CBS All Access Adds 70 Viacom Shows Ahead Of Launch Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

ViacomCBS has launched their promised summer content and interface update for CBS All Access, with new content across the ViacomCBS family being added to the streaming service.

All Access expands content ahead of launch of Star Trek: Lower Decks

This morning ViacomCBS announced the biggest expansion yet for CBS All Access. The streaming service has added more than 3,500 episodes across ViacomCBS family of brands, including popular series from BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel, and more.

This expansion comes exactly one week ahead of the launch of their next Star Trek series, the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks which will be immediately followed on October 15th with the third season of  Star Trek: Discovery, giving Trek fans 23 straight weeks of new Star Trek.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting evolution of CBS All Access into the subscription streaming home for ViacomCBS and a preview of what’s to come,” said Marc DeBevoise, Chief Digital Officer, ViacomCBS and President & Chief Executive Officer, ViacomCBS Digital. “We will deliver to consumers a compelling and differentiated service with something for everyone across news, live sports and on-demand entertainment in every genre.”

The service also began rolling out a new user interface across all major device platforms today with enhanced personalization and discovery features, including advanced recommendations, curated homepages, new content categories and central hubs for ViacomCBS’ brands to seamlessly find and explore content by brand.

Now available on All Access

Here is some of the new content now available on CBS All Access:

  • BET: All seasons of “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” “Hit the Floor,” plus all prior seasons of “Single Ladies” and more
  • Comedy Central: All seasons of “Chappelle’s Show,” “Strangers with Candy,” six prior seasons of “Reno 911!” and more
  • MTV: All seasons of “Laguna Beach” and “Snooki & Jwoww,” prior seasons of TEEN MOM 2, seasons of JERSEY SHORE: FAMILY VACATION and MTV FLORIBAMA SHORE, as well as a selection from THE CHALLENGE, “Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection” and more
  • Nickelodeon: All seasons of “Avatar: Last Airbender,” “Rugrats,” plus all prior seasons of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS and more, in addition to seasons of “Danny Phantom,” “The Legend of Korra” and “Sam & Cat” that were previously available
  • Smithsonian Channel: More than 60 episodes of “Aerial America,” seasons of “Air Disasters,” documentaries such as “The Day We Walked on the Moon,” “The Green Book: Guide to Freedom,” “MLK: The Assassination Tapes,” “Pocahontas: Beyond the Myth” and more
  • TV Land and VH1: Programming like “Hot in Cleveland,” as well as prior seasons of RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and LOVE & HIP HOP and more
  • Paramount Pictures: More films have been added to the service since May, including “The Firm,” “Charlotte’s Web” and “Scary Movie,”with more than 150 movies in total now available.

Coming up in 2020

More content being added to All Access in 2020 includes:

  • STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS: Premiering Thursday, August 6.
  • BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS: Offering an in-depth, exclusive pass to watch all the action inside the BIG BROTHER house all the time.
  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY: Season three, premiering Oct. 15.
  • The Untitled Richard Linklater Project: premiering this fall.
  • THE STAND: Limited event series, premiering late 2020.
  • Fans can also binge other CBS All Access original series including the critically acclaimed hit THE GOOD FIGHTTHE TWILIGHT ZONESTAR TREK: PICARDTOONING OUT THE NEWSNO ACTIVITYWHY WOMEN KILLTHE THOMAS JOHN EXPERIENCE and more.
  • Other exclusive original series coming to the service in 2021 and beyond include THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTHTHE HARPER HOUSE and GUILTY PARTY.

More to come in 2021

In addition, CBS All Access announced Kamp Koral, a new original children’s series premiering in 2021, and the first spinoff from Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants. As previously announced, CBS All Access will also be the exclusive home to The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run in early 2021.

In the months to come, CBS All Access will continue to grow its content offering to include more than 30,000 episodes and movies from the ViacomCBS library of series and movies, as well as develop new exclusive originals from ViacomCBS’ entertainment brands, Paramount Pictures and Paramount Television Studios. The stated goal of all of this expansion is to have All Access span “every demographic and content category, from animation to sci-fi, comedy, drama, procedurals, reality and children’s programming.”

All of these moves come ahead of ViacomCBS’ plan to rebrand and relaunch CBS All Access as a new “super streamer” in 2021, to go up against competition like Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock. ViacomCBS will debut the full and rebranded service in early 2021.

All Access free month promo

CBS All Access also announced a new one-month free promotion. For a limited time, try 1 month FREE with code PLAY by 8/16/20.


