Preview “Moist Vessel” With 9 New Images And Trailer For Episode 104 Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

The fourth episode of  Star Trek: Lower Decks arrives this week and we have a first look at some new images. There’s also a video preview and some new Lower Decks merch.

“Moist Vessel”

Star Trek: Lower Decks season one, episode 4 “Moist Vessel” will be available to stream on CBS All Access on Thursday, August 27.


Captain Freeman seeks the ultimate payback after Mariner blatantly disrespects her in front of the crew. A well-meaning Tendi accidentally messes up a Lieutenant’s attempt at spiritual ascension and tries to make it right.

New Images:

Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner

(L-R) Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford and Paul Scheer as Lt. Commander Andy Billups

Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi

(L-R) Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi and Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford

Dawnn Lewis as Captain Carol Freeman and Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner

Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler

Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi

Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner

Gillian Vigma as Doctor T’Ana

And in case you missed them, here are a couple of previously released images for the same episode.


Episode 4 trailer

CBS also released a trailer for the episode, which for now can only be seen on the official site.

Lower Decks barware

The official Star Trek Store has continued to add more Lower Decks merchandise. The latest additions are aimed to help you drink up as you watch the show with Cerritos barware, including a flask, beer stein, pint glass, and a rocks glass tumbler. There are also tees with the Cerritos Bar logo.

New episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. It has not yet been announced where and when Lower Decks will be available outside of the USA and Canada.

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Poker night is back.

Game night

I knew sooner or later we’d see poker on this show! It was so prevalent on TNG, of course they’d end up playing it on Lower Decks eventually. The TNG episode “Lower Decks” had some great poker action in it too! Lower deckers and senior officers each had their own separate games going on… wonder if we’ll get to see Boimler or Mariner playing with the senior officers? Mariner would clean them out!

D’oh! Well, I was sort of right. Mariner *would have* cleaned out the senior officers, if they weren’t just “playing for fun”.

I hope this episode is better than the last one. I’m not ready to give up on Lower Decks just yet. It deserves to be successful.

Tendi is doing some sort of religious ritual with her crew mates. I wonder what’s that all about. The cat doctor is playing a card game.

Now that’s what Star Trek should do.

The cat doctor is playing a game? Instead of exploring? I thought you said adults shouldn’t play games…

Easily my least favorite addition to the trek franchise. I wish they were not making this into another American Dad/ Rick & Morty type show. I do not approve of the Xenophobia. Some of the jokes are cheap and seem to exist for the sake of following the forumla for young adult/adult cartoon comedy. They need to continue trying to figure out the tone and feel of this show. I will continue watching but so far it hasnt earned its place

I love the aesthetic, and the musical score but the show is losing me in all the other areas that are important.

Lower Decks should have taken the tone of the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon show. A lot of humor (usually through Beast Boy) mixed in with quite a few decidedly dark and serious episodes/arcs. Lower Decks also should have kept the humor at a G rated level (again like Teen Titans 2003 did) so that even kids can watch it.

As it is now, Lower Decks sort of locked itself into the all humor all the time track without giving opportunities for range for both serious episodes and humorous ones.

“They need to continue trying to figure out the tone and feel of this show“.

The entire 1st season has already been filmed. The show is not made week to week. Animation is labor intensive and takes a long time. Any figuring out or changes to the tone will happen in the 2nd season if there is one.

That said Jlex, there have definitely been differences in tone and feel across the three episodes we’ve seen so far.

From what we’ve heard, different members of the writers room took the lead on different episodes and that magnified the variability.

So, while season one is fixed, we may yet see more tonal differences as the season rolls on.

In any case, there is an authentic opportunity for the showrunner to listen to fan/audience reactions and lean into what’s working for season two.

I’m on the edge of abandoning this show but the urge to see it is still there

Two weeks ago you said its what you looked forward to watching every week and you said it was your favorite Trek show since TNG. Now you’re on the edge of abandoning it….after three episodes?

Not to turn this into an accusation but I can’t help but notice that alot of these comments sound extremely AI generated, in their disjointedness both within one comment and between different ones. Add some touching personal details to build the trust of the hew-mons. Just sayin’! Some thoughts from your paranoid resident Vulcan ;)

I can see how it may feel that way but I do believe its an actual person, especially when he talks about his personal life. But his opinions about Trek are so bizarre at times because they seem to constantly contradict each other. People point out he sometimes did it in the exact same post. Maybe its just his writing style.

I don’t want to get on someone’s case who is just giving us their opinion about things but I wish he at least stop talking about things in absolutes if you can change it on a dime week after week, love or hate a show.

Yeah it seems to be aimed at teenagers.. the jokes are very often cheap, forced and just silly (not in a good way).

If it’s audience is young teenagers then it’s going to be very niche

I’m 58 and love it! Still prefer live action Trek but I really appreciate what the team is doing with this. I really like Rick and Morty too so age has little to do with it. You think it’s funny or you don’t. Sorry if you don’t.

Yeah the jokes seem extra cheap and immature. It makes those other shows you mention seem to be slightly higher brow and the jokes themselves more thoughtful.

Lower Decks is in many ways more of a continuation of TNG than Picard, so 🖖 LDS!

Since it only takes place a year after Nemesis happened, pretty much. And why I’m enjoying it so far.

Yay a classic Tellarite, no tusks

No word on international distribution, is annoying

I’m going to watch it.I really enjoyed ep2 and ep 3 the least. There’s no anticipation, on my part. During DSC and Picard I would stay up late and watch it as it dropped.
With LDS it’s more like- It’s Thursday? Already? then I find time to watch it over the weekend.
Oh, and LDS has a 2nd season so, please no more “if it gets a second season..” comments.

Overall I’m enjoying the show. It’s average score for me is better than that of Disco and Picard.
However, it runs hot and cold. One moment if feels like a TNG episode (which is fantastic) and then turns into a bunch of teenagers behaving like kids. This back and forth is not good.. it has a dual identity. Pick one, then make another show that is that opposite aspect. Everyone happy!
Also the Mariner character is just really annoying, too annoying really. The character that is her “punch bag” needs to have the character not be such a weak wet fart. It’s forced and not very “diverse” at all. It’s like Burnham all over again.
Fix that and made a shootoff show that is full length and we can all be on a good footing.

I’m surprised how well I like this. I wouldn’t be ok with the cartoon if they weren’t making SO MUCH Star Trek right now. With Picard, DSC and SNW coming, Lower Decks feels like an appetizer. This is the first adult cartoon I’ve ever watched. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s Trekky and it’s expanding the audience. A friend of mine who has 0 interest in Star Trek told me that this is the first ST thing she’s actually been interested in. Evidently she only watches garbage but I appreciate the sentiment all the same.

The “ascension” seen was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on television. Damn! That was killing me.