Robert Picardo In Early Discussions To Appear In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season Two

At San Diego Comic-Con it was revealed that a number of Sir Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars will appear on the upcoming CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard, along with Star Trek: Voyager‘s Jeri Ryan (Seven). And it’s possible she won’t be the only crew member from the USS Voyager to appear in the new TV show.

The doctor is in?

At the London Film and Comic Con last weekend, our friends (and occasional contributors) the Trekkie Girls caught up with Robert Picardo, The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager. In the interview with Picardo talking about his seven years on Voyager, he also dropped a bit of news regarding the Picard show:

I am pleased that they (CBS) have expressed interest in me. They have reached out to my agent about next season. So I’m looking forward to seeing what it is. As you know I play two characters, primarily the Doctor but also Lewis Zimmerman.

Robert Picardo as The Doctor and Lewis Zimmerman in VOY’s “Life Line,” with TNG guest star Marina Sirtis (Troi)

Not only is this news that Picardo may reprise one of his Star Trek roles on Picard, but it also shows a high level of confidence in Alex Kurtzman’s team that they are already reaching out to talent for the second season of the show. The first season is still in production and expected to wrap in October for an early 2020 release. In addition to Jeri Ryan, the first season will include the return of Trek veterans Brent Spiner (Data), Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Marina Sirtis (Troi), and Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh). It appears the producers plan to keep the Trek vets coming in season two.

Jeri Ryan has confirmed she will have a recurring role in season one, so it’s possible she may appear in season two and Seven could be linked to Picardo’s appearance. The Doctor on Voyager had a close relationship with Seven of Nine, helping her transition from drone to individual.

The Doctor teaches seven to sing in the Voyager episode “Someone to Watch Over Me”

As “The Doctor,” Picardo played the Emergency Medical Hologram which became the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Voyager for its seven years trapped in the Delta Quadrant. Like Seven of Nine, he was aboard the ship when it returned to the Alpha Quadrant in 2378 (21 years before the start of Star Trek:Picard), as seen in the Voyager finale “Endgame.” As noted by Picardo, in a couple of episodes of Voyager (and one of Deep Space Nine) he also portrayed Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, the scientist who headed up the Emergency Medical Hologram program for Starfleet.

Picardo also appeared in one of the Next Generation films. He portrayed the Emergency Medical Hologram onboard the USS Enterprise-E in First Contact, where he helped Dr. Beverly Crusher escape from sickbay during a Borg attack. As Chief Medical Officer of the Voyager, The Doctor became uniquely expert in the physiology of many species of the Delta Quadrant, as well as the Borg, who appear to play a role in the first season of Picard.

Robert Picardo as the Enterprise-E EMH in Star Trek: First Contact

Listen to full Picardo interview

Courtesy of The Trekkie Girls.

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DS9 cameos please. Thanks.

I LOOOOOOVE me some DS9, but have to disagree. There’s no logic, outside of Worf or maaaaybe O’Brien, of any of the cast showing up. Let’s not let “Picard” turn into a cameo-fest for all of Berman-era “Trek”.

Really, because The Doctor makes so much sense? You can build a story that would make sense for a DS9 character to appear. Picard dealing with the Cardassians, for example, would surely bring about appearances from any number of them, or at least make an appearance logical from a story perspective.

That said, I really really really hope they nix Picardo, and just give 7-of-9 a spinoff that allows for guest appearances there. “Picard” becoming ground zero for a 90s Trek guest parade will get old fast.

The Doctor works for me only because he’s the medical official outside of Crusher who has that much Borg knowledge/hands-on experience. Why wouldn’t you see him?

He knows much more about the Borg than Crusher or anyone else in Starfleet medical.

He has undertaken multiple de-assimilations of people who were Borg for longer periods of time and who developed in Borg maturation chambers.

He has studied and adapted Borg nanoprobes and other tech for safe use.

To me he’s the obvious expert to assess and counteract whatever the Romulans have done with Borg tech.

This assumes season 2 would also be about the Borg.

Also possible that EMH’s are everywhere and they are the same software version as him.

The episode where an alpha quadrant publisher stole his book did reveal lots of slave labor repurposed Picardo EMHs. This was reinforced in the episode where he cured Zimmerman. The latest canon EMH version is Andy Dick.

