 20 years after Nemises so they can change whatever they want really. But the fact this image shows us they are keeping some of the look of the era in tact will make a lot of Trek fans happy.

It’s a bit ironic. The era that demanded mere updates rather than wholesale change is the one they decided to make wholesale changes too and the one where wholesale changes would make more sense is the one they made the least amount of changes too. This has me concerned that perhaps the wrong people are in charge of this franchise.

I said this in another post to you already, but it will probably be more changes. I have a feeling these are just Starfleet cadets. But I’m good either way if they do change the officer uniforms or kept them in the DS9/VOY vein. But I don’t know why they would go back to that uniform after the FC uniforms became the norm? So why I’m convinced these are cadet uniforms.

And to be fair about Discovery, we do have to remember season one was basically all Fuller’s vision. If Kurtzman had the control from day one, most likely it would’ve looked more like the TOS era in the first season just like the Picard show (at least the tiny bits seen so far) looks more like the TNG era. I think Fuller just saw it as making Trek in his image and reshaping it from top to bottom where as Kurtzman is more of a fanboy mindset and wants to just update stuff but still keep everything familiar.

Just my 2 strips of gold pressed latinum.

All they learned is that Trek fans will complain about everything. I hate to break it but what you’re seeing just may be the uniforms they wear on Earth.

Remember on DS9 when Sisko went back to Earth and everyone was wearing those old TNG uniforms. He even switched uniforms to fit in.

I’m sure we’ll see a whole new uniform for Starfleet officers on deep space assignments.

The TNG uniforms were pretty much the same throughout the show’s run. Only minor changes were made. Unless one scrutinizes one would not notice any changes. And even if there were minor changes it would not invalidate my comment.

And for the record, some fans will complain about everything. Most will complain when something does not work. And a precious few will complain when they encounter opinions that differ from theirs.

The TNG uniforms went through a pretty big change in between seasons 2 and 3. After that, they stayed the same until they adopted the DS9 uniforms in Generations, and then switched to thr gray uniforms in First Contact.

“The TNG uniforms went through a pretty big change in between seasons 2 and 3”

They did? What was the change? If I ever noticed then I forgot about it immediately. The only change I recall was a color swap but I didn’t notice that until DS9. The uniform design was still amazingly similar if not 100% exact.

They were replaced entirely — from tight lycra onesies to the looser wool two-piece things with shoulder pads and collars.

You have a sharp eye. They still very much looked like the onesies. I plan on rewatching the series for the first time soon. Maybe I’ll remember to keep an eye out for the uniform change. Or not.

Well thankfully they listened to the complaining about Discovery because we got a much better second season because of it and closer ties to canon!

And now third season will take them centuries into the future for people who complained about the canon issues with spore drives and Spock having a sister. For the record I would’ve had no problem if the show stayed in the 23rd century and I wasn’t that bothered by these things but definitely happy the show won’t just be seen as a TOS prequel. That was a big mistake from the beginning IMO.

Now the show can really have its own identity and build on new canon. And hopefully it will convince the fans who still hate the show to give it another try being in a new era. I still think putting it in the 26th or 27th century may have been better but they are clearly going big!

This was the best idea Kurtzman has had and should’ve did it this way on day one.

Agreed. But I weirdly didn’t love the DS9/VOY uniforms with the colored shoulder. TNG uniforms & the grey-top of the TNG films/later DS9 were amongst my favorite uniforms.

Really, I loved the DS9/VOY uniforms. And they certainly looked more comfortable lol. But the Grey colored uniforms are still my favorite out of all the eras.

Not dogging your taste, but I’ve noticed a few people saying they love the grey uniforms. I’m curious what you like about them?

I actually liked the FC-Nem uniforms much better than the TV ones. They were still kinda similar but I just felt the movie ones looked slightly more cineatic.

I just think they look cool lol. Nothing more than that. But yes it just comes down to personal preference as this thread has shown. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on any uniform that most people loved. And honestly I liked or tolerated most of them. I’m still not in love with Discovery but its the newest and it could be worse I guess.

True, it’s subjective. The fact that we can all love different elements of Trek but still unite over our love of Trek is something I do love about the fanbase. Most of the time. Most days… lol

I’m kinda with you on the Discovery uniforms. I don’t hate them, I don’t love them. I will say though, Pike looked really snappy in it. So did Lorca.

You’re reading a lot into some blurred colors, but okay. Enjoy! :)

I have no idea where they are getting all this from.

Well this certainly makes things a lot more clear:

It definitely looks like TNG era!

Those are just the uniforms they wear on Earth.

I agree they COULD just be for Starfleet cadets, but we don’t really know. They could have reverted back to the color shouldered uniforms for the fleet overall but I do doubt it.

I wouldn’t be surprised we will see the FC/DS9 grey bar uniforms as well.

They look like these uniforms.

Looks like they just put the color shoulders in for nostalgia, but they really look nothing like the TNG uniforms.

Wow I would LOVE that look! It’s a nice update from the VOY/DS9 uniforms. And we’re saying the same thing here lol. I said if they are the original VOY uniforms then they are probably just cadet uniforms. I think the officer’s uniforms will most likely be updated as I have said this literally several times now. Especially since its been 20 years, so I would hope so. They changed the uniforms three different times between TNG to FC and that was only a span of 9 years.

If they go that direction in that link, that would be a nice progression from what came before and not a complete do-over like they did on Discovery and a big mistake IMO. But that uniform fits the era well, especially if so many people think it looks enough like the old uniforms but still different.

But as I been saying I suspect we will see a mix of old and new uniforms.

Hmmm faithful only if they stepped back in time. Those uniforms are from the TNG tv era. Uniforms during Nemesis were grey.

They look more like pre war DS9 era uniforms.

Wasn’t Beverly’s labcoat blue. At least my action figure of her is,lol! Her uniform was more of a green though,but sometimes blue as well. Or does that depend on what kinda tv you watched it on? Just curious.

JRT! Beverly’s labcoat was blue. Her uniform and Troi’s [after Jellicoe] were what they’re now calling a deep “peacock blue” … a blue with some green in it, but not quite teal green.

Thanks Marja!

Sit tight, Paul, give this thread 48, 72 hours tops and the first three seasons of speculation will fill in all the details.

LOL 🤣🤣🤣


LOL, true!

Bright lighting.



“TrekMovie assumes this is temporary, since it’s been reported that Star Trek: Picard is not the title” … that was so 5 minutes ago…lol

I don’t think it was ever reported that Picard would NOT BE the title, but rather, at the time, the title had not yet been determined, so don’t go around saying it’s Picard. Lots of people just assumed those meant the same thing.

I’m down with ST:P (yeah, you know me!)


Proper bloody uniforms!

I’m sure Midnight’s Edge is going to claim that the series hasn’t started shooting yet.

By the way, this was filmed at the Anaheim Convention Center.

What is with them, they are super negative on the whole Picard show.

They just hate the new era of Trek

I have seen their videos pop up on my YT feed but I’ve never actually watched them. Are they truly as bad as people have said?

Yes. They take tiny bits of semi-accurate or outdated information (and that’s being generous) and turn it into lengthy, highly-speculative videos for YT that is nothing but negative. ME makes it look & sound good, but it’s mostly BS.

…and speaking of negativity, dont forget that Nerdrotic guy!!! with his supposed insiders that always miss the mark by a mile!!

They earn theyre money with negativity!

They’ve already claimed its been delayed.

Nobody rational cares about what Midnight’s Edge thinks or does. Don’t give them the attention.

I live 25 mins from that Convention Center lol. Man this show has been shooting up the street from me and I had no clue!

