Check Out 15 Photos From “The Impossible Box,” The 6th Episode Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’

CBS has released fourteen new photos, including one previously released, from this week’s episode. Picard and companions finally reach the Romulan salvaged Borg Cube, and we also learn more about the crew of La Sirena.

Of special interest is this perplexing photo, which is described as “Young Soji.” Soji is an artificial life-form that as far we know didn’t exist prior to about 3 years ago, so this “flashback” raises questions. Since she’s part organic tissue, could her body have rapidly grown up, or is this is a planted memory of a childhood?

“The Impossible Box” — Episode #106 — Pictured: Ella McKenzie Gross as Young Soji of the the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: PICARD. Photo Cr: Matt Kennedy/CBS ©2019 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Picard goes aboard the Artifact. One would think that will be wrestling with a bit of PTSD here.

The preview did show a quick glimpse of him in his Locutus garb so you will probably get a few flashbacks at the very least.

Not sure about that. Locutus had no eyepiece.

That’s not Locutus. It’s a random drone.

You have to wonder if Picard has Stockholm Syndrome given his obsession with engineered perfect AI life in the form of Data (to the point of not realizing the authorization of robots with emotions to build the Romulan rescue fleet, if said androids are life, he has created slaves). You have to wonder if he will feel more at home now on that Borg ship than on Earth. Given he has essentially “dropped” most of his organic friends while having dreams about Data… he seems to be sharing a lot in common with the Borg Unimind. I almost wonder if he will be upset they are disconnecting organics from ‘perfection’.

There’s no reason for PTSD, it looks nothing like the real thing. I’ve seen fan-made Borg corridors more authentic than this. :P

If there is a “young Soji,” then the organic androids age like humans?

Does that mean Soji had a mother? Or was she and Dahj birthed from a vat?

At the end of the 5th Ready Room, a special clip that expands this scene is shown.

The child walks down the hall to a grow room where a man is working with orchids.

While the stuffie indicates this is Soji, Dahj described pretty much the identical event when she met with Picard. He told her that it was a lovely memory and that it was hers, but the implication was that it was implanted.

We already know from Maddox that the mum-AI was an embedded feature that had been activated in both twins.

It could be that that Soji’s embedded memory of the orchid room and ‘her father’ will also be triggered/activated.

I’m still wondering about the orchids.

In the early scene in Dahj’s apartment, the orchids activated (stamens contracted in a close up) just before the Khat Vash materialized.

Laris and Picard did not examine the orchids, but they were definitely still there when they did their CSI investigation of the room.

Perhaps the orchids are some other kind of amalgam between biological life and synthetic life, some kind of hidden monitoring and communication system. This could have sent signals back to Maddox that Dahj was activated.

So, does Soji have orchids on the Artifact? Or, is her stuffie the hidden device she keeps with her?

How can he access the Artifact? He is not Starfleet, right? Not anymore. If everyone in Starfleet are looking for him, I’m surprised nobody is following his tracks on previous episodes. The Zhat Vash and Commodore Oh tried to get rid of him and they lost him, again!? Hope some of my questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

Raffi will probably whip up some access codes; that or Picard will use his past association with Hugh to get aboard.

Looking at the exterior of La Sirena, I’m wondering if it has a slipstream drive as well as warp.

First, while it looks like a standard Federation merchant boxy ship, it has two blue ovals that are quite large beside the hull at front, on either side below the struts to the nacelles. These don’t look like a deflector array.

Second, Kirsten Beyer has described a in her Voyager novels, a similar (if smaller) boxy slipstream vessel. In the books, it’s a one-of-a-kind prototype called the “Homefree” which B’Lanna designs and builds in secret and she and Mirel hide out in it. With the slipstream drive it could reach the Delta Quadrant in a couple of long hops.

In the trailer for this episode, we hear Picard say that they need to bet to the Artifact as quickly as possible.

My bet is that Rios will have to reveal that La Sirena is a slipstream prototype, so that those following and anticipating can be confounded.

TG. I really doubt they use slipstream. The shows and movies hardly ever borrow anything from the books. In any case, they usually reference “best speed”or “fastest way possible” as a way to get around referencing specific warp speeds. Because they know we will nitpick it. That’s why you almost never hear warp factors in the movies. It’s almost always fastest way possible or some variant.

Slipstream was a new technology that Voyager brought back from the Delta Quadrant.

I can’t seriously believe that the Federation hasn’t managed to get prototypes working in 20 years.

If the slipstream stuff came from the novels then they would need to devote time to explain what this newfangled speed thing is because few would be aware of it.

I thought slipstream was tested in TNG first? How else would I have heard of it, having only seen a handful of VOYAGERs?

I don’t know. I did a rewatch of Voyager for the first time a few years ago and barely remember the slipstream episode. All I recall was that it didn’t work. Don’t recall seeing it on TNG. But then, I’m doing my first rewatch of that show now and just finished season 2. The sad thing is that even though I have recently seen the first two seasons I have already forgotten a lot of the episodes. That is how much staying power most of them had.

There was something called slipstream in TNG, but Voyager ran into someone who had the tech.

It was definitely a usable tech, the problem was that Voyager’s frame was built for warp.

In a story arc that lasted over a few episodes, they tried to build a slipstream drive on Voyager with difficulty. They also tried sending the Delta Flyer out in advance to lead Voyager through the slipstream corridor.

