Garrett Wang And Robert Duncan McNeill Are Launching A ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Rewatch Podcast

This year, Star Trek: Voyager is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so what better way to do that but with a rewatch of the seven-season series? And now, a couple of the stars of the show are stepping up to guide you on that journey back through the Delta Quadrant.

Paris and Kim together again

This morning, Star Trek: Voyager star Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) announced that he has teamed up with co-star Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) on a new podcast called The Delta Flyers. The new pod promises inside stories as the pair plan to rewatch every episode of Voyager, with the first episode arriving in early May. For more details on the pod, you can follow the official twitter account @TheDeltaFlyers.

Work continues on Voyager documentary

Another thing for fans to be excited about is an upcoming documentary all about Star Trek: Voyager, which is currently being put together by the same team behind the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind. Shooting began in March on the official Star Trek Cruise. Producer David Zappone shared some details on social media back in March, and has tweeted about the doc as recently as this week.

Zappone’s social media updates indicated he was able to get footage with a number of Voyager stars on the cruise, which was also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the show, including a reunion panel attended by Kate Mulgrew, Garrett Wang, Jeri Ryan, Tim Russ, Roxann Dawson, Ethan Phillips, and Robert Picardo. (See photo below, courtesy of Kate Mulgrew’s Instagram).


STLV celebrating Voyager’s 25th

The next big event for Voyager’s 25th anniversary is planned for the Star Trek Las Vegas convention in August, assuming it doesn’t get postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event will include Voyager stars Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Robert Beltran, Roxann Dawson, Tim Russ, Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill. In addition to celebrity panels, Creation is also planning special presentations and screenings of the top five favorite Voyager episodes.

Cocktails with Kate

As a way to reach out to her fans during the pandemic, Kate Mulgrew has announced she will begin hosting “virtual happy hours” with fans every Thursday. For each event, Mulgrew will select six fans to join her in a Zoom meeting. Mulgrew asks fans to write 3-4 sentences “about how this period of enforced isolation has changed you, your life, and your perceptions of our society” and send your submission to, and she will choose the participants each week.

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I am pleased to announce an opportunity to connect during this unusual time – I’ve decided to host a virtual happy hour🍸 with six fans every Thursday from now until this global pandemic recedes and we can all be together again in person. How to enter: Please write no more than 3-4 sentences about how this period of enforced isolation has changed you, your life, and your perceptions of our society, and send your submissions to Every week I will choose six of the best submissions and invite those people to a Zoom meeting, where we will pour a glass of wine (or your chosen spirit!) and have a nice chat. Perhaps some of my Trek friends will drop by and join us! You never know who may pop in 😉🖖🏻 Disclaimer: please remain the respectful and classy people I know you all are – no messages that would be unbecoming of a Starfleet officer! /// To be eligible each week, please send submissions by Tuesdays at noon EST – I will need time to read through, choose, and notify the winners. Thank you and I look forward to our future conversations! 🍀

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Can’t wait for the inside scoop on the Delaney sisters and Captain Proton!

Thanks for the joke. You got the last laugh!

The Delta Flyers podcast better be on Spotify.

This is something to look forward to. As time passes, I have come to think of Voyager even more fondly than before. It encapsulates a style of Star Trek (dating from the TNG era) that is different from the Star Trek we have now. Not necessarily better or worse, but different. I appreciate the diversity. It would be fun to watch with commentary from two of its stars.

I did my first rewatch of Voyager about 4 years ago. And I look upon the show much better now than I did when I first watched it.

Ditto ML31.

It seems (unexpectedly) to be a great, and perhaps the best, entry-point into Trek.

Thanks for your comments, ML31 and TG47. I’m delighted to know I’m hardly the only one here whose appreciation of VOY has risen with time.

I rewatched VOY several times and it gets better every time. It‘s just great!

Always loved Voyager even with it flaws. Loved it even more in the last few years, especially when compared to Discovery unfortunately.

Same here. Though it could be partly due to my craving episodic Trek again, I did enjoy it more than I was expecting.

i tried i tried… i just couldnt… but i know some fans love it and it all depends i guess what you watch growing up or individual taste… i do remember watching through season 4 and into 5 and then i was done… always felt too clean… i’m more of a ds9 guy… good cast though… nice to see them all together… but i did get at the tail end of the run to sit in the captains chair and walk the set when i worked with some of the people there… and i was just looking at this the other day… i have a bunch of the rubber floor panels from voyager… when they broke down the set i somehow grabbed a few… shoulda grabbed more stuff lol

Have you tried it more recently Tom Riker?

It’s stood the test of time better than many of us expected.

no. i’ve been on a ds9 rewatch with my friend… near the end sadly… i’m sure it’s fun to watch as it’s not too far from tng heyday but before enterprise “been around too long”… we might watch the pilot since my friend is curious to see quark guest star… i remember it well and that the show really got invigorated with the addition of 7/9 but only a seasons worth… i have nothing against it… curious to see how the pilot holds up

I stuck with Voyager all the way through “Barge of the Dead” (early season 6). I was surprised to find out later that that’s also the exact point that Ronald D. Moore and Fuller gave up on the series. Over time, I have watched through the rest of the series, but my impression is still pretty ambivalent. I just think the series lacks emotional impact, with the exception mostly of some of Fuller’s more character-driven episodes. It’s my least favorite Trek series, but I think for some people it’s lightness is comforting. Like chicken noodle soup!

I did like it better than TNG. Mainly because the characters are just overall more interesting. It was not because of ‘lightness’.