Aw, man! You missed a piece of Star Trek history!

LOL story of my life! I use to live 20 mins from Paramount studios in the 90s. Never saw so much as a prop on the back of a truck come out of that studio.

You don’t know Neil Breen by any chance?

Re:Anaheim Convention Center– do you know that from location reports, or do you just recognize the location?

Someone on a Facebook group called “The Sometimes Mob” works there and was excited to see Patrick Stewart shooting a movie on May 3rd. When everyone pointed out it was the new Star Trek series he wandered around a took a picture of signage which indicated that it was doubling as Starfleet Headquarters.

Ooh… did those pictures make it out of the FB group? I don’t want to bother them, but I’m hungry for more tidbits.

i don’t give a crap on midnight’s edge but can somebody elaborate on this alternate trademark stuff? is this for real or just made up? thank you in advance :)

Its made up, clearly! Why shoudl CBS create an alternative Licence and than licence it to themselves, the rightsholder?

Yeah, this whole thing about licensing is dumb and just not true at all. CBS has licensed Trek to CBS, but it’s not the real license because… reasons. It’s just 100% Ferengi poo.

Midnight’s Edge is ridiculous. I remember arguing with some dude that kept watching those and talking about how season 2 of DSC was never going to be filmed, it was a disaster, it’s been secretly canceled… The braindead nature of the channel is laughable.

UAB, I have a feeling he’s making a ton of money off all the hits from disgruntled fans on YouTube.

Basically, yes. Monetized hate!

This totally saved my day.

Btw maybe I am easily entertained, but the scene description sound just hilarious.

The look on his face just adds to it. I can easily see it playing out in the full trailer that we’ll probably get at STLV and the teaser we’ll probably get a SDCC.

It is certainly an amused incredulous expression on ol’ Jean-Luc’s face. I can’t wait to see this. How does someone in Starfleet not know who he is?! Kids these days! ;)

Our first (tiny) glimpse of the 24th century again and I’m already drooling lol. And hey, a recognizable uniform from the era it takes place in literally the first frame we see of the show! I mean HOW hard is that Discovery??? ;)

I DO hope that the title is just a placeholder but many are saying in other places that Picard is just the title. If so I really don’t like it, but whatever. I’m not going to argue over a title if it gives me back the era I love.

I had hoped it was a placeholder too but apparently not. I do wonder though as to whether the title refers to just Jean Luc or if it might relate to the next generation of Picard’s as well…

Yeah until told otherwise I’m going to assume Picard is the title. I mean unless someone said it was just a place holder I think this is it. They are giving us the first official look of the show, seems weird they would still have a place over now. Hopefully I’m wrong.

I got a notice that has reported that to be the actual title. I’m not all strung up about the title. I’m just hoping Picard becomes a more interesting character. Then they have a show. If he remains the perfect human specimen seen in 7 seasons of TNG… The show will be a failure.

Yes, if he’s the Picard people know and love it will fail, just like TNG, the highest rated Trek series ever.

I guess that depends on how one rates the show. But I stand by my comment. If Picard returns to being the poring perfect person he was, what’s the point of the show?

I don’t know, maybe how an idealistic person like Picard operates in an imperfect universe. Not saying i advocate that, but lots of ways to go, with that character as he’s always been portrayed. After all, he was the subject of many great episodes.

Just because you didn’t like him, doesn’t mean most people don’t. In fact, i’d say after Kirk and Spock he’s probably the most iconic and beloved Trek character.

If they are dealing with a perfect person in an imperfect situation, that has been dealt with many times on the TNG show. It would be rehashing old episodes. Old episodes that never worked anyway. The best TNG episodes were ones that dealt with sci-fi concepts and were not character driven. Every time they tried to do a character show it failed. The best TNG episodes would have been good no matter what the characters were.

For the record, Stewart is such a charismatic actor that he can make a dull character watchable. He is arguably the best actor who was ever a regular on any Trek show. That was what carried TNG between their good episodes. That said, I still stand by my comment. Stewart’s acting chops aside, Picard, as portrayed on TNG, is too perfect to be interesting. He was most interesting in the feature First Contact. Why? Because he was shown to be human with a human flaw. The audience can care some about him now.

Picard is definitely my favorite captain by far! And I actually didn’t like him in the first two seasons. I was super young at the time, I wanted another Kirk but once I accepted him I fell in love with the fact that he was so different from Kirk.

No, he was only half of Kirk. The other half they gave to Riker. Merge Picard and Riker together, and you get Kirk. Just like if you merge DATA and Troi together, you get pretty darn close to Spock. ;)

If I were a crew member, as wise as Picard is, I would not feel like he was approachable. Kirk and Sisko felt like commanders who would be more open to crew members addressing them. It’s just a kind of subtext I got watching them.

You make a good point about Riker and why he was actually my favorite character early on in the show. I loved him and Data right away from the first episode on! But yes I did like Riker mainly because he seem like he was the character doing all the ‘Kirk’ stuff like getting involved with all the action, kissing the girls, etc. Picard was just the stuffy old man I literally was hoping they kill off lol. But that changed by the end of season 2 and he became my favorite in season 3. And I was just getting older myself (but still a teenager) and appreciated the kind of person he was. And he mellowed out a lot more by then too.

Yes, ML, we get it: you dislike the character, you feel he’s boring and too perfect. We don’t agree.

Afterburn, I like the actor playing Picard a great deal. He made that boring character watchable. That mere fact saved a lot of episodes!

Nah, Picard is more beloved than Kirk.

Total-Trekkie2, perhaps under some metrics. And Picard does have the advantage of being newer. But I wouldn’t be so sure, myself.

People want something new. If you want to see the same old Picard, then just watch the TNG reruns.

Uh, no one is forcing you to watch it. And in fact I remember you saying if they ever made a post-Nemesis show you wouldn’t watch it. Maybe this is the time to take your own advice then. ;)

I don’t remember saying that. You sure you’re not thinking of someone else?
I do plan on watching the show, but I might just wait until the season is over to binge watch it.

You said it or more to the point NH4 said it. Would you like me to pull it up for you?

And you will be watching it the day it premieres lol, stop kidding yourself.

Who is NH4?

You really don’t know him? Well he was a really annoying and sad little troll who seem to act like Discovery was the only Star Trek show around for some reason and would bait people like an 8 year old (although he was actually forty) by disparaging all the other Star Trek shows and fans out there. I guess to prove that no one loved the Discovery as much as he did or something. Be in reality he just came off very insecure over a TV show and would insult other people for having a differing opinion about it until he finally got the boot.

His really bizarre and obsession over the show came off weird and strange to the point it was like he was sent here to promote it every chance he got, but in the worst way possible. He always thought he was being clever when he wasn’t because everyone could see through the trolling and even caught him lying about himself. Well thankfully he’s gone I guess.

But you may have gotten along with him, you seem to share pretty much all his same baiting, unwittingly of course. You’re both even the same age. Amazing coincidences. Oh well.

And this guy was your friend? Nope never heard of him. I only started posting here when season 2 started airing.

No, he was no one’s friend except other trolls here who also got banned. He came off pretty sad and deluded.

Of course you only started posting here a few moths ago. Silly of me, you obviously have a different email than that other guy did so it can’t be you. We know how hard it is to make a new email account. And it would come off pretty sad someone who was thrown off a site would have to lie and trick his way back on it although everyone with an IQ above 30 knows its him anyway because he keeps pulling the same pathetic stunts as before having the exact same insecurities and coming off threatened because (gasp) people may be interested in another Star Trek show that isn’t Discovery. I mean who would do that except a very obsessive troll, right?