I sure hope we don’t have to see Andy Dick again.

That sentiment is shared by many.

I would pay to see him back.

Or rather that program has built up a database of Borg medical information that literally anyone can download and read and learn from.

The Doctor makes perfect sense, because outside of the “former Borg” (Picard, Hugh, Seven), he is quite probably the foremost expert on the Borg.

You’re thinking about it backwards. Crusher makes sense because of her connection to Picard. Yes, I can excuse 7 depending on the story (is it about ex borg drones?). But I doubt by whatever year this is The Doctor has “more knowledge than anyone.”

We really shouldn’t be looking for excuses based on the story, but what they add to the character of Jean Luc. It’s the one thing that kind of brings me down about Seven, despite my love of that character.

That said, it would be interesting to see what kind of chemistry and connection the pair may have.

The doctor though? I don’t see it, or want it. Seven, Riker, Troi, Hugh– and i’m sure Crusher, Worf, and Geordi– are enough.

It’s funny to me how fans pick on the JJ films and DSC for the same kind of thing… But hey, Picard– let’s just have a different random 90s Trek character pop up each episode why don’t we!

Not looking at anything backwards. Crusher’s only real experience in dealing with the Borg, is via Picard, and to a lesser extent Hugh. In the later case, she was directly involved in trying to commit genocide against the Borg. Not exactly what I would consider beneficial.

Meanwhile, The Doctor had firsthand experience for several years, helping Seven regain her humanity, as well as the 4 Borg children. He is intimately familiar with Borg technologies, including Nanoprobes. Crusher likely hasn’t been around Borg of any kind, since the events of First Contact.

You don’t want The Doctor to make an appearance. I strongly disagree (primarily for the above stated reasons). But above all, I’d like to see characters that “Make sense” given the plotline, from ANY previous TNG-era show. This is not a TNG-Reunion, nor should it be.

If cameos from TNG make sense, I’m all for it. If it’s a TNG Season 8 you desire, sorry but it aint happening.

We really don’t know the full Canon, but based on the fact that Star trek: TNg occured years prior to Voyager, Crusher is equally suited to handle the both. For you to dismiss the fact that whatever Medical and technological information about the burg was likely due to Crusher( and LaForge), is a little bit ridiculous. Which medical officer was responsible for helping Picard reacclimate from locutus? Oh that’s right Crusher! Who revived Hugh? Crusher? Who was involved in the designing of nanos to obliterate the program? Crusher, noof that wouldn’t have been known to Starfleet and future run in if it hadn’t been for the events of the best if both worlds…

They might do a story about Holographic rights, or AI rights in general. There are a lot of ways they can bring him in and have it and make sense.

If this news is legitimate, then your fears may be too late.

Oh it I can almost guarantee you it is, and it’s the ONE thing I didnt want to see from this show.

They’re not going to just throw the characters in all willy nilly, it will make sense for the story.

I would hope so. But given what I hear of the Riker/Troi appearance that one is not feeling that way…. Yet. Must reserve final judgement until the final product is seen.

But why?? It’s been 20 years, we have no clue what the DS9 characters have been up to no more than anyone else. Yes, it may be a huge leap to see Quark show up but if you are talking about the Starfleet DS9 characteers then I don’t see how it would be any harder for them to show up than anyone else? For all we know some could be serving with Riker and Troi if he’s captain of a ship now. To say there is no ‘logic’ is a weird argument since we know nothing about where the characters are today or what the story for future seasons is even about.

And are people REALLY surprised about more cameos lol. I said this months ago that I suspected the Picard show was going to a revolving door for TNG era characters JUST like Discovery was turning into a revolving door for TOS characters and saw that getting even stronger in season 3 (OK, I ended up being completely wrong about Discovery lol.) I am shocked they are showing so many SO soon but I thought it would be season 2 where the floodgates would open once the new crew was established.

People, its nothing but a bunch of fanboys and fangirls running this franchise now. The second rumors of a Picard and Khan show (ugh) came around, you knew the score. If there is a Pike show GUARANTEE we will start bumping into other TOS characters like Uhura, Scotty, maybe even Kirk himself.