Great, Harry Kim is my favorite Trek character so this is most welcome news.

My favorite characters from the various shows: TOS – Sulu. Add McCoy in the movies. TNG- Hard to narrow but Geordi, Data , Wesley, and Worf. DS9- Bashir, season two onwards. Didn’t really care for season one Bashir. VOY- Kim. ENT- Mayweather.

This podcast is really excellent idea, I will listen.

I will listen to that.

I’ll give it a try.

This sounds amazing! Love these guys are doing this. Harry and Tom’s friendship was one of the best parts of the show.

It’s amazing in all these Trek productions (not counting TOS ;)) that so many of these people have stayed friends. I guess maybe because of the convention circuit they are always bumping into each other but its nice to see the actors are so close to each other as you see their characters on the show. Cirroc Lofton and Aron Eisenberg did the very same thing and set up a podcast to talk about DS9 before Eisenberg passed. It’s still sad that guy is gone.

Eisenberg even did a podcast with Wang before his podcast with Lofton. It was called “Alpha Quadrant”

Wow, I did not know that. That’s really cool, thanks. I might try and listen to a broadcast of that as well!

Is there a way to follow them other than Twitter? I don’t have an account.

Bookmark it and check it from time to time. You don’t need an account for that.

Great idea! Looking forward to hearing the behind-the-scenes stories.

Wasn’t aware that they are working on a Voyager-doc similar to “What we left behind”. Really looking forward to that! No doubt it’ll take years, though!

I’m shocked they’re actually going to rewatch EVERY episode. That’s like 175 hours!

If they release 1 episode per week it’s gonna take a few years.
Besides that, I cannot imagine that they actually remember a lot of inside stories from each and every episode. It’s been over 20 years and they did so many episodes that it must all blur together.
I might check it out but I’m not big on podcasts in general.

I love TNG DS9 Voyager and Enterprise. I do not like discovery or Picard though.

IMO Tom and Harry were so awesome it was like they were buds before they were on the show. I could feel Harrys grief in Non Sequitur when he had to leave Libby to go with Tom to fix the timeline. Garret was awesome in the episode timeless I truly felt like he was embittered at his sense of guilt at Voyagers catastrophic Quantum Slipstream failure I could feel his heartache. Him and Robert were so good in “The Chute” surviving that hellish prison on top of having the clamp in their skulls driving them slowly insane. Remember when Harry fought the prisoners off screaming “This man is my friend, NO ONE touches him!”?

Also who honestly doesn’t relate with Tom Paris? His love of cheesy sci fi Captain Proton and his sparring with Neelix over replicator rations, pizza, and jealousy over Kes! Some of my favorite episodes of not just Voyager but Enterprise also were directed by Robert, remember Twilight? That was so badass! I also loved the episode where The Doctor has to hide his program inside Seven of “Mine(s)”(lol) implants. I don’t remember the name of the episode but I know Robert directed it.

Neelix: “I’ll kill you!”
Tom: “Too late I think the hair pasta already did the trick!”


I always wanted to be able to let the cast of my favorite treks know how deeply I appreciate them and their work. They always make my day so much better just by being able to engross myself in the adventure especially now that you can watch whenever and without commercials to interrupt the immersion. It was also awesome that Garret brought Harry Kim to life in Star Trek Online along with almost everyone else!

I am super excited for their Voyager podcast!

Love your love for the show Ian! :)

Maybe Discovery and Picard will grow on you in time though…maybe.

Yes… Voyager had the advantage of learning from DS9 regarding how to create decent and interesting characters. And TNG in how NOT to come up with characters. :)

Love Voyager. Would *really* love to be able to do a re-watch in high definition+. All of this money that CBS is pumping into the franchise, it’s time for them to bite the bullet and invest the money to remaster both DS9 and Voyager. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the new shows, but they have 14 seasons of Star Trek that are languishing in not only “standard definition”, but poor quality standard definition.

This discussion comes up again and again but the obstacle to a remaster stays the same: What’s the financial benefit for CBS in remastering the shows? TNG has shown that bluray sales cannot recover the cost and if anything the bluray market has probably gotten even smaller than it was back when TNG was released. Besides disk sales, CBS makes money by selling streaming and international broadcast licenses for these shows. They get this money right now for the SD versions. So what may drive CBS to remaster the shows? Option 1: Streaming services and broadcasters stop buying any SD content. This would force CBS to either invest in a remaster or give up making any more money from the old shows. They may still decide it’s not worth it.
Option 2: Streaming services and broadcasters offer to pay significantly more to get the shows in HD. However, what should be the reason for them to do this? Sure, CBS All Access might get a few additional subscribers if they started adding DS9 or VOY in HD. But they are a relatively new service. Netflix or Amazon Prime are much more saturated so for them it’s probably much harder to get new subscribers by replacing an old show from their catalog by a version that looks slightly better.

I don’t care. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing about these suppposedly terrible economics of it. They have a huge catalog of standard definition Star Trek, the quality of which is poor even for standard definition, which the viewing public will watch less and less as the years go by. Younger viewers are already turned off by 4:3 ratio content, add on top of that sketchy low-definition video, and you have a recipe for the complete collapse of interest in those shows. I’m not saying they have to do it at some absurd pace, but it needs to be done. Even HD is now starting to look old-school in today’s streaming marketplace. You can only rely on the “charm” of crappy 4:3 low-definition Star Trek for so long.

Watching Voyager on my 65 inch flat screen makes me long for HD 90s Trek, too.

I think you’re right: even some SD episodes seem below par for SD.