But you’re clearly not the same guy. Nope!

I’m sensing some hostility from you Tiger. You ok dude?

I don’t like trolls. You were banned for a reason the first time. But if you stop trolling then you have no issues with me. Unfortunately you can’t seem to help yourself. Old habits die hard I guess.

Tiger, you got the wrong guy. I don’t know what else to tell you. I was reading the Kate Mulgrew article and you accused someone else of being a troll just because they didn’t like TNG. You need to cut it out. You need to pray on this and I’ll pray for you.

NH4 its you. I know its you, you know its you, TM know its you, half the board knows its you. There is nothing to cut out, you’re not the first person to use a sock puppet to sneak back on a board. You’re just really bad at it. ;)

And I didn’t call anyway a troll in the Mulgrew board, read it again. I said he says the same thing all the time which feels like a broken record. I simply disagree with his POV and said so but thats not trolling and never implied he was.

What you do around here IS trolling though (or more accurately baiting people) which comes off so childish especially coming from a middle age man. Every once in awhile you have something of actual substance to discuss but sadly its rare. All you do here is just try to get a rise out of people or constantly try to turn every discussion into a competition with Discovery which is bizarre in itself. You did it then, you’re doing it all over again now, even after you weaseled your way back here for the second time. Its incredible. You have a second chance and you will probably get banned again.

OK, lets do this then, you IGNORE my posts from this point on and I will not call you out anymore. Deal? But if you are going to bait me, then I will call you out every single time. When I tried to ignore you previously you would still try to respond to me, even after I asked you not to. But you did anyway and there was nothing I could do until you got banned. This time though I’m really asking.

I don’t care you found a way back here but if you are going keep trolling then ignore my posts, period. That should be easy enough, even for you.

I still have no clue what you’re talking about, but it is entertaining. Still praying for you.

Are you going to ignore me from now on or not? Yes or no? Don’t pray, just give me an answer so I know I don’t have to deal with your childish trolling again. Seriously you banned once you shouldn’t be here at all.

I’m going to assume your non-answer means we have a deal. Good! I won’t keep outing you as long as you stay away from my posts.

I was busy… What deal?

I want to see a drunk Picard playing with his flute.

As far as we know…Picard never had any children. And Dr Crusher with her bullcrap…wanting to remain friends. Remember the episode : joined ? I think it was called joined where Picard and crusher had this psychic device implanted and they could read each other’s thoughts.

It’s just a hunch but we didn’t know that Kirk, Sulu or Worf had kids until we did. Yeah I remember that episode, I think it was called Attached.

I think Crusher just hooked up with another candle.

With Rene and Robert dead, and Jean Luc not really being the family type, it seems likely that the line will end with Jean Luc.

Unless he had a kid himself between now and Nemesis.

Which he did in the books…

A son named René after his late nephew, born in 2381.

But the Relaunch post-Nemisis TNG books are creeping up on 2387…

And Picard is, as of the end of the most recent one, about to face the consequences for his part in what turned out to be a major S31 related abuse of power.

It’s hard to see that he could remain a captain, and Crusher had already been making the case that their son should not spend his entire childhood on a ship commanded by his father.

Interestingly, David Mack’s next book that takes the story arc forward to Picard’s submission to justice is due out this fall.

Given Discovery reached into the books, I’m wondering if Picard will preserve this backstory.

Wow interesting backstory as usual with the books. I wouldn’t mind if they gave him a son named Rene. But man, Section 31 just keep popping up lol. They even show up in the writer’s imagined DS9 season 8 premiere episode (but done well again ;)). I wouldn’t be shocked if Section 31 shows up on this show either obviously.

But I wouldn’t have a problem with that backstory either, especially if he’s really not a captain anymore.

If they’re borrowing from the books, Section 31 shouldn’t exist anymore by the time of the Picard show.

Yes, Section 31 has been publicly exposed by the media (with Bashir, Data and Mal’s help) by 2386…

But the process of investigation of two centuries of S31 misdeeds, and Judicial consequences, rolled on.

Picard had good reason to do what he did in the aftermath of the Dominion War. More, the Badmirals above him were the ones that are truly culpable, and tied into S31…

BUT Picard’s ethics would not let him duck his own responsibility for setting events in motion….even if the Klingons think he got it right.

And that’s as many potential book spoilers as I will risk.

Dear sweet Lord baby Khaless, I really wish Section 31 went back to the occasional mention.

UAB, Khaless was a MAN! With a beard!

We all start somewhere, Marja! :D

Maybe they won’t this extent, but with Kirsten Beyer on the writing staff it would not surprise me in the slightest if they took elements.

Since they’ve said that none of the other TNG characters are going to be on the show, we probably hsouldn’t expect him to be married to Dr. Crusher. I guess they could be divorced like thye were in All Good Things.

I also doubt that the show will deal with Min Zife and the Tezwa and all of that. That’s hard to sum up without actually reading the books, and they aren’t going to want to alienate the vast majority of fans who haven’t read them.

Nobody wants to do homework to figure out a TV show. If they use book material, it needs to be introduced as if no one knows about it. I, myself, haven’t read a Star Trek novel for 25 years now.

They already do that. Control from Section 31 came from the books and I doubt most people knew about it. I only knew about it because I come to sites like this and was informed. If I just watched the show I would’ve just assumed it was created by the show writers. So I don’t think that’s a big deal. The writers know most people aren’t going to know what came from books so incorporate it like they would anything for the first time.

Apparently the new Star Wars movies use things from the books and cartoons all the time too and I only know about it until after the fact.

They did and I laughed at calling the computer “Control”. I could not understand why they would use something that evoked, to a lot of people, Don Adams’ shoe ringing. Then I found out here it came from a book. But that is an example that using things from the novels is not always a good idea. I mean, every time they said “Control” it took me out of the story and I reminisced about how amusing Maxwell Smart was.

Yeah I know what you mean. But I’m guessing most people have never even heard of that show today. I remember it as a kid because it was in reruns but I never saw it. Didn’t they make a movie with it starring the Rock? I think I remember them doing a remake of it.

Tiger2, there was a redoux of Get Smart as a feature film some years ago starring Steve Carrel as Max. It was… OK I guess. Not nearly as good as the show, however. But better than “The Nude Bomb” that was made in the 80’s with Adams and Feldman themselves!

NUDE BOMB didn’t have Feldon, she was only in the TV movie from many years later.

My bad. I had it confused with the FOX TV show where she WAS in it.


As ML31 noted, Feldon was in the FOX aired spinoff sequel series where Max was the head of CONTROL and 99 was retired. with their son, played by Andy Dick, taking over his father’s role as field agent.

I don’t recall whether it had a “movie” pilot? I do recall thinking they should change the name to GET SMARTS and rotate each episode’s story thru each of the Smarts because Dick wasn’t up to carrying a whole episode’s focus

I don’t recall this series with Dick at all, but the TV movie GET SMART AGAIN had a great bit (pinched from the ROGER RABBIT source novel maybe?) where the new cone of silence just emitted conversation in word balloons. Probably the most expensive thing in the whole movie.

I actually have a soft spot for NUDE BOMB, it it the only thing I ever came across in a pre-release screening where the movie changed quite a lot between what I saw and when it came out to theaters. It was at San Jose’s Century 22, and they cut 10min at least of non comedy backstory, mainly for the female lead played by Andrea somethingorother, a MILF-type who was in TGIF and who was super-cute. The desk-car actually got great laughs in the theater, but afterward, we could hear conversation from the red velvet rope area where the head of the Century theaters was telling a studio guy, ‘thank god you let me see this before I had to book it,’ — guess he saw there was no b.o. potential.