I wouldn’t be shocked in fact if Lower Decks featured a lot of TNG era guest stars as well. Let’s see what Saturday brings. ;)

Data , Doctor (Zimmermann?), Hologram, Mobile-Emitter, Transformation from Android into a Photonic-Lifeform?

Berman-era “Trek” is best era Trek – haters gonna hate, but it’s true.

It certainly is for me. Outside of Enterprise I loved all the shows. Enterprise took a while (literally years until after it was cancelled) to really accept it but I love that show as well now.

Yeah, that would be a great tie in.

I would be delighted to see Quark, my favorite DS9 character. But I don’t know how the serious tones of these newest shows can work with the Ferengi. DS9 deftly balanced the sublime and the absurd. And since they tend to redesign the makeup, resurrecting Quark would have to be carefully done while upgrading the makeup for HD and keep him recognizable. Seems like a stretch, but I have to believe the fan writers loved Quark as much as the DS9 producers did, he’s awesome to write for.

Oh, yes, Yes, YES. I’d love to see Picardo on “Star Trek: Picard.” As Lewis Zimmerman. As a “holographically older” version of the Doctor. Or, if the budget allows, a CGI-de-aged Doctor. It doesn’t matter. I always loved him on Voyager. Would be great to see Picardo back in character(s) again.

CGI de aged version please. I hate onscreen excuse explanations that make reasons why an actor can play a tech character that doesn’t age. the fun of him is that he is holographic in nature. Let’s keep that truth about him now that technology allows the production to do it.

Probably another of Sybok’s unpopular opinions, but I’ve never cared for Robert Picardo’s Doctor. I don’t know if it’s Picardo showing through the character or just the way the producers envisioned the Doctor, but his incessant smugness and unabashed self-importance has always turned me off to this character. I find it hard to believe Stafleet would believe this personality type appropriate for a medical simulation.

I enjoyed him on Voyager, but i’m not sure how his character really fits into a Picard story. Do they assemble the Bald Brigade, perhaps?

We don’t know what the plot for Season 2 will be. We’re seeing this announcement with zero context.

Exactly! Which is why these debates gets ridiculous lol. People WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!! We are going on things from a 2 minute trailer from the FIRST season and thats it. And its weird how everyone is just assuming second season will have anything to do with first season. Has everyone here been watching Discovery? Second season had nothing to do with the first and its really clear third will have nothing to do with the second lol.

People are wondering how characters we haven’t seen or heard about in 20 years can fit in a story we know nothing about outside of the peripherals says it all.

Maybe just MAYBE its an entirely different story with an entirely different set of circumstances and characters motives….maybe.

And lastly they are all Starfleet officers living in the same time, its not exactly to figure out a way to put them together.

All that is true. But from what has been said about the show it very much feels like it could be a story that spans multiple seasons. That said, we don’t know for certain. People just love to speculate.

I am forced to agree that that kind of attitude was odd to be programmed into the EMH. It seems like it included the personality of Dr. Zimmerman for some reason. Kinda like how Dr. Daystrom used his own memory engrams when creating the M-5. The Dr was a first generation. And there was a future version that looked like Andy Dick. So it’s possible the Mark 1 was retired rather quickly.

I know it’s rather Star Trek-y but I would have been more interested in the Dr as a real flesh and blood being. As a hologram, while they lose some sci-fi story possibilities, I found the character a little lacking.

That was explained in the show. Zimmerman programmed his own personality into the Doctor, which is why it was retired and replaced with Andy Dick.

The doctor allowed the show to have a difficult personality in a Starfleet bridge crew, with all the dramatic and comedic potential of the frictions that brings.

First he was an unsuccessful prototype that wa quickly taken off-line anywhere but Voyager.

Second, he was never meant to run more than briefly.

“Please state the nature of the medical emergency” I can see needing a backup for whatever standard EMH has failed and the Doctor is still there. Probably the most reliable backup Starfleet has on hand. Always works, no matter what else has gone wrong. Unpleasant, but still works.

I believe I eluded to that in my post.

Yeah it could be Zimmerman too obviously. I really liked seeing him and actually just rewatched his episode where he appeared on DS9 when we found out Bashir was genetically enhanced when he was a boy. Picardo is amazing in either role but the Doctor is obviously the fan favorite.

