Watch: This Fan-Made Replica Of The USS Enterprise-D Bridge Will Blow Your Mind

Replicas of the bridges from Star Trek ships have been made before, but this new one comes with a pretty amazing twist.

Walkthrough this fan’s version of the TNG bridge

British Trek fan and professional carpenter Geoff Collard found a way to spend his time during quarantine finishing a long-term project to create a replica of the bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He recently completed his painstaking work and posted the results online. The level of detail is amazing, and it comes with a twist—so make sure you watch it all the way through.





Galaxy-class woodworker 

The twist of Collard’s replica is the scale of it, fitting the whole bridge on a table in his home and running it off of a laptop computer.  Collard’s business is running Bath Furniture Makers, designing, and making custom furniture. He has been working in the wood trade for 40 years. He also has a side business called ModelMakers, which creates scale models. The Enterprise bridge project is one he started seven years ago, and in April under lockdown, he decided it was time to finish it. Over the last couple of months, he has updated his Model Makers Facebook page with progress on the project.

Below are some of the work-in-progress images Collard has shared, showing the level of detail that went into this project.


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Wow! Nice!

Superb. 1/8 scale?

5 star

My god, that is incredible! The power and commitment of Star Trek fans should NEVER be under-estimated. I can’t believe how detailed it is. You would think a movie designer made that. WOW!

I love that bridge so much and I still miss it. It’s nice to see so many fans recreate it so many decades later. I’m still upset with CBS cancelling the Stage 9 project fans were doing that was building a VR version of the entire Enterprise D. It looked amazing on Youtube!

Stunning. Amazing work. Mind-blowing. Wow.


The attention to detail is amazing.

Where’s the head?

There’s one in Picard’s ready room, and one next to the conference room. Here’s the floor plan:
comment image

The fish-eye and waist-level view made it feel more like a simulation than a set, but I’m guessing that was necessary because of the scale.

Wow, those standing stations really didn’t offer any leg room at all. You’re going to get hunched necks working in deep space like that for seven-plus years.

They weren’t really standing though. Chairs were actually underneath the stations they could roll out if they were going to do some real work. And we saw officers sitting at them plenty of times.

Well then that makes leg room even more essential.

I was SURE I was watching a next level Unreal graphics engine. Awesome video!
I STILL suspect it IS CGI, though. : )

There was some wobble in the camera movement that wouldn’t have been there with CG unless intentionally added, and that wobble wasn’t quite scaled to full-size. Coupled with some wall defects and the striping on the lift doors, that gave it away, though I was thinking it was a much much larger model than it turned out to be.

An exceptional piece of work through and through, and it’s only because I’ve shot a lot of zero-budget miniatures that I saw it for what it was. The fact that he could make it look that correct in such bright lighting is perhaps the greatest achievement of all; I wouldn’t have even ever tried something like this unless it was with that ship on red alert status to hide the details.

I wonder if this guy ever saw TMP prop guy Brick Price’s miniature garages and cars in Price’s 70s era magazine. This stuff is at least that good, which means pro-plus!


“Some kind of” molecular miniaturisation is in effect

Nice. Is he going to do the whole ship?
Seriously though, that is amazing work.

I wonder if he built out the bathroom with the three seashells.

“Thanks a lot you s**t-brained, f**k-faced, ball breaking, duck f**king pain in the a**” – Admiral Potty-Mouth

I’m stunned. This is excellent work!

I’ll be honest – I thought that CGI until he pulled out!

Absolutely fantastic! A true artist and I can appreciate the skill involved to replicate such a familiar/beloved icon, a starship bridge.

That. Is. AMAZING. Enough said.

This is incredible! Mind blown …

Wow. I was totally fooled regarding the size. Amazing.

Just wait till CBS finds out, then youre in real trouble …

If he tries to sell the model he might get into trouble. If he just keeps it for himself he should be fine.

Too cool for school! Very good work. I want to see the rest of the ship built around it. It would be 50-60 feet, excuse me, 15.24 meters. Thank you Mr. Data.

Plot twist- the builder is actually a giant and this bridge is 1:1 scale.

This is pretty amazing.