Zachary Quinto Says Kelvin Cast Is Ready To Beam Up For Another Star Trek Movie

The future of the Star Trek film franchise is currently being assessed by the powers that be at Paramount Pictures. It’s unclear if the next entry in the venerable franchise will involve the cast from the three previous Kelvin universe films, but one member of the new USS Enterprise crew says they are ready to return.

Quinto says Kelvin cast are ready to return

Zachary Quinto was a guest on CBS’ The Talk on Tuesday to promote the Netflix movie The Boys in the Band, and the subject of Star Trek came up. When asked if he was interested in returning for a fourth film as Spock, he replied:

Absolutely! We talk about it all the time as the crew of the Enterprise. We are all incredibly good friends in real life. All of us welcome the opportunity to go back and keep telling those stories.

However, it appears Quinto is in the dark about the status of the Trek film franchise, and he seemed to be a little concerned that all the activity on the TV side of Star Trek may have had an impact on the movies:

It seems like a bit of a saturated market at this point, so I am not sure what the plans are for the feature film versions of the franchise, but we are all here if they want to beam us up.

Quinto last played Spock  in the third Kelvin film, 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. A follow-up to that film was announced in 2016 and was set to bring back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk. That film was moving ahead towards production in 2019 when a breakdown in salary negotiations between Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth shelved it. But earlier this year, Chris Pine expressed optimism that he will return as Kirk, and last month Deadline reported that the new head of Paramount’s motion picture group is considering reviving the Star Trek 4 project, and considers bringing Star Trek back to the big screen a new priority for the studio.

Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek Beyond  

Watch Quinto talk 4th Kelvin movie


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Something new please. No more Kelvin.

A common sentiment on this site. Yet it is interesting that Kelvin movie reports get more comments than just about any other topic by a large margin.

Because everyone like to see another movie. But they are split on what they want to see. Sounds like Star Trek fans. ;)

But I always remark how funny it is there was a time people wanted to see the Kelvin universe as the main universe in the franchise and now people want to pretend it never existed. Fans can be very fickle.

Good points. Still an increasing number of fans seem to want to put an end to the movie era…we shall see!

I do think there is a big portion of fans who wants to move on from the Kelvin universe , but I don’t think people want movies to end in general. Even you love the TV side of Trek more (and I certainly do) the movies are still a great bonus.

LOL no one except JJ Abrams wanted to replace the prime timeline w the Kelvin. That’s hilarious.

You misunderstood me. I’m saying after the first film came out, people who loved the moved really liked the idea of ALL Star Trek from that point on being in the Kelvinverse. There were lots of fans out there claiming the prime universe was now ‘dead’.

And JJ Abrams didn’t care either way (except for maybe merchandising purposes) it was Orci and Kurtzman who came up with the idea, he just went along with it.

And for the record I LIKE the Kelvin Timeline. I have no issues with it at all since it’s been established since TOS Star Trek took place in a multiverse. TNG made that even more clearer with Parallels. The Kelvin universe is just one of those. I just hated the idea people wanted to erase the prime universe for it, but that was NEVER going to happen and was a very short sighted idea seeing where things are now thankfully.

I would be ok with another Kelvin movie. But if it had a good story, no more re-hashes, no more mindless action. Give us a good story and I’m aboard.

I don’t care what Star Trek movie we are getting in a few years time.

The rumors are getting old.

Whatever if it’s Noah Hawley, Quentin Tarantino, or another Kelvin Trek movie.

The powers that be should think carefully here.

Paramount Pictures should get its act together.

I just don’t understand the studio’s mentality. “The last movie didn’t make as much as we hoped/as much as the previous one/wasn’t as well received as the previous one, so we’re throwing in the towel!”

Star Trek III was like that, but they went ahead and made Star Trek IV which was a huge hit.
Star Trek: Generations was like that, but they went ahead and made Star Trek: First Contact, which was a huge hit.