It seems to make logical sense that a Starfleet medical doctor should have the medical libraries and knowledge of ALL Federation planets at his/her disposal. What better way to accomplish this than by having it programmed into an EMH. Personally I would prefer Dr. Crusher but I guess for efficient medical care, the EMH is a better choice.

Well we don’t know what his role will even be. Yes he’s a doctor on Star Trek it doesn’t mean he will be ‘the’ doctor if he shows up next season. He could have a totally different reason why he’s there. That can apply to Beverly too.

But count me in as both intrigued and excited.

His incessant smugness and unabashed self-importance is what I love about the character.

As do I. But such characteristics make far more sense as an organic character rather than one that was artificial and created to be little more than a band-aid.

Dr. Zimmerman modeled him on his own personality. He was so arrogant that it didn’t even occur to him that anybody would find his personality unpleasent.

Wasn’t the EMH meant to be a glorified nurse anyway, to assist with the “real” doctors on ships? Seems like he wasn’t meant to be activated long enough for anyone to get to know his, uh, special, special personality.

Besides, McCoy wasn’t the most cheerful of doctors either.

Yeah that was the point. He wasn’t really meant to be around like a regular doctor, make house calls, have consultations with patients etc, so his bedside manner wasn’t a big deal. He was really meant to show up if they were a doctor short, perform a procedure and disappear again. But life sometimes throws you lemons.

And honestly he became a lot more friendly and personable by season 3.

That is true. Which also makes why he even had a personality even more odd. Why waste time and space programming such characteristics into such a device?

And there was an episode where the Doctor was falling apart simply because he was never meant to be constantly running for years on end.

True. But I got the impression the EMH was a prototype that few in Starfleet really cared about (at first). Like a fancy novelty toy, so perhaps Zimmerman’s personality was allowed to slip through the cracks.

I found the EMH’s smugness a hilarious mashup of Kryten [Red Dwarf] and Data [TNG]. I think they got it right… Krytens’ pompous smugness and Data’s whip-smart intelligence. The EMH was set up for any number of pratfalls, fell into them every time and came out blithely unfazed except for the time he thought he was going to be decompiled and humiliated himself in front of the crew.

Picardo meets PICARD.

Lol! I was just thinking the same!

But no word of Michael Dorn yet… hmmm… If they’re smart, he’ll be the BIG surprise of either the second half of the first season or the second season.

I would not be surprised. It would be foolish to give away all of their secrets in the pre-release trailers

Nothing against the actor, but I hope we won’t see Worf. I just have enough of Klingons.

Of all the TNG characters if I was asked which ONE would you want to see show up on Picard, it would be Worf. Hands down. No contest.

I suppose if the show needs some pointless clichés that Data isn’t up to delivering, they could bring back Worf. Or maybe, twenty years later, he does KILL Picard where he stands.

Michael Dorn has said he doesn’t want to play the role of Worf again if it’s only a cameo part so unless they plan on giving him a major part I highly doubt we’ll see Worf in the show.

Or perhaps, like Stewart, they could offer enough compensation to get them to change their minds?

Maybe Dorn is still bitter CBS didn’t green-light his proposed Klingon show. Also I wonder what kind of Klingon make-up he will be willing to don if they call him up for a role.

They used a picture of him in his TNG Makeup at the Picard museum.

No more Worf please. We had 11 seasons of him. His character is the most explored in all of Star Trek.

Hopefully not Klingorc’ed lol

In the picture above, the Doctor is teaching Seven of Nine the song “You are My Sunshine,” not “Someone to Watch Over Me.” “Someone to Watch Over Me” is the song they danced to on the holodeck and that the Doctor sang at the end of the episode of the same name. I love that episode!

If you look at the subtext, it was the episode title they were referring, not the song :)

Yes yes yes make it so !!!

I like The Doctor. So good news! I also hope Q will appear in the series.

Omg … Q… That would be awesome!

Is it just me or was VOY always a bit more connected to TNG then DS9 was connected to TNG or VOY?…
Okay, we had Q in one episode and Dr. Zimmerman in another, but over the course of VOY, i feel as if there where more TNG connected Episodes (?), especially with the “Exploration” of the Q Continuum, the Borg etc.
And that despite having Maquis on board… now that is somewhat telling.