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CBS All Access now reminds me of Disney+ and HBO Max. The new interface is similar to HBO Max and Disney Plus user interfaces. I like the hubs for the different brands such as the Nickelodeon and Comedy Central hubs.

I subscribed to CBS All Access yesterday. My free trial lasts until late September so I will check out the new features.

This expansion will make CBS All Access more competitive in the streaming market. I’m looking forward to the rebranded service in 2021.

ViacomCBS is in a good enough position to compete against Disney, WarnerMedia, Netflix, Apple, NBCUniversal and others in the streaming wars.

I’ve used Disney+, HBO Max, and Peacock already and Disney+ is by far my favorite out of all those new streaming services mentioned.

We write marketing texts like this every day :)

It’s not marketing, it’s facts.

lol, no. those are your keyboard warrior opinions

‘Beavis and Butthead’ is the only added thing of interest. And of course ‘Discovery’ two months from now!

And I was going to say that not one of these adds is enough to get me to hold onto my CBSAA subscription. But am forced to admit that The Stand is something I’m curious about. I’ll check it out as long as I am subscribed for Trek. But it won’t be enough to keep me once the 23 weeks are up. I mean, there are a few things on Amazon I’d like to check out but I have yet to subscribe to that service and really don’t see myself doing so.

The casting on The Stand looks awesome. A lot of what has been published about that series looks incredible.

The book is outstanding. The 1994 miniseries was very good (for a Stephen King adaptation at that time, much better than “It”or “The Tommyknockers”, for example). But such a sprawling book is going to be difficult to make into a miniseries, even a 10 episode one.

I thought the TV two parter wasn’t too bad. It’s funny, I thought Matt Fewer as Trashcan Man was inspired casting. I saw that and I thought “That is EXACTLY how I imagined he might look like white reading the book!”

It was actually a four-parter. “The Plague”, “The Dreams”, “The Betrayal”, and “The Stand”. Which means the CBS-AA version isn’t going to be much longer.

I like Molly Ringwold, but she wasn’t Frannie to me. Adam Storke was forgettable as Larry. Those were the two biggest casting misfires, I think. (Although I always saw Cicely Tyson as Mother Abagail, Ruby Dee did well.)

OK. I could not recall how much of a mini series this was. For some reason I thought it was a two parter.

Agreed. I’ve read the book The Stand three or four times, I’d like to see the mini-series. But like you, ML, it’s not going to get me to sign up for AA for any extended period of time. So whenever I sign up to binge the next Nu-Trek offering, I’ll see it. The rest of what they’re offering here, to me, is worthless. But to each their own. It would be nice if I could just rent The Stand from Apple or Amazon on it’s own.

Never watched The Stand. Is it good?

Read the book instead.

Yes, but the book is over 800 pages so it had to leave out a lot of character development and secondary characters.

Quite common with nearly every film adaptation of a novel.

Could they maybe have come up with their own design and advertising, instead of copying Disney+ to such a ridiculous and shameless degree?

I think copying disney is better for users. I don’t really care about originality.

Yeah, as long as the interface is good, who cares if it is original?

That said, I don’t have enough experience with Disney+ to be able to say. Watched Hamilton, Agent Carter, and The Mandalorian and now plan to cancel.

I saw Hamilton and The Mandalorian on Disney+. I already cancelled so that’s good.

Sometimes, there are only so many ways to perform a task and devices/programs/services all end up looking the same. Hulu, Netflix and especially Amazon need an overhaul, too. Amazon at least finally figured out how to create user profiles, but there is still work to be done.

Amazon has looked the same since I started using it in ’98. If it works (which it most certainly does), why mess with it?

Almost anything is better than the Hulu interface. Large squares of items with minimal interest that take a VERY long time to load. Other problems like bad indexing, listing backwards order of episodes, short vague descriptions of films/shows and photos/illustrations of films/shows that are so far off the mark I can’t imagine what point of view would cause that photo to promote the show. Lots of loud displays with few details. Yuk.

Hulu updated their interface. Those problems have been fixed. Netflix has a congested interface too.

You’re right, hadn’t checked in a while. More detailed. I only joined initially to watch “Saving Hope” staring Michael Shanks from Stargate SG-1. It was the only place I could see all 6 seasons.

i like the new interface as i stream picard for the 4th time lol… i know i know i just like it. gimme a break. but i think they need a new name… maybe they will do that in 2021… cbsaa never worked…

Good for you! It was a great series aside from the finale!

i liked it all but the finale of the main storyline felt like it wrapped too easy… should have been longer… not complaining because the whole thing overall was terrific… and the ending with data i totally loved… ive said before it reminded me of tng eps where they have a great story and episode and then there’s no much going on and then it wraps up in 5 minutes… happened a lot on that show.

