Netflix Confirms ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Launching Internationally On October 16

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is coming on October 15th in the USA and Canada, and on Friday Netflix began rolling out their promotions for the show’s international launch on October 16.

Disco goes global on October 16

While it was mentioned during the Star Trek Day CBS event, Netflix has now confirmed the release of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery. Fans around the world where Netflix has streamed the first two seasons of the show can now see notifications that the first episode of season three will arrive on October 16th.

Discovery page from Netflix UK

Netflix making episodes available the day after they premiere on CBS All Access has also been the pattern for the 190 countries around the world where it has streamed the first two seasons of Discovery.

In tandem with the date announcement, the Discovery season 3 trailer shown on Star Trek Day is now available to Netflix subscribers around the world. The trailer has been dubbed in local languages.

Season 3 trailer available on Netflix Argentina

Still waiting on Lower Decks internationally

As of now, there is still no international release partner for Star Trek: Lower Decks. As reported earlier, when CBS juggled their 2020 schedule around, they moved Lower Decks ahead of Discovery. This was due to the COVID pandemic slowing down the post-production on season three of Discovery, which was originally planned to launch before Lower Decks. That meant the animated comedy premiered in North America before a deal could be announced for international distribution.

Even though ViacomCBS has recently announced that the 2021 relaunch of CBS All Access as Paramount+ will include some international markets, this will still be limited. In 2021, Paramount+ will launch in some Latin America Markets, Australia, and some Nordic countries, but will not have nearly the reach of either Netflix or Amazon (the international partner for Star Trek: Picard). As of last month, CBS was saying an announcement on Lower Decks international distribution was coming, so hopefully, there will be more clarity soon.

Thanks to our friends at Trek Argentina and TrekZone Australia for assistance with this report.

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I really hope Netflix gets Lower Decks for international distribution.

Netflix can reach more people on a global scale than ViacomCBS ever can.

Amazon is another option Lower Decks could go to.

Paramount+ has a long way to go before it can beat Netflix, Amazon, Disney etc. At least Paramount+ will launch in Latin America, Australia, and the Nordic countries in 2021. That’s a good start.

I have a feeling Lower Decks won’t be released internationally until Paramount+ launches next year. I’m sure they’ll want to keep all their originals exclusive to their own service going forward. The countries that won’t have P+ may get lucky and get it on Netflix or Amazon… or P+ will horde all the new Trek and use it as a selling point for their new service in those countries further down the line.

And we still miss the second season of the short treks. Woulds also love to see them. Last time the first season of short treks suddenly appaered when Disco season 2 started at netflix. So lets hope again!

There is a rumor going around that Discovery Season 3 is going to be the best season of Star Trek yet. Even better than the season of Voyager that had “Persistence of Tuvix.”

God I had to skip that episode. Just the idea of it was so bad and campy to me… Let’s merge the two most opposite characters for an episode and see what happens.

Considering the audience hasn’t seen it yet, those rumours can only be from those with a vested interest in the show, thus making it a pointless opinion

God bless ya if you are looking forward to this. I’ll be staying away as this looks like it will be the worst season yet. Same with LD.

Probably the only thing I will try is season 2 of Picard. Definitely Strange New Worlds…

dont think god has much to do with it… lower decks is so much fun 4 eps in and so hooked. and disco season 3 really sounds like the best season… (2 was awesome) but i trust frakes over internet commenters including myself and he seems to think it’s terrific…

Strange New Worlds is the one. I enjoyed Picard season 1. Lower Decks is mostly descent overall.

Whilst they say it’s the next day, in reality it’s about 6 hours after it’s made available in the US…

Wasn’t Midnight’s Edge out there saying Netflix wasn’t going to have anything to do with Discovery’s third season?

Midnights Edge say a lot of things… Mainly a load of old rubbish.
Or to kinda quote Dr. McCoy
“What Midnights Edge says is unimportant and we do not hear their words.”

Midnight’s Edge are bunch of liars. Please stop giving them attention.

