‘Star Trek: Picard’ Wins Emmy For Makeup; ‘Short Treks’ Comes Up Short

Saturday night was the final night of the 2020 Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The Television Academy has been handing out the Creative Arts Emmys all week long with remote streaming ceremonies, with the final night being aired on FXX. Star Trek went into the week with six nominations: five for Star Trek: Picard, and one for Star Trek: Short Treks.

Star Trek: Picard wins Emmy for makeup

Picard was up for two awards on Saturday night but didn’t prevail. It lost out on Period And/Or Character Hairstyling to Netflix’s A Hollywood Ending, and to Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for Sound Mixing.

Earlier in the week Picard was more fortunate, winning the Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Limited Series, Movie Or Special. Taking home the award were James Robert MacKinnon (Special Makeup Effects Department Head), Vincent Van Dyke (Prosthetic Designer), Richard Redlefsen (Special Makeup Effects Artist), Alexei Dmitriew (Special Makeup Effects Artist), Neville Page (Prosthetic Designer), Michael Ornelaz (Makeup Effects Artist).  The team (with Page appearing as a cardboard cutout) accepted the award remotely via the streaming ceremony on Wednesday (which you can watch below).

This was the second year in a row winning this award for both Page and MacKinnon, who won the Emmy for Prosthetic Makeup in 2019 for Star Trek: Discovery.

Picard was also up for the award in Period And/Or Character Makeup (Non-Prosthetic), but lost that one to the Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The final nomination for Picard was for Sound Editing, which was won by the Netflix series Stranger Things.

James MacKinnon applying Jeri Ryan’s makeup for Star Trek: Picard

Short Treks loses out to Saul

Star Trek: Short Treks was nominated this year for Outstanding Short Form Comedy Or Drama Series, however on Thursday it lost out to AMC.com’s Better Call Saul Employee Training: Legal Ethics With Kim Wexler.

Star Trek’s 2020 Emmy is the 37th win for the franchise in total. This year’s single win also matched last year, when Discovery won the same makeup award. There have been eight years over the franchise’s history when Star Trek was nominated for Emmys, but came home empty.

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Star Trek could’ve done better.


But getting a series nomination for Short Treks is still significant, especially as it’s a risk-taking concept.

The Mandalorian got more Emmy awards than any Star Trek show right now.

Star Wars is actually doing better than Star Trek on television at the moment.

The Mandalorian is a fantastic show. Disney really cares about Star Wars especially the characters and mythology.

I wish CBS put that much effort into Star Trek more. Maybe Star Trek might be going places right now.

Have you seen The Mandalorian on Disney+ yet? Season 2 is next month in October.

For now Mandalorian got almost all of it’s awards for the second 31-min episode in a very lightweight “half-hour” categories, mostly competing with traditional sitcoms with non-comparable budgets. Certainly a win for a D+ marketing team, no question to it.

This is the way! The Mandalorian is fantastic!

It was much better than I expected, but I’d hardly call “The Mandalorian” fantastic. Maybe the terrible recent movies have simply lowered expectations that far?

I’m still chuckling over the idea that Pedro Pascal wanted an Emmy nomination for that ‘performance’.

I too, would call it fantastic. I’ve watched season one twice through thus far, and eagerly look forward to season two. The show is an absolute joy, and captures the feel of the franchise perfectly, imo.

Agree with this. Say what you will about the sequels (I loved them), Disney put tons more care and attention into Star Wars than CBSTrek has to date.

Absolutely agree.

I wouldn’t say, CBS doesent put in any effort. Discovery looks and sounds fantastic and is well cast. It just shows, that you can do pretty much everything right on a show and still ruin it by nonsensical writing.

Congratulations to the makeup team! And also congrats to all the others who were nominated. Even if they didn’t win it means that their work is recognized by their peers. Congrats especially for the series nomination for Short Treks. Most of Trek’s nominations and wins have been in the technical categories so this is special (even if they didn’t win). Good luck that maybe one day Trek will be able to compete in the “big” categories (best series, acting, directing, writing).

Picard deserved to win it. You guys are talking about Short Treks like it’s a big deal or something.

Star Trek will compete in the big leagues eventually.

Not with the current showrunners.

I don’t know, I’m rather happy for the “Picard” make-up crew.

Yeah, I will take any Emmy win that I can get for Trek.

An Emmy for the makeup, and a Razzie for the writing! Sounds about right to me? The latter should look rather good on Chabon’s cupboard next to the Pulitzer given how that one got defiled by the “1619” nomination at the latest ;)

Lol! I’d love to see “Pulitzer-award winner Michael Chabon” (as regularly described on Trek Movie) awarded a Razzie. Picard was all over the place, a total incoherent mess yet Chabon still struts around sniffing his own farts. He needs to be brought down a peg or two.

Hairstyling. Wow. Not for writing. Not for acting. Not for directing. Not even for visual FX.
Not surprising.