Get a good writer, and get a producer who can keep costs under control. It has worked before many times in many franchises.

The problem is the Kelvin movies just never delivered the type of money Paramount was hoping considering the amount of money they cost. What gets missed over and over again is that, believe it or not, the Kelvin movies are some of the most expensive movies Paramount has ever made. People don’t seem to realize that, but these have not just been costly movies, but the costliest in the studio’s history. Not any of the Mission Impossible movies for example have cost as much as those and those movies have always been huge hits minus the third one. The only other franchise Paramount has that has cost more than these movies are the Transformer movies. And look at the HUGE difference what those movies make versus what the Kelvin movies make. Put this another way, both STID and Transformers 3: DOTM cost the same amount of money.

STID went on to make $470 million while DOTM made $1.1 billion. And they had the same budget. That’s literally more than twice the difference.

And then of course Beyond comes out, with practically the same budget as STID and it managed to do $120 million less than that movie. In other words STID didn’t prove to be the huge hit they were hoping for and then Beyond tanked on top of it.

You have to look at this from a studio perspective, especially dollars and cents. TOS and TNG movies were mostly low to moderate budget movies. And with the exception of Nemesis they all made money. Even TFF broke even, it was just a big disappointment compared to the other films and TVH which had made the most money at the time. But in reality both the TOS and TNG films did well overall, just not always amazing.

But with the Kelvin movies, they have pumped a lot of money into them. And while the first two made a profit, nowhere close to what other successful films made with the same budgets. Simon Pegg said it himself, they wanted these movies to compete with the MCU and none have gotten close. You certainly can’t say they didn’t try but end of the day Star Trek just doesn’t have that appeal for the mass audience. It doesn’t matter how cool you make them look, how many explosions you throw in, etc, it’s never going to perform like other big franchises and I think they have finally realized that.

It’s why I’m not holding my breath for another Kelvin movie. The cast probably just cost too much and because the third one way under-performed, they are probably trying to make the next movie much lower in cost, sort of what they did with Tranformers 5 and Bumblebee. And I can’t blame them.

Let alone they are propably streching out the costs/hour with less expensive streaming CBSAA Trek series. I doubt VIACOMCBS would ever allow two actors portraying Spock in a Kelvin movie and and Prime TV series (ST:SNW) at the same time. Peck is an unknown and less expensive actor than Quinto from what I surmise.

What are you talking about? In the first Kelvin film, they had four actors portraying Spock. Two of them even shared a scene together and exchanged dialogue.

THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, also had as many actors portraying Spock.

Your thesis is patently false as a matter of historical facts refute itt

Your comments about the studio view is very attentive, Tiger! And it’s not just the money. Clearly creativity does NOT thrive with unlimited budgets, and Transformers is hardly the intellectual mark we want to measure Trek against. I think Trek movies as commercial productions should better be treated like horror movies (not exactly AS horror movies of course) in that they can still make a profit and be creatively challenging if the budgets are kept down. Of course we would not have gotten TMP that way but it mostly holds true for the other movies. Khan didn’t cost the world and was still critically acclaimed AND a fan favorite. Impostor-Khan, on the other hand, was neither of these three things, and that is why we don’t see more Kelvin movies.

I don’t disagree obviously. I do like the idea that the Star Trek films are treated with the same level of importance and value as all the other big franchises out there, but doesn’t mean we are going to get a better film out of it either. It may make more money, it doesn’t mean it will be good. Hence why fans will pick TWOK over TMP many times over. And TMP isn’t a ‘bad’ film and in fact it’s probably the most cinematic Star Trek film ever made, it’s still nothing I would call a fan pleaser either.

But obviously TWOK told them the Trek films can do very well in terms of attracting the fanbase, even if its not going to capture much of anyone else. And lets be honest, the TOS and TNG films were basically made to get the hardcore fans. They try to make them broad enough for new and casual fans but with those movies, its the main fanbase that kept them afloat.

