The All Access Star Trek Podcast Speaks “Veritas” And Dispels Rumors With The Horn of Candor

Tony and Laurie chat about Star Trek’s presence at the Emmys and Picard’s win, theorize on how a familiar Star Trek legacy character could turn up in Discovery season 3, and address some pervasive rumors with a mass debunking.

They then review “Veritas,” the eighth episode of Lower Decks, and agree that everything is better with Kurtwood Smith in it.

Links to topics discussed in the pod


Star Trek: Picard Wins Emmy For Makeup; Short Treks Comes Up Short

Star Trek’s René Auberjonois And D.C. Fontana Remembered At The Emmy Awards

Star Trek: Discovery S3 Theory: A Familiar Character Will Still Be Around In The 32nd Century

Why we don’t report/debunk every rumor

Other mentions:

Kurtwood Smith on Star Trek and his tweet about Lower Decks

Mike McMahan talks about doing a trial episode

Voyager‘s “Non Sequitur

Details on how Armus was made

Mike McMahan talks about bleeps in Lower Decks

Zefram Cochrane has to pee in Star Trek: First Contact

Bad guy from Galaxy Quest

Crazy Ivan in The Hunt for Red October

Crazy Ivan in Firefly


Tony: Reminder Star Trek: Picard S1 Blu-ray/DVD coming Otober 6

Laurie: After Trek mid-season sizzle reel and the After Trek team with Jeremy on the far right

Jeremy Hutchins, showrunner of EW’s Quibi series ‘Last Night’s Late Night,’ dies at 37

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments.

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Great podcast again.

You’ve convinced me to rewatch this one sooner than later.

On the idea of a special Discovery pre-season premiere edition of the podcast, “Yes please!”.

There are so many speculative threads at this point that it would be great to have a round up “what to look for” session before October 14th.

So glad you’re enjoying it! We’re figuring out the logistics of a pre-season 3 Discovery edition; will keep you posted.

I don’t know if there was Emmy-worthy acting/scenes from Stewart in Picard, especially compared to what’s happening on so many shows right now.

Love Stewart. Didn’t mind Picard. But the bar is now pretty high.

Tough competition for sure. But I thought those first few episodes where he was transitioning from tired old winery guy with his dog to man of action should’ve gotten him a nomination. There was so much layered stuff happening with him, so many subtle changes as he was sort of waking up and becoming the person he wanted to be again. Maybe not a win, but a nomination. (But I haven’t watched all the other guys who were nominated yet.)

Hmmm. True. I think I got hung up on the later episodes, but yeah, that early stuff was pretty great.

The thing is Laurie, the “For Your Consideration” package for Picard emphasized other episodes.

The voters won’t necessarily look at a whole season.

I’m really not sure why the finale episodes and particular performance moments were chosen.

And, even if a voter did look at the full season, I keep looping on my “overall result less than the sum of its parts” assessment. While our household actually thinks the finale was excellent when taken on its own, it wasn’t Patrick Stewart’s top performances of the season.

At minimum, it seems that the selections lacked sufficient distance to honestly identify their best chances. Some seemed as though were based internal small-p politics or relationships.

Sometimes you can only be successful if you have a clear, independent internal voice who can cut through your own spin and tell you what will really sell. Listening between the lines, I’m not confident that CBS marketing have someone who can deliver this kind of feedback.

You are 100% right about that! The choice of sending later episodes makes a difference; by then it was more action-y and all the other characters were in there, he wasn’t showing as much range. Interesting, I hadn’t thought about which episodes non-viewers/Emmy voters were looking at. I was really struck by his performance in those first few, and then showstoppers like Michelle Hurd and Santiago Cabrera got to really shine.

Laurie, I have to say that I was a bit stunned that you weren’t familiar with the Crazy Ivan from the Hunt for Red October.

It seems like the kind of thing you would really like. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have seen it, and tend to take it for granted that others who were watching movies when TNG was airing have the same attachment.

It’s very much a Star Trek-like character-driven, intelligent people thinking rather than fighting their way to solutions kind of movie. Hours of intense suspense, but little direct action. I’ve always thought of it as the best Star Trek analogue set in the 20th century.

In fact, it’s likely one of the strongest movies in the Paramount library. But it’s very different from the action-driven Tom Clancy movies that came after.

It’s also nice to see appearances in the film from Paramount regulars, including Gates McFadden.

I’ve never seen the movie! It’s about $3 to stream so maybe I’ll check it out. For Gates. (And Crazy Ivan, I guess.)

Daniel Davis makes an appearance as well.

Enjoy. And please drop a line to say if you see the parallels with some classic Trek suspense.