Dick’s series would be easy to forget. They called it, GET SMART, which, for me, made it clear it was supposed to be a continuation.

No matter how many lines they threw at Dick, his character’s contribution to an episode rarely rose above that of the old Larabee character in the original.

As I seem to remember, Feldon’s game in each episode was so far above it all that they should have made 99 the focus, but as we now know, it was never going to happen in the FOX boys’ club of back then.


I think you can count me in on the NUDE BOMB. Conan O’Brien kept that mobile desk gag going for his entire NBC run as I recall, and they always found a way to make me laugh long after its sellby date.

Unfortunately, that FOX show was just awful. And much of it came down to the casting of Andy Dick. That guy has ruined everything he touches. Even that Voyager episode he was in. Why, oh why was he cast in that role?

There was an AI called Control that was in the books, but it was nothing like the one on Discovery. That one had the same basic goal as Section 31. It tries to do evertything it can to help the Federation, even if it means committing murders and stuff. Control created Section 31 to help further its mission.

In Discovery, Section 31 (supposedly) controls and created Control, and Control has no real interest in helping the Federation. Control is willing to destroy the Federation to further its own goals. The novels’ Control is like VIKKI from I, Robot, while Discovery’s Control js more like Skynet. Discovery may have gotten the basic idea from the books, but they went in an entirely different direction.

Yeah the Control in the books seems much more interesting and layered. In Discovery, they just turned it into another Skynet. It must wipe out humanity at all cost, because.

Given the ages of the known cast I certainly wasn’t suggesting that we’d be seeing any older cast family members! I will be genuinely surprised if we don’t see any of his children in this show Legate Damar and yes I do realise that the last time we saw Picard in Nemesis there was no indication that he had any.

Jean Luc PiClone

STAR TREK: END OF LINE is a pretty good title, though it makes me think of TRON as much as it does how a train has to stop going at a certain point in space.

According to the official CBS Star Trek website, the title of the new show is indeed Star Trek: Picard.

As much as I don’t like the idea of Trek shows entirely focusing on one character (and as did Roddenberry, apparently, given he felt it deserved its own point in the TNG Writer’s Bible from 1986), I will say at least this title is sincere regarding the content and purpose of the show, opposed to, say the “Star Trek: Burnham” we did not get (the show officially known by its misnomer “Discovery”).

Picard is also the logical choice of title from a marketing angle, to maximize exposure to the intended target group. Which character has the highest name recognition among people outside of TOS? It gotta be Picard. It instantly drives home the point this is not Star Trek: JustAnotherNewShow and sells Patrick Stewart as the driver in the most visible way.

Actually, I sorta see this as Star Trek: Justanothershowthathappenstohavepicard. So please plop down your $10 because we need the subscribers.

I really hope it’s good but I have severe depredations after the Discovery debacle.

Yes I guess you’re right VS!

Of course I fully expect the story to revolve around Picard but I do hate the title makes it feel so much smaller. But yes, its probably a marketing thing to let people know exactly who and what the show is about to draw more interest. I still want an ensemble show though, even if story itself is focused around Picard.

Discovery was always marketed as centring on Michael Burnham’s character right from the moment it was first announced. You seem to be implying (“misnomer”) that it wasn’t, which is factually incorrect.

There’s another uniform far in the back. If you zoom in you can see that the guy walking with the person in the green coat is actually in a command red uniform.

Looks like Starfleet went back to colored shoulders! This one image already makes me happier than anything seen on Discovery so far (and I liked the reimagined Enterprise)

Didn’t the cadets still have the colored shouldered uniforms even when actual officers switched to the grey barred uniforms? So that could just be a cadet but yes it could also be an actual officer as well.

Yep. Cadets kept the colors on top.

Thanks Matt! Yes so this could just be a cadet passing.

Cadets get the crappy uniforms.

Well go ahead and tease me why don’t you! :)

So I think it’s fair to assume that the future “All Good Things”/”The Visitor”/”Endgame” uniforms would have been the uniform of this time period…until Voyager was brought back earlier in Endgame by Admiral Janeway. Perhaps someone on Voyager played some part in this new “Star Trek: Picard” uniform design, whereas in the pre-“Endgame” timeline they missed that opportunity by still being stranded in the Delta Quadrant for a couple decades. Maybe Tom Paris? His father is an admiral and we saw him design the Delta Flyer and the racing uniforms.

Those are all possible futures, not necessarily the one we’ll get in this show. They can potentially ignore any episode from the past set in this “present.”

I was 13 in middle school when TNG started and 20 in college when it ended. TNG is my formative teenage years. I’m so pumped for this

We’re about exactly the same age. In people years, that is. Because I’m not really a dog; it’s just for anonymity. Oh, nevermind…

I really, really hope to see more around ComicCon. The rest of the cast, the ships, etc. I wonder if they decided to use any ship designs from Star Trek Online? Likely not, but I can dream. As it is, STO might have some retconning to do in their timeline, or just declare they’re in an alternate timeline.

Excellent. He looks good for a man pushing what 80 ? And we all know this series may end with Picard ‘s death.
2) Take that William Shatner! Ya never got a star trek show with the subtitle: Kirk. Lol

I think PatStew knows how important the character is for fans so I don’t think he’d want to kill him off. Data got killed off because Spiner didn’t want to play him anymore.

Besides, I think it very likely Stewart is doing this mainly to collect a check. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I’d do it too. If Picard bites the dust that would limit his future paydays.

Maybe I’m a dreamer but, Sir Patrick has been too enthusiastic, and his announcement of the project last year was too emotional, for me to believe that he’s just in this for the check. He’s got a net worth of $70 million, last time I checked. He’s back for the love of Picard.

“Sir Patrick has been too enthusiastic, and his announcement of the project last year was too emotional, for me to believe that he’s just in this for the check.”

He’s an actor.

Fair. But I still don’t think he’d be on board if he thought it was going to tarnish Picard as a character.

I don’t really believe that. He said it himself, he had offers in the past to play Picard but always turned it down. I think this time he just liked the direction they took and probably missed the character as well. I mean sure, the money helps lol, but if that was the only reason he could’ve took the previous offers from before.

I’m pretty sure he turned it down because the compensation wasn’t large enough. And again, that is not, repeat NOT dig at Stewart. If I had his power I would likely do the same thing.

Yes but I just don’t believe that. We’ll never know either way.

But of course it doesn’t matter, as long as he is passionate about the role and makes Picard the great character he was before.

Well, you know what they say. If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Yes to both, Tiger and UAB. Tiger, he is a consummate professional and will do his very best, I’m sure. And in the end, I honestly don’t care WHY he’s doing it. The fact that he is is good enough for me. I just hope it’s good. Stewart hasn’t been the best judge lately for what is good I’m forced to say. That terrible Showtime comedy he did… Ugh. I really hope he got a good payday out of that.

So when Sonequa said, “It’s going to be called Picard” she was right.

Looks like it, she probably got a little slap of the wrist from legal for that one plus a little NDA reminder. Either that or maybe the working title was something they just decided to adopt. At first I didn’t think much of the working title but it has grown on me. Now let’s see what they bring to either ComiCon or STLV 2019.

Well people have been calling it the ‘Picard’show since August last year so you’d have to slap NDA on millions of the fans I guess!

Working title. That’s not to say they won’t stick with it, but who knows?

Sonequa is always right. God I love her.

She’s a wonderful human being. So warm, so generous and so insanely talented!

By every report, she’s an amazing leader of the company.

I just wish her character Burnham had been written to show more of that burgeoning leadership in season 2.

