Limited Edition ‘Star Trek: Picard’ And ‘Lower Decks’ Art Print Posters From Vice Press Go On Sale Today

Earlier this year, Vice Press began releasing a series of Star Trek movie poster art prints with the promise of more to come from the “small screen.” Today they make good on that with the release of art prints featuring Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

A fitting tribute to “The Last Generation”

For Picard Vice is releasing the final official poster for season three celebrating the return of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast and their iconic ship, the USS Enterprise-D. Posters for the season and series finale (titled “The Last Generation”) were handed out at the very limited IMAX screenings of the two-part finale in April. The design pays clear homage to the original art from Star Trek: First Contact, while encompassing the characters and story from the final season of Picard. Today Vice Press is releasing a limited run of two art prints of this design.

The standard edition of the Picard artwork will be limited to 175 prints.

Poster artist Paul Shipper was one of the original talents mentioned by Vice Press when the UK-based company initially announced its alternative poster art line. While this is Shipper’s first entry in the Vice Press series, he is already an accomplished Star Trek artist, having previously worked with IDW on titles such as “Khan” and “City on the Edge of Forever.” Shipper also contributed key art for Star Trek: Discovery. In Vice’s press release, Shipper claims to be especially excited that the poster will now be available to fans:

“I got to work on the initial key art for the Premiere and then asked to create another piece of key art for the finalé, which is the piece that Vice Press are releasing. I am so pleased that the Picard work will be made available in this way so it can live long and prosper on the walls of the all the fans who loved the show!”

The Picard art prints will be available in two editions. A standard edition, which is limited to 175, will be £39.99 (about $52). A foil edition, limited to 150, will be £49.99 (about $60). Both editions will be hand-numbers and measure 24×36 inches.

The foil edition of the Picard artwork will be limited to 150 prints.

Lower Decks gets even more cinematic

Not limited to live-action Trek, Vice Press is also commemorating Lower Decks with a release of four separate prints showcasing the key art for all four seasons. The set makes a particularly nice companion to Vice Press’ theatrical Trek offerings, as each Lower Decks image is itself a spoof of a Star Trek movie poster.

The limited edition Lower Decks posters will be available individually or as a set. This opens up the potential for many fun display possibilities.

The Lower Decks artwork will be available in a single edition, limited to 2,000 pieces. Each print will be A2-sized (roughly 16.5×23.4 inches) and will be hand-numbered. Fans may choose a single poster at £29.99 each (about $38) or take a set of all four for £99.99 (about $125).

Both the Picard and Lower Decks art will be released for sale today (Thursday, November 30th) at 6 PM GMT (1 PM US Eastern, 10 AM US Pacific) exclusively on the official Vice Press website.


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Love that Shaw made the cover!

If only he’d taken some cover…

I like what Todd Stashwick did with that character, truly enjoyed the performance.

Nice, not to interested in the Picard ones, though.
Sale opens at10:00 AM PST

If Lower Decks gets to a season 10 that might be the best time to change up the movie poster homage idea.

It’s a shame they insist on making Mariner the lead character in all the key art and marketing, when almost everyone seems to love/prefer Boimler.


Am I wrong? The majority of people love Mariner?

I don’t know, go take a poll.

I like Boimler and a couple of others better.

I prefer Boimler or Rutherford over Mariner. She’s OK but not my favorite.

Picard poster is a beauty. Just a silly price.

No, they’re fine art print lithographs, not cheap posters. The prices are actually pretty on point considering the size. Maybe $8 over normal price at some places for the standard Picard print, but that’s not THAT much. And compared to some print outlets these prices are actually quite a bit lower.

But if you’re used to just buying cheap flimsy posters from Target or whatever to tape to your wall, then yeah…super silly 🙄


I want that Picard Season 3 one, that is awesome!!!

As a pedantic nerd, it always bothered me that the STII poster has the Enterprise firing on Regula 1. I may have too much time on my hands…