Midnight’s edge think that because robert meyer burnett gave them an interview about the original pitch script that Bryan Fuller wrote that he got a look at that, unsurprisingly differed to what was on screen (which is probably true for a huge percentage of television), that anything they make up about Star Trek on CBS is true. In reality they are just monetising a segment of the fan base who eat up that shit

Midnight’s Edge are no talented click baiters with 0% truth to their ‘reporting’.
If anything they start rumours just so the haters will give them the views and spread the hate with lies with no facts or any research gone into them.

Think of Fox News or Russia Today as an example of them.

Could that be in the US where discovery is on CBS all access, not netflix?

They also said it would be the last season and in the last few days it’s been confirmed there’s going to be Discovery season for many years.. So ME is confirmed bullshit.

Awesome! I am really looking forward to Discoverys third season. Very promising and exciting plot! Now its time that Netflix or Amazon gives us Lower Decks and the second season of Short Trek. We are really living in another golden Star Trek age! By the way always felt that the basic idea of Andromeda would work even better in the Star Trek universe – now we are getting it! I am thrilled! Andromeda was a little like Star Trek but 25% different so that there was no copyright problems. ;-)

Frank, I’m glad to hear that there is someone else that thinks that Roddenberry’s Andromeda / Genesis Two / Planet Earth “jump ahead in time” concept would better fit in the Trek universe. I had expected that from the first time that I saw Genesis Two in the 1970s.

That said, the 25% intellectual property rule was never an issue and is irrelevant to this discussion. It’s an internet myth that shouldn’t be propagated.

The Roddenberry estate, then led by Mabel Barrett and now by Rod Roddenberry, has the rights to Gene Roddenberry’s project concepts that were never sold. That’s what well managed estates do: maximize the value of the IP, including drafts and unsold ideas.

Andromeda was a smush between the unsold Andromeda (intelligent ship) pitch and two failed pilots that made it to production as made-for-TV movies (Genesis Two and Planet Earth). Since the Star Trek universe couldn’t be used, they called it the Systems Commonwealth. There were some new aliens, but one was a bat-like alien people that looked more like Roddenberry’s original concept for the Ferengi.

The biggest and most fundamental difference between Andromeda and what we expect from Discovery is that the Systems Commonwealth included a nation/race/species of people that had the very non-IDIC goal and value of genetic superiority, and their (predictable) eventual betrayal is what fractured the Systems Commonwealth.

We’ve already been told that Discovery S3 will not be about the failure of the Federation. To me, including the Nietchians in the Systems Commonwealth was a failure from the inside.

Maybe. but Andromeda had to have their version of the Klingons. At least that is apparently what the TPTB behind Andromeda seemed to be thinking at the time.

Honestly still very excited about this show next season. Just really looking forward to the 32nd century and how they make it their home there. A fun time to see Star Trek in so many time periods and (finally) boldly going…..

I doubt they’ll stay there for long. Gotta go back in time to prevent “The Burn”.

We don’t know when The Burn started but it probably didn’t start anytime earlier than the 31st century since that’s when Daniels was living and the Federation was humming along fine then.

It’s pretty clear that they are in the future for the long haul.

In the first trailer released about a year ago, Burnham says she’s tried and tried to find the event that set in motion the entire chain of dominos. Unsuccessfully.

This sounds to be no more undoable than her father’s death when the Klingons raided her parents’ lab with the illicitly acquired time crystal.

I like this. In several Trek series, the crews have been able to go back in time to prevent a major intervention by others or to correct a major error by humanity. It adds credibility and realism to have that be unachievable in at least one major situation.

Yeah, I hope it’s not time travel that saves the day; especially since they traveled to the future to save the past, now travel to the past to the save the future?

I’m prepared for it to be time travel but I hope they do something a bit more creative.

I’m excited too Tiger. But I just hope it’s not too dystopian… I would really hate that. That’s my biggest fear. There’s been no shake up in the writing department so let’s hope the storyline is coherent and convincing this time around.

Actually, there was a major shake up in the writers room in the middle of season 2 with the change in showrunners.

So, season 3 is the first time that the writers room has been stable for an entire season’s work. Hopefully, this will improve coherence.

Yes, I know all about season 1 & 2 shall we say ”difficulties” in that department. Hopefully third times the charm.