It’s not enough for the showrunners and actors to say that Burnham’s established herself with the crew, the writers and directors need to show us.

Let’s see Burnham be able to be less self-absorbed with her (tragic) history and more leading the crew in this new future for Discovery in the 32nd century.

Yes I really like Martin Green as well too. Sometimes I’m torn on her character but I actually really like the actress. Sometimes her interviews sound a bit too cheery and rosy (‘everything his wonderful and I love everyone’) but I can’t fault her for just being a super positive person. And I know every actor’s job is promote their show/movie the best way they can.

The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree.

I’m betting that if we get a Captain Pike series it will likely be called Star Trek: Pike.

I hope not. I’d really like for Pike’s Enterprise to be an ensemble show.

I’d like that to be the title, too. Pike’s Enterprise.
Star Trek Pike sounds like a road in rural Maryland. Or perhaps Riverside IA.

Early Voyages.

Deft…but 1701 has already had more than a 5 year mission.

How about Star Trek: 1701?

Sounds like another time travel episode. ;)

Pike’s Enterprise would be a superior title. My secret hope is that show will get announced at STLV. Weird, huh? If I were told we could get a Pike’s Enterprise show before season 2 of Discovery I would have screamed “NO!” Now it’s the show I am hoping to see the most!

If it has Spock and Kirk, maybe it’ll be called Star Trek: Sike

How about… Star Trek

I think that one may actually be taken…

“Star Trek: Pike’s Enterprise” is the most likely title because “Pike” and “Picard” are too similar. But if they make it, CBS could go with something like “Star Trek: The First Five Year Mission”.

It’s amazing how one simple photo brings to life a character that has meant so much to me (and so many others) after a nearly 20 year gap. There is still much unknown about this show, but the fact that this picture is light and not dark and bleak gives me hope. Welcome back, Jean-Luc!

Agreed! Picard is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m still confused on 20/18 years after….What?

After Nemesis which would set this in 2387…

But more than one report out today put it as 18 years after the destruction of Romulus…

Can’t they just be really clear in a news release please?

Wasn’t Nemesis in 2379. Putting the show 18 to 20 years after Nemesis would still put it a while after the destruction of Romulus,

You’re right Legate Demar. We’ve heard so many référence points by now that I’m having trouble keeping it straight.

They seem to have difficulty writing talking points with years in them, for this or for Discovery.

Nemesis 2379 + 18 gets one to 2397

Destruction of Romulus 2387 + 18 would be 2405.

All Good Things though would put them close to 2387.

I sure hope it’s 20 years after Nemesis; expecting galaxy-wide shifts in the immediate aftermath of Romulus’ destruction would be so grossly unrealistic! Or put another way, did we see the greatest shifts in society right after 9/11 or fifteen years hence? Monumental historical changes take time to play out.

Not necessarily. Look at, say, the period of 1945-1950. Quite a bit changed then.

It’s not a Federation world that got blown-up. The Federation is only indirectly involved in the whole Hobus incident (and not the culprit) so any blowback could only come in the years afterwards.

I’m guessing the Hobus incident probably redrew the map of the balance of power. The Romulan empire will be a shadow of its former self. I’m curious if any other superpowers like the Klingons, came in and tried to take advantage of the destabilized empire.

I could see those changes happen very quickly. Imagine if Moscow or Beijing was destroyed: it would affect the U.S. and the rest of the world fairly immediately.
It has been 17 years since Nemesis: no reason to believe they wouldn’t move in more or less real time so 17-20 years would have elapsed anyway.

Right! And after the events of Nemesis, the Romulan empire was already pretty destabilized. The Hobus incident on top of that… dear God.

Which is why I’m pretty excited if the story line is about the Romulans. I really wanted to see what has happened to their territory literally since 2009. It took 10 years but we may finally get it. ;)

I’m still wondering if there is a personal dimension for Picard, beyond the political and diplomatic cataclysm.

In Star Trek (2009), Spock if very clear that he failed his objective of saving Romulus from the supernova.

How would this be personal for Picard? ….a few possibilities:

– Picard’s carrying some of Spock’s katra due to the mind meld that Picard had offered to help Spock know Sarek. That had to be a deep meld. What would have Picard felt when Spock left the Prime space-time without dying. Does Picard feel some of Spock’s drive to make things right with the remaining Romulans.

– Was someone important to Picard (e.g. Crusher) killed by chance in the supernova event?

My immediate thought was the theory that the Delta Shield symbol was based on the way Jonathan “A”rcher signed his name…..hmmmm.

Hmmm. I guess I never noticed how Archer signed his name.

I hope it isn’t Irumodic Syndrome Picard.

Hahahaha that’s awesome

I suspect they selected to reveal this particular scene for what it doesn’t reveal. Picard is the only image we should pay attention to, here. What you don’t see is the officer speaking to Picard, and from what the officer says you can surmise that Picard is in an environment where he is not so easily recognized, or remembered. But we don’t know where he is, or why. How he got there, or whether it takes place immediately following the events of Nemesis, or whether this is 20 some odd years after.
We can speculate about everything else but the only thing revealed here is that a new St series is coming tentatively titled: Picard. And that Patrick Stewart is reprising his role.

Looks like he is in a hospital waiting for his turn for an appointment.

Prostate acting up again, Mr. Picard?

Can ANYONE find that video clip??

Unless someone took a video during the presentation, I’m guessing no.

Professor P…

OMG Starfleet is still using those ugly uniforms. At least Picard looks like he’s about to spend a Night at the Roxbury. says the title is official.

They should have just called it Picard.

Sucks, but OK. I’m just happy to see him back.

It’s a good name. I’m glad they don’t listen to the fans, or the show would have been called Star Trek: Destiny.

Uhm, the fans that I followed didn’t like that one. It’s already the title of a book trilogy.

Its OK. Not a huge deal.

I thought it was going to be called Star Trek: The Voyage to a Home

Star Trek: Leaving the Final Frontier

Star Trek: Long Term Care

Star Trek: The Next Generation Gap.

I didn’t see any picture, just the words STAR TREK PICARD looming forward

So I havent seen this image posted yet here:

Shows far more uniforms (red/blue/yellow) and maybe a Romulan or Cardassian?

OH where was this? Seems to be the academy perhaps where they are filming?

If that’s a recent photo, and not from the late 90’s, then they haven’t changed the uniform’s one bit, apart from the high collar, like in the cadet picture above. Something tell’s me TrekMovie knew to post that…

It’s happening! Pike series, who? (Sorry, 23rd Century fans, Trek is back to its best era) 😉

Loving the uniforms, even if just a shoulder! Loving the logo? Not so much. Don’t mind the title even if it’s a little anticlimactic, but why are they using the TOS font again?? Do something new! Still, we’re finally getting post-Nemesis Trek 👏🏻

Finally, the TNG era is back. For anyone under 50, this is our era and it is nice to see it represented again :) I don’t understand how it’s been neglected for so long.

90s Trek had over 500 episodes and 4 movies, I think the time away was needed.

I think after Voyager they felt they spent too long in this era and considering TPTB were frankly running out of ideas I can’t blame them. But I LOVE the 24th century era, just so much to mine. There is a lot of mythology in place because it ran for so long and you can use practically anyone unlike shows from Enterprise through Discovery era where they have to limit who and what we see. If you love the Cardasssians, you are shit out of luck for instance and I freakin love the Cardassians.

Speaking of Cardassians, I’m rewatching DS9 right now and I forgot just how cool that show made the 24th century and gave us everything from the Maquis to Section 31 (although that one maybe should’ve stayed in the 24th century ;)). I will watch any century Star Trek takes place in but this is the one I grew up with (although TOS was my first show) and TNG era was for *my* generation and why I loved it so much along with DS9 and VOY.

