EXCLUSIVE: Star Trek Fan Art Gets Officially Licensed For Tee Shirts And More

The world of Star Trek merch design just got a whole lot bigger. Unlicensed fan art has always been something celebrated by the Star Trek community, but this is the first time that fan artists are selling their Star Trek art on tee shirts and other goods under official sanction from CBS.

Supporting independent artists

A new deal between CBS and TeePublic, a website where artists can sell their designs on tee shirts, hoodies, stickers, mugs, and more, has resulted in the approval of dozens of new Star Trek designs. TeePublic is the world’s largest marketplace for independent creators to sell their work on the highest quality merchandise. Every purchase of a newly licensed Star Trek design supports the artist who created it.

Small independent artists can have a difficult time selling their work that celebrates Star Trek due to legal issues surrounding the sale of copyrighted works and difficulties in obtaining an official license such as cost and availability. This first-of-its-kind arrangement between CBS and fan artists opens up a whole new world for Star Trek merchandise.

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A new shirt for the con?

TeePublic reached out to us here at TrekMovie to create the first web store full of these newly licensed designs. If you order now and choose expedited shipping, you’re guaranteed to get your new tee in time for Star Trek Las Vegas later this month. Plus, TrekMovie fans get 31% off for the first 72 hours to celebrate the grand opening of our storefront. That means $20 classic tees are now selling for $14!

The shirts can be ordered in a male or female fit, various styles from classic to v-neck, in multiple colors, and in sizes from S to XL. CBS have just approved the first batch of Star Trek designs for sale, but be sure to keep an eye on the store for new shirts that come in.

Check out the Star Trek Vinyl, Crew Shirt, and Blueprint designs in the TrekMovie store.

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Deal is with CBS… but there’s at least one Kelvin Timeline design in there. Is Paramount OK with this?

CBS owns Trek, including merchandising rights, Paramount liscenses film rights and nothing else, all merch rights belong to CBS.

Super idea, and long needed.

There is a lot of amazing fan art that I’d love to buy as t-shirts or posters, bedding or curtains for our kids’ rooms.

Great to see kids and youth sizes on offer for the t-shirts.

Small and XS adult sized may be the right width, but the lengths are different. A small adult t-shirt looks like a dress on an 11 year old.

We found almost nothing to fit our middle-graders at a recent Comic-Con, and had to special order shirts in youth sizes from a licensed seller.

More, some fan art designs may be targeted at kids, especially as Trek specifically targets new shows at younger kids.

Don’t curse your kid by hanging Star Trek curtains in his/her room. I love Star Trek, but I’d be hanged if I came home with Star Trek curtains. :-)

why would you be hanged for star trek curtains. you should raise your kids yo be proud to be a startrek fan. Jeff Bazos and Stephen Hawkins and a lot of sciencetist are big startrek fans. Your kids should be proud to be startrek fans. Its the future. MAY YOU AND YOUR KIDS LIVE LONG AND PROSPER.

Already happened Baxter – Thinkgeek’s Borg bedding was requested on a gift list by one of our middle-graders.

But the selection was limited, and our other one didn’t find anything to their taste.


The only stigma that I perceive possible would be for STAR TREK “branded” curtains with the trademark name stamped all over it, which I would disdain, anyway, for its crass commercialism. Few out of Trek fandom would have a clue if I hung curtains copying curtains used in the series.

What, Tall, heavy-set guys can’t cash in on this deal? I do hope they’ll have a more sensible selection of sizes for these in the near future.

I just saw that there is a much greater diversity of sizes on offer if one follows the web link.

I found the kids and youth sizes that way…

I don’t see tall sizes, but I do see heavy sizes for men up to 4X.

Looks like they have some of the household stuff too. The classic mugs look very nicely done. The notebooks might be a hit for back to school.

That’s good. I wasn’t going to check it out right away if the sizing only went up to xl. If it’s going up into larger sizes though, excuse me. I’m heading over there now. Tomorrow is my birthday, so maybe I’ll get myself a present!

Who gets paid on this when purchases are made, does it still go to the artists or does it all go to CBS?

The artist still receives the commission on every design sold!

Very cool. Some great fan artists! Lindl comes to mind …the one who designed the ’60s-style “Discovery” posters

It says right in the article: “Every purchase of a newly licensed Star Trek design supports the artist who created it.”

But I still can’t get the rest of my m*therf*cking Star Trek Loot Crates I pre-paid for.

Blame Loot Crate.

WE ARE. They are still not arriving though!


Can artist submit designs to you for consideration?

At this time we are not taking any more submissions but we will be opening up for more designers to submit designs soon!!

Thanks, Elizabeth, will be on the lookout!

I had a Star Trek Themed design on redbubble. It got taken down on an infringement notice. I also had the same image up on TeePublic. Then Redbubble merged with TeePublic and i was sure my design was going to get removed.

A while back i was getting mails about CBS licensing over on TeePublic and just assumed the ax was going to fall, I even order a mug of my own design before I couldn’t. Then out of the blue they said I was approved under the CBS licensing, so it is still there.

Haven’t made a single sale since the announcement. I am not too sure now if I reuploaded my design to RedBubble if that is all good again.

It was this one BTW, which is on the front page.


Dope design, love the retro vibe. Good job!

That is very cool! Love it

CBS has *always* been at the forefront of supporting fan-made creations, despite what Alec Peters and Axanar fans would have you believe. This is just more proof of that.

Anyone who claims that Lucasfilm was supportive first or at all forget the 1990s when they tried to shut down fan-made websites.


While true for CBS’ short ownership, let’s not forget that PARAMOUNT was right there with Lucasfilm in the 1990s shutting down websites for Trek fans.


Umm I can’t find the one on the far left with the galaxy and the Ent? That’s the only one I want and was prepared to buy it

Try this albatrosity:

It looks like they are still loading additional graphics. There was barely more than 2 pages this afternoon and now 3 are about full.

It’s actually Redbubble, they own tpublic