The Kelvin movies were designed to go beyond that and I think that’s a GOOD thing obviously. Because you want to attract new fans and extend the base. I get into it with another poster here from time to time over this. He seems to think I only think having long time fans watching these movies that matters which is not true. I also think its very important to get new and casual fans to see the movies just like the shows.

But I’m also just very realistic about it and that is no matter what you do, there will be a ceiling with Star Trek. At least when compared to other franchises. Based on the distribution and the critical scores, these movies SHOULD be doing better, at least with the casual audience, but they are not? Why is that? Hardcore fans have issues with these movies, sort of the same way Harry Potter fans had issues with those movies and original Transformer fans had with those movies and so on. Every fanbase has their fickle fans lol. But on a MASS APPEAL level they had no problem getting tons of people who don’t care about the books, cartoons, shows whatever and accepted them on their own terms. HP and TFs had no problems with that but with Trek not nearly the same level of non fans showed up. Sadly, as said, no matter what you do it’s not going to get a casual huge audience.

So I’m hoping maybe when they make another movie, they still try and get a casual audience but they have to give up the notion it’s going to be something like Star Wars or Marvel appeal. And that you can still make a real Trek film and people will come. All the most popular films from TWOK to FC had no problem making money. It’s just not on the level of the other stuff. But fans saw those movies over and over again. I don’t think they need to make them that low again, but there is nothing wrong with a $100 million Trek film if you do it right.

The crazy thing is if that’s what Beyond costed and made the same amount of money, they probably would’ve green lit another movie years ago. My guess is they are trying to get the next film closer to that figure than what these movies have costed.

‘bumblebee’ was lower budget but many saw it having more of the heart and feel of the TFs cartoons, comics compared to the bayhem of the previous films.

Some very insightful points Tiger2!

It hadn’t ever occurred to me that Paramount hasn’t generally been in the high budget section of the market. It’s true though.

They’ve inherited a few franchises that put them more into vfx-heavy films but it’s not the expertise of their senior management. Nor have action, adventure or sci-fi been something CBS has gone for on television.

Without any intended snark at all, one wonders how they (internally) define or describe their core of experience and expertise now.

I’ve mentioned on other threads that there is an inherent contradiction between their very imitative product choices (naming (Paramount+, BET+ etc.) imitative interface for their streamer) vs their attempt to brand as “Legendary” , “Iconic” or “innovative.”

Sounds like some more speaking truth to power in the ViacomCBS boardroom is needed.

Kelvin time line is dead. No one cares about it anymore.. no one cares about the cast.

Any time you ever start to type “No one cares,” immediately start backspacing. That statement is almost NEVER accurate. The Kelvin films have a lot of fans. You might not be one of them, but there are MANY people who would welcome another entry. Your decree otherwise means nothing.

I’m not a fan of the Kelvin universe but your comments are spot-on.



My name is No One and I definitely care about it. I loved the cast and the alternate universe setting, as well as the production design.

So I suppose he’s accurate. No One does care.

You win the internet for the day, sir.

you loved the PRODUCTION DESIGN? Geez, I’m sorry. Maybe you should watch some movies that Ken Adam designed, instead of those done by Adam wannabes. Comment I always go back to is the 09 PD telling me he put all those clear panels in because he hadn’t ever seen reflections used in science fiction movies. Clearly this dude skipped his homework assignment in a big way.

Last I checked, you don’t get to decide what other people enjoy. That No One likes it is sufficient. That you don’t is also sufficient. That you seem to enjoy taking a piss on others preferences that don’t line up with yours speaks more to some sad void in your life then for whatever enjoyment someone else got from the last three movies.


I enjoyed them for the most part. The first and 3rd where the best in my opinion.


Yes they do .Athus, you are of course entitled to your opinion however do not presume to think that because that is your opinion that everyone shares it.

I care. Broadly speaking, I enjoyed the last three features, and catch them on cable when they are broadcast. I wouldn’t mind another outing with some or all of this cast.