And it helped it wasn’t just reruns every week like when I first caught TOS lol.

DS9 used the Cardassians very well. But I cannot help but think of them more like Klingon’s part II.

I guess you can look at them that way because they are warrior like as well, but less singing lol.

And far, far less honorable.

I don’t recall that you’re into Trek-lit ML31, but if you are try Una McCormack’s novels.

She’s a PhD Sociologist by training and has really dug down into who the Cardassians are. Not really much like Klingons at all.

I would really hope that if they include Cardassians in the Picard series, they should lean into her understanding of Cardassian culture, history and drivers.

Yes, Cardassians are definitely a unique species. They come off more militarized like the Klingons do but that’s the only real comparison. Everything else like their culture, government and customs are almost the complete opposite in fact.

One of the biggest difference is that Klingons are generally very religious/spiritual and a lot of their customs and society is set up through that. Cardassians on the other hand almost seems to be atheists. Religion is rarely, if ever, brought up in that society like so many other alien cultures in Star Trek. The only time I remember a Cardassian saying anything about religion was Dukat putting down Bajoran religion as backward and superstitious. It doesn’t mean that’s how he felt about religion in general but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did either.

And of course Dukat doesn’t represent all Cardassians either, but more than likely they probably do frown upon the idea of religion being so influential in a society as a whole.

Klingons on the hand entire way of life rested on trying to get into Sto-vo-kor or the after life once they die (hopefully killed in battle of course ;)). Cardassians don’t seem to have any of those type of beliefs. I’m guessing some believe in a religion but its certainly not prominent in their society like it is for Klingons and other species

TG47 I haven’t read a Trek novel in probably 20-25 years. And even then it was just a handful. On the shows, however, Cardassians came across as VERY Klingon-like. That’s all I’m saying. Cardassians felt like they were created to get a race like Klingons back in the mix on the opposite side of the Federation.

A lot of people under 50 were watching TOS long before TNG so fans ranged from tweens to their late 20s when TNG debuted in the 80s.

Good to see you Jean-Luc. It’s been far too long :)

Earl Grey, hot, as always?

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

The idea that someone in the Federation doesn’t know who Picard is by face alone is stupid as hell.

Well, not really. He’s just a Starship Captain. There’s likely people in the Federation who don’t know who the President just like IRL, why would a lone Starship Captain be known by everyone?

That said, someone in Starfleet not knowing the Captain of what was the flagship is a stretch, but not exactly unbelievable.

It depends on how long it’s been since he ceased to be a starship captain and what events have intervened since.

If it’s been more than a decade, he’s kept a low profile since, and public attention has been riveted by the destruction of Romulus and its aftermaths, people might need to think twice to connect Picard to historic events twenty or thirty years previous.

Please. How many Americans even know who the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is? Picard was way below that rank in Starfleet. I remember General Schwarzkopf from when I was a kid, but a 20 year-old today would have no clue.

The new show will be called ‘Stargeezer.’

Jk, looking forward to it. As long as it’s not tainted by Discovery and is written by people with brains.

Well, that depends on if you think the writers of Discovery have brains (they do), as a chunk of the one on Picard are from Season 1 of Discovery.

I cannot wait for a trailer. Such an exciting time to be a Star Trek fan, Star Trek is back. Thanks to Alex Kurtzman we are finally getting a sequel to TNG.

Thanks to the existence of CBS All Access, really. It’s unlikely that there would be any new Star Trek without the launch of All Access.

Producer: “You writers come up with a title. Something like “Star Trek: Picard” but better.

Writers (after producer has left the room): “So… “Star Trek: Picard” good with everyone?

Hahahahaha!!! I SO understand that reference!

No matter where you go, there you are.


Uniforms with the colored shoulder show up in the Countdown comic series which led up to Trek ‘09 – and the events in that book lead up to the Hobus incident.

I predict we are seeing those uniforms here.

Yeah, I knew I saw those uniforms before.

“I’ve come to collect my pension check, young man. You can go to hell with your Direct Deposit!”

This was f***ing hilarious!

Interesting that they seem to be using the DS9/Voyager uniforms instead of the gray movies/DS9 unirforms.

STAR TREK: METHUSELAH? Picard was a cool captain in TNG and a couple of movies, but this is just a money grab.

Isn’t every TV show ever made just a money grab? I mean, they aren’t exactly making any of these shows just for fun.

It does have potential to be a money grab but I’m optimistic so far. I think it’s good that they decided to focus on one character and not bring back a tired looking crew again.

GQMF I suspect that this is a subscriber recruitment grab…

CBSAA needs to appeal to a larger audience AND keep them from a churn of cancellations and resubscriptions.

I suspect they are placing their bets on drawing in Trek fans who wouldn’t subscribe for Discovery in order to build the base, while effectively getting Amazon to finance the investment with its commitment to international streaming.

It is and I think it likely Stewert only did this because they came up with the right figure. But, and I cannot stress this enough, there is NOTHING wrong with that!

The cadet uniforms towards the end of DS9 had colored shoulders but the rest of the uniform was a light grey and light grey collar too.

I’m half predicting that the Enterprise E was destroyed under his watch, and killed a bunch of the TNG crew, and to some degree forced him into retirement. I’m getting the vibe that that’s why he didn’t come to the “happiest of ends” as Kurtzman said, and why we’re not hearing anything about any of the other TNG cast members yet. Of course, if they were in it, there’s a good chance it would be secret anyway. Who knows? And I don’t really care….I’m STOKED!

I doubt they would kill so many off screen though. Chances are we will see a few of them, they are just giving Picard and the new characters their time to shine which is a good thing.

Yeah, I know you’re probably right and what I mention is definitely not what I want to see, I totally want to see the whole gang reunited. I would actually be happy to see this as TNG season 8. I think I’m in the minority though.

Admittedly I never really cared for the TNG cast at all as characters. So I would have zero problems if all of them have bought the space farm in this show. Quite frankly, that sounds like a really great personal trauma for Picard to deal with.

I suspect that Picard gave up commanding a Starship, entered the diplomatic corp and was directly involved with Spock and the Romulans and then *boom8. Romulus is gone, Spock was “killed” and he feels indirectly responsible for both.

First he kills of Kirk…

Really the only TNG characters left aboard the Enterprise were Worf and LaForge right? Riker and Deanna went to their ship at the end of Nemesis and Beverly went to Starfleet Medical. Data’s B4 now (ha), and Wes is supposedly on Riker’s ship – or with the Traveler.

He was court martialed after ordering Deanna to take the Enterprise-E out of space dock, and she threw it into reverse accidently, destroying the ship and 60% of the station.

Uh, I’m just glad that we’re shown a photo image (from the show) that is bright and clear. I was SO afraid that the new Picard show was going to be very dark and gloomy!

“I was SO afraid that the new Picard show was going to be very dark and gloomy!”

Not to forget, all orange and teal ;)

Gee, Vulcan Soul, what a colorful remark!

And if I may add, Harry, they are sure showing ballz by brightening things up so much! :P

“In a world where everything is orange and teal…”

ME TOO! Something about that set behind him and his goofy blazer just screams classic TNG to me in a way that makes me very nostalgic. I’m sure the eventual show will feel deservedly cinematic, but something about this image feels RIGHT, in the way I think you mean.

From what Stewart himself described, oh I’m sure you can expect some dark sets for sure.

At last! I’ve been waiting to bust my pastel romper out….

Star Re-Tread

Looks encouraging (especially if that is a Starfleet uniform on the right).

