‘Star Trek: Picard’ Behind-The-Scenes Videos Show Origin Of New Starfleet Badges And More

In the last couple of weeks, more images and videos showing how Star Trek: Picard is made have been released.

How Picard gets its props

This week, CBS released a video featuring Picard prop master Jeff Lombardi explaining how some of the key props from the show were made, including B-4’s body, Picard’s cane, Federation rifles, Starfleet badges, and more.

Watch Sir Patrick visit the Romulans

The previous week, they posted this fun 360 video of the Romulan refugee settlement on the planet Vashti, from the episode “Absolute Candor.”

How Isa went gold

Picard star Isa Briones shared some images and a video of her getting the full gold android transformation.


When Geordi met Soji

Just a few days after LeVar Burton confirmed he was talking to Picard producers about reprising his role as Geordi LaForge, the official Star Trek on CBS All Access Twitter account shared this behind-the-scenes image of Burton when he visited the set.

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Keep up with all the Star Trek: Picard news at TrekMovie.

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Call me a dork, but I just love Star Trek…everything about it. And this new generation of filmmaking with DISCO and Picard–it’s the Trek I’ve always wanted to see. More realistic, really good story telling, amazing effects, reuniting characters from shows 20 years ago in believable ways. (It’s like the scratched doors and worn paint look of Undiscovered Country–this is what reality looks like after years of wear and tear). Hats off to all the hard work and creativity that’s going into this amazing franchise. Truly, Star Trek has gone where no other TV show has gone before.

Fake engagement….^

Have you stopped to consider that this person simply has a different opinion to you? And that opinion is no more or no less valid than yours?

Steven, I’m super happy to hear how much you’re enjoying the franchise of late! Picard was breathtaking to watch. I’m with you!

Thanks Timpani and Baxter. I don’t know what “fake engagement” means. Snark loses its bite when it doesn’t make sense. I’ve been reading and commenting on Trekmovie for years. Love this site. Looking forward to season 2 of Picard and new canon 950 years in the future with Disco. I enjoyed the video on prop making. One Trek highlight for me: Catching Mike and Denise Okuda at a convention when no one was around. They spent 30 minutes telling me stories of TNG and VOY set and prop design. It was great.

Wow those two guys are geniuses. I adore what they did for the franchise and I love that they continued this look especially the LCARS for Picard. Would have been inexcusable if they used awful Kelvin era design.


I’m right there with you. And ACB can eat shit.

The photo of Geordi meeting Soji is incredible. So excited about season 2. Isa Briones looks gorgeous.

The props are cool. Absolutely love the Starfleet badges.

Thanks again Faze Ninja for being a fresh and cheerful new voice here.

I agree.

TG47 you are a nice person. Thank you

The production crew did such a wonderful job of bringing the end of the 24th century to life. It truly felt as though I could reach through the screen and touch it. I absolutely adored the season, I’m so happy that we have this show in our lives!

The production crew did wonderfully. It’s the writers, something’s got to be done about the writers!

I completely agree, they brought the 24th century back to life in a great way. It was definitely a huge plus to the show and really felt like an extension of that era that we saw in TNG and DS9. They really honored it IMO.

Unfortunately I wasn’t as enthralled with the show overall as you were but I do agree with you I am still very happy we have this show now. I’m thrilled we are seeing iconic characters like Picard, Riker and Seven back and I look forward to the future when see even more known characters in the coming years from TNG, VOY and hopefully DS9.

But even if we don’t get many others I’m just happy to be back in this era of Star Trek and will probably be my main show to look forward to unless season 3 of Discovery really excites me.

And I have a feeling if Picard ends after season 3 because that’s all Stewart wants to do then they will probably spin it off with one of the new characters or just build a show around another iconic character like Seven or Worf.

Shame the Writing department couldn’t bring to the table what Props did

Shame commenters can’t just comment on the story in front of them. It IS possible to praise the props guy and not mention what you didn’t like about the series. Heaven knows you’ll have plenty of other articles to kick and scream on about how the writing was terrible and this isn’t Star Trek.

Placating for other commenters is also shameful

I have no clue what that sentence means. Perhaps you are using the wrong word. “Placating” has nothing to do with it. I just see no reason for an article about the wonderful work of the props department to devolve into how bad you think the writing is.

Hear hear


Who needs writing when you can have *pew pew pew*?

Have to agree with you Kieron. The production team did an amazing job remaking the 24th century again but the writing was subpar overall. And I was one of this show’s biggest supporters, but you have to call a spade a spade. Hopefully it will improve next season.

I agree 100%. Great continuity and quality regarding Starfleet prop design (apart from the ridiculous Starfleet fleet in the last episode). Uneven, partly bad writing. Chabon disappointed me expected more from him. 33 writers spoiled the meal

The first season had 8 (credited) writers.
However, based on interviews by the head creatives (including Chabon) it seems that there were indeed some creative differences among the top brass. Chabon still has relatively little experience writing/producing for TV and movies so that may not have helped matter. By the way, I haven’t read any of his literary works so I have no idea how good his writing cam be.

I’m pretty happy with the writing: They took time for the story to unfold.
Picard changed a lot but is still recognizable.
The writers know the world of Star Trek very well.