How arrogant to presume to know what we all want.


Uh, oh. Another “I speak on behalf of all fandom” post. This probably won’t end well.

I for one wouldn’t mind another Kelvin-verse movie. It has been twelve years or so since the cast first portrayed these characters. In the original Trek universe, the cast hadn’t yet made ANY movies at this point, just TOS and TAS. Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home, and Undiscovered Country were still far in their future. There is certainly no ticking clock on making more Kelvin movies.

warning for gatekeeping


They went in the right direction with Beyond. Everything about that movie was great except how they used or didn’t use Idris Elba. They could produce a cool, mature but fun TMP-era feature story. Back to the 80s!

Beyond was descent but Idris Elba was a terrible villain.

The backstory was too convoluted. How can he be a rogue marine when there haven’t been marines on Star Trek since Enterprise? We can’t make him human, that’s boring and obvious. Pegg: “I’ve got it! A life-sucking body morphing immortality device!!!”(waiving arms wildly) … “I don’t know Simon …”

“This is sci-fi, you can create a magic device to fill every plot hole!!”

I wouldn’t necessarily say he was a terrible villain but it was a waste of Idris Elba.

I don’t know why you’d put Idris Elba in a movie and then use him as poorly as Beyond did. Awful.

He is a great guy, an amazing actor. Jaylah, she is awesome, we need to see her back on the Enterprise. So surprised that such a great blockbuster had a very successful deception. The whole movie looks superb, visually, but something did not click.

We don’t need another Trek film that’s about an over-the-top super villain.

Or about the end-of-all-biological-sentient-life.

How about something new?

The whales was a very creative and succesfull idea. Still a very popular movie. Still like it. =)

I watched it last night. Love TVH.

Rewatched it a little over a week ago myself in ages (thanks streaming). It’s amazing how well that movie still holds up. Just a lot of fun.

RIP Leonard Nimoy. Brilliant idea. This movie doesn’t show too much space, ships, technology, etc…but the crew, the jokes and the script was just perfect! =)

Maybe they can do over the top super whale villains. That might make a big splash with no-attention-span audiences.

I would also call fault for completely redesigning the Kelvin Enterprise just so it can lose a fight by means of the exact kind of vulnerabilities the original redesign was intended to eliminate.

…Not that the Kelvin Enterprise was ever in danger of winning a fight before that. Goodness, no. 0-3 and counting.

I like Beyond but yeah the redesign in order to make it more vulnerable to the drone ships was silly.

The right direction?
It seems the tickets paid were going well in the other direction lol

Agreed. The 3rd felt more like Trek.

Yeah would be fun if they did a TMP era for the next movie.

Yes close the gap from the end of the 3 year mission to the TMP or beyond

“Zachary Quinto Says Kelvin Cast Is Ready To Beam Up For Another Star Trek Movie”

Well good for them, unfortunately nobody seems to be interested in beaming them up, least of all Kirk’s daddy ;)

nobody seems to be interested in beaming them up

I’m not sure we can say that with any certainty, not with COVID-19 having shut down the industry for most of this year and Paramount having other priorities at the moment. They could indeed be very interested in another Trek feature film, but right now they are too busy putting out fires elsewhere.

Well we know they want another movie, hence Hawley’s script. But it seem like once that was passed up, they may take a step back trying to make another one for awhile.

Maybe they might announce something next year but I’m really not holding my breath anymore. Fact is this is the longest between films since TMP that a movie hasn’t even been announced yet. Even between Nemesis and the 09 movie, that was only a little over 3 years before another film was announced. Now it’s been well over 4 years and nothing close to another film is still happening.

And I just don’t think they are as interested in the Kelvin cast anymore because by the time another movie does start, most fans may have moved on. That’s the issue, clearly many were already moving on between STID and Beyond and that was just 3 years. The next film will be double that easily. That’s why it’s probably a better idea to start fresh whenever another one comes.