Voyager wasn’t designed with the right configuration to sustain slipstream for a long period/distance. So, they had to cut the drive, but it bought them another several thousand light years.

One of the reasons why Bragg and co felt that Voyager’s return to the Alpha Quadrant was a problem was precisely because there was no reason why the slipstream technology couldn’t be used in purpose-built Federation ship. It was definitely one of the ‘magic’ technologies that was an issue.

Yeah, I recall Paris taking the Flyer out front. I just recall it not working but the test did move them a lot closer.

Regarding no reason why it could not work on a purpose built ship, this is sci-fi. I’m sure there could be some reason dreamed up if they really didn’t want it to work.

The glowy things at the front look to me like shuttlebays (or cargo bays, if he does merchant/courier work) with forcefields up to keep in the atmosphere.

They will use a McGuffen to get in. Once in, they wil retrieve a McGuffen. And then, to get out, they will use a McGuffen.

Wow. Fifteen photos of people having conversations. Can’t wait.

TNG was the Trek that set the standard for boardroom meetings.

It’s deep coding. ;


Fifteen photos of people wearing homie style 2399. The clothing (and set design) of this show is as nihilist as everything else.

I get the impression you have not the first idea what “nihilist(ic“ means. I beg you to elaborate.

Not a chance. Maybe you want to check about your national hero, Adolf H., regarding that? ;)

Disgusting. You attack someone on base of his nationality, which is pretty low to begin with. Then you do it in the most primitive, unoriginal, offensive and hideous way possible. But the saddest part is that you think of yourself as witty for it. Being ignorant, uninformed, stupid and rude is nothing to be proud of.

Out of bounds, dude.

Sure, but if nothing else, it supports the suggestion that Vulcan Soul does not know what nihilism is.

What the hell is wrong with people today? At an LGBT website I frequent, the sudden unexpected death of a gay Florida politician (only 41! sigh) was reported. The article mentioned his deep and abiding Christian faith. A commenter felt this was the appropriate time and place to remind everyone that this young man was dead and rotting in the ground—no heaven, no afterlife, no God, no grace.

I’ll say pretty much the same thing that I said to the jerk at the other site: Be glad that TrekMovie doesn’t include inline links to report posts that cross the line, and pray that no one who knows you saw your thoughtless, ugly comment. Check yourself, sir.

Woah, not acceptable Vulcan Soul. Consider this a final warning before being banned.

The interior of the La Sirena feels like a sound stage. So much of this series is starting to upset me. The writing is laughably amateurish and predictable. The production design looks like a last minute college student project. Why can’t they assign the title of show runner to an actual fan that knows the material? *sigh*. Oh well, I will keep watching.

They have… Chabon has openly stated on MANY occasions that he is a fan. But judging from your comments about the show- you clearly are watching an entirely different show.

I agree that there seems to be a lot of empty space [you should pardon the expression] on La Sirena. Too few chairs or at least things to hold onto; it’s got fewer “straps” than a subway train but looks three times bigger. It does look a little bit like a soundstage. And we thought the bridge of Enterprise 1701-D was enormous!

The D-bridge was tiny. I visited the touring bridge and was surprised how small it was.

I think the -d bridge was 4 ft deeper than the TMP bridge, which means it was still too big. This cavernous thing on Picard looks like control rooms from GALAXY OF TERROR or BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, minus the obvious period cheats like Egg McMuffin containers and serving trays on the walls and the Radio Shack switches.

La Sirena is very consistent with Federation civilian merchant ships we’ve seen previously in design.

Jonathan Frakes said on the weekly producers podcast that “It’s just a box.”. There was a very deliberate intent to underscore that Picard is not commanding a Starfleet ship.

Well, there is certainly no fear of confusing the two. :)

It’d be nice to see terracing and/or filligreed superstructure without padding/cladding. The big freezing room in EMPIRE is an example. I’d also rather see a merchant type ship looking more like Deepcore interiors from THE ABYSS or like something from Ron Cobb’s LEVIATHAN designs.

So, after Raffi & Elnor, will Picard get his “You walked away and never came back”-speech from Hugh?

Would be deserved. Seven gave him that too.

I keep wondering if Seven is coming back. She did give Picard some sort of communication device.

Hmmm… there is a pattern… What will Riker & Troi say, when they meet him?

Troi, at the very least, will probably try to help Picard feel better instead of attacking him.

Picard and Hugh, at the artifact.

When the walls fell

Soji, when the badge blinked green.

Awesome, lol!

Narek, sliding… his shoes removed!

Narek, his arms wide.
Soji, her pants wet.

I’m so proud of you all. :D

Rios’s captains chair has a cup-holder. Awesome.

I noticed that too! That is awesome!

It’s bad enough Trek never learned about seat-belts (yes, I’m aware of the end scene in Nemesis), but it’s about damn time they discovered cup holders! Sulu had a coffee table, but this is much better.

Seems a good time to repeat a story about seat belts I read ages ago. A fan wrote a letter back when TOS was on and asked why didn’t they have seat belts on the chairs on the bridge. I do not recall who wrote back but the response was, “If there were seat belts on the chairs then the actors couldn’t fall out of them.”

Now that’s comedy!

I think of it more as an aguardiente holster.