The important question is, of course:


I prefer PCD rather than PIC as it makes the show’s truncated title sound like the file extension for an electronic image.


All three letters and most of them you can actually say in one syllable.

I’m glad more people are going with ‘DIS’ now. I been going that direction since day one but on other boards I see a lot of people use DSC. To me it makes since to just use the first three letters like VOY and ENT. Same for Picard.

Memory Alpha is also using it. :-)

“John Van Citters has chosen “DSC” as the series’ official abbreviation. This is consistent with the studio’s use of “VGR” for Star Trek: Voyager, but MA will use the abbreviation “DIS” for Discovery, for consistency with using “VOY” for Voyager.”


Man, there is a LOT of excitement over this one image lol. I think if these guys hit this show out of the ball park in their first season its going to gain a huge following. If its more a mixed bag like Discovery first season, its still going to get a lot of interest but I don’t want it to be what the Star Wars sequels are becoming, are at least with TLJ (and for the record I din’t have a huge problem with that movie).

I don’t want to turn this into another Pike show thread, but the PIcard show is clearly the most excited the fan base has been in a long, long time. I think if they had this show, the Pike show instead of Section 31 and Discovery being in the 32nd century fans would be pretty excited about whats to come in the next year or two. And I’m NOT a huge Pike show advocate but I would easily want that over the Section 31 show (which I’m not totally against either).

But the Pike show representing the TOS era and being a more traditional prequel while Picard revitalizes the TNG era in a post-Nemesis setting taking the franchise into the 25th century with both new and old characters would already cover a lot of bases. And now we have Discovery doing something radically new and different for all the people who really wants to wipe the slate clean as you will and set up in a far future with completely new canon which we haven’t gotten since TNG first hit the air frankly.

Its still funny, I was so disappointed in Discovery’s first season because it didn’t do anything really new in terms of world building and now it will probably be the most imaginative show in decades. Who knew?

And then you have the animated shows and they can be in any century or premise they want. I’m hoping one will be set up in the 26th century. I have a feeling Lower Decks will be back in the 23rd for some reason.

But I just think if you had those three live action shows, you will be able to capture the interest almost every fan out there and each represent a different century in the franchise (which I personally ALWAYS wanted and now getting it). Section 31 just feels so out of place to me but maybe it can get more people on board.

But I am genuinely excited for Picard and Discovery now at least! After 15 years of prequels, finally….

I don’t get the excitement to be honest. To me it just looks like a shot from a Youtube interview with Stewart at Comic Con or something.

Its just the fact we know the show is coming. Geeks love stuff like this. When they showed Han Solo and Chewbacca together again in the second TFA trailer it nearly broke the internet lol.

Yeah, Chewie and Han I understand. They are a love couple. If they would show my favorite TNG love couple (Lt Jae and JL Picard)together then I would be SO EXCITED too.

For some people, Picard feels like that like others feel Han and Chewie I guess. Its the first shot of Picard after 16 years, its going to bring a lot of interest for hardcore Trek fans.

No. This is the first shot of Patrick Stewart in the CBS cafeteria after 25 years…

Bwahaha. Yes. I was thinking there is a white board behind him. So why not a lunch menu?


odradek, one of your favorite characters is a background part? What?

Kevin Riley is also one of my favorite TOS characters. This may explain that I’m more excited for “Lower Decks” than for the Picard show.

Interesting! I do like the lower decks type stuff. I enjoy seeing the “worker bee” perspective on the ship. It’s one of the things I enjoy about Discovery – not everyone is an officer or bridge crew.

You’d think that. But O’Brian aside (and great debate surrounds his rank/status) I do not recall seeing any enlisted men in the TNG era shows.

Chewbacca and Leia together, now that would have broken the internet. And probably some furniture.

Whenever the inevitable behind-the-scenes image of Stewart & Frakes comes out, people will have a “Han & Chewie”-like reaction :)

“Section 31 just feels so out of place to me but maybe it can get more people on board. “.

I’m very thankful to that “celebrity fan” quoted in full in the recent LA Times Kurtzman interview who flatout stated what most of us are saying all the time: Section 31 with a genocidal dictator at the helm is so completely out of the place! This part of the interview wasn’t reported here, only the “wonderful oddity” looney tunes Kurtzman was playing, but there’s no way he has not read the published interview so he should know EXACTLY how fans are really thinking about this abomination of a show! So that said…. bring on Star Trek: Pike :p

For me, I was waiting to see if Gerogiou would change any minds after we saw a whole season of her being in Section 31 full time and in many ways it almost feels like the opposite. That’s why I just don’t know if having a full on show is the right idea now after Section 31 involvement in Discovery was SO mixed while Pike’s involvement seem to hit it out of the park. Pike was always going to be the low hanging fruit of fan service but I think the reception is bigger than they even assumed it would be (while Discovery season 2 as a whole still seemed to be mostly mixed although better than season 1 by far).

Its crazy you are not going to go for the character everyone seems to genuinely love and eager to see again but keep the one that people just generally hate on a moral stance alone, regardless if they like the actress or not. And I’ll repeat what I said, I’m not gunning for a Pike show personally, I’m much more excited about Picard and shows that aren’t prequels. I will always prefer sequels over anything. But if you HAVE to make another prequel, here is the obvious one. And probably could be the true TOS prequel they originally thought DIS was going to be. When that idea failed quickly and threw it 900 years into the future, they now have the chance to do it right and without any crazy connections like making someone’s sibling to justify it. They have Spock and the Enterprise itself now. That’s a better idea to represent the 23rd century story telling if DIS really isn’t coming back than a spy show.

Or maybe Section 31 won’t actually take place in the 23rd century and maybe (what I haven’t seen a lot of theories on) that Georgiou simply joins Section 31 in the 32nd century. Yeah, its far fetched but everything about MU Georgiou up until now has been far fetched lol.

I’ll 2nd much said here. It is hard to comprehend that Kurtzman & Co are not aware of the goodwill they generated from Pike & Spock. The buzz from a Pike show seems to be FAR more encompassing than anything related to the Georgeau led Section 31 show they say they are planning. If they are not working on Pike’s Enterprise right now then they are for sure fools. I’m sorry to sound harsh but that is just how it looks. I mean, they even ended season 2 of Discovery leading the audience to believe that the next Trek was going to be PIKE!

No they are definitely aware. He said so in a recent interview and in fact says he reads all the message boards regularly so its no way he can’t know. But I have said they probably have a plan and simply sticking to it. At the very least if the Section 31 show will happen then use Pike and the Enterprise as a recurring character if the show does go back to the 23rd century.

Totally agree. I’m so happy Jean-Luc is back. This character has meant so much from me. As a kid going through some rough times in elementary/middle school when TNG was on, it was Picard who I looked up to as a role model. Him coming back all these years later, to hopefully use fiction as a new model of leadership for the current day, is quite exciting. Picard is a character we need.

Agreed! Picard is so many things to a lot of people. He has become a role model to a lot of fans, I certainly saw him that way growing up. He and Sisko were in fact role models for me. As a black fatherless kid at the time, it was nice to see a black single father raising his son. That meant a lot to me too.

And he was a pretty cool dad :)

You’ve captured my thinking Tiger2.

I’d embellish with two small points.

First, varying formats is important. Discovery, Picard and S31 will all be heavily serialized.

Pike’s Enterprise could be a bit of a contrast with some of the lighter serialization or mini-arcs of the third season of Enterprise, with some true stand alone episodes worked in.

Second, for the S31 series to work, they may need to get one of the Trek novelists on board in the writers room. They really need someone who can map out long form storytelling in the TOS era.