Hi Tiger2, We have different viewpoints but we are both entitled to them. The point that I want to make is according to the articles I have read the person placed in charge of the franchise is trying to figure out which direction Star Trek should go. How long does it take to make a decision, weeks-months-years? Just feel like fans sometimes are being jerked around.

Speak for yourself Vulcan Soul. There is still interest in another Kelvin movie.

I’d love to see them again. Quinto and Pine were perfect! Great cast

Mee too

I would be so tired of answering that question if I were them. I know I’m tired of reading them. Seems like we get one of these headlines from one of them every month. (But thanks for reporting on it anyways!)

Gotta stoke those new movie fires from time to time.

No significant news in this article.

It’s a fan board, not Variety.

Emo Spock has spoken. Honestly, I think this ship has sailed. Quinto seems very busy with a number of shows, Karl Urban looks like he’s having a blast on the excellent Amazon Prime show The Boys, Zoe Saldana can write her own ticket with her work in both the Avatar and Marvel franchises, John Cho is finding work here and there and Chris Pine has found his footing in a number of films. Unlike the original cast, these folks likely don’t ‘need’ the work on a new Trek film so much as like it, and each other. Nothing to see here, folks. Personally though, I’d be happy to see another outing with the Kelvin crew…why not?

I know from watching Heroes that Zachary Quinto is a fabulous actor. I’d love to see him in a well-written Spock role; unfortunately, the films didn’t really give him one.

I’m tired of their blowing up the ship or threatening the entire Federation or the entire galaxy or whatever; I’d like to see a smaller, more character-oriented film. Hmm. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Kelvin-universe version of “Amok Time;” I bet Quinto would love to get his teeth into the role of pon farr Spock. :-)

“I’d love to see him in a well-written Spock role; unfortunately, the films didn’t really give him one.”

Very much agreed, Corylea. And I thought his work on American Horror Story was great, too.

I saw him in the one where he was a doctor in an old insane asylum, and while he was excellent in the role, I decided I didn’t want horror images in my head, so that’s the only one I’ve seen him in. Has he been in others?

Yes, he was actually in season one as well, in a little less creepy role. Funny thing is, he said in an interview how that insane asylum season bothered him because it was so dark, then he went ahead with the show NOS4A2, in which he again plays a creepy character. Guess money talks!

I liked Quinto too but I also feel his Spock wasn’t written that well. And he never sold him on me that much. But overall he was fine, just could’ve been better IMO.

I really like Peck’s Spock a lot! Does he remind me of Nimoy, not really, but neither does Quinto. And they don’t have to, just feel like they made the character their own and Peck really does that for me.

And I can always admit when I’m wrong. I thought people were going to tear Peck to shreds since he’s playing Nimoy’s Spock, but just the opposite. People really seem to love him. In fact, I remember you and others really opposed to the idea of just having a new Spock on Discovery. And even for me, I was fine to see him but didn’t like the idea that he was going to be on the show so much. I thought 1-2 episodes and he should disappear after that. I don’t know how you personally feel about him now, but all I hear from most fans is how much want him and Mount on their own show…and they got it!

Crazy how things change. ;)

I just do not think Paramount is truly moving forward with a new Trek movie any time soon…especially with the Kelvin universe… I would have to think and believe that the Paramount & CBS see that what these new tv streaming series are doing and how they are doing rather well, that feature films for Trek (especially in the Kelvin universe) is not lucrative enough to pursue.
While the Kelvin universe was a nice attempt…ultimately (from a studio’s standpoint) did not meet expectations as they hoped.
They could easily take Noah Hawleys’ script and idea and transform it into another Trek series or mini-movie series…if it was good enough, and since it was dealing with another ship and crew…would make a little more sense IMO.

The only way I can think of using the current Kelvin crew is have a story that ultimately re-reboots the timeline or changes it back to what we know as the OT timeline…resetting everything and then can move forward with this cast/crew with the OT / early years of Kirk and the Enterprise….but that is long-shot.