I just posted something that relates to this further down. I feel the same way too. In the aftermath of the Picard trailer it has lead to me to the same conclusion really, that VOY was more of a sequel to TNG as opposed to the second spin off. Where as DS9 was off doing more of it’s own thing.

Not to mention TNG’s Lt. Barkley becoming a semi-regular during the last few seasons of Voyager. I agree about DS9 being it’s own thing, it’s the least Trek-like show with the Trek name attached, but it’s also my favorite for just that reason. Our heroes break the rules, sometime do very questionable things to keep peace and fight wars, and the show made us understand both sides of the war, the closest film or tv show I could compare it to is Tora! Tora! Tora!

Q should only appear on Lower Decks. Q is a clown and comedy is where he belongs.

Yet ANOTHER character who they would have to de-age or explain why an omnipotent being decided to age itself. Same goes for Guinan.

I’m not saying it’s not worthwhile sometimes, but it’s going to induce some serious eye-rolling if they do it too much.

OMG, yes yes yes!!! Love the Doctor, this would be amazing news. And maybe even a Doctor/Seven reunion in season 2! That would be great.

And man if they are already talking to people about a season 2 6+ months before season 1 even starts tells you season 2 is basically guaranteed now.


I mean season 1 would have to bomb pretty hard not to get a season 2. I suspect the first two seasons are a guarantee though.

My “lol” was in reference to your overwhelming love of The Doctor despite him being a mediocre character on a mediocre show. Your excitement about him showing up on this series.

Voyager had its problems, but the Doctor was a phenomenal character.

Agreed. Voyager definitely has some problems, but the doctor was a very well developed character and I believe one of the more exciting directions that “Picard” can explore with his background.

The Doctor is amazing! PLEASE make this happen!!!

Agreed. I still love Voyager despite its flaws but the Doctor was completely the break out character of that show.

Well, for me it was Seven. But I understand the love for the Doctor too.

I certainly love Seven more but the Doctor is not far behind. And he was one of the best until she showed up.

Yeah I LOVE the Doctor! He’s a great character and one of my favorites!! We’ll just agree to disagree for sure.

And dude, its funny weren’t the guy getting on ML31 case telling him he was being too negative around here few days ago? Now you are the one with the bitter pill. What’s the difference? Have to love these boards lol.

With these short season streaming shows it is quite common for them to get two season deals with a network option after the first season.

Awesome. He’s easily my favorite Voyager character.

Would be interesting if he turned up on Discovery too, as the copy of the Doctor from “Living Witness” who was heading back for the alpha quadrant.

I made a joke in another thread we maybe we could see The Doctor turn up in the 32nd century since he doesn’t die. I am joking but with the new brain trust running Star Trek…

“Living Witness” takes place beginning 700 years after Voyager (the ending is even farther in the future.) He could definitely appear in Discovery, though.

Why not Gates McFadden! Come On! Beverly Crusher should make an appearance.

I can only hope they are saving others for a legitimate reveal and she could be one of them. But yes it doesn’t feel right not to reunite Picard and Beverly, especially when she was literally the only one he had a relationship with before they landed on the Enterprise together.

I would expect him to show up on Discovery as the copy of the Doctor from “Living Witness”, who would have reached the Alpha Quadrant sometime in the 31st Century.

It seems that Kurtzman has decided to make good use of all the different iterations of Star Trek to maximize appeal from the various fan bases. Those who are still focused on Berman Trek have Picard. Those who want something completely new without too many canon restrictions have Discovery and Lower Decks. And for those who want TOS to come back, well you have Short Treks – featuring Pike’s Enterprise. You will still have some naysayers of course because you can’t please everyone, but with this lineup of shows, ALMOST everyone will be happy.


None of this is a shock. ONCE they announced the Picard show, it told me all bets were off and that we could potentially see any character from that era. Patrick Stewart recently said he didn’t see the show as a sequel to TNG but the franchise as a whole. For people who are not just TNG/Picard fans this makes that show even more exciting.

I really love what Kurtzman is doing here. He’s setting up multiple eras, most known like Picard and Lower decks but then completely new like Discovery going into the 32nd. He’s also bringing in a lot of iconic characters from the TOS and TNG eras but giving us a lot of new characters in the process.