Kirsten Beyer is great but she’s written mainly in the 24th century. Frankly, given her role in developing the treatment that sold Patrick Stewart and her knowledge of the 24th century context, I’m concerned that it sounds like she is being moved back to Discovery and the other shows.

Yes I agree, I don’t think a Pike show needs to be as serialized as the others and maybe do something closer to what Enterprise did in its third and fourth seasons. I don’t think we will ever see a truly episodic Star Trek show like the days of TOS and TNG, especially on a streaming site, but a lighter serialize show can work.

And for the record I liked how they did it in Discovery second season too. It was heavily serialized but each episode did feel like its own separate story, at least until the end of the season. I hope they go that same direction for their third season as well. Picard sounds like it will just be one continuous story, or at least how Stewart made it sound.

As far as Section 31, I was honestly a little more excited for it in the beginning when it was first rumored. Not completely but I was into the idea of a Star Trek spy show. And then I saw what they did with them on Discovery and my interest basically died. How they used them was overkill and just too convoluted. I’m almost afraid of what they will do with them with an entire show. But the tech will be amazing lol.

I have a feeling the show will happen, but I’m hoping they find another direction than what we saw on Discovery. But they did all but suggest that in the finale the organization has to change after the Control debacle.

I think three shows, Picard, Pike and Discovery are a nice three. I would be jonesing more for Pike but that’s subjective. And I have a feeling Lower Decks will be a TNG era show. The creator seems to be more of a TNG guy and I just see the TNG era to have more material for jokes than TOS.

Yes, I think each show will capture something very different from the other being in multiple centuries but all capture the spirit of Star Trek at least. Section 31 sounds the complete opposite of that and why people are having a hard time with it. As for Lower Decks, it can really fit anywhere really. To be honest TOS era seems more easier to do IF they kept it to the campy vibe like the original 60’s show but watching Discovery that is certainly no longer there lol.

And you’re right the creator is a huge TNG fan (and the title is from a TNG episode) so it may end up in the 24th century. I would personally love that.

Wonder if time travel will be involved?

Is Kurtzman involved? Same answer.

Time travel in Trek is about as common an occurrence as us going to the grocery.

Symmetrical collars. Looking better already..

But i’m worried all the teenagers will think “Oh this looks like “The Orville Reddinbacher Show”.

@Afterburn – Yeah, since today’s kids are sooooo hip to Orville Redenbacher, who died 24 years ago. That’s *exactly* what teenagers will think when they see Professor X, who has appeared in seven X-Men films in the last 19 years.

Yep. You’ve got your finger right on the pulse of today’s teens.

Literally the best comment I’ve ever read in the 10 years of reading this website.

One of the most moronic retorts the internet was ever seen.

Afterburn, I won’t get into the insult-trading, but if you can find three teenagers who know who Orville Redenbacher was, you’re probably doing very well. And if they do recognize the name from popcorn jars, they almost certainly wouldn’t recognize him if they saw a picture of him. I’m in my 50s and work with a lot of kids in their late teens. No, 80s and 90s culture is completely foreign to them. They know Sir Patrick better from X-Men than from Star Trek, which is 00s vs. 80s/90s.

You continue to dig your hole.

@Afterburn – Thanks for the compliment! :)

I was mocking your complete misunderstanding of what I was trying to say. I was making a tongue-in-cheek mockery of that terrible Trek ripoff, The Orville. Frankly, I don’t think teens are the audience for this show, nor will they– by and large– be tuning in. This is a show for ages 30+, and if they happen to grab the under 30 crowd because it becomes critically acclaimed, all the better.

My comment was of course intended to contrast everyone’s love of the TNG aesthetic in this image: while I think it’s cool, the point I was trying to make is that because of the Orville aping TNG, there’s a chance younger viewers might see this and think it’s copying THAT awful show.

@Afterburn – Um…yeah, we all got what you were trying to say. Sadly, what you were trying to say wasn’t funny, so I made fun of it.

Too bad you’re so deeply upset by this. Such a thin skin, no sense of humor–the Internet might not be a safe place for you.

You’re taking it all far too seriously, and your response to my tongue-in-cheek “thanks” shows that you are a phenomenal waste of time and space.

Don’t even engage with him PaulB, see my comments to him below. Angry nerds on the internet are not pleasant people. Hopefully someday our colleague Afterburn will learn this. Until then, he’ll continue to get, well, burned.

I’m more inclined to think all the teenagers have no idea who Picard is aside from the facepalm guy

Well albatrosity, given the popularity of that meme, it would make sense to put the Picard show cast back in the TNG style uniforms.

Interesting how perceptions differ.

Asymmetric collars are good design with a side opening cd.

And the Discovery collars work well in echoing the pointed knit banding from TOS as we see in the coloured Constitution-class version.

will fans collectively lose their shit like this when we see the 1st pic of Shatner in Tarantino Trek (with the movie era uniforms in background)

I would. That would be awesome

Is there a rumor Shatner is in the movie? I haven’t heard anything other than there is a script.

theres no way Tarantino wont use Shatner (probably with CGI deaging)

Thats a pretty big assumption lol. Look, we don’t know what the story is, whose it about or when it will actually take place. He may use Shatner, he may use Brad Pitt playing Shatner, we have no idea. This is how rumors start on the internet.

Assuming QT Trek ever gets past pre-production, Shatner would be, what, 95? The guy isn’t going to live forever.

Shatner will be about 90 when Tarantinos Trek gets going.. which is like 70 in non Shatner/normal human being years

No, Tarantino Trek is dead. Shatner, that’s another story.

QT trek dead? what a scoop! shud retire as you obviously got all the latest news

Yep. Dead. I’ll remind you that back when everyone was busy speculating about the beginning of production of the fourth installment of Kelvin Universe Trek, I was in a small minority pointing out a few things in known comments that suggested Paramount was no where near having greenlit the project, let alone commencing production. Everyone said I was nuts…until I wasn’t. QT Trek has the same problems…and with his current feature at Caan reviving some of the Harvey Weinstein chatter around him, there’s little to suggest that his Trek project isn’t much more then a script sitting in a pile of scripts on a desk at Paramount. A studio still on very shaky financial ground.

welcome to the world of wild speculations.

btw. he recentcly mentionend the project is quiet possible in an interview!

Yeah, then read what he actually said. The important part being that he’s not actually talked to anyone about it in quite a while. QT believing it possible is one thing, he probably believes everything he has ever pitched is still ‘quite possible’. If the studio is in ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ quiet mode, then the script is gathering dust somewhere.

Thats actually a good point Phil, but remember Paramount themselves commented on it just a few months ago and sounded positive about it. I’m not saying you’re wrong, if anything your track record on this proves you probably aren’t lol. But I do think there is some genuine interest still with both parties. I think if Tarantino himself wants to direct it then that interest grows a lot higher. But that’s the other issue, maybe he really doesn’t and if the script is not that strong either then it may be much ado about nothing. I use to say that myself. But it doesn’t meant its totally dead right now either.

At some point down the line Paramount will cut loose another Trek project, that’s a given. I suspect it’ll happen when a production house agrees to do it for 100MM or so, which will preclude using the current cast. Both projects were tied to BR and Tarentino using the current cast, so there we are.

Sure, its possible it won’t happen. I won’t say probable yet though. We just know so little about it. But I agree, if it deals with the Kelvin cast then it will either have to be rewritten or try to get Pine on board and I doubt thats happening if they aren’t paying him what we wants. So again you are probably right, but we really don’t know much in way of details. And especially if Paramount wants to reboot the movies (its going to happen some time) and this may be the chance to do it with a new cast and characters and with a more reasonable budget.