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! This MUST mean there’s a new movie on the way, because they talk about it all the time, right? So, when does principle photography start?

Oh, wait, he’s in the dark about the status of feature films, too. No new Trek movies on the horizon, sorry, folks. Nothing to see here, lets move along.

You first, please, and do stay moved along.

Nah, I like it here.

Oh, did that hit a little to close to home?

Cast was never the problem! Beyond was a big step in the right direction. For a lower budget I am sure Paramount are currently configuring the story direction!

They do not even need wall to wall action & VFX just give the cast a few more Star Trek moments like Zachary & Karl alone together trying to survive type moments instead of expensive VFX like blowing the Enterprise up & skating down the hull that alone must have cost 10M!

The more the cast want to do it, the more I’m interested.

For years, I was always against the argument here that Trek makes more sense on TV. That’s because I like going to movies and loved that some of the Trek movies gave us stuff we’d never see on TV at the time (Trek 09, TMP, even TWK).

But TV has changed for the better (casting, writing, production values, performances and FX) — and there are incredible shows right now (This week, I’m trying, with great difficulty, to get work done while watching Raised by Wolves, The Boys and Lovecraft Country in the background).

After months of pandemic series-binging, watching a 90-120 minute movie seems odd to me now. Even the best genre movies function more like TV series now with endless sequels and tie-ins.

I get that a lot of people want a Trek movie, but with the potential for such good Trek TV now, I don’t feel like I’d be missing anything if there wasn’t a movie anytime soon – especially a TOS movie.

If anything I’d love to see Hawley’s idea done as a series. And I know some complain about Discovery and Picard seasons being too short, but I actually think they’re too long. Some of the best TV now tells incredible, complex stories in less that 10 episodes. Cut the filler, avoid the misdirection, and just tell the story.

I love Star Trek movies like most fans but if its between having that or a TV show, its no contest. I would take the TV shows by a mile. Mostly because its just better to get something every week vs every few years. And on top of that on TV, Trek can really tell a lot of fun and varied stories where as the movies, with a few exceptions it’s always a similar model and that is trying to defeat a villain every film. And even that has gotten more stale because the villain has had the same motive for the last 4-5 films now, R-E-V-E-N-G-E!!

And think about the time between the 09 movie and STID. We waited four years to see one two hour movie and then when it came out the verdict was ‘meh’ with a lot of fans. For me anyway, movies are a complement to the franchise meaning its nice to have one while a show is running like it was for the last TOS films and TNG films while shows were still actually on. But when they are the only thing to look forward to, it drags as a fan these days.

And just think if we didn’t have any new shows, people would be pulling their hair out waiting years just to see if another film get a green light or not? It would feel incredibly frustrating.

Then he needs to convince Chris Pine that he shouldn’t pull a Shatner and keep insisting on money that is inconstant with Trek movie revenue.

I would love to see a new crew in a movie. Maybe with one or two legacy characters, but other wise the rest all new characters.

Maybe on an “Enterprise-F?”

Beyond underperformed. There is very little chance another film with that Kelvin cast will happen IMO. Its makes no sense. Paramount have not moved forward any project since Beyond came out in 2016.
There is a reason why they haven’t moved forward and we all know why.

Paramount are remerging with CBS next year so then I’m guessing Kurtzman himself will be handed the power to decide what the next trek movie will be and when it will be coming out.

To be honest I’m thinking that possibly the movie franchise will be put on indefinite hiatus and they’ll simply move one of the tv shows into the movies like Trek had done with TOS and TNG but I understand that’s by no means the only route they may go down.

I REALLY hope Kurtzman doesn’t get the film franchise.

DC does one thing right; your film and TV franchises can be separate beasts. The last two TOS movies understood this.