Its crazy in the next year we are getting Pike, Picard, Seven, Number One, Borg, Data, Spock, Romulans and tribbles, all covering three different eras of Trek, including a brand new one. And that’s probably just scratching the surface because we still know very little what Discovery and Lower Decks will bring. CBS knows what they are doing. Its an exciting time to be a Star Trek fan!

I’m with you guys. It’s brilliant strategy.

I’ll grumble that it could be even larger, but given how much and how quickly this is rolling out, it’s clear that CBS is determined to lay a foundation for Trek to be on people’s screens for at least another quarter century.

And thats the crazy thing it could STILL be larger in time! We don’t really know yet. It’s just amazing we already up to this point this fast IMO. I admit I use to be quite skeptical of Discovery and where the franchise in general was going all through season one. I was going to stick with it but I had resigned with the idea any future shows were going to be more prequel spin offs of that show and everyone related to someone else on TOS. ;) I really thought they were thinking safe and small. From the announcement of Picard, Discovery season 2 at least thinking outside the box (yes, even with flaws) and the big jump into the future, I been feeling the opposite about everything. I’m even shocked Lower Decks is a post Nemesis show and probably the closest in the truest sense since it only takes place a year after those events.

And while a Pike show would obviously be a prequel, now that Discovery is no longer in the 23rd century it would make complete sense for that show to represent that era if its happens. But at least we have a few of the Short Treks.

At this rate, how long will it be before Wesley and Neelix are re-introduced? ;)

Those two will be the leads of their own spinoff.

Sigh… It will only be a matter of time before we see neelix again.

I don’t know how unless they end up back in the Delta quadrant for some reason.

Nope. They end up in a galaxy far far away and a long time ago and meet Jar Jar Binks. ;-)

Neelix and Wesley will show up as ex-Borg in the detention center. However, they will be the only occupants who have been de-assimilated by the Collective itself after having proven just too annoying for the hive :)

Please state the nature of the corrosion in the plasma injectors…..

LOL, harsh man, harsh!

Worf is linked to both DS9 and TNG, he could show up in season two.

Many have theorized that Data was a hologram. Maybe he is returning as Lewis Zimmerman and they are going to bring Data back as a hologram with a matrix more like that of the EMH?

I always asked myself what was so special about the SOONG Android. Since TNG they had the ability to create seemingly concious, complex Holographic Characters. Sure, maybe not in form of an actual android – but to implement the matrix of a Holographic brain into a “real” body should not be that hard. Thoughts?

I always felt the entire concept of Data was dubious from the start. What was preventing anyone from reverse engineering? And I don’t buy the fact that NO ONE was able to even accidentally duplicate Soong’s work. The fact that Data existed would be enough for minds across the galaxy to work to figure it out. And then there is the lack of being able to use contractions thing…. (eyeroll)

ML31, in TNG “Brother” it was stated that Data was made deliberately less human (including the contractions thing) since the “perfect” Lore freaked out people. Kinda like perfectly quiet electric cars get stymied with sound generators to make people aware a car is coming.

Except Lore looked EXACTLY like Data. He wasn’t more human looing at all. The use of words isn’t what freaks people out. It’s the appearance. Something similar happens in CGI. Animators intentionally make human characters a little cartoony because if they make them too real audiences tend to freak out.

I’m sorry but that explanation doesn’t hold up.

Presumably that’s exactly why Data and Lore have pale skin and golden eyes. He probably couldn’t make androids with more realistic skin and eye colors without crossing into the uncanny valley.

One would assume that if TPTB are considering using Bob Picardo again it is because they believe he can advance the story. Not because they want a reunion of characters. His character(s) were always very entertaining, and he’s always been a great ‘Bonus’ to Star Trek. Very popular with the fans. This is great news.

Sounds good. However, I am patiently waiting for DS9 cameos not to mention DS9 itself! I would love to know what happened to Bajor/Cardassia, the wormhole etc. There is so much to mine there it would be fantastic! Maybe Bajor is only NOW being granted entry into the Federation and Picard helps out or maybe dealing with the Cardassians. Anything DS9 would be AMAZING. If this show turns out as good as I hope it does I’ll have no need for Dis to provide me Star Trek content. Goodbye Dis and good riddance.