I for one am glad you unashamedly love Picard – to me, that is the true definition of a fan, someone who loves something and isn’t afraid to say it. I hope ppl on this site don’t make you feel bad for enjoying it.

they do that’s why i usually avoid replies… it’s a shame trek fans have gotten so andry closed minded and bitter… picard was a great season… though i had qualms with a few things… but if you look at tng omg so many stupid dumb moments and eps but was still a great series… and ds9 my fave had a number of bad elements now and then especially early on… i think everyone looks back on series with rose colored glasses

tom riker, I really wish I could be as enthusiastic as I was watching the first season of TNG, awful as much of it was.

No rose coloured glasses here about the early seasons of TNG or even DS9 season 1.

I actually think our assessments of Picard season one aren’t that far apart. It’s just that the expectations created by serials get in the way of my enjoying the rewatch as much as you clearly do.

Perhaps it’s just age, but I’m not getting much interest from the rest of the household when I ask them to join me. Meanwhile, the endless repeats of TOS and the 90s series roll on with our kids.

I sincerely think that serials put so much pressure on the EPs to produce something consistently great right out of the gate, and I’d agree that it’s never been Trek’s strength. I’m really glad Short Treks are getting recognition and hopeful for Strange New Worlds.

The serial nature contributes to higher expectations, sure. But I think the fact that the consumer is paying specifically for that ONE show and how that one show is only some 7-8 hours long overall, I really think it is completely reasonable to hold that show to much higher scrutiny. The same as if you paid to go to see it in a theater. If it was a regular series on a regular network I think it would have been given a lot more leeway. Comments like, “Give it time, it should get better” work for more traditional series’. So if a service is asking specifically for money directly from subscribers, it is only reasonable for said subscribers to demand a higher quality product right off the bat. Anything less should be unacceptable.

close minded? we watched the entire series. it was shit.

a close minded prison would not have watched or made or just the first episode.

your hyperbole to justify a shitty product is lel.

I really enjoyed Picard also. The episode with the Rikers was wonderful. I really like Picard’s new crew, and the reinvention of Seven as a butt-kicking space vigilante is great.

It’s just kinda silly to me that CBSAA has gotten the utter neglect it seems to have received from CBS management – it’s like 5 years old now and only NEXT YEAR are they planning to make it a “super streamer”. Like, what??? Why wouldn’t they have tried to be that from the jump? Contrast this approach with Disney, who openly said that Disney+ is the single most important thing the company has ever created, and treated it as such throughout its development. That’s because it is – in the future, if not the present, all households with children will have a Disney+ subscription, and will be paying monthly for it for decades. Because Disney was smart enough to see streaming as the future. CBS still isn’t getting it, and it’s gonna be a long wait till they finally get around to their rebranding…

Disney is in a different situation compared to CBS. Disney+ is important because Disney is suffering right now due to the COVID-19 crisis. Their theme parks are in lockdown and their movies are not in theaters.

Disney+ is the only way Disney can make money right now. It is their future.

CBS is doing paying attention to streaming but as you said, they could have done more.

CBS and Paramount were still rival companies (owned by the same people!) when CBSAA started. It was Les Moonves’s baby to demonstrate that CBS was a viable stand-alone company.

It is only in the last year since the companies merged back together that the transformation into a Paramount-CBS comprehensive streaming service was possible.

The only program my uncle watches is AERIAL AMERICA. If you like aerial footage, of America, this is the show for you. They also do Aerial China, and Aerial Africa, and Aerial Britain. If you like aerial footage. Of places.

I misread the little picture as “our family is Gowron” and wondered if the CBSAA was now bringing honor to the CBS house.

Fascinating. I can imagine CBS All Access becoming America’s first-run home for the Power Rangers if that show moves there instead of Netflix–just saying; unclear if Beast Morphers may be the final Power Rangers series to air on Nickelodoen.

But will it ever be available outside the US? Y’know,like the rest of the ones mentioned in this article. Must be annoying for CAA to know that they could have heaps more money,lol!

On another thought, Power Rangers Dino Fury will indeed air on Nickelodeon next year. Unclear on whether it would stream on what is currently CBS All Access–soon to be Paramount Plus–or Netflix or both.