Review: Odo’s Investigation Takes A Dark Turn In ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice’ #2

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “Too Long a Sacrifice” #2
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Written by: Scott Tipton and David Tipton
Art by: Greg Scott
Color by: Felipe Sobreiro

In the 50+ year history of Star Trek, there are inevitably some episodes (I’m looking at you, “Sub Rosa“) or comic adaptations (Gold Key) that miss the mark. However, when IDW brings in the Tiptons, you know you’re in for some excellent storytelling. Only two issues in, and Too Long a Sacrifice is proving to be a worthy visit to Deep Space Nine.

A Cover by Ricardo Drumond

The story so far:

In the heat of the Dominion War, a bomb explodes on the Promenade, destroying a restaurant called Lavin’s Eatery, killing eight people. After discovering that the bomb contained extra lethal Rodinium darts, all signs point to Quark as the perpetrator since he would benefit from one less competitor on the station. It’s up to Odo (with the help of an extra grumpy Worf) to solve the case as a trade delegation is about to meet.

While Quark is being interrogated, the body count increases as another corpse is found in the habitat ring. The deceased is Keidan Nri, a member of the Bajoran Health Commission, who was brutally stabbed multiple times, including one through the heart. His murder begins a journey of dark twists and turns that any lover of DS9 will eat up like a big bowl of gagh.

Odo and Worf are still questioning witnesses, including the slippery Garak, whom Odo reminds us once blew up his own shop. Even though Garak was at Lavin’s when it exploded, he walked away unscathed, much to the suspicion of the investigators. He is, however, a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped into from time to time and this is no different.

In my previous review, I praised artist Greg Scott’s dark, gritty, noir style and here in issue two he really kicks it up. The death and violence aren’t gratuitous, but just enough to feel something. As a Gotham Central vet, he’s no stranger to the Batman universe and while reading this, I couldn’t help but sense a bit of Gotham By Gaslight, one of my favorite comics as a kid.

Kira only made a brief appearance in the first issue, but thankfully she has a much bigger part in the second. Scott managed to capture the utter frustration we’ve seen so many times in Nana Visitor’s face which sums up how she feels about her assignment of escorting a Ferengi trade delegation. You really just feel for her, especially when you see what’s awaiting her on the other side of the door. Drunken Ferengi would give anyone a headache.

But headache turns to horror when yet another set of murders are committed on the former Cardassian space station, turning Odo’s investigation on its head. Any good murder mystery needs to have a set of twists and turns and the Tiptons have done an excellent job of raising the stakes. There is something to be said about adding too many plot points, but so far they have done a masterful job of keeping the mystery engaging and thoroughly entertaining. If you enjoyed issue one, I highly recommend picking up this one, too.

Available Now

The 32-page comic Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long a Sacrifice #2 was released on Wednesday, August 19. You can pick it up at TFAW for $3.19. You can also get the digital version at Amazon for $3.24.

The trade paperback collection of the four-issue series was originally scheduled for December, although that may be delayed as the comics were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. That collection can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $15.99.

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oh wow! New DS9 comics! I’ve bought a bunch of graphic novels from eaglemoss, so I probably will wait until this is available in just one volume (following comics “live” is so much pricier…), but that’s exciting!

i gotta get on this… sounds great.