Hmm that’s a unique situation with the last two TOS movies. Harve Bennett seemed to be basically the main guy who was in charge of Trek Ii to V and Roddenberry was deliberately moved upstairs out of control of the films by Paramount. When Paramount wanted to get a new tv series off the ground in 86 they had to engage with Roddenberry didn’t they?

Also I’d argue that TNG (tv) was very much casting a shadow upon the last TOS movies with how they used sets from TNG and the even the actual athestic of TNG sort of leaked into the look of TFF and TUC.
The fact is Paramount were in charge of both films and tv. It seems Berman was always having to wrestle with Paramount about what he could be doing with them for example, especially with Generations.

Breaking News: Actors want work.

So do directors. Ask Noah Hawley how much he loves stasis.

They take way too long with Trek films. Look what happened with Into Darkness. 4 years.
Personally…it would be great to get one More TNG movie and Retcon picard. That was a major letdown .

I know it can’t happen now since Picard is now a show, but it would’ve been nice to got one movie with the TNG cast and end on a better note like the TOS cast got with TUC after TFF was a mess.

Create a new Trek Trilogy…aboard a new Enterprise set say…200 years after The Next Generation. I would love to see The Enterprise J. And I want to see an unknown cast. Actors that have not yet found fame.

Bored of Kelvin. Been done already.

I really wouldn’t mind at least one more movie with the Kelvin cast but I think their time is done now.

I personally would love to see a new cast of characters for the next movie. I don’t care what universe it’s in, prime, Kelvin or something completely new. Whatever, just something original! I don’t expect to see another movie for years if the Hawley movie doesn’t happen. But when another movie comes it would be great to see a new cast of characters completely and set post TNG. It doesn’t mean you can’t see old characters but done the way like they are done in Discovery, not the main cast.

Either way if the Kelvin movies are done, this is the time for Paramount to go a completely new direction and bring something new to the table. And for the love of Kahless whatever the movie is, lets not be another villain in a ship looking for vengeance.

I would love to see one more Kelvin film, even if it’s several years down the line. They should do a lower budget and not so heavily focussed on action.

By the time we get the next Kelvin film the actors would have aged enough to have the film set in TOS’s original movie timeframe. Would love to see updated versions of the burgandy uniforms, for one

trouble is as soon as they caved and brought back khan for the fans then the kelvin line was off course, no longer trying break from the movie formula of the past few films.

I am happy with the Kelvin cast. I have not been happy with the writing. That is all I have to say.

● Like kirk becoming Captain at the end of ’09.
● Like shoehorning Khan into IntoDarkness for absolutely no reason
● Like having the really awkward and unnecessary Kirk reversal death scene at the end of IntoDarkness and immediately bring him back to life, and a really unnecessary Spock scream which frankly is one of the most cringeworthy moments in all of Star Trek – how did JJ Abrams edit that film together and think that scene actually worked?
● John Harrison (I can’t even believe he is really Khan!) looking over a wasteland like some kind of comic book villain is not really what I think most of us want to see in Star Trek.
This must he scratching the surface really..

I think they are watchable movies and if I’m ever in the mood for high energy teenesk movies then I’ll have a good time lol!

Well they made three movies that sh*t all over the franchise so I think they’re done here.

For any next ST film, just stay the he!! away from Orci, Kurtzman, and JJ, and if you must follow the only worthwhile/entertaining of the “Kelvin” films (STB, of course!), bringing back Jaylah is a must.

I hope all the JJ/Kurtzman/Orci verses of Trek die a quick death on TV and Film. Need some new blood inspired by old blood. After what they did to Picard, I will never forgive them.

Studios are rereleasing some oldies but goodies. Which three Trek films get the nod? For me, Wrath of Khan, First Contact, and Trek 09

I know its impossible for it to happen now, but i want to see Bob Orci’s film. The one the studio said was too Star Trekky. You kind of want Star Trek in a Star Trek film, but the studio wanted Guardians of the Galaxy, lame. I like Disney movies but Star Trek isn’t Disney MCU.