This is my wet dream… Picard on a secret mission in a shuttle, then… he looks out the window and, our beloved station comes sweeping in. OMFG XD

OMG just had an Idea for more fanfic haha…
Dealing with deborgified drones, Picard encounters one black woman who was revived and assimilated at Wolf 359… Mrs Sisko. Her search for her Husband begins XD

The fan boy in me would love to essentially see DS9 season 8 and even more. But the realist in me is thinking perhaps we should just leave it alone and not try to recapture lightning in the bottle.

Why haven’t they contacted Michael Dorn?

All in good time….all in good time.

Even if they had, he’s likely to be coy about it until the outcome is known.

He was approached to be in Discovery, and refused. His agent said that the amount that Down was offered was insultingly low.

I’m not getting the sense that the other Trek actors are standing on dignity on their rates.

There may also be some actors Guild things in the background. There’s a whole hierarchy, and from what we’ve seen with the titles on Discovery, TPTB are being quite rigid in adhering to this.

Some of the other Trek alums are doing more Guild qualified work in recent years, and may have higher ranking.

Dorn hasn’t been seeking guest star roles in other shows. I believe he’s been doing more stage work. This might impact his base Guild rate and ranking.

I have a feeling Dorn has some bitterness because CBS didn’t accept his Klingon show idea.

This…. puts a smile on my face.

Chief O’brien back in working on the Soong type android, or helping to fix data with Geordie woukd be amazing. He’s at starfleet acacdemy last we seen him, so could be doable.

I love all 24th century series but would rank DS9 at the top of the three and because of this I’m actually glad we aren’t getting any DS9 character cameos or plotlines continued in Picard. Yes TNG had the Cardassians, but in terms of main antagonists I see it like this: TNG = Romulans/Borg, VOY = Borg and DS9 = Cardassians/Dominion. Voyager characters pivoting around Picard (and therefore around a partly Borg storyline) fits both thematically and gives substance to their appearances. Taking the Picard show out of the equation, CBS would never have made their second trek streaming series exclusively Voyager-centric, not in a million years. So I feel Picard is the perfect home for any Voyager continuation. DS9 on the other hand…to me, that’s so much more it’s own thing that I think if Picard is sucessful, for any continuation with Bajor, Cardassians, Dominion etc and the multitude of DS9 characters…it needs to be on a seperate show where the lead character/location is strictly linked to DS9. I can only hope that the little ‘what if’ season 8 DS9 stuff that was made for the DS9 documentary got the attention of someone at CBS!

Are we getting closer to the possibility of DS9 and VOY in HD?

I dont care how many old characters they bring in. Seems like somebody is trying very hard to appease disenfranchised fans. I wouldnt mind them bringing in Q nor Vash either, just as long as the stories/plots made sense. After these last 2 years of a newer magical fantasy sci drama, I am looking forward to Picard, in hopes of a show that will actualy satisfy my Star Trek needs. I pray for much better results.

“After these last 2 years of a newer magical fantasy sci drama”

You have such a nice way of talking about Star Trash: The Burnham Chronicles ;)

Star Trek: Picardo

I cant be the first ;)

They should just call this show Star Trek: Last of the Summer Wine

The doctor was such a hoot on Voyager. He and 7 and Janeway was the best thing about Voyager. Tuvok never did it for me. Infact….I prefer Neelix over Tuvok. I knew Neelix was created for comic relief….so his character never bothered me.
Wish I can say the same for Tilly on Disco. She is worse than weasley crusher. Then again….it was the writers who messed wesley’s character up in the first 3 seasons of TNG. Loved his character in the later seasons….especially THE FIRST DUTY.

Will we see a Julian Bashir Mark II EMH?

No. Remember he was disqualified after they found out he was genetically enhanced. Starfleet doesn’t need the PR flack over it. ;)

Besides, Bashir was going to be the LMH (longterm medical hologram). Andy Dick was the Mark II.

I love this, but I also wish this was a kept a secret until it actually happens. We saw how effective a surprise cameo can be when promoting a season.

Would love to see the Doctor and Data share a scene. No doubt an interesting conversation to be had there between the two.

One of my dreams was to see Data and Spock together which we obviously got that in Unification. My second dream is to see the Doctor and Data together and maybe JUST maybe that can come true now! :)

IF he does show up, hopefully he’ll finally have a name (it should be Gene, right?)