See More Live Virtual Panel Recordings With ‘Star Trek: TNG,’ ‘DS9,’ ‘Voyager,’ And ‘Enterprise’ Stars

Last month we shared videos of some live virtual panels with Star Trek celebrities. Now it’s time for an update, since there have been a number of new videos made available since then. Who needs fireworks when you can celebrate the Fourth of July with so many Star Trek stars?

GalaxyCon panels

This summer, GalaxyCon has been doing a number of Star Trek-themed virtual events, each of which includes a live panel. We have done several interviews previewing some of these panels, as well as reported on some of the newsworthy discussions coming out of them. GalaxyCon has also been uploading most of the panels online a week or two after each event. Here are the latest uploads since our last video update.

Star Trek: The Next Generation with Jonathan Frakes, Denise Crosby, and  John de Lancie.

Star Trek: The Next Generation with LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, and Gates McFadden

Star Trek: Enterprise with Dominic Keating, John Billingsley, and Connor Trinneer

Star Trek: Voyager with Garrett Wang, Tim Russ, and Robert Picardo

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, and Andrew Robinson

More virtual panel recordings

DS9’s Ira Steven Behr joins Alexander Siddig’s Sid City Social Club

Enterprise‘s Connor Trinneer with Star Trek: The Cruise

Enterprise‘s Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating with Gaaaays in Spaaace


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Can we please, please get Nana on Picard instead of Picardo.


Her character never met Picard before on DS9. Picardo is a cool dude.

Kira is one of the best Trek characters of all time, while Picardo’s doctor I would rate as one of the most overrated Trek characters of all time — I find that character (not the nice man/actor) annoying and insufferable.

Why don’t we just have both?

Pretty sure they’ve said that they don’t want to make this a “reunion of Trek vets” just because they can. They want to bring back Vets, if it suits the story. Picardo’s EMH makes a lot more sense to bring back (with his relation to Seven, his knowledge about the Borg etc), rather than bringing back Kira, who has no prior relationship to any of the characters (that we know of), no experience dealing with the Borg, or Androids, and very limited experience with Romulans.

TLDR; Her presence doesn’t “fit” the current storyline.

Good god, no. I’d rather have a good actor instead of Nana.

Bottom row, second from the left, is that Armin Shimmerman? I think it’s the beard throwing me off.

Yes it is, that’s Quark.

Who’s to the right of Picardo (Voy Dr)?

Connor Trinneer, from Enterprise.

Would love to see all these guys come back in some form in future Trek shows! :)

Even if they can’t all show up in a show, thanks to Short Treks, we can even see them in short story form these days. People may hate Kutzman Trek but thanks to him the sky is the